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Austin Wilde Gay


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We know how much you like Austin Wilde gay scenes so we have another one for you and this one is special. What makes it special is the fact that this is Joey’s first time getting fucked and he picked Austin to do the honors. The ripped hunk got to fuck that tight ass for the first time and on camera too. You guys shouldn’t miss out this amazing scene because we have some really nice pics prepared for you! Don’t miss out hot hunk Austin fucking this cute guy, its amazing!

Massage Exchange


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Now this is a massage exchange we can all enjoy. Instead of just getting a massage Austin decided to give his masseur a very special thank you for his services. As we all know nothing says thank you quite like fucking someone’s fine ass and on camera too. After the massage session was over, Austin started his own session and offered us some amazing pics of him pounding his hot masseur right on the massage table. Just a wild scene from Austin as usual! Some asian twinks are waiting for you at asiaboy, if you are interested!

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In this Austin Wilde porn scene we finally got Austin getting fucked for a change. The ripped jock finally let someone touch and stretch that ass of his on camera. He was horny as fuck and the guy was cute enough so why not. He likes surprising us and after seeing him fuck every guy around here this is definitely something new from him. We love a hot vers guy, someone that loves to fuck and get fucked too and Austin is just that. A hot vers guy! Looks a lot like a great movie from allaustralianboys, have you seen it?

Post Game


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After a hard game some relaxation is needed, a bit of cool off and Austin found the best way to achieve that. Him and one of his teammate stayed after everyone left and had some one on one fun. Their fun is a bit different and not all the team partakes in such activities hence staying after hours for some privacy. As you can see from the preview the guys love sucking dick and they spend some time doing it too. Some of these pics, some of these angles…OMG! Similar with another awesome gay, Atlas Grant!



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We’ve seen Austin fucking other guys, getting fucked by other guys and now we get to see him in a threeway too. You can’t go wrong with a gay threesome and this one isn’t going to disappoint you either. These three jocks had the time of their lives and we have the pictures to prove it. You gotta see these ripped jocks taking turns sucking and fucking one another in front of the rolling cameras and also see what other surprises awaits for you inside!



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The fucking never stops with Austin. Somehow something always happens around him and he somehow gets involved in the activities, the right activities. Well to be honest it’s not hard to figure it out. He’s hot and jock and all the guys wanna ride his big dick. People talk, everyone knows Austin around town and he’s never had a bad review. That pretty much explains the constant flow of guys wanting to be fucked by him. They all wanna see if the stories are true or not! The ones who dont wanna know might want to check alternadudes, another great site!

Locker Room Fuck


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The locker room fun continues, this time with a new guy. We’ve told you earlier about Austin and his post game activities and that’s what we are having here. Another one of Austin’s locker room fucks and it’s a great one. As you can see this poor guy was so eager he couldn’t even wait for Austin to undress and he jumped on his dick right way, just look at him sucking and sucking like a good boy. You better believe there is more coming your way so stay tuned!

Private Chat


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Who knew these dating apps actually work? Safe to say that Austin was a hit on them and this is one of his private chat conversations coming to reality. He found a nasty guy that was ready to prove just how nasty he is in the sack. Don’t be fooled by that innocent face, there is nothing innocent about him. If you don’t believe us check out all the pictures to see him sucking Austin’s big dick and then riding it too. You can actually see that in the preview too. Such a crazy scene!

On The Bottom


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Finally! We are getting a scene outdoors and our boy Austin is getting that fine ass of his fucked again. That cute nextdoorbuddy got our boy on his back and taking his massive dick up his ass. He sure has game. There aren’t a lot of guys that manage to pound Austin, so when one does you know that he has game. Everything took place in the backyard in broad daylight, luckily no one was home to see them fucking. We have the most amazing pics for you guys and you will want to see them, trust us!

Wilde Glory


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Austin is a curious guy and gloryhole always fascinated him. He’s seen the videos and heard the stories but never tried one. But the other night he was out with his buddies and the pub they were at had a gloryhole. It was meant to be and be tried by Austin and he did. He went in all shy and finally had the gut to poke his dick thru that hole hoping someone was on the other side. As you can see another hot hunk was waiting and although he can’t see him, Austin still managed to get a hot guy. Wanna see what went down between these two? You know what you have to do!