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Peter Fever Orgy Part 2


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The Peter Fever videos continue with this cutie here. He’s never been in a group orgy before and to quote him: “OMG it was so HOT!”. He got all he wanted from this massage that finished with a 6 man bangbang. There was sucking, rimming and of course fucking involved in this steamy orgy. Nic, Levy, Travis, Zario and Alfonso gathered around our hot Asian twink Danny and finished by beating their cocks to a juicy completion.

Orgy Part 1


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Previously you got to see the part 2 of this scene, but now you get to see the orgy part 1. Not the usual order but its still amazing. Now we get to see the beginning, that hot massage session and the boiling point that lead to the gang bang we saw earlier. These guys knew exactly what they wanted from Danny and those eager holes. When you book a massage with 5 masseurs you are kinda of asking for it. What do you think is going to happen when you have 5 guys rubbing on a hot guy…

Peter Fever Video


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In this Peter Fever video we continue with our massages. But we all know how these massage sessions actually end. You got two horny guys all alone in a room…one of them is butt naked barely covered with a sheet…oils, rubbing…Our boy Danny couldn’t wait to get his ass hammered again. Finding a gay masseur isn’t hard, or as hard as you might think. So all he had to do during the massage session was grab his dick and properly thank him for the massage. No guy is going to turn that down…

Drain My Tension


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Danny Ice placed an ad for a massage exchange. He got quite a few offers so he did his due diligence and found himself the hottest guy on the list. Zario Travezz is his name and he is hot as fuck. Muscled body and cute butt. Danny started playing with that ass as soon as he could and when Zario turns over to face him….his cock was thick and stiff. Zario’s bare cock slides in his ass and he started bareback that hole fucking him…he drills his brown massive dick in Danny’s hungry hole over and over again!

Peter Le Porn


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Danny Ice loves having his friends over and this is what happened in this peter le porn massage exchange. He had one of his buddy over to help him relax. He was feeling to tense and stiff and needs some rubbing to relax. The camera is all set and ready to record all the fucking that is about to happen in this room. Levy Foxx is here and his dick gets hard the moment he sees Danny and his cute little ass. They skipped the massage completely, there’s no need to waste time with it….Levy bends Danny over his sofa and started stuffing his hungry asshole!

PeterFever – Home Training


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In this PeterFever episode we learn the following: You don’t get a great body by just laying on the couch all day long, oh no, you need to work for it. All you need is a well equipped home gym filled with horny guys. This workout quickly turned naughty and handsome Alfonso was the one that started it all. He was there so help Jessie get a good sweat in..and he did but they didn’t use any of the equipment. All they worked with was those hard dicks and those tight assholes. These boys know how to break a nice sweat…..

First Date


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Jessie Lee and Zak Bishop are sharing their first date with us here at Peter Fever. These two hunks have a nice video from their first date and it’s the funnest part of it…raw fucking in a bathroom. The guys went to a sauna for their first date, smart right? All that steam and only a tiny towel covering the goods. Jessie knew what he was doing when he choose this place. Safe to say that those towels stayed on them for about 5 minutes. They were the only one there so they had the entire bathroom to suck and fuck one another.

Pump Those Glutes


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Lets keep the pumping going. Jon Darra and Jesse Stone are here to show off their workout routine or the lack of it. Lean built blond twink Jesse is ready to build up those glutes and Asian trainer Jon is there to help him out. After seeing him do some squats, Jon wanted a piece of that cute white ass. Jon’s hands are wondering close to his shorts pulling them down and revealing that pure bare ass and his hungry hole. He dives in for a nice and loonng lick and taste. Jesse got down on all fours and is ready to get his ass plowed.

PeterFever – Hungry Twink


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The sauna nights continue here at PeterFever. Zak Bishop and Jeremy Vuitton are our guys in this Asian gay porn scene from Yoshi Kawasaki and they had a hell of a time. That sauna is the key to success, if you wanna bang a twink you take him there. All that steam, naked guys around and barely to no clothes on…it doesn’t get easier than that. All you gotta know is the time when the sauna is empty so no one’s bothering you while you are pounding some cute little twink ass. Having a body like tatted blond twink Zak is also helpful…

Abs Explosion


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It says abs but we all know the only thing getting worked out in this one si another fine ass. This hot workout session has Des Irez as the instructor and Asian cutie Jon Darra taking that hard beat down. The muscled Des is giving Jon some tips with his workout and offers a private workout, just the two of them in a different room…Do I need to go on? Clothes are off, dicks are out and they are ready for some hardcore ass fucking…