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Brent Everett Hot and Horny

Well we promised you a Brent Everett video and we deliver it. This time the hot and horny Brent has another session featuring him and one of his buddies. Again he was feeling very lonely and bored, so he picked up the phone once again. A few minutes later he had already set a nice little fuck meet over at a buddy’s house. The guy in question couldn’t leave his home since he was expecting a delivery, so BrentEverett had to make his way to his place if he wanted to get some.

After he settles the details with his buddy Brent gets in his car and heads straight to his buddy’s place without any more delays. He’s eager to get some cock and that’s the most important thing. So once he reaches his buddy’s place he already got the package so he can lock the door behind them now so they won’t be disturbed. Watch as Brent and his buddy have sex all around the place, and you’ll also get to see them suck on one another’s cocks for your enjoyment. Also check out the past updates as well. You wont be disappointed.


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Brent Everett Gallery

This time we have a surprise for you with this Brent Everett gallery guys. And the catch is that this isn’t just a gallery per say. It’s a collection full of Brent’s sex adventures that we split into four big chunks for you to have a easier time understanding what’s going on. The chucks themselves are each a very hot scene of the stud getting fucked by ten inch of cock or fucking some asses. So let’s not waste any more time and watch what this update contains. Starting off with our first scene we have Brent and a buddy having a nice outdoor fuck.

And it seems that BrentEverett is the one doing the thorough dicking on that tight and cock hungry ass. For the second scene we have Brent and a buddy of his engaging in their little jerking off contest. Watch it and see who took the prize in the end, and also see them covered in their own jizz. The third  and fourth one have Brent acting like the boss of his own firm where he gets to do what ever he damn well pleases. And he wants to jerk off on his big cock just for tour viewing pleasure. Enjoy this mega gallery update guys!


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Brent Everett Gay Fuck

Another Brent Everett gay picture gallery is here for you to enjoy, guys. Brent went out of his way to get another stud to fuck with tonight and you’ll get to see every juicy detail of the whole fuck fest for two that went down in the evening. Once again he resorted to his favorite hunting grounds for fresh cock, and that’s his favorite club. Well he came across Mike here. Mike is a very cock hungry stud and he doesn’t care what end he’s in when having hard core gay sex. HE just needs to fuck fast and hard with a hot stud.

Lucky for him BrentEverett was on the job and he didn’t have too much work to do in order to pick him up. Once they settled the whole deal with the sex session they decided to go back to Brent’s place to consume their meeting. And once at his place Mike does away pretty fast with Brent’s clothes to reveal his mighty cock. Then he kneels down and starts to suck on Bret’s cock with a passion as you’ll see in a few moments. Watch this horny stud taking a balls deep cock in the ass and see him enjoying every moment of it. If you liked this update and you’re looking for similar content, check out the site and have a great time watching other super hot gay hunks fucking!


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Brent  is ready to show off some juicy videos here!


Brent Everett Porno Shower

We have one more Brent Everett porn update to show off. This time the scene seems to repeat itself as the horny guy decided to do another shower themed porn shoot. You guys sure loved him showing off his muscled body as the water was dripping on his sexy body and you know he’s here to cater to your desires. This horny gay was actually shooting for an upcoming video that we’ll show of him here, but he found a bit if time to do this extra solo session for your enjoyment guys. So without further due, let’s see him go at it.

As the cameras start rolling BrentEverett gets under the shower and turns on the hot water that starts to pour on his sexy body. You just have to see him do one amazing job of posing around and showing off his manly goods just for you. And as you can imagine it didn’t take long for this stud to be turned on, so he then starts to masturbate. His cock was getting bigger and harder and it was just begging to be stoked. Watch him jerking off fast and hard under the flowing water and enjoy guys. See you next with more fresh content!


