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Professor Pinkus is about to get really lucky in this art of jaguar porn update. This slutty redhead is horny as fuck and she wants a piece of professor Pinkus’ dick and she’s not leaving until she gets what she wants. She tried out most of her teachers and even though she’s married that’s not stopping her from adding Mr. Pinkus’ dick to the collection. But that massive dick needs a lot of attention and hard work…she was a long way ahead of her!

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Don’t you just love it when rich bitches get humbled? This hot redhead was caught in this tiny hole while she was trying to get inside her backyard. She forgot the key so she tried to sneak in, but she just couldn’t get that big ass of hers to fit and now she’s stuck4k. The workers down the street offered to help but is she willing to pay the price? There’s no other way out of it, so yeah, she’s gonna take all their dicks up her holes one by one!

Art Of Jaguar Comics


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The art of jaguar comics and jab comix continue with another classic. Having a hot blonde and two nerds is always the best mix. Smart but with no game, while the hot blonde got everything she wanted just