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Watch this straight guy getting fucked for cash!

Straight Fraternity Porn


Take a look at this broke straight guy sucking a dick!

In this straight fraternity x porn scene we have another broke guy sucking off a dick for cash. These straight guys can get really desperate and from the looks of it they will do anything to get some money which is great for us. We love seeing them working hard for that cash. This guy despite being straight seems to really enjoy sucking on that dick and that makes us wonder…is he really that straight? Well he says he is and that’s all we have..his word.



Check out Aaron sucking a dick for cash!

You all wanted to see straight fraternity Aaron in action at Haze Him and here you have him. The straight hunk is here and he’s ready to work for that extra cash. Desperate times require desperate actions and this is a proof of that. The island stud couldn’t find cash elsewhere so the only thing left was to fuck for cash and we all know gay guys pay really well for services. This was a first for Aaron but we can tell this isn’t going to be the last time for him!

Straight Fraternity XXX


See this straight guy getting fucked for cash!

More straight fraternity xxx porn coming your way. There are so many broke guys walking down these streets and everyone has his price. Luckily for us we get to actually record some of them working hard for that cash. If you add the right amount they will fuck on camera too…damn these guys are really desperate. Like this guy over here, he ended up sucking his first dick on camera and then getting his ass fucked for the first time too, everything in front of the rolling camera!

All In


Watch this broke guy getting banged for cash!

When you agree to these things you gotta be all in. Aint nobody paying you that much cash for a hand job or a blowjob, you gotta be willing to go all the way and this is what our twink was ready to do. He was ready to get that fine ass of him properly fucked. The guy that fucked him wasn’t an asshole and took it easier at first and as he got more used to it, things got rougher and rougher for him. Such a great scene and you guys should check it all out!



See this broke guy sucking a dick for money!

Jax got to suck his first dick today and it was quite the experience for the youngster. He was desperate for some cash so he ended up accepting this guy’s offer. He got offered a lot of money to suck a dick and then get his fine ass pounded. Not really what he initially wanted but he didn’t had to many options available so it is what it is. At least he got paid really good for it all. Sucking the dick wasn’t that hard…but taking it up his tight asshole…now that was a challenge!



Watch Reese getting fucked for cash!

Poor Reese has a really long day ahead of him and we can’t wait to share it with you guys. Reese was a little tight with his money and he is not the type of guy to turn down some good easy money. Except this wasn’t as easy as he expected, that poor ass of his took a serious beating, a beating he is going to fell for the next few days, but at least he got paid for it. You gotta love these desperate straight guys!

Hurtin His Hole


Check out this twink getting roughly fucked!

This poor twink has a long day ahead of him. He had a lot of debts to pay and couldn’t ask his parents for the cash, his friends were as broke as him so that left only one option on the table. Of course he could’ve got a job but that would’ve took too long while fucking for cash is fast cash. Fast but you have to be ready to get that asshole destroyed if you are that desperate. These poor jocks don’t really know what they are getting into. It might look easy on the outside…but that’s not the reality junkies of it!



See Calvin getting fucked for cash!

It’s Calvin’s turn to get that fine ass fucked and he had a hard ride ahead. You can see that by just looking at his face. The cute jock didn’t know what to expect, but he surely wasn’t expecting it to hurt this bad. You can tell by look at that cute face that he had a lot of offers throughout the years but never really considered any of them. But the times have changed and now he is desperate to get some fast cash so he doesn’t really have any other options right now!

Grant Barebacks


Take a look at these two bareback fucking!

Now this is bold, fucking for the first time and doing with bareback with no condom on. If this doesn’t scream desperation we don’t know what does. If you are that broke that you will do it without a condom, you are really in a bad place. The poor guy has a long day ahead of him and we can’t wait until you guys see all the amazing pictures we have prepared for you. Every scene comes with a video and some really nasty pics so get ready to get your mind blown away!

BB Boi 2


Watch this big guy getting fucked for cash!

From all the guys we have around here, the big enigmatic boys are our favorites. You would never expect them to be in this position and to see them being so submissive it’s always a treat. Nothing like humbling a cocky dude and smashing his ass…nothing compares to it. This is the case with our hunk, you would never expect him to be in this situation but here he is. Completely naked with his legs spread wide open, taking a massive dick up his really tight butthole. What a treat for us all!