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Outdoor Jerking

It was a very hot day and since he had nothing better to do Brent Everett decided it was time for another solo session because he loves jerking off his big tool. So he chose a perfect spot for him to do a little bit of exhibitionism. He went straight for the balcony and once there he was planning to show off his jerking skills while the cameras were capturing him from every angle. This whole thing started with him thinking that it’s so damn hot outside that he can simply go out naked and he didn’t think that even that would be comfortable giving the heat outside.

So with that in mind the naughty BrentEverett came up with another idea. Since he was free for the whole afternoon and didn’t have anything to do, he’d just go for a solo shoot outside to entertain himself and ultimately you. Watch him as he undresses to reveal his muscled body and then see him starting to gently stroke his cock on the balcony. See him masturbating furiously for your viewing pleasure in this little update that he had ready for you. Like always enjoy guys!


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Horny Hunks

Brent has another dude keeping him company through the night. This update features the super hot gay porn star engaging in another sex session with a random lucky guy that he got to pick up the previous evening. Brent went to the club again and he lucked out when he got his dirty little hands on another dude that’s just as sex hungry as he is. So once they returned back to his place it was time for them to engage in some steaming hot gay sex full of man on man action for your viewing pleasure.

When the horny BrentEverett enters the house with his “fresh meat” for the night he locks the door behind them so that they won’t be disturbed through the night tonight. And you just have to see these two very horny hunks spending the whole night fucking one another’s tight asses. They kept this up until they were too tired and fell asleep. But that’s not all as in the morning they continued with a little jerk off contest. Enjoy this unique update and if you liked it maybe you wanna take a look at more hot gays fucking so check out the site!


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Brent Everett Exposed

This time Brent Everett decided to do a solo session to show off his manly goods for everyone to see. He listened to your feed back regarding the first update you saw of him when he posed solo in the shower and since you guys just loved that he wanted to do one more solo appearance to cater to your need to watch his incredible body. So this time, sit back and watch him as he undresses from his clothes to put on quite the sensual strip show for you guys.

BrentEverett takes things slow in the beginning of the scene, teasing you bit by bit by removing item of clothing after item of clothing revealing his shredded body full of muscles. He then proceeds to take off his pants to reveal that big and eager cock that’s just waiting for a opportunity to get to penetrate some lucky tight ass the first occasion it gets. So without further due, sit back and enjoy everyone, watch Brent showing off his big cock for you. We’ll see you with more next!


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Hardcore Hammering

This time we have Brent Everett and another one of his fuck buddies spending the afternoon engaging in some hard core anal sex for your viewing pleasure. Brent was feeling rather lonely and bored this afternoon. So he decided that to pass the time he’d have to get help from one of his buddies. So he picked up the phone and placed a call to one of his friends with benefits. Suffice to say that the guy he called is always eager to have sex just like the guys from nextdoormale videos and he’s always available.

Why did you think that BrentEverett chose to call him first? Well when he heard that Brent was is serious need of a ass to fuck or a cock to suck he agreed on the spot and just grabbed his car keys, bolting towards Brent’s residence with all haste. Once there Brent greets his old buddy and invites him in. As soon as they enter the house Brent gets undressed by his friend and then he’s getting a offer to suck that big cock of his buddy’s. Then the horny Brent bends over to take a deep and hard doggie style fucking in the ass. Enjoy everyone!


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Anal Destruction

Brent Everett has another amazing picture gallery for you to feast your eyes upon. The horny hunk has sure been busy lately, and he seems to have gained a new favorite hobby. It involves him going down to the clubs downtown and picking up random guys from his bfcollection which he then takes back home to his place to fuck with. Tonight your favorite gay porn star seems to have lucked out as he got himself a very cock hungry guy that was all ready to take some hard BrentEverett cock up his tight and naughty little ass tonight. Let’s see them fuck tonight everyone.

As Brent made his way to the guy in the club he stroke up a conversation and spent some time chatting with the guy, in the hopes of evaluating his interest. Sure enough the guy was interested in spending the whole night fucking and with that the two hunks were on their way back to Brent’s apartment. Once there they make quick work of each other’s clothes and they get all naked. The guy starts to suck Brent’s cock with a passion and then offers up his tight ass for a balls deep and thorough anal pounding. Enjoy everyone and see you next!


