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Military Classified Porn


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We got the best military classified porn for you guys. Life in the army can be really hard if you don’t know how to play your cards right. Everyone is horny and frustrated, so the smart thing to do is help out your superiors…help them relax a bit more after a hard day of work and they will help you have easier work days. So it’s a win win situation for everyone. This recruit knew that was the only way he was going to survive the army so he made sure he shown his commander just how committed he really is!

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Another smart guy doing the smart thing for his career. Why work on the field when you can work in the dorms after hours doing what you love. This recruit loves sucking dick and his commander got to enjoy all of his hard work every single night. Now that these files have been declassified…we all get to enjoy it. This guy knows his way around a dick and isn’t shy to show us all everything he knows.

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We know how much you guys wanted to see a military classified bareback fuck, so here you have it. There is only one way to get promoted in the army and that usually involves riding dick on a daily basis. That promotion isn’t coming that easily, so that ass better be ready for some rough pounding. The recruits have to do all the work, because as you can see the commanders usually are focus on the game that’s playing on the tv. But that’s not a problem because this guy really wants that promotion and he worked his ass off for it!



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Surveillance missions can be so boring. You are just sitting in one place waiting for shit to happen and let’s face it most of the time nothing actually happens. So you are there by yourself getting bored as fuck, well that’s not the case for this guy. He found a way to make thing interesting when he brought a recruit with him to keep him…company. This isn’t their first time so the youngster knew exactly what was going to happen and he didn’t waste any time. The moment the boat stopped he jumped over that dick and started sucking it!

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What do you do when watching the millitary classified game with your buddies gets boring? Well you call in a recruit to keep you entertained. Everyone got a piece of his ass as he was busy sucking every single dick in the room. You gotta be ready to work to keep your superiors content and that’s the unwritten part of the job. So make sure you take a look at this poor recruit milking three dicks and then taking them one by one up his tight ass!

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What do you do when the game is on but there aren’t any free recruits? Well you take matters in your own hands…literally. These seven jocks where enjoy they game when one of the started talking about the recruit he fucked the other night. You can imagine that only made everyone in the room horny so one by one they started jerking off their dick while desperately trying to find a guy to fuck. Sadly they couldn’t find anyone but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a good time!

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The millitary classified fucking continues and it will continue the Active Duty as long as there are recruits near by. These guys love fucking the new guys and having them suck off their dicks, so why would it stop anytime soon? These guys don’t play around so when they take a new recruit under their wing they make him work his ass off every single night. Nothing beats watching the game while some guy is sucking off his dick? Who said military life is lonely?

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You really enjoyed our previous bukakke so here we are back with another not-so-classified bukakke for you guys. This time is involves six people and the seventh one is really busy sucking off every one’s dick and collecting as much jizz as possible while doing it. But we all know that by the end of the night his ass will be the fullest after all those loads. His superiors love dumping their loads in loose asshole and this is what’s about to happen in this one too!

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This militaryclassified game is more of a intimate encounter and by intimate we mean it involves fewer people, just three really horny guys waiting their turn to fuck that tight ass. This poor guy didn’t know what hit him. The other recruits tried to tell him, but he was being all cocky and shit. Thinking he can take a few dicks up his ass. Well let’s say he got humbled and fast by these three jocks and their big hard dicks. Them boys were senseless with his ass and fucked him as hard as they could….as a welcome to the army!

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We got a new guy on our hands and luckily for him, his commander has a little classified military porn crush on him. The other night after everyone went to bed, he paid him a visit to get to know each other better. Of course this was a classified encounter just between the two of them and all of us. The poor recruit had to options: the first one was to take his dick up his ass and have a easy life or to reject him and have to do thru hell every single day in the fields. Not a lot of options but we are happy that he picked the right one for him and his future in the army!