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IronLockUp – Waiting for the master

In this great update we have another couple of ironlockup videos that you get to enjoy. This time we go back to showing off another harsh treatment that a guy received for acting out in front of his master and he would have none of it. So that called for a punishment session involving the things that you usually can see throughout our scenes. He was dragged to the bathroom by the master and once there he was bound to the sinks as the punishment was about to be delivered to him for this ironlockup porn update.

The master does a fine job of securing him with chains and stuff. And to tease him some more he also places a iron clamp on his balls to make sure that he doesn’t fidget around too much. Then the show really starts as the master proceeds to play around and torture his cock and balls just for your enjoyment. Watch him being forced to cum in the end as the master also proves he is lenient. As always we hope you enjoyed guys and we’ll see you again in the following week. Oh and also don’t forget to check out the past iron lockup updates as well. For other great gay sex videos cum inside bait buddies site and enjoy watching some handsome guys sucking and fucking each others huge cocks!


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IronLockUp – The psychological journey

Another fresh week and time for you to enjoy a little treat. This fine week we have a ironlockup videos update that’s sure to be to your liking guys. This time we have a green horn here and the masters got together to put on a special show just for him. They planned to take him on quite the psychedelic trip as they went full force for his treatment to show him how naughty guys get punished if they screw up. It had everything. This poor straight guy getting bound in chains and having a mask on his face for some sensory depravation, and also a electric current machine.


As the iron lockup cameras start rolling the show begins with him. And like we said he was bombarded by all this specially harsh treatment to break him in to the group. Watch him as all the masters also gang up on him to force him to blow his load jerking on his cock as he gets the special treatment. We said that we’d bring you the best content on the net regarding hard style bondage and sex and we say that we kept that promise. All you have to do is to continue to enjoy the scenes guys!

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Extreme ass penetration

Hey there once again everyone, one more fresh week swung by and we have another ironlockup porn update to show off. This time we get to see some extreme anal fisting as a master punishes his slave for his bad behavior. He talked very ugly to his master and hence he’s such an uptight ass the master aimed to loosen him up a bit. In the ass. So without further due, sit back and watch the scene everyone. You’ll see some unbelievable scenes as the guy get’s his holes stretched.

The master takes his little sex slave to the bathroom in this iron lockup scene where he suspends him in mid air all the while teasing him and telling him what’s going to go down in their little meet. So as soon as he was suspended and all tied up the master pours some lube in his hands and just goes straight to work on that tight ass. Watch him as he delivers one hard core anal fisting fucking session to his sex slave to teach him his lesson this afternoon. We’ll be back next week with more just as always, so enjoy and see you then guys! Visit website if you’re looking for some similar gay sex videos. See you soon!


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IronLockUp – Hardcore anal fisting

It’s time for you to watch another ironlockup porn update. In this scene we have a guy that got himself a hard core anal treatment from his master. He didn’t do anything to deserve it though. It’s just that time of the week when the dominant master gets around to please the holes and cocks of all of his sex slaves. And this lucky guy was also on the list to receive the special treatment. Let’s not waste time and watch this iron lockup scene as the guy gets his ass pleased by his master!


As the scene starts you can see the guy getting all tied up as his master loves. Then he gets suspended in the air as the guy pulls on some medical gloves and breaks out the lube. He pours a good amount on his palm as the bonded guy knows exactly what comes next. Then you’ll be able to see the master fisting his slave fast and hard as the guy gets more and more excited. Apparently this time he got excited enough to also blow his load all over himself. Enjoy guys and come back next week just like always, but until then you can visit website and enjoy watching other hot studs getting naked in front of the video camera!

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Long-term Confinement

Hey there once more guys, ironlockup porn returns with another sizzling hot scene featuring the harsh treatment of a sex slave that behaved badly. This guy managed to piss his master off and the guy though it would be a great idea to exert some sensory depravation treatment on his little man slut. It all started earlier when his master was looking to entertain himself a bit and called in this guy to fuck his tight ass just like in fraternityx movies. But apparently his sex slave was out of it and didn’t manage to do anything right for his master.

Suffice to say that the iron lockup dominant master was very angry with him and he needed to teach him a lesson. So he decided to tie him all up and make him stay in a body nag for the rest of the day to think about what he did. Watch as he gets stripped of all of his clothes and then watch him getting tied up. He knew what was coming since he entered the room and his master wasn’t going to be lenient. Watch him getting encased in the body bag all naked and tied up just for your viewing pleasure. See you next week like always!


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Iron LockUp – Hardcore bathroom fuck

Another fresh week and time for one more iron lockup update to be delivered to you. This fine week we have another naughty gentleman that got himself in a bind literally. You see he kept nagging his master when he’d get a chance to have his body pleased again. And since his master got fed up with his pestering he decided to do something about it. So he decided to give his little sex slave all the pleasure that he wants and then some. He dragged him into the bathroom and suspended him with chains in this ironlockup scene.