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Brent Everett Threesome

Brent Everett continues with another amazing gallery featuring one incredible and hot threesome with him and two of his best buddies. They know that Brent always throws the best sex parties and they intend to pay him a visit once again to enjoy his trademark fuck fests so have a great time watching this horny studs fucking! As the evening swings around it’s time for the guests to arrive and Brent gets himself ready to welcome them to his humble abode. And as soon as they enter the door the guy is all smiles and welcoming towards his best friends.

BrentEverett and his buddies spend some time chatting and laughing at all kinds of things before they get into that hot threesome they are all looking forward to. Soon the spirits run high and they all start to feel really horny. Before you know it all of them are naked and sucking on one another’s fat cocks. Then they take positions and decide who’s going to be on the receiving end in tonight’s little fuck party. Enjoy watching these horny guys fucking each other in the ass!



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Horny in The Shower

Brent Everett is the new sensation in the gay porn industry and from now onward this hot stud plans to entertain you with his amazing updates. And for his first appearance here he wants to start off things in full force. Right from this very first scene he wants to give it his all and impress you on the spot. So let’s see what he’s all about in this gallery of images with him. He thought it would be a great idea to starts off with a shower scene in which he can ne seen posing all nude for you.

And we think that mister BrentEverett was 100% percent correct on this one as you’ll get to see in a few moments. As the scene starts and the cameras start rolling he gets undressed quickly and gets in the shower allowing for the hot water to pour all over his hot naked body. Watch him as he poses around and see him showing off his perfect ass along with his big cock. He’s proud of them both and you can see why. We hope you enjoyed his gallery guys!


Check out hot Brent jerking off his tool in the shower!


New And Fresh Galleries

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Brent is back and being naughty as always!


Backyard Pleasing

Brent was in the mood for some self pleasing so he ended up in his backyard jerking off his big cock. He woke up the other day and saw the sun outside so he had to take advantage of the great weather. He finished his chores around the house and then went outside to enjoy the sun. He put on his shorts and spent most of the day chilling next to the jacuzzi. After a while he noticed that his neighbor kept on finding things to do in his backyard.

He know his neighbor liked guys as well, but he thought he was in committed relationship so he never crossed the line. But things can change, especially after the looks he got from him. So Brent wanted to make his a little better and ended up completely naked jerking off his cock in the middle of the day. Well that was all, but make sure you check out the entire gallery because it’s hot!

BrentEverettjerkingoff (1)

Check out Brent rubbing his hard dick in public!

Brent Everett Rough Fuck Session

You always love seeing Brent Everett in some hard core and superb fuck sessions and so he decided to show off one more this afternoon. The guy was all ready to party and enjoy a nice and hard fuck with one of his buddies and it was just amazing to see them at play today. So if you want to see what the guy was up to for this one, do make sure to check out every single image in this superb update to see him fucking nice and hard with a buddy today. Let’s get started without delay and see them get down and dirty!


The cameras start rolling and you can watch the guys kissing and caressing passionately while taking each other’s clothes off. Then the duo moves to the bed and once on top, you get to watch Brent getting to suck and slurp on that big cock with a passion for this update. Enjoy seeing him sucking and deep throating that cock and then see him taking his turn to have fun with the stud. You can see him bending over the guy and enjoy watching him as he gets to fuck him doggie style in the ass today. Have fun with the new and hot gallery and do check out the previous scenes for some more amazing shows with Brent everyone!


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Packing For Toronto

Brent continues the fun with some more nice and kinky solo scenes and he knows that you will just adore seeing him at play once more too. Take the time to see the kinky stud playing with himself once more and enjoy seeing him put on another one of his simply amazing and hot classy shows for you today. So let’s get his show on the road today and see him play with himself some more in this nice and relaxing afternoon shall we?


