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BoyCrush Dustin Fitch

Dustin gets really horny every now and then but he has the cure at hand as he always can pick up the phone and get in touch with this cute short haired guy with dark brown hair that’s always down for a fuck. And you can bet that Dustin loves it too as the guy has a nice and cute tight butt which is just perfect for his hard cock to penetrate in order to get off as well.

The BoyCrush show begins with the guy giving the call like we said, and you can bet that the cute guy arrived at his place in no time too. The two retreat to Dustin’s bedroom and once there they just start it off with some nice kissing. Watch Dustin’s fuck buddy getting down on his knees and sucking on that cock to make sure that it was all hard for his nice and sexy ass and when he was done, you get to see him present Dustin with his gorgeous rear end. So have fun watching Dustin plow his cute buddy doggie style this afternoon and enjoy one amazing and superb gay fuck with them both.


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BoyCrush Tyler Bolt Solo

In this new scene we wanted to take the time to bring you the one and only dark haired sexy twink named Tyler Bolt as he also gets to play with his nice and big dick this afternoon. You can also check even more past scenes out and you can find even more naughty guys fucking in those scenes as well. Well anyway, let’s go back to Tyler here for this fine scene and see him hard at work on his nice and big cock shall we?

Tyler is a guy that likes to make the most of his time playing with himself and of course, he has toys to aid him too, just like the guys from Cody Cummings blog! For this one he opted to get to fuck his ass as well while he masturbated and we think that it makes for one amazing and incredible show this fine afternoon. Watch him strip naked and see him taking his spot laying on his back on the bed with the toy all ready and lubed up to please his ass too. Take your time to see him stroking his big fat cock nice and slow and see him starting to fuck himself in the ass with the dildo he brought along too. It all ends with him shooting a nice and big load all over himself too.


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BoyCrush Gay Sex Conner And Scott

Well the two guys are named Conner and Scott xxx and rest assured that they know full well how to put on a kinky show for you too. Sit back and relax as you get to see one superb fuck scene with two gay Bait Buddies who are crazy about fucking for the video cam, just like the guys from Marcus Mojo‘s blog! And we do mean everything too. Well let’s not delay any longer as we figure that everyone is pretty eager to see them enjoying a nice and steamy gay fuck this afternoon too. So let the cameras roll and let’s see them at play with one another shall we?

Their nice scene takes place in the basement as one of the studs was using the washing machine to clean some clothes. As he was wearing just a pair of cute small shorts, his buddy came down as well and saw him. And he was instantly turned on by the sight as well. So long story short, the guy started to touch his friend with benefits all over and play with that sexy round ass too. And before you knew it, the cute guy was bending over and taking that nice hard cock balls deep in the ass from behind.


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Colby And Jacobey

They’re always up and eager for a sexy challenge, the kinkier the better. In today’s update we have them as roommates, and randy Jacobey is feeling hornier than ever, so being all alone, he decides to go and jack one off like any of us would. Of course the door was unlocked so our young lad got busted big time by Colby, an equally hot and skinny youngster. Who could even resist to the sight of that perfectly round butt? Not us and certainly not the intruder!

Apparently they have more in common than they know, as it turns out, they share the same insatiable appetite for hard cock so, burying his face in that smooth round ass on full display, it’s just what’s needed. Our fresh young Colby is greedily licking that butthole and salty balls, getting his matte’s thick shaft, all hard and throbbing, his as well for that matter. With their big peckers all boned up and ready, it’s time to cum and you get to enjoy them next taking turns on each other’s big tools, sucking and worshiping like pros, and boy do they know how to handle a nice thick schlong! They master all the right moves so it’s no surprise when the time to spunk comes, they are getting their faces drenched in cum, real good, just like in Spank This videos!


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Twink Gay Sex

A BoyCrush video update is released so grab your seats, make yourself comfortable and get ready to see these two twinks cuddling and making out. It’s their favorite activity, to touch each other, hug and kiss, but also to go all the way until they reach the maximum pleasure. They just got home, into the bed and they started to kiss each other and hug, until they are going to get hard. But they will also get down on each other, trying to go for a nice 69, so they could slide their cocks into their wide opened mouths, licking and kissing their cocks, just to make sure that they are hard and heavy enough to get into their stretched ass holes. See the entire action and get ready to see them sliding those immense cocks into their mouths and lick them all over the place, shoving them at deep as possible into their eager mouths.

See how they are also going to bang! One of them will spread his legs widely and make enough room for his lover to get close enough to slide his enormous cock deep into his ass hole. Enjoy each moment and have a wonderful time seeing how are these two about to drill their tight ass holes, until they will get so excited that they won’t be able to hold it any longer. They will cum, spreading their loads entirely on each other.


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BoyCrush Threesome Sex

This is something we never had before on our website and I am so glad that we ended recording a scene like this one. I am taking here about a hot gay threesome starring some horny twinks and their hard raw gay cock which are eager to stretch out some tight holes. The best part is that one of these amateurs accepted to take two hard cock deep into his ass, so just make comfortable and enjoy the two.

