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This chick knows how to party, she’s sicflics champagne Maria. And Maria knows how to keep things interesting at a party. Everyone loves party tricks but I’ve never seen this type of party tricks. This is the first time we’ve seen someone shove a bottle of champagne up their holes. Not a small bottle, no! The normal size bottle! First up her wet pussy and then up her eager ass. At this point we are wondering what’s this chick’s limit? Where does she draws the line? Whats too much for her and her holes?

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The queen of insertions is here. You might know her by ‘CrazyWifeSlut’ and she is starring in this crazy update getting her ass double fisted and roughly fucked using a huge dildo until it’s a gaping wreck. She is a gem that loves getting her holes stretched wider and wider with every insertion. So enjoy her bent over with her gaping ass open while her husband starts a savage fisting attack. HOLY SHIT! You gotta see her with a huge fist and dildo up her ass simultaneously.

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Beautiful anal Queen Mabel joins us in this extreme sicflics ass destruction video. She’s getting her greedy hole punched and fisted, gaped and roughly fucked using a huge bottle of Cola with the help of her boyfriend. The stunning 23yo is following the footsteps of her idol Maria, Queen Maria. HotKinkyJo wants to become the next extreme anal whore in the business. See her squatting on a massive 1l bottle of cola starting with the base and bouncing her ass up and down. She just devours that Cola Bottle over halfway…the thicker half!

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Tina, the gorgeous brutal fisting whore is back with a thrilling scene. She is having her slack pussy fisted by her boyfriend’s huge hands until she reached a screaming climax. The fiery redhead with a perfect body, petite with a sloppy cunt that she loves having it wrecked on a daily basis. Its great seeing this hottie getting fist fucked so hard and that’s why we love seeing everything she releases. See Tina ending up one happy slut after her extreme pussy destruction. Make sure you guys check out the entire video to see everything that went down between these two.

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CrazyWifeSlut is back with another obscene scene. In this one she is having her pussy bludgeoned by this XXXL dildo strapped to her husband waist. That massive BBC measures 15 inches long and 4.2 inches thick. ITS INSANE! And its her favorite toy, she isn’t called the queen of insertions for nothing. See her rocking back and forth on the massive BBC while she is rubbing her clit. She is looking so fucking amazing being pounded from behind with such a monster black cock. It looks like it’s going to literally rip her petite body in half.

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Our sic flics queen Maria returns and no one does anal better than her. She just love obliterating her ass on video. She has her ass double punch fisted by her man’s big hands until its a prolapsing mess! The Brazilian MILF has close to 200 videos but she never stops to amaze us with her creativity and stretching ability. She’s done it all from fire extinguishers, champagne bottles, pineapples and the biggest dildos you could think of. The MILF will shove literally ANYTHING up her ass to get the ultimate climax.

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We got our new chick Lisa returning with a great xxx sic flicks video. Her loose pussy is ready for some more fisting inferno, some intense fisting done by her mechanic. Everything takes place in the back of a car trunk and it didn’t end until she reaches a crazy climax. Lisa wants her cunt fisted and she wants it fisted 24/7 all day long if possible. This is the alternative payment method she uses when she likes the guy and this guy was more than happy to help her out. His latex gloved right hand sinks immediately in her wet cunt, wrist deep and Lisa is a very happy whore.

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