The sexy and muscled stud gets to move to Toronto and he was having to do some packing this afternoon. Well he was not going to leave before rubbing one out one last time this afternoon and he went for it. See him checking out some more gay porn on his laptop and see him stroking his nice and big cock as well. Enjoy watching him moan as he masturbates and see him shoot a nice and big load all over himself once more. After that of course, he got done packing and stuff. So have fun and enjoy his latest scene! Also you can join the site and see other hot studs jerking of for the camera!

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Just Us!

Earlier you saw the sexy Brent Everett is some more amazing and hot threesome action. This time you get to see him play some more with some fuck buddies and this scene with him is just amazing to watch. Let’s get started and see how the three hot and horny guys spent the afternoon today shall we? Or maybe you’ll like the hot twins? Oh and if you love seeing Brent in action, do click here and enjoy seeing the sexy stud as he gets to show off his self pleasing skills in an amazing solo masturbation session for the cameras and you too!

Anyway, let’s get back to the scene at hand for now and see them partying hard core this afternoon. Take the time to see the sexy and hot Brent and one of the dudes presenting their mighty fine and hard cocks for the other one to suck on. And after a superb and long and sexy double blow job session the guys end up double teaming him too. Watch Brent fucking his tight and sexy ass while the other has his cock sucked continuously too by him. Enjoy the superb threesome!


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Rough Gay Threesome

For this one you get to see some more kinky gay goodness as the sexy stud gets to join some friends today for an amazing threesome fuck. The trio of hot stud decided to go for a nice weekend at the mountain side and what they ended up doing…well you can see right here today. And rest assured that this was straight from day one as well. So let’s not delay and see the trio at play as we bet that you are eager to see them fucking all day long today as well. And it’s one scene that you just cannot pass up!


As soon as they arrive, you get to see the hunks getting in and locking the door behind them. They have gotten really horny and they wanted to make sure that there was no one around to disturb their little sexual partying for today. Take the time to see them getting naked and kissing each other with a passion first. Then you get to see this bald guy with tattoos taking care of both cocks and you get to see Brent loving the attention today as that nice and big fat cock of his gets stroked by some expert hands this fine day! If you liked this scene, you can visit the website and see some gorgeous men fucking each other’s tight asshole!

Take a look at Brent getting his hard cock stroked!

Fuck Session At The Garage

Here we are with a new and hot fuck scene with your favorite gay stud. Brent is here with another sexy scene for you and you can sure bet that it’s just amazing. You have been wanting to see him in more scenes with other dues engaging in sexual activities and he brings you this scene for today to enjoy as well. So let’s not waste time and let’s get to see the sexy and hot stud as he gets to have some nice fun with his fuck buddy this afternoon today. You can bet that you will get to see him fucking too.

The two of them were spending some time together as they were working on a motorcycle in the garage and it seems that the studs got too horny for their own good. And you can bet that they soon dropped what ever they were doing to start banging all over the place. Sit back and watch Brent as he sucks and slurps on that cock with a passion to get it hard first and then see him getting his nice ass fucked balls deep with his legs spread open as his buddy shoves his mighty cock in his nice little ass today! If you wanna see some straight guys getting ass fucked, join the site! Have fun!


Check out horny Brent getting his butthole pounded!

Brent’s Solo Masturbation Scene

Time to see one more amazing and hot solo pleasing scene with the hot stud getting around to have some nice times all with himself as he plays with his cock. He was fancying some more sexual release today and his cock was very eager to be toyed with. So let’s take the time to see the hot and sexy stud as he gets to play with his cock in front of the cameras and you today and let’s see him putting on another amazing and hot show for you guys to see and enjoy as well.


