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Let’s start things off the right way, with a hot older male gay porn scene, a scene that’s gonna turn you on big time. We got two more horny daddies and they adventures, they sexual adventures that is. This time they ended up fucking in their backyard and luckily for them they have a pretty tall fence around their property. They wouldn’t want their neighbors seeing them fucking in the backyard in the middle of the day. This is what happens if you wanna get a tan and don’t wear anything to avoid getting any ugly lines..

Alex Tikas and Reuben Foxxx


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More horny older titanmen coming your way. This time we have Alex Tikas and Reuben Foxxx taking full advantage of that hotel room during their business trip and we loves every second of it. We just love seeing these older guys sucking and fucking in front of the camera. These experienced jocks having the time of their life while smashing some ass…nothing beats it! As usual there is a gallery waiting for you guys and it’s hot as fuck!

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In this hot older male xxx update, our older guy is getting that ass of his properly pounded. He had a crush for his next door buddy and today is his lucky day. He likes his guys big and hairy and we can’t blame him. This hunk is hot as fuck, his body all covered with tattoos and you guys should see his dick…now that’s a view. Enjoy seeing these two fucking and seeing the older daddy sucking off his dick and then taking it up that fine ass of his.

Paul Johnson and Steve Lucas


See these older males fucking one another!

You weren’t expecting to see these guys around here…same. We didn’t expect to have guys that are this old having such a great time on camera and that’s why we brought them here for you guys to enjoy. Paul and Steve had the time of their lives in this latest one and we can’t wait until you guys get to see them sucking and fucking one another in the backyard. The backyard again…we know, it’s like these guys wanna get caught in the act and keep pushing the limits over and over again!

Reuben Foxxx and Miles Cumberland


Watch these horny males fucking one another!

Reuben Foxxx and Miles Cumberland are here to show us all a really good time. These two hairy daddies are in the mood for something fun and by fun they mean some ass smashing and we get to witness it all. These guys don’t mess around and when they get things started they go all the way, balls deeps each time. We love our experienced daddies and their wild sexual adventures! So many asses to fuck so little time to do it!

the New Player


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How to you welcome a new player to the team? Well the good old fashioned way…pounding his ass in the middle of the locker room! Now this is a welcome everyone is going to enjoy and very few are going to forget. What the captain says that’s gonna happen and our horny captain wanted a piece of that fine ass and he’s gonna get his one way or another. There was no way that hot ass was gonna leave that locker room unfucked. As you can see the captain got what he wanted…

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Now this is a payment method we can all enjoy. What do you do when you forgot your wallet home and you have a bar tab to pay? Well you fuck the cute bartender that’s been hitting on you all night long. This cute daddy bartender had one hell of a closing…just the two of them in the entire place fucking all over the place and getting to suck that fat dick too. It’s a win-win-win situation, the bartender got what he wanted, the guy got to ‘pay’ his tab and we get to enjoy it all!

Paul Johnson and Valentino Fuentes


See these older daddies fucking outdoors!

Now this is how all vacations should look like. A lot of down time and even more ass fucking. You wouldn’t expected these older daddies to have this much energy but they are going to surprise you in the best way possible. They risked it a bit with the place they chose but luckily no one caught them in the act and got to fuck one another for as long as they could before moving indoors and continuing the fun.

Musclebear Montreal


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Montreal found himself a new fuck buddy and he’s just as you would expect: hot as fuck and hung. The perfect combo for anyone. Our horny musclebear didn’t waste any time and got down to business and they did it fast. The two couldn’t even make to the house and they ended up fucking in the backyard. We know, they all seem to be fucking in the most public places. We’re not complaining we just wanted to point that out. We love the thrill of them almost getting caught each time and we know you guys will enjoy it too!

Major Fur and Lance Charger


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We just can’t get enough of these hot older males and their sexual adventures. Major Fur and Lance Charger took us on quite the trip in this latest one as the two horny daddies ended up banging in the middle of the backyard. Luckily for them it was the middle of the day and there was no one around to see them. All their neighbors were at work so they could have as much fun as they wanted and they sure took full advantage of the situation. Sucking and fucking all over the place and we offering us the best gallery!