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What do you do when your phone is out of battery? Well you ask someone to help you out with an outlet. Nowadays you can really trust a lot of people so your safest bet is to ask someone that’s older, right? Well our guy wasn’t expecting to run into this type of older guy. The horny daddy gladly extended an invitation to his place to charge his phone and then started to hit on the hot young hunk. The old man was so nice that he had to thank him somehow, so why not let him smash his eager asshole?

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More my first daddy xxx scene coming your way. As usual we have the horniest guys ready to get their asses properly pounded by older daddies. This guy was staying with one of his dad’s friends while visiting the city but what he didn’t know was the fact that his dad’s friend is hot as fuck and into dudes. Same as him! What are the chances? After he promised to keep the secret between them, he finally got him to pound his fine ass!

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Now this guy over here, he took full advantage of his solo vacation. He knew that these type of places are filled with broke younger guys, broke younger guys that he could help out. He doesn’t mind paying for sex and the guys don’t mind it either. No one really expects him to last too long anyway, but that’s where everyone is wrong. This guy as old as he is, has incredible stamina and lets just say that the cute bellboy has a really long day ahead of him, a day filled with fucking!

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The big daddy was waiting for his female masseuse to come over and take care of his bad back when he saw this cute younger guy at his doorstep. He explained that the woman couldn’t come over today and that he came instead to help him out. What our cute masseur didn’t know was the fact that the old guy is into dudes. Once he saw him, he completely forgot about his back pain and was focused on fucking that fine ass. If you wanna know how he got to actually fucking the guy, you have a gallery waiting for you!

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Now this is what we call the perfect fuck. You have a really hot and horny younger guy wanting his daddy’s dick in all of his holes. We don’t usually get young guys chasing around older guys, it’s usually the other way around, but we ain’t complaining. It’s a nice change of pace and this guy was really eager to get his lips wrapped around that hard dick and he got what he wanted. He showed his daddy a really nice time!

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Our favorite after hours activity…fucking! We are sure these guys share the same feelings as us. Why go home when you can spend some extra hours after work doing what you actually like? Pounding some nice young ass! These youngster are so full of energy, always trying to do more and more, which works great for our older play daddy. Those days are behind him, but he can still fuck these younger dudes and let them do most of the work!

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This basement saw a lot of action throughout the years. A lot of fucking and sucking and threesomes and orgies…it seen it all. Well tonight is one of those nights, packed with action. We have these three hunks ready to get down to business. These two old guys wanted to show their new buddy a really good time so they took him downstairs where no one was going to bother them and showed him what they really are like.

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This is what happens when you are hot as fuck and you work on a construction site filled with horny gay guys. One of them will eventually get a piece of that fine ass. This time is happened to be his horny boss, he had the upper hand in this whole thing. He could actually fire him if he said no. So the other day after work the two of them got to spend some time together, knowing each other a lot better..inside and out. He sure enjoyed smashing that fine ass!

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You wouldn’t expect these two to be a couple but here we are. For some reason the youngster likes the old man. You are going to be surprised to find out just how much fun these two have in the sack. This time the daddy is a bottom, its rare we know, so he gets to pound him and be in charge, which works great seeing that he is the one with the most energy and stamina out of the two of them. There is something about these older daddies that keeps these younger guys coming back again and again.