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1GayPass Angelo Marconi And David Plaza

By now you must know how often these affairs happen around here so it’s no surprise seeing two more guys banging during working hours. Well, the story is the basic one, horny boss hires a cute guy for his construction site. They had a new project, so he hired a few guys to help out. One of the guys that he hired wasn’t that good at his job but he found a better way to put him to work.

The cute younger guy didn’t mind having some extra hours with his boss behind closed doors and as you can see he’s doing a way better job here that he did with his colleagues. Last week after everyone left his boss asked him to stay a bit longer to talk something with him. He is into guys, so is his boss so this one was a no-brainer. The tension was there, so once his boss made the first move, he followed his lead and ended up on the house’s floor banging their asses. The hot new employee got one of the craziest rides while trying out his boss’ hard dick. He finally found a job that he likes and you can see just how much by checking out the scene below!


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One Big Horny Family

The guys met a while ago and after seeing how good things work out between they decided to move in together. Now they were sharing the same roof it was so much easier to get together and juggle with their busy schedules. The guys hurried to move in the same place to have all the privacy they needed and once they got there they had to test out every room of the house. We know that you guys are used to younger guys, but trust us these two are going to surprise you in the best way possible.

They finally got to be a big family, a big horny family. The two older hunks send us one of their latest scenes and as you can see in the preview below, they didn’t hold back from too many things. Living alone has his benefits and the guys took full advantage of that. As you can see below the two horny hunks don’t miss a chance to bang their asses and you can see everything that happens between them below. You gotta check them out! The guys did it all from handjobs, blowjobs to an intense ass fucking everything in front of the rolling 1gaypass camera.


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1GayPass The Playroom

You never know what kind of you end up with these online dates, but this one was actually interesting to check out. This guy had a room, his playroom, filling with all kind of sex toys for him to try out on his new partner. At first time room scared our guy a bit, but he was more curious that scared so he tests it out anyways. Maybe those extra drinks helped as well anyways here we are for another crazy update. He didn’t want to scare him off completely so he took him slowly and let him pick what he wanted to try out.

The toys didn’t get used as much we would expect, or want because the guys jumped to the fun part and began banging their asses and left the toys for the next encounter. After how things went between them this time, we are pretty sure that they guys are going to send us at least another scene. This is just to give us an idea of how dirty things can get between them. The guys didn’t hold back from anything and you can check that out below while there were banging their asses and stretching their assholes.


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1GayPass Bad Cop

Our cute guy found the best way to get out of trouble with the police and you are going to love it. The hot guy really enjoy having a hot policeman sucking off his dick after playing a bit good cop bad cop. Our guy had some complaints from some his neighbors for playing the music too loud and having way too many parties so they sent a policeman to solve the problem. The policeman wanted to scare him a bit but he was surprised to see what cute guy was waiting for him.

He tried playing the bad cop but it was really hard so they found a different way to solving their problems. It was obvious that the policeman was into guys so our guy took advantage of that and offered him a better way to solve their problems. Until he finished talking with the policeman he already grabbed his hard dick and started jerking him off. The hot policeman returned the favor and began blowing the guy’s big dick in the middle of his living room. He’s never been with a policeman before but this one did a hell of a job with his ass.


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Doctor’s Personal Touch

The poor guy just got there and he was complaining about some problems with his hand. He was really active and during one of his workouts, he did something to his hand. He was too hot to ignore so our kinky doctor offered him a treatment he won’t forget too soon. He tested him first to see if he was into guys. Usually, he has such a good eye with the guys, but he couldn’t read this one. He called his assistant in and got the confirmation, he was into guys, no Str8BoyzSeduced could ignore his hot assistant.

Now that he was sure it was time to do his magic. He began getting closer and closer and the cute patient noticed it and didn’t mind it at all. The doctor is really hot and no guy is going to turn him down that easily. So in no time, the patient lost his clothes and so did the doctor. It didn’t take him that long to get into his pants and then up his tight ass and the hot guy loved every minute of it. Below you are going to find more about their hot scene and you can also see the entire scene to get a better look at the ripped doctor banging his patient.


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1GayPass Gloryhole Alessio Romero And Brian Bonds

This gotta be their favorite part of the entire day. The guys usually picked a new guy to try out after each training. Everyone knew what they were getting into once they signed up for their gym. This was more for the guys that were too shy to admit that they are into guys. Our hot trainer had a little thing for this guy and he was going to get him one way or another.

