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Chaosmen Zane


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You guys have been begging for Zane, we want chaosmen zane, we want Zane…so here you have him. As usual he’s up to no good and found himself a new fuck boy to pound around. There is nothing that Zane loves more than stretching tight assholes. Peter, even if he is older, leaves all the decision making to Zane and big daddy Zane makes the best decision. Look at him smashing his fine ass and offering us the best seat in the house…so generous…that’s our Zane, the Zane we all love and crave…

Jake and Jeremy


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Jake Waters & Jeremy Spreadums are our treats for you. Horny Jeremy is about to have his first ever black dick with the help of Jake. Jake might not be the tallest, but don’t let that fool you because once you see that dick….OH LORD! That’s what got Jeremy on his toes and on his best behavior trying to get him in his bedroom. That’s the great thing about these dating apps, you can see everything you need to see. And let me tell you, our black hunk delivered and over delivered. Look at Jeremy taking that massive cock up his ass like a champ…you should hear this guy moan…Check also brother crush…another site with a great collection!

Chaosmen Porn


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You thought we are out of chaosmen porn videos? Not a chance. We have videos on videos on videos for you guys. WE have some experienced older4me daddies for you today. First we have Bryce Hart (he’s the one that’s blindfolded). He’s 33, 5 feet 9 and has a 7 inch dick. His partner is Jack Andy, he’s a bit older at 38, he’s 5 feet 7 and has a 9 inch dick….you read that right…9 INCHES! But today we’ll focus on his man that’s enjoying a great hand job, he’s used to handling big dicks. You gotta see Bryce taking that monster dick up his ass too!

Chaos Men Jake Waters Solo


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We’ve had Jake in a previous chaos men post, but we didn’t get the chance to properly introduce him to you. His full name is Jake Waters. He’s 40 years old (an experienced daddy), he’s 5 feet 5, 140 and has a cut 8.5 inch dick. His height confused you for a second there, didn’t it? Usually shorter guys have smaller dicks but that doesn’t really apply when you are black. And even if he didn’t have a monster dick…look at the cute little face. You would still want him pounding your ass. Don’t lie to me…I know that’s the truth. Anyway, there’s a video waiting for you so let’s not waste any more time! If you want to watch more videos, check also butterloads!

Vander Chaosmen


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Vander chaosmen was all we saw in our requests these last few days. Y’all really wanna see Vander getting his fine ass smashed, huh? All we can say is: SAME! There is something about our Vander that turns us on, and from the look of it, not only us. This guy didn’t know how to get his hands on him faster and getting those clothes off. He was deperate to get a piece of that fine ass NOW. Luckily for him Vander was horny too and let’s face it…every day is a good day for an ass pounding!

Chaos Men – Jack Hunter & Pierce Paris


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Get yourself a nice boy toy to service you all day long. Pierce Paris knows how to get things done. He found a younger, hornier chaos men in Jack, that’s always ready to get on his knees and work on his meat. You can’t take that dick our of his mouth…they are a package deal at this point. To be honest we understand him, when you have a 9.5″ dick around how can you focus on anything else? Its impossible! And this isn’t even the best part…the best part is taking that monster dick up his ass every single day!

Chaosmen Gay Porn


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We have more gay porn for you…let me rephrase that we got more chaosmen interracial gay porn for you. There…that’s a lot better. There is something about black dicks on boys that keeps our boys always interested. You might say its the size and I agree…I think you are perfectly right! Young hunk Trent, 25, found himself a black stud, Max, that’s actually younger. Max is only 23 but with a dick like his..he has a lot of experience and Trent is going to test out all that experience in this video. He always wanted to take a black dick up his tight asshole and that 8.5″ dick should satisfy him for awhile!

Gay Threesome


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After all these posts we finally got a gay threesome, a chaosmen gay threesome that soon will become a foursome. The boys know how to have a really good time. In this one we have Dyson, Davin, Zeph and one of your favorites Zane , the one and only. He made a surprise appearance in this intense gay sex orgy and you guys get to see him in more action, this time involving a few more asses to choose from!

Jake Ducati & Ransom


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Jake Ducati & Ransom are up to no good and with these angles it feels like we are right there with them. These videos can’t get any better. You probably recognized Jake Cruise from our previous videos, but Ransom might be new to some of you. The 23yo hunk has a lot of experience, don’t get me wrong, he’s just hard to get on camera and that makes this video even more special. You don’t get to see Ransom sucking dicks on camera any time you want. So take full advantage of this video and see the horny hunk in action!

PURE CUMpilation


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There are so many guys in this PURE CUMpilation that we lost track of them. You are going to see a lot of familiar faces and familiar dicks as well. But you know things are never the same with these guys. They always find different ways of fucking one another, of teasing and pounding and making it rain with loads and loads of cum. So check it out, check it out now!