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We’ve got an exclusive theguysite gay scene for you guys. We know how much you love your men to be men so we brought you two experienced guys. And they are ready to show you a really good time. At this point it’s more of a showcase between these two. Who can do what and who’s better at it all. The best time of competition, one that we wanna see in every scene because this means we are going to get the absolute best from these two jocks!

Knox Pops Mateo’s Cherry


Take a look at Know fucking Mateo!

Knox gets to pop Mateo’s cherry in this one and you should miss it out. We don’t get a lot of cherry poppin around here, actually this might be the first, so….yeah this is rare. You wouldn’t expect a hunk as Mateo to be new to this, but everyone has to start somewhere. Usually that somewhere isn’t on camera, so we got really lucky with this one. Get ready to see Mateo take on his first dick ever on camera! It’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Now back to our usual theguysite xxx scenes with our experienced guy ready to destroy some asses. No matter how many guys we see, we can never get enough ass fucking. Especially when these guys are going all in and fucking one another senseless. No mercy for their asses and you should hear some of these dudes screaming. You wouldn’t expect them to have such a hard time, but this is what you get around here. You know what signed on for so now its time for the fun part!

Jack and Randy Flip Fuck


Watch Jack and Randy taking turns fucking!

Jack and Randy love flip fucking, taking turns fucking one another. We love our vers guys, because with them you never know what’s going to happen. A lot more option, more ways to have fun and surprise us all. Jack and Randy are gentler than our previous too, so we have something for every taste. If this is your jam, go wild. There are a lot of great pics to help you out and once you see the video….yeah that’s video it’s just what you need!

Jack Fucks Daxx Bareback


See Jack and Daxx bareback fucking!

Jack just can’t keep his dick in his pants for too long. We were just talking about him and here he is again with another scene. This time we are having a bareback fucking scene with a different guy. His name is Daxx and like most guys around here, he can’t wait to get a piece of Jack’s fine ass. Everyone wants a piece of that fine tight ass and we gotta give it to him…it’s an amazing ass. But until we get to that, we get to enjoy these two sucking one another’s dick. We know you guys wanna see a nice gay 69 scene!

Four Wheeler Fuckin’


See these two fucking in the forest!

We taking in the action to the woods in this latest one. Our two horny daddies are about to have some fun in the middle of the forest during one of their breaks. They love riding in the woods, riding four wheelers and dicks too. It was so nice outside it’s would’ve been a waste to spend the day without fucking. Our hairy bears took turns pounding one another asses on those four wheelers and we can’t wait until you see it all!

Jay Tee Fucks Ricky


Take a look at Jay fucking Ricky!

Jay Tee and Ricky are about to have a really good time together. We love it when we have two hot guys fucking. It’s just to satisfying to see them shoving dicks up one another ass and sucking them too. It’s so so pleasing and we are sure everyone agrees including them. This time Jay is in charge and he is determinated to show Ricky a really good time. A good time he won’t soon forget and neither will you guys!

Three Way Fuck


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It is time. It’s time that we have our first threesome around here. It took us long enough, so you already know it’s going to be wild. We just had to find the right guys for the job and you will not be disappointed with our picks. We have three horny and hot guys ready to have a great time together and they even let us record everything. This is so much happening around here and let’s face it you are not here to waste reading about, you would rather see it. So check out the gallery above!

Muscle Men Nude Beach


Check out these nude muscle men posing!

Ever wonder what muscle men do when they met? Well it’s exactly how you would imagine it. They are all flexing their muscles and fighting over who has the best body. So instead of fighting this time they took some pictures, send them to us and are ready to let you guys decided. Which one of them is your favorite? We have a few guys that we liked but we wanna hear your picks. But don’t pick until you’ve seen all the pics. There are some gems inside waiting for you!

Naked Summer Fun


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Oh, the good old days. Those nice summer days when you got to cool off with your hose. Well our guys did the same thing….well kinda. As you can see they are butt naked in this one and this isn’t as innocent either. These two are ready for a good time together and they want to share it with us. Everything takes places in their backyard at the vacation house. It’s a nice quiet place with few people around. Just the ideal place to have some nice couple time and what’s better than some fucking to reconnect with your lover?