He was just his type, he always had a weakness for blond guys. So once he saw him struggling with the weights he was a good guy and went over to help him out. After their , orkout he made a surprise visit in the shower and got everything started. It wasn’t too hard to convince, after jerking off his dick for a bit he would’ve done anything. So he took his latest guy back in the locker room and fucked him in every possible way. The poor guy was like a doll in his hands, he would literally do anything without asking too many questions or saying no. It’s been a while since he found a guy that open and willing to try anything. You must see them in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more 1gaypass updates!


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Alan Kennedy Needs The Promotion

You gotta see this one! 1gaypass is back with another jock that’s working really hard on his boss’ dick for a promotion. Everyone that works there knows how their boss’ does business, especially business that involves promotions and raises. Every guy there knew that he was into guys and he wasn’t trying to hide it all. In his team he only had guys and no one ever saw him even interviewing a chick. Our guy really needed more money, so when he heard that there was an opening for a job he knew what he had to do. He made an appointment and went there ready to do anything he could to get the job and to please his boss.

His boss was a straight men, so once he heard that he wants the job, he started unbuttoning his pants. From there on our guy took care of his needs. He took off his pants, took his dick and after jerking him off he continued with a blowjob. From one look he understood that his boss wanted more so he took off his clothes bent over and got his boss’ big hard dick up his ass right on his desk. You gotta give it to him, he really knows how to take care of business.


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1GayPass PornStar Assistant

We have an experienced porn star between us showing off his cock sucking skills. His boss was the most surprised one once he found out. He heard a lot of rumors around the office but you can’t be sure until you check it out yourself. After checking it only, it was true so he had to have a talk with him. It wasn’t related to work, he was asking more for his own benefit. Once his assistant entered the room he asked him about it and he confessed. He didn’t saw it at being that important and it didn’t affect his work at all, so he didn’t understand why everybody was making such a big deal out of it.

He explained his situation, but that wasn’t the reason why his boss called him, he actually wanted to test him out. The assistant found that a bit weird but his boss was kind of hot so he gave him a try. He unbuttoned his pants and once he began blowing his dick, all that experience from shooting gay porn really paid off. His boss could barely control himself from making any noise. But that was just the beginning because his ass was next and his assistant had a blast banging him. You must see this and we got the entire thing prepared for you guys!


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1GayPass Gay Threesome With Coach

In this update from 1gaypass, we have these horny athletes getting caught by their coach fucking in the locker room. He couldn’t let them unsupervised so he joined the private party and both of the guys ended up getting their asses fucked by their horny coach. The guys were just finishing one of their training sessions when all of this happened. All of their teammates left the room so they assumed that they were alone there, but they completely forgot about their coach. He stayed a bit longer on the field and once he got closer to the locker room he heard some really weird noises coming from it.

He tried to be as quiet as he could and caught two of his guys fucking one another. He didn’t know how to react to it. Instead of punishing and lecturing the guys he joined the action. This was their little deal, all three of them had to keep it to themselves. The guys didn’t have anything to say about it so they agreed to their coach’s conditions. Once he made sure that the zone was clear, the horny coach took turns on banging two of his favorite students.


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1GayPass Interracial Gay Sex

Our cute guy had a great time during his vacation, he stayed most of the time in the room but having a hot black hunk banging his ass really made it more fun. Our guy just ended a relationship so he took some days off and made a little trip to clear his head. He went to this secluded resort for some peace and quiet but he immediately changed his mind after seeing the hot guy that was working at the reception.

After he got into his room, he kept on thinking about the hot black guy, so he gave him a call and asked him to come up to his room. Things went way better than we expected because the black jock enjoys taking care of his clients and catering to their needs. By the way he was looking at the black stud it wasn’t too hard to figure out what he wanted so after he finished his shift he paid him another visit. When he took off his clothes our guy just couldn’t believe his eyes, besides his great body, he had a huge dick. Let’s say that it was a hell of a vacation and he spent every day of it taking a big black dick up his ass. You must see the entire thing below!


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Instant Attraction

These two guys had a more intense workout this afternoon and they couldn’t care less that someone could’ve caught them in action fucking in the middle of the locker room. Like we said earlier it’s so hard having so many guys around you, but the good news is that you are going to find at least one that’s into dudes. It’s impossible in a gym packed with guys to be the only one interested in dudes. These two had the luck to find one another after chatting for a while in the gym they ended up exchanging more that workout exercises and you must check it out.

Once they saw that the locker room was empty they took advantage of it and had a little workout just for themselves. They guys had a great time taking turns on banging their asses and you can see it all in the preview below. These two are some of the hottest guys we had around here and they did an amazing job fucking one another’s asses on the bench. You have one of the best places to see it all, so you gotta check out the entire scene.


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