As I said before, our BoyCrush amateurs are usually for the first time on camera. These three are no exception and you will see them sucking and fucking like professional little sluts. Their great eagerness make them performing so good. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s watch the three having fun for the first time on the camera and entertaining us. You will enjoy watching the three hammering each other to exhaustion. Nathan will be the one that loves having his ass stretched to limits, so tonight he tried a double penetration for the first time. Lots of premiers tonight, you cannot miss them. Cum inside and enjoy these horny studs having a wonderful time together, fucking until their balls are emptied and taking all the cum they get for the great finale.


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Fucking Kenny Monroe

Coming up right next, a BoyCrush video that will excite you totally! See how are these horny twinks about to make out and drill each other’s ass holes, pumping them with all their lust. They are so horny and so into each other that the only thing that they have in mind is how to bang and how to please each other more hard. You got to see how are they going to get straight under the sheets, throwing their clothes away so they could have more access to tease each other and touch! They adore feeling their soft and silky skin so they will touch it with the tip of their fingers, reaching each and every single inch of their beautiful skin, getting so turned on that they will have goose bumps all over the place.

See how one of them is going to get down on his back, spreading widely his legs so he could allow his boyfriend to come closer and start sliding his giant cock right into his tight ass hole, pumping it with eagerness. See how he is banging that hole on and on, grabbing those hips so he could push as hard as possible and so he could go as deep as he could get.


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BoyCrush Ryan Daley Solo

If there is one thing that boys become experts in before they even hit their 20’s, it’s stroking their meaty tools and shooting the creamy cumload from their balls. It’s safe to say that pretty much every young lad is in a love affair with his own cock from the moment he discovers what it’s capable of doing, and for today we have a gorgeous boy like Ryan, enjoying his own restless hard dick having some jolly good fun with the help of a kinky fuck toy.


The BoyCrush youngster is a sexy star in the making, with a slim hot body, but with just the right amount of muscle contours, a real greedy boy, hard to satisfy and please appropriately. Luckily he decides to take the lusty matters into his own hands quite literally, stripping off naked in front of the camera, exposing his impressive package and picking out a sex toy from his extensive collection. He’s been feeling oh so horny all day and in real need of releasing all that sexual tension, so he’s getting his big Johnson oiled up real good, encircling his hands around it, going up and down on it to get his nasty groove on.

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BoyCrush Noah And Patrick

The hot pair of stud muffins sure possess some slender sexy bodies, all creamy and smooth and just love taking turns in sucking each other’s hard cocks, until they just can’t cum anymore.


So just sit back and enjoy these two as they get down and dirty on camera, doing kinky things with their skinny bods. They use their hungry and lusty little mouths to prove their cock-blowing talents, going for the tease with the tip of their tongue, then wrapping their lips around some thick rod and taking it all in balls deep, going up and down on that fuckpole and milking it dry, just like the guys from the like em straight blog! It’s a real cock-fest and they even go down route 69 positioning their faces on each other’s boners and asses so they could make the most of their naughty time together. Does this get you all hot under the collar, all this unsullied and uncut mean meat?

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BoyCrush Danny Tatum Solo

You see we figured it was about time to change things up a bit and see, this time we have a video for you to watch. And yes from now on, we’re mixing it up with videos as well as image galleries too in future updates and it’s starting with this one and the next. Anyway, let’s get around to check out Danny Tatum here today as he has one amazing and sexy solo show to let you enjoy for the afternoon. So let’s check it out!


The nice video starts off with the sexy Danny talking a bit about himself. Well after that nice introduction, you get to watch as the guy gets around to then undress and put that nice and sexy body on display for you to see too. So enjoy the strip show and then watch him getting around to stroke his nice and hard cock as well. He then pulls out a nice and big dildo too and you can bet that he intends to use it no matter what too. Watch as he fucks his ass with it and jerks off at the same time and have fun with his scene.

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Dakota White And JR Adams

The twinks love going wild and we are pretty lucky to have the two around. Just make yourself comfortable and watch these horny students sucking and fucking like there’s no tomorrow. Rawrods young cocks shoved in tight hoes is exactly what you were looking for, right? Well, this is what we have here.


Let’s watch the dads and twinks having some wonderful time after school. It seems like these students were in the mood for naughty things, so they took out the camera and started to pleasure each other. It is great to see those barely legal young men gagging their throats and having the tight asses stretched out. Enjoy Dakota shoving his hard cock into his partner’s mouth, then flipping him just to have full access to his fine ass. The hungry Dakota will wash his asshole before sliding the hard cock inside. Watch him washing the ass, then spreading the buttocks just to slide that raw cock balls deep inside. Great moment, you cannot miss it. So the two will suck and fuck until each one sprays the warm fresh jizz all over. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you, hit the link bellow and enjoy the entire BoyCrush episode. A hot HD video and one amazing gallery is waiting for you there. Have fun, you all.

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