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We love these MENatPLAY gay scenes and we know you love them too. How could you not? We got the hottest guys in suits sucking and fucking during work and after work. They always find a way to get some fucking in their busy schedules and we are very grateful for that. This time we have a guy paying for a lost bet. As you can see they are fucking on a pool table so it’s not hard to figure out that the poor guy lost a game of pool and had to pay with his ass, literally, for it. You gotta see these two in action!

Wet Planning


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We are about to witness some hot guys doing some wet planning. These two got into a heated debate in the bathroom and there was only one way to settle things down, with some rough ass fucking of course. They were arguing about how had the bigger dick and the loser had to take it up his ass in the shower. We weren’t expecting them to jump in the shower with their suits on, but that did made it a little hotter. Seeing them all hot and wet at the same time…not a bad way to start the day, not a bad way at all!



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For this MENatPLAY XXX we have these two horny coworkers spending some time after working hours, trying to improve their team chemistry. Well fucking and sucking one another sure made the two of them a lot closer. We don’t know how well this method is going to work for the rest of the team, but it was a success for these two. They didn’t even bother to take their suits off, instead they went right at it, sucking dicks and getting facials.

Caught Snooping


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This is what happens when you are caught snooping around, looking into other people’s businesses. No one likes that and there is a price to pay for it. What this guy didn’t know was the fact that his boss was into dudes, so his punishment is gonna hurt a bit. There wasn’t any room for discussions or apologies, all he wanted was to smash that ass and make sure he doesn’t snoops around from now on. If you wanna see these two in action, you know what you gotta do!

MEN at PLAY Porn


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You wanted more men at play porn, so here you have it. More hot guys in suits fucking one another in the hottest Peter Fever gay porn scenes. These two horny men are celebrating their new business deal and it’s a celebration none of them is going to forget any time soon. Life just can’t get better for this guy, he just signed a big deal and his business partner loves celebrating these type of things by taking dicks up his tight asshole. Just a win win situation for everyone!



Watch these two fucking one another!

Now this is an undisclosed affair that no one needs to know about. We love these little office secrets and all these affairs that are taking place behind closed doors, but for all of this to work everyone needs to keep their mouth shut, these two included. As you can see all their encounters are taking place after work in a hotel next to the office and they are hot as fuck. The encounters and the guys too. We know you are curious to see these two going down on each other, so make sure you check out all the pics!

The Inheritance


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Everyone wants a piece of the inheritance but when you can’t get the money, you can fuck the heir until he gives you money. This hot guy just got a lot richer and as you can see there are a lot of guys wanting a piece of that fortune. As you can see his screaming system is a very interesting one. We’ve never seen a guy getting fucked to figure out who is going to the money, but it’s a first for everything this included. There are some really nice pics inside so make sure you check them out!

Rain Date


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The weather can slow these MenAtPlay down. If you think that a little rain is going to ruin their date, well they are here to prove you wrong. These two had an excelent date indoors, that revolved a lot around fucking and sucking. So our type of date. A date that you would want to share with everyone interested in seeing it. We gotta say, these two put on a show for us and we can’t wait until you see it all!

The Subservient


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Don’t you just love it when these hot guys have to please one another to get what they want? We sure do! They are desperate and needy, just a joy to watch. Let’s take this guy for example, he is now working for a raise, but instead of actually working, he is working his boss’ dick instead. Cleaver, right? You there is a lot more from this scene, because this guy is not that easily impressed, so our guy still has a lot of work ahead of him and behind him too, because that ass isn’t leave without a proper fuck!

The Mansion


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How do you celebrate a big mansion sell? Well you fuck in the master bedroom of course. This guy and his real estate partner just took celebrations to a whole new level with this ass pounding they shared. Going for a drink is so boring, especially when you are always horny and got a hot partner that shares the same interests as you. Both of you love fucking and both of you love guys. Just a match made in heaven!