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This is what happens when you are the only young guy in the shop. All these older gay guys, MenOver30, want a piece of you and apparently for the right price you can have him. These two came into the shop trying to fix their car and ended up getting those asses pounded instead. Once they saw the hunky youngster they had to get a piece of him…and by piece we mean his hard dick up their asses over and over again. There wasn’t anyone left in the XXXPawn shop so they had the place all to themselves and it was quite the show!

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If you thought we can go older…well here’s a nice surprise for you. This horny grandpa is here to prove you wrong. You are going to be horny no matter the age and you can get yourself a nice dick to suck no matter the age. Grandpa had a few guys around his house helping him out and let’s just say one of them caught his eye. The handyman was into dudes and he didn’t seem to be bothered by the age difference so after the day was over, he stayed a bit longer and him and the old man had one hell of a night together!

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You might expect pool guys to young and muscular, well this is not the case. Everyone hires what they need and our older daddy needed someone close to his age to mess around with. It’s not that hard to find older guys that are looking to make some extra cash and our guy has deep pockets. After a long search he finally found what he was looking for. An older guy that doesn’t mind getting that ass worked out every day after his shift is over!

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This youngster is going thru a really tough ass training and that’s what happens when you mock your elders. Being a smart ass isn’t going to fly when you are outnumbered and especially when the two older guys are horny as fuck and want a piece of your ass. At least this wasn’t his first ass fuck, but this will be one he will remember for a really long time. These two went crazy on him and made sure to fill up his big mouth too!

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Now these are the reunions we love to see. Just two old friends reconnecting and pounding some ass during that process too. Who would’ve thought that a high school reunion could be so much fun? Guess enough time has passed and both of them figured out what they actually like and luckily for us that’s smashing other guys. You have to these two continuing the fun in a nice hotel room, fucking one another over and over again!

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