For this new scene, the guy was all ready to play like we said and as you can see, for his little set you get to see him using the bedroom this time. He just wanted something really comfy to lay on as he would be toying with himself today. So take your time to see him start off the naughty solo session with some gentle touching and stroking of the said cock. Watch it get rock hard and big in his hand and then see him jerking off properly too. Have fun with this new scene of his and see you next! Also, you can watch some great hardcore gay sex videos inside the website, so check it out!

Watch here Brent jerking off his fat cock!


Brent’s Alone Time

It’s time to see the sexy and hot Brent Everett in some more of his classy and hot scenes. For this scene, you get to enjoy the hot and sexy stud as he gets around to play with his nice and big cock some more in the privacy of his home as he was checking out some more porn to relax after a hard work day. So let’s get to the action and watch the superb and sexy hunk as he gets around to show off some more of his kinky and naughty scenes for you guys this fine and sexy afternoon today shall we?

Brent knows what he wants to do and he knows what you want to see. You get to see him take off his shirt and pull his underwear down to whip out that nice and fat cock that he has. As you will see, it was already rock hard and ready to be pleased and Brent was very much happy to oblige as well. Take your time to see him masturbating for the cameras some more fast and hard and see him working his cock with his expert hands today as well. Enjoy seeing him blow his jizz all over himself this afternoon too! If you want to see some horny gay guys having hardcore sex, visit the site & have fun!


Check out horny Brent rubbing his hard tool!

Brent Everett Stripping

You get to see another superb solo scene with your favorite stud. The thing is that since you guys loved him so much in his last scene as he was pretty much outdoors for his little naughty play session, the guy decided to do some more of just that this fine afternoon. And this time we get to see him going wild and naughty in a tall grass field as he gets around to play with himself some more for you. So let’s not delay and get his amazing and sexy scene started for today shall we? We know you are eager to see him too.


As you know, this hot stud has a perfectly chiseled muscular body and he’s always excited to show it off as much as he cam as well. Well for this one he was wearing a blue shirt and some shorts. And first off the shirt comes off to show off his perfect six pack and his sexy pecs as well. Then the stud takes off his pants as well as he knows that you want to get a better look at his nice and big cock as well. Have fun and enjoy this fresh new gallery! If you want to see some horny studs fucking each other’s tight ass, join the site and have fun!

Take a look at Brent showing off his six pack!

Brent At The Country Side

For this new scene, he wanted to show off some more of his personal solo sessions and of course you get to have front row seats to his amazing show. And in this one, the stud took to the country side too. If you enjoyed seeing him taking a nice mouthful of jizz a few updates ago, you will just love this one as well as there’s no better view than the sight of this hunk pleasing himself and stroking his cock too.

He was busy on the fields with his small tractor but it seems that the hot day was all in itself a good reason for the guy to take a break and tend to his other needs. Namely the one for sexual release as this guy was just too eager to shoot a load and couldn’t wait to get back home. So take your time to see him undress once more and watch him getting into a nice and long jerking off session as well for today. You get to see him pleasing his cock and ending up shooting a load all over himself when he’s done too! Have fun!


Watch here ripped Brent jerking off his hard cock!

Brent Everett Solo Scene

Brent Everett is here with another interesting and sexy scene for you guys to see. For this one the sexy and hot stud prepared a nice and hot little scene for you to see and it’s quite amazing as well. In this new gallery you get to see the sexy Brent as he engages in a nice and long self pleasing session and you get to watch him stroking that nice and fat meat shaft that he has all day long too. He was in the mood to party solo and he sure took his time with it as well. So let’s just take the time to see him at play today and watch him putting on a simply amazing and hot show for everyone to see too.


The scene starts with our stud sitting i his office chair and browsing the internet for porn. Well he does find what he wants, but as you will see, it just ends up turning him on more more and more to the point where he just has to do something about it too. So you get to watch him taking off his clothes as the action goes down on the screen and the stud has lots of fun with it too. Sit back and watch him starting to masturbate to the porn video he was watching and see the guy stroking his nice and big cock fast and hard today. And of course it all ends with him shooting a nice and big jizz load!

