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Gay Cartoon Video – Solo jerking

In this super special gay cartoon video we have yet another one of your favorite studs from a famous series going to town on his cock. It’s quite special you see for until now we usually had pairs of guys having sex but for this one we bring you a solo session. But don’t fret, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Quite the contrary actually with the guy proving that he knows how to have solo fun too even without another cock penetrating his tight little ass. Let’s see what he lies to do when he’s all alone.

First he starts off by undressing from his constricting outfit to reveal one amazingly chiseled body to perfection. And when we has naked it was time for him to begin his gay porn routine. You’ll be surprised by the poses this hot stud strikes as he’s jerking off his big cock for your enjoyment. And as a bonus at the end, when he can no longer hold it in and he’s about to explode, he switches positions and blows his jizz load all over his pretty face. Enjoy everyone and as always see you next. For other great cartoon porn galleries check out the website. 


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Cartoon Porn Superheroes preview

Well, we promised you more gay cartoon porn videos, so here you have it. It was about time for us to deliver on that promise right? Well in this one we have a pair of muscular heroes that show off how they like to train when they are not saving the world. For this particular session they work on their team play skills, as fucking your co-worker’s ass in a great way to solidify bonds.

So without further due, sit back and watch the two as they start like any great sex session buy sucking on each other’s cocks to get themselves nice and hard for the following pounding. One of them eventually has to take a submissive role and he’s the one having the honors of getting his tight ass fucked by the other one’s meat pole. Again enjoy and don’t forget to check out the past updates too guys. For similar hentai porn galleries, check out the blog & have fun!


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Gay Cartoon Pics

We bring you a tone more of gay pics for you to enjoy. You’ve been faithful to us and always came back to your prime source of gay content with cartoon characters. So this is our little way of thanking you today. The mega pack of pictures is composed of four smaller sets with different characters, just like in johnpersons galleries. And they’re all well known to you guys. And with that, it’s time to get these superb galleries on the road to show them off. In the first scene we have some Dragon Ball lickers proving that the two can find a way to work together if they put their minds to it, spending one quality afternoon today.

For the second it’s composed of a rarely seen cartoon and we’ll just let you figure out who the two actually are, but be sure that you’ll be in for quite a treat with them. In the third scene we have a pair of super heroes that show off their cock riding skills by taking turns riding one another’s cocks. And for the last one it’s Dragon Ball again but this time with one of his companions, showing him that all his friends are important to him, and their cocks even more so. And as always we hope you enjoy it to the fullest, as for us, just the same, we’ll be seeing you next with more. Until then enter the site and watch some furry animals going wild!

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Tied and fucked

This gay cartoon feature another pair of horny guys that engage in their post work sex session. Let’s just say that one of them has somewhat of a vivid imagination and always wants to try out the dirtiest and naughtiest things during sex. Today he has his brunette friend dress up in a very hot set of red clothes, composed of a pair of silky red gloves and a red mini dress. And with that they both head off to have their afternoon fun with each other. So sit back and enjoy the show that the two horny guys will put on for you today.

As they reach the destination, the guy wearing the dress receives some nice and sensual kisses to get him in the mood. Afterwards he’s presented with his boyfriend’s cock to suck on and get it hard. Once he does that, it’s time for him to bend over and have his ass receive a rough and hard anal pounding from the big cock. Again we’re going to have to leave, but we do have to tell you that very soon we’ll have a nice set of gay videos to show off. So be sure not to miss those. Also you can enter the site and see some similar anime porn galleries!


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Gay Cartoon Porn

We continue with the gay cartoon porn for your viewing pleasure. This time we bring you a pair that everyone’s sure to know. One of the guys is none other than Johnny Bravo and the other is one of his companions. The two get to spend some solo time together at the beach and have a nice fuck session while they’re at it today.

So watch as Johnny makes his friend’s ass his own in this update. Like any awesome session the two start off with some passionate kisses, and the guy in orange goes don to suck the other dude’s cock like a true professional. Afterwards, when the cock is nice and hard it’s time for the rough anal penetration to begin. Watch them have anal sex in this amazing gallery and enjoy. If you like cartoon sex you might want to click here and watch furry babes in action! Bye guys, and like always stay tuned for our next updates. Also you might enter the site and watch some similar content!


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Gay superheroes fucking

In this fresh update we have for you a pair of two very cock hungry heroes that can hardly wait for their fuck session to begin today. In the lands from which they come from this kind of relationships are forbidden so they have to find a far way place to always spend time together and have sex. Luckily for them the travels aren’t really that big of an issue as they both posses the power to fly fast to any location that they need to reach. Well one of them does actually. But he has no problems taking his boyfriend along for the ride with him in these galleries. If you are into kinky drawings you can check also the John Persons Taboo Art galleries! They fine one pretty romantic scene along a beach side where they would be safe from curious eyes and where they’d have the privacy that they need.

