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Jake Cruise Porn


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In this Jake Cruise porn scene we have our horny daddy getting that eager ass of his properly hammered and we can’t wait for you to see it all. he found himself a new boy toy to fuck him and he can’t wait to try him out and see how good he really is. These new guys are hit or miss, you really actually hit and find a good one in the sack. One that knows how to please Jake and his ass, but this one seems promising so fingers crossed he did a good job on him!

Jared Serviced


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Jake sure loves his younger guys and this time its Jared’s turn to enjoy the Jake Cruise treatment. Jake was in vacation at this nice resort when he noticed the cute guy helping out with the luggages. As you can see Jake has his priorities straight and before he even got to unpack he had to do the cute guy first. He didn’t even take off his own clothes, Jake just undressed the young stud and got down to work!

Jake Cruise Gay Porn


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This Jake Cruise gay porn scene is gonna stay with you for a while, because this time we have this incredible threesome Johnny Rapid style prepared for you and you are going to love it. We rarely see Jake in threesomes so you know this is a special one. He doesn’t really like sharing his enigmatic boys but during this one he’s the one being shared actually, because he’s right there in the middle of the action. He’s fucking one guy while getting ready to take a dick up his eager asshole in the same time. Just a great scene!

Jimmy Coxxx Serviced


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Back to our usual scenes and we have Jake busy, servicing another dude, this time hot hunk Jimmy Coxxx. Jake couldn’t believe his luck when he managed to get some one on one time with him and we can’t blame him. Jimmy can have anyone he likes and there was something about Jake that made him curious to see what’s the old man about. He’s heard all kinds of stories about him and wanted to put it to rest. Jimmy found out pretty fast why Jake was such a hit with the younger guys…the moment he wrapped his lips around his dick, Jimmy knew he made the right decision!

Christian and Kai and Jake


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Christian and Kai and Jake are all here to show us a really good time. We know how much you enjoyed the previous threesome so we are back with another one. This time Jake changed his company and brought in Christian and Kai to have a good time with. These three jocks did it all in this one and Jake got to suck and get fucked in the same time. Just a dream come true for him and you get to see it all while it’s happening!

Tommy D Layover


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Tommy D had an interesting day at work. A roller coaster of a day. First he was fired from work and then he got a blowjob from Jake, that was trying to cheer him up. We forgot to add that everything happened in the middle of the office with two co workers in Rods Room with them. By this point they must be used to Jake and his little sexual adventures at work. We do have to give it to him…he was trying to cheer the guy up and he was also a bit curious to see if he was packing…

Eli Hunter and Jake Bareback


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The roles have been reversed. Now we get to see Jake doing all the fucking instead of him being on the receiving end of it all. It’s quite a nice change and Jake did a lot better that expected, especially for someone that doesn’t top too often. We know you guys must be curious to see how long did he last, but you’ll have to discover that on your own in the gallery we prepared for you.

Massaged by Devin Draz


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Now this is a massage session we can all enjoy not just Jake. This massage session ended up like all the guys wanted them to end…with a very happy ending. Because after he finished sucking off Jake’s dick, Devin then got to fuck and get fucked by Jake. You gotta love these gay massage sessions. There is always something happening and it never disappoints..never. You better watch these two in action getting hot and sweaty!

Brenden Sharpe Poolside


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Jake always picks the cutest pool boys and Brenden is one of them. Brenden didn’t really know what the full job entails but from the looks of it he doesn’t seem to bothered by the extra activities. When you get paid so much money to keep a clean pool, that gotta make you think that there’s more to it than meets the eye. But hey, Brenden is into guys and Jake is into hot guys, so why not? Walking around shirtless all day long and getting your dick sucked and also getting paid for it all…sounds like a dream come true to us!

Zeb Atlas Serviced


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We know how much you wanted to see a Zeb Atlas Jake Cruise or Trystan Bull gay porn scene so here you have it. We finally got them both in the same room and things got hot quick. Jake couldn’t wait to get his hands on Zeb and that fat dick of his. Zeb has the most amazing body and as you can see Jake doesn’t know where to start…with that dick or with that hot body…not a bad problem to have. You guys know this was only the beginning and by the end of it all we get to see Jake getting fucked by Zeb…so make sure to watch it all!