Watch here horny Brent jerking off his big cock!

Brent and Edgar in Mexico City

Brent Everett is the new wild stud that has some superb shows for you to see. This stud always has some interesting sex adventures every week and of course you get to see them as well. And from now on he will be showing them off for you right here too. So let’s get started with this first scene of his and see him in action as he gets to show off his latest escapade with a random stud in Mexico. And rest assured that you will be in for quite some nice and hot views of him in action today too. So let’s get to see him at play in his scene shall we?

The stud went clubbing for the night and as you can see, he managed to get himself another nice and sexy hunk to play with for the afternoon. His name is Edgar and the two of them had a lot of fun too.Sit back and watch them get to the action today as they get undressed and go for the action straight away. Watch closely and see Brent as he gets to suck and slurp on that cock with a passion for this one and in the end of it you get to watch him take a mouthful of jizz as well as the guy blows his load in his mouth. Enjoy it and see you next with some more! Until then, join the site and see some muscled studs sucking each other’s monster cock!


Watch here Brent getting a mouthful of cum!

Brent In The Shower

Brent is here and he’s hotter than ever, so don’t miss him out rubbing off his cock in this insane update. His boyfriend was out of town so he wanted to tease him a bit because he didn’t invite him to go with him in his business trip. Brent knew how busy he was all day long with work but he expected that he at least take him with him in this trips. He packed some things just in case he asked him to go, but unfortunately for Brent he didn’t say a word and he was stuck at home waiting for him to return.

He didn’t want to cheat on him, but that didn’t meant that he wasn’t angry and he found the perfect way to tease him. Brent grabbed the camera and went in the shower and started recording himself while he was talking a shower and of course he gave his cock a lot of attention and cleaned it real good. He just couldn’t wait for his boyfriend’s reaction to his insane jerking session from the shower. You can also check out the site for more ripped hunks fucking each other in front of the camera and sucking each other’s cock. Enjoy it!


Check out hot Brent jerking off his hard cock!

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Brent’s Gay Scenes

Brent Everett At the Pool

Brent Everett is here just for you with another scene from the smoking hot stud’s repertoire of recent work. This scene today in particular is from a gay movie that this muscled guy shot so he had a pool all to himself for a whole afternoon. And as you know things are bound to get naughty with this hot guy around, as he’s always feeling horny. So it started off with him stripping out of his clothes and taking a skinny dip in the pool to refresh and cool off his sexy and hot body from the hot sun.

And as he placed himself of the pool chair, he started feeling frisky and turned on. So first order of business was apparently for him to pose around in a very sexy and sensual manner for the camera, after which he laid on his back with his cock rock hard now, and ready to be stroked. So watch him jerk off by himself on the poolside in this gallery. You won’t regret it. Like we’ve made a habit by now, we’re again telling you to keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the horizon soon. Brent is taking a break and we don’t know when he’ll be back from his well deserved break. Enjoy!


Enjoy watching hot Brent jerking his big cock at the pool!

Hardcore Handjob

Like we promised we bring you some hot Brent Everett videos. He really wanted to show them off to you guys, since he’s really proud of his work thus far, and he also wanted to gauge your interest expecting feedback. So be sure to check it out today, you won’t be disappointed. Actually to be honest you’ll be really impressed as he and the guy he was in for the scene did a wonderful job.

In this BrentEverett gallery of videos Brent and his partner were having the role of two male lovers that share some sexual times every time they see each other. And the other guy wasted no time in getting on his knees and sucking and slurping on Brent’s big cock with a passion. And Brent repaid him in kind too, since his cock was really well lubes he was now ready to take his ass for a unforgettable ride. Visit the website if you wanna see another muscled gay guy getting his huge cock sucked!


Watch horny Brent getting his big cock sucked!