The guy with the wings and blue hair is the dominant one in their relationship while the blonde dude always ends up being the slut of their little sexual escapades. So sit back and enjoy the sow for this update with the two studs. The blonde guy does one amazing job of sucking the other man’s cock getting him nice and hard and ready to penetrate his tight man slut ass today. Suffice to say they had allot of fun with their fuck session today and they’re sure to return here for their next escapade together.


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Gay Cartoon Characters

We feature a highly requested pair of gay cartoon characters that are going to have their sexual entertainment just for your viewing pleasure. The two guys in question are a pair of martial artists that like to have some extra special training after their sparring sessions. You can pretty much imagine what that means guys, as we don’t really need to explain all that much. So just like usual after they finish their training session the two find a secluded spot away from curious eyes where they can practice the next step of their routine.

They find quite a nice spot where they can continue their sex session for this cartoon gallery of pictures. The short haired blonde guy strips off his clothes and presents his big cock for the long haired brunette dude to suck on it, and he immediately does so as he’s been waiting for this chance the whole day. See him suck on that cock like a hungry little man slut that he is and watch the blonde guy shoot his cum all over the guy’s face for a very nice ending to the whole scene. Like always we hope you enjoy and we’ll be seeing you next with more studs having sex. Also you might visit the site and watch similar cartoon sex scenes!


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Man on Man cartoon blowjob

We continue with a one hot pair that’s about to have some hard style fun for your enjoyment today. The pair of sizzling hot guys that get to have sex this time are quite the lookers if we might say so ourselves. The big guy with the tattoo decided to invite his slutty friend for a relaxing weekend at his private ranch. So without further due, sit back and enjoy this gaycartoon update with the two horny men.

The slutty, cock loving guy doesn’t waste time and gets straight to sucking the big guy’s cock as soon as they reach their destination. A fact that the big dude was really happy of. So he presented his big man meat without hesitation to his friend. So watch him go down and hard on that giant cock today sucking and slurping on it like a professional. We’re just going to leave this with you and hope you enjoy it while we prepare the next galleries for you. Also you can visit the site and watch some hot jiggly babes fucking!


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Gay Double Agents

The fun goes on and we got another duo for you gaycartoon fans. The guys featured in this one are two males that regularly roam around solving crimes and murders. You could call them a hot duo of sexy private investigators. Let’s see what the two like to do when they’re not chasing around bad guys and solving mysteries. They roam around a busy street today until the shorter guy gets really turned on and just needs to have fun with his partner’s huge cock in this gallery of gay pics right now. So he just stops the car and takes his friend out to have his way with him. At first he starts to kiss him sensually while also unbuttoning his clothes.

Then he just takes the tall guy’s giant cock out of his pants and starts stroking it. It’s not just his cock that the short guy is simply in love with. He also loves the big guy’s rippling muscles and all the while he’s making his way in his pants he’s kissing and licking his nipples. Very soon the short sex expert is now doing a full blown fast and hard hand job for his friend. Seems that he has quite the expertise as the tall guy is simply in love with his jerking off technique. It doesn’t take long for him to be ready to blow and shoot his jizz load all over the place in this awesome update. Enjoy guys, and see you next with more pictures. Check out jab ay papi comix website and have fun watching other great adult cartoons galleries!


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Gay Cartoon Art

An enticing and sexy scene, featuring two hot guys that are about to get down and dirty with each other, is here for your entertainment. The two guys in question decide to take along stroll on the beach and when they would reach a more secluded spot they intend to have their own little fun together away from prying eyes. So as they walk towards their chosen spot for the gay porn scene, they start kissing and caressing each other sensually to show how much they care about one another. Let’s see what they aim do do once they get there though.

Reaching their favorite spot where they regularly like to have fun, their kissing and caressing turns to some sensual massaging of one another’s cocks. They take some turns sucking one another off as neither doesn’t want the other to feel left out of the fuck fest. So without further due, enjoy the two having hard core gay sex and stretching each other’s tight ass holes. And that’s about it for this one update also. We hope that you sincerely enjoyed yourselves and we’re going to be here again next with even more of your favorite cartoon males engaging in some hot gay scenes. Also you can enter the hentai video world blog and watch some similar cartoon sex galleries! Have fun!


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Gay Cartoon – Ripped off twink

We continue with more nice gay porn. And to start off with a bang we bring you the adventure of the popular street fighter Ryu as he gets is about to get his tight ass destroyed by the famous boxer Balrog. Seems that Ryu wound up in the wrong side of the town tonight and he’s about to pay a high price for his mistake. The black boxer was just waiting for an opportunity like this to fuck the fighter’s tight ass today. Sit back and enjoy.

The guy drags the martial artist to his place where he intends to fully take advantage of the guy’s ass in this awesome update. So watch Ryu as he gets his clothes ripped off by the man with force. Then he’s all ready to take his deep anal fucking from a big and black meat pole. Watch his ass get thoroughly stretched by Barlog’s cock. That’s about it for this update guys, but we’ll have more for you next week. Until then stay tuned and enjoy this update. Bye bye and see you then. If you can’t wait until the next scene, enter the jab comix site and see other hotties getting roughly hammered! Wanna see some furry animals fucking? If you do, enter the site! Have fun, guys!


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