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Check out these Japanese guys fucking!

More JapanBoyz porn coming your way! This time we have two new guys fucking for the first time on camera and we have the craziest angles for you guys. Everything took place in this hotel room and you are going to see the guys taking turns sucking and fucking one another’s ass. We love our vers guys, they just give us so much more action and it’s always amazing. So you better not miss this out and see them hammering one another in this gallery!

Top Cops 3


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You might wonder what cops are doing between missions…so much free time with nothing to do..well this scene will show you what these guys are up to. You can actually see from the preview that they don’t waste any time, instead they keep one another in great shape for their missions, not by working out but by working out one another’s ass. You gotta see these horny cops pounding one another in this amazing gallery! You won’t regret it!

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In these JapanBoyz xxx scene we get to see how the seniors are getting ready for college. Instead of them studying for their final exams they would rather fuck one another on their desks in the middle of the classroom. Now this is a tutoring session we would all pay for. Who didn’t fantasized about fucking in school, in the actual school? We all did and these guys get to live it thru and we loved every second of it and we have every second of it on camera, so this is your lucky day!



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You gotta see these jocks going hard on each other’s ass in the middle of the gym. Not the type of hard you were first expecting but no worried they are still sweating and burning calories, they are just doing it in a very different way from everyone else. If this doesn’t convince you to go to the gym, we don’t know what will. What if you find a hot guy there too? A hot guy that can take care of that eager asshole? Until you find yours, you can enjoy these two in action!

Horsing Around


Watch here these Japanese guys fucking!

We got two more guys fucking one another in this amazing scene and we can’t wait until you all see them in action. The two jocks had a great time sucking and fucking one another and we have the best pictures from their little rendez-vous. We gotta say that we’ve never seen a more flexible guy than our tattooed jock and he stretched and bend and made things a lot more fun to watch. If you are curious you know what you gotta do!



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Now this the type of sexercise we wanna see on a daily basis. When working out turns into fucking around. These two hot jocks took their wrestling practice to over time with some ass fucking. Just doing their best to be in shape and burn some calories and nothing burns calories like some ass fucking and some dick sucking, that’s for sure. At least that’s what our guys are thinking and they sure give it their best! Make sure you check it all out in the exclusive gallery we put together for you!

Sex Power


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Why fuck one guy when you can have two? That’s what Fuji, Musashi and Ryuji thought at least. These three got together and offered us this amazing threesome that has it all: rimming, blowjobs and lots and lots of fucking, We know you guys love seeing our Japan boyz in action and it doesn’t get more intense than this. We have a lot of pictures ready for you and a nice video too and trust us you don’t wanna miss either of them!

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This is the good morning we love seeing. We love seeing our JapanBoyz fucking first thing in the morning. It just gets your day going and you know you are going to have a great day afterwards because no matter what happens all you can think off is the amazing sex you had this morning. Knowing our guys we are not surprised that they are always horny and we aren’t surprised that they got to work so bright and early. Thankfully they had a camera handy and we got to record it all for you guys!

Kazuki Starts With a Kiss


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Kazuki starts with a kiss every time and from that kiss he can tell how far things are going to go. Luckily for us Gou did a great job and we actually get to see more than a kiss between these two. It would’ve been such a shame to stop after just one kiss and miss out on all the sucking and fucking that followed that kiss. Kazuki was horny as fuck and was desperate to get his hands on Gou’s little ass and fill it up. And we are just as eager to see it all go down!

The New Boy


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We got a new boy here at JapanBoyz and that’s always a reason to celebrate. These new guys always put on the best shows. They are so horny and eager to get things started and to get fucked that they completely forget about the camera and just let loose. There are more than enough pictures and videos waiting for you inside and you will want to see them. You will want to see these two in action, sucking dicks and riding one another’s dick too. You will want to see the new guy at work in his debut asian gay porn scene!