Playing Solo

Another set of Brent Everett videos for you guys. This male gay porn star never seems to take any rest. As even today he insisted on shooting, even though he was just finished shooting for some movie scenes that we’ll bring to you in the next updates. Yes you heard right, we’ll have some nice clips for you to enjoy with the next update not just the usual pictures anymore. But we digress, so let’s return to the case in point. This scene all started with Brent taking a shower and one of our photographers jokingly following him around. But Brent just asked him why not do a whole fully fledged scene in the shower, so we added a video camera there too. We all know that Brent loves getting naked for the camera, just like the guys from the alternadudes blog, so basically it’s another combo update with this guy having fun by himself in the shower, so it has both pictures and videos.

So without further due, enjoy watching the hot guy as he poses around in the shower all naked and allowing the warm water dribble down all across his smoking hot body today. Go to and see him posing fully nude, you won’t regret it. And as he’s doing this for a good while now, he seems to be having the hang of it by now. That’s pretty much it guys. We’ll see you again like always with more next. Until then enjoy and check out the rest of his galleries too. Don’t forget to visit the website and watch another hot guy like Brent playing with his huge cock.


Enjoy watching hot Brent playing with his big hard cock!


Brent Everett Solo Masturbation

We continue with a Brent Everett solo session with the hot guy having fun by himself along with just his cock for this solo masturbation scene. So enjoy each and every one of these pictures that we have for you today. Honestly the whole shoot for today wasn’t planned at all, as it just randomly happened that Brent was feeling very horny, so he just asked a couple of photographers from the studio if they’re free too shoot a quick set with him, since he felt really in the mood. So he got naked, sat on the bed and grabbed his trusty lube for his session. Without further delays, we present to you his latest solo jerk off session just for you. So enjoy guys and see you next like always with more!



See horny muscular Brent stroking his hard big cock!

Brent Everett Gay Porn

Brent Everett went to a friend’s house to spend the afternoon with him. Well wheat we mean by that is that they were about to get into some wild and hot fuck sessions together since that’s just how these two horny men spend time together. Actually, they didn’t even talk much, because as soon as brenteverett made his appearance his friend wasted no time in getting undressed and undressing him too. So after some enticing and passionate kissing Brent’s friend starts sucking on his cock getting him nice and hard for the session that was about to follow. He loves sucking big fat cocks, just like the guys from the Gay BDSM blog!

And man were these two guys horny as hell. They went out back to the guy’s pool and they were all ready to fuck. So watch as Brent Fucks his best friend balls deep doggie style to the latter’s pure delight. And as time passed Brent’s buddy asked him to start going faster and harder on his ass with his huge cock, as he’s one cock hungry man slut. So watch as the two spend the whole afternoon fucking in this update everyone. Like always we hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next with more and don’t forget to visit the site if you wanna see another horny studs fucking!


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Brent Wanking In The Wild

Brent told us that for today he wanted to continue his shoots with a solo session. So what else could we do other than to indulge his request. He really felt like doing another out door shoot, and this time doing it in the wild he is militaryclassified and so he loves it. So we all got in cars and drove to a small forest area that’s pretty much secluded from prying eyes of the public. When the horny guy found himself a nice spot that he enjoyed and felt like he could work with it was time to get set and start shooting his pics.

So watch this hot guy exposing his cock for you at and watch his gallery. As soon as the whole thing started he felt really at home posing around like the naughty guy he is and showing off his body. Don’t worry he’s showing off his tight and round ass too, he couldn’t just let you thirst for it, and also his big and stiff cock that’s looking just marvelous today for the camera. Suffice to say he and us alike had allot of fun with this shoot and Brent said he’d very much like to do this sort of thing again when he has the occasion. And that’s great news for everyone. Next we’ll have some very nice and hot movies just for your enjoyment so keep on watching!


