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Bound Gods Jon and Max


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Our bound gods of the day are Jon Darra and Max Konnor. Jon is blindfolded and ball gagged while he is being led to Max’s place. He gets handcuffed and undressed by Max..the the fun can begin. Max pulled put his hard dick with one of his leather glove and starts flogging it with his other hand. Next on the list is Jon on his back being tied to a metal frame…after teasing him for a bit Jon finally deserves his cock and gets fucked deep and hard by Max.

Budapest Bound 2


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We got bound godz fighting for dominance in this one. Rick and Alfredo found Enrico in a gloryhole booth and dragged him downstairs beneath the club in the dungeon. Enrico tries to get out of it, but he can’t match the two strong gods. They leashed him and he began to service them. After they properly tie Enrico up, they started flogging him with a leather flogger. The guys pushed him on his knees and forced him to sucking off their dicks…it didn’t took them long to stuff him on both ends at the same time…

Bound Gods Porn Fuck Toys


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We got you some really nice episode of bound gods porn fuck toys. Yeah you read that right, this one involves some fuck toys. Do they need them? Fuck no! But here we are. This features some huge cocks stretching and stretching some desperate assholes. A lot of guys involved on both sides, a lot of torment and definitely a lot of punishment. The poor guys are tied up and down and then suspended and then they get fucked by big, thick dicks. For something a bit different check bisexdigital!

BoundGods Valentine


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Its Valentine’s Day and nothing beats a boundgods Valentine celebration. Ricky has something special for Alex. Hot hunk Alex is blindfolded and tied up to the bed. Ricky starts to slowly kiss him right before he had his lips wrapped around his plump dick. After all this teasing Ricky started pouring hot wax across Alex’s torso. He is gagged and suspended in some intense bondage. Ricky finally gets him down and is ready to give him a rough pounding. Not a device bondage fan? Check beddable boys, different gay action!

Bound Godz – Rat in a Cage


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These bound godz don’t need any breaks. Its cold and dark and this slut is handcuffed and has a mask over his face. Chance is all alone and waiting for his new master. Max comes in, in full leather and the black muscle god is ready to test his submissive slave. His strong slap lets Chance know that his master is here and he isn’t playing around. There is a lot waiting for the young slave from rat traps to fingering to body punishment and ending with a hard and deep anal fuck.

Duty bound god roll


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Duty bound god roll Donnie is perfection. The muscle leather stud is chained in Colby’s Club Inferno Dungeon. He is bound and is unable to escape all of this…blindfolded and clearly tormented and he has no idea about what’s about to happen. His new master is about to inflict a cruel beating today. Everything, all the slaps, flogs, crops and clamps are all inflicted on just one side, but his full body gets cold and hot, red and white. The poor thing is screaming in pain and pleasures too. His throat takes Colby’s monster meat and it all finishes with a brutal anal fuck. Loved it, heading to blackmason for extra fun, wanna cum?

Fresh Muscle


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Parker is new to bound gods gay porn and everything it entails. So he enters Arad’s dungeon not knowing that to expect. Clad is already there, dressed in leather and ready to offer some pain. He asked Parker to undress fully, then he has to lick up and down his master’s boots. Next poor Parker is introduced to rope bondage and blindfolds. The next wave of pain is inflicted by the crop and cane. The poor thing was screaming from all the pain. He then gets flipped and gets his tight ass fucked.

Bound Godz – Buck Wright


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Bound Godz Buck Wright is very eager to get back to suffering and he found a new master, Riley Mitchell. Tied up in leather bondage, Buck is on the floor struggling in a dark dungeon as his master is watching from the shadows. Riley gets closed and starts punishing him, every inch of his body. Riley then moves Buck to his knees so he can worship his hard cock. Buck took all of Rick’s dick, making him gag. You already know Buck’s ass was next on his masters list and he got the fuck of his life.

Bound Gods Porn – Muscled Rope Slut


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This bound gods porn scene all takes place in the middle of a desert, so we have full privacy and also some daylight for a change. Brendan is butt naked and tied in a van. His master Piece drags him to an abandoned building. He gets tied up to one of the stone structures and gets him all nice and ready for whats to come. He teases him for a bit then starts flogging him, all over his bare back and ass. This isn’t the best place for a fuck, so he dragged him to the van so he can take care of that ass too.

BoundGods – Deep Woods Domination


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Deep wood just got a whole new meaning in this boundgods episode. You can be deep in the woods while getting some deep wood up your ass. Jonah does not waste any time and gets down to business, taking care of Damien deep in the forest, where he can’t be heard by any one. Damien got tied up in full suspension from a tree. Jonah abuses, mocks and torments him and it all starts with his hard dick deep into his throat. He just loves making him suffer and then pleasuring him, just playing with his mind. Jonah couldn’t let him leave without fucking his hungry ass!