And as he was all lifted up in the air, his master made sure that he’s securely tied up with no possibility to move one inch. Then he proceeds to start stroking his cock fast and hard to his enjoyment until he blows his load. But the master isn’t done. He continues to jerk him off until he cums once more and he seems spent of energy. Again this was not the end. His master then pulled out his dildo and also proceeded to fuck the ass of his slave in the ironlockup gallery. Again we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week with more! For other great gay sex videos visit site and have fun watching some emo twinks sucking and fucking each other.

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IronLockUp – Cock tease and torture

It’s time to show off some more ironlockup videos and we know for a fact that you’ll enjoy them. This fine afternoon we have a guy that got himself seriously punished by his master. no one seemed to know exactly what the guy did to deserve such a hard treatment but it’s pretty much sure that he did something bad in order to get his master angry enough to bind him to the chain wheel as he was preparing his tools to deliver some hard punishment to the guy. So let’s not waste any more time and watch this iron lockup scene.

As the cameras start rolling the master pulls in the set his unruly sex slave as he’s already dressed in the force jacked and having a hood on his head for some even more sensory depravation. Then the master puts him up on the wheel and let’s him wait while he gets ready to punish his body. Watch as the naughty guy gets his cock tortured and enjoy the scene guys. He’s sure to not repeat what ever dastardly deed that he did ever again. Like we said this punishment only gets delivered to guys that are absolutely bad. If you liked this update and you are looking for similalar videos come inside website. Enjoy!


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Anal hook punishment

This ironlockup porn update features a guy getting some punishment as hard as his evil little deed that he did. His master got fed up with him for not stopping to talk back to him. Once before his master told him loud and clear to take his head out of his ass and think before he spouts out random nonsense or he’s going to be in for a punishment session. Well he didn’t seem to stop and the master thought it wise to insert a hook is his ass until he calms down. Oh and as a side note, check our updates regularly guys, we’ll have iron lockup videos every now and then!


So as the scene starts the naughty and unruly man gets taken to the basement by his master by his collar and then he got himself thoroughly strapped in a force jacket and chains as to not be able to move at all. His master then suspends him in the air as he also shoves a non sharpened hook in his ass at to make him think about all the bad things he dared to say. We can only hope that this will be enough for him to learn his lesson. Well we’re done with him for now, but we have some more naughty guys that deserve some punishment to show off in the following weeks! Visit website and have fun watching other guys getting tied and their asses fisted!

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Iron LockUp – Electric pleasure

Hey there again everyone, the iron lockup porn scene brings you a guy with a rather interesting passion. But before revealing what this guy loves let’s talk a little bit about him. To everyone else he’s just your usual every day guy that’s polite and overall a great dude. But what lots of people don’t know about this dirty little man slut is that he has a secret sexual passion. He has a fetish for a thing that people would turn away at the mention of it’s name. He really loves getting his body shocked by electricity as this turns him on quite allot.

Let’s watch these ironlockup videos and see him as he gets bound and satisfied just how he wants and loves by his master. But this did not happen easily as the master isn’t there to cater to his every need and fetish. So he had to get into trouble first in order to make the master give him his trade mark shock treatment. Watch the scene guys and enjoy seeing the guys strapped to the table as the other guy does a nice job of shocking his cock until the guy blows his load all over himself. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next week again! Until next time check out website and enjoy watching some hot guys getting naked in front of the camera!


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IronLockUp – Prison torture

As you may know ironlockup porn is the number one source where you can get to see naughty guys getting their due punishment for their bad behavior. But this sort of containment facility has a catch as to how it keeps their inmates in check every time they decide to get all wild and raunchy. And to make a demonstration as to what kind of treatment these guys go through to be rehabilitated we bring you this awesome ironlockup scene with a guy that got solitary confinement and a sort of a bonus from the iron lockup master.


He was punished for his behavior and his master doesn’t plan on giving him any leniency. Watch as at first he gets tied up to the bed by the other dude, and see him getting his cock jerked off hard to get him in the mood. Then you can see him all bound to a big chain wheel as his master tortures his cock at while he’s restrained and cannot move. This is once superb gallery and you shouldn’t miss it guys. We are taking our leave, and leaving this little scene with you so you can thoroughly enjoy it without any disturbances. see you next week once more!


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IronLockUp – Punished by master

Hey there everyone, the ironlockup porn crew is here to bring you your daily dose of hard style BDSM. We want to become your number one source when you’re in need to find some naughty guys getting punished by their masters and see them tortured hard.We have a very naughty man indeed. His master didn’t tell us exactly what he did, but he seems to be under some heavy and hard punishment. So let’s not waste any more time just staying around and let’s see what he did in this iron lockup session.

As the scene starts the master of this little sex slave calls him into the bathroom as to inquire about something. It seems that the naughty guy made a big mess and he didn’t clean up after himself. So his master has to teach him a harsh lesson as he needs to not let this thing repeat itself ever again. Watch this superb ironlockup scene and see the guy getting his balls punished with some chains as his master thinks that this kind of treatment will surely remind him to not crew up any more in the future. Enjoy and come back next week for more everyone! For similar hardcore gay sex material, check out the EastBoys blog and watch some sexy gay guys getting their tight assholes fucked!


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