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Brent Everett Dildo Fucking

Amazingly Brent said he never had a dildo up his ass and was down with the idea of trying it in front of the cameras for this video. So his first trip however was at the sex shop to pick a toy he liked out. And man did he have trouble deciding, until the store clerk helped him find what he needed. He was also told that he should try some lube too, but this hunk knows his stuff so he was already prepared for that. So watch Brent fucking himself in the ass with a dildo at today and enjoy his solo ass fucking session. We hope you enjoyed his performance and we’ll be sure to bring you even more awesome updates next. Have fun guys and enjoy the anal toying and if you’re looking for similar galleries check out the website and enjoy!


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Muscular Guys Fucking Hardcore

Like we told you earlier, we have some nice movies for you. Well we also have a set of nice pictures too, making this a very awesome combo update but that’s not the point. Brent hit a local club tonight and he managed to pick up one fine piece of man. The two talked for a while and it was pretty much clear that they were digging each other out enough to get into some nice and hard gay sex tonight. So some smooth talking later, Brent here was on his way home with his new acquisition.

As they were walking home, they were both already running some pretty wild scenarios though their heads. They are sexually obsessed, just like the guys from the stocky dudes blog! And once home it didn’t take long for them to get all naked and start sucking each other off for a nice start. Brent’s new friend however told him he lies to take the submissive role so he presented his ass up for the pounding. This was what Brent wanted as he wasted no time plunging his cock inside the other guy’s ass fucking him thoroughly and hard. And with that we’re leaving the rest to you to discover. Like always we’ll see you next with more so stay tuned. If you liked this scene and you wanna find similar videos, check out the site and enjoy!


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BrentEverett Getting Naked

It’s another fine day, and we’re happy to bring you yet another BrentBverett update for your enjoyment. This week the male porn star decided to go for an outdoors shoot as the studio was just being a bit overcrowded. SO he took to a more secluded location with a team of our photographers to do a shoot. And trust us you will be blown away by this porn update, as the guy went out of his way to make this work. He even waited for a nice sunset to start the whole thing as it looks even more awesome. So as soon as the sun was starting to hide behind the mountains it was time to get the show on the road.

So without further due, sit back and enjoy watching the sexy Brent posing in these galleries. At first he was dressed in a white tank top and a pair of tight jeans. But as the cameras clicked he started undressing, showing off his superb and chiseled body for you to enjoy in all it’s glory. And he continued to do so until he was completely naked, letting you see everything he has to offer. So just sit back and enjoy his solo stripping session this fine day. We can tell you for sure that we’ll also have some very nice videos soon enough just for you. But until then you’ll have to make due with this. So enjoy everyone, and see you next with more.


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Brent Everett Gay Porn Solo

Brent Everett is going to put his skills and body on display just for you. He is definitely the hottest amateur gay we have ever seen! Brent enjoys spending some quality solo time every now and then and today wasn’t going to be an exception, as he was looking forward to his solo session. He’s been real busy so you can pretty much bet that he was looking forward to this. As soon as the cameras started rolling the sexy guy started stroking his cock and jerking off fast and hard. He just loves laying on his back and stroking his man meat for the viewers. Bit that’s not all that this guy will do. After a while he turns on his belly and starts prodding his ass. Eventually inserting his fingers in and starting to finger fuck his tight ass with all that he’s got. Enjoy everyone and see you next. If you wanna see other hot guys masturbating, visit the site!



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Hot Sex Scene

We got a really nice set of Brent Everett sex pictures with our guy and a couple of his friends. The horny guys went out for a couple of drinks but it seems that they made a quick return back after spending just a few hours downtown. The two guys along with Brent know each other for quite some time, and they like to have their own special kind of fun every time they get together, just like the guys from the gay rimming site! And since they haven’t seen each other in quite a while, they wanted to catch up on what they have been doing over a quick beer.

They went out and drank their beer, but soon the dudes were getting horny so it was time to return home to have their special after party with just the three of them. And of course that meant taking part in some nice guy on guy action tonight. Watch as the super horny Brent and his friends take turns riding each other’s cocks and sucking cocks in this superb update today. We’ll have many more updates in store for you, so be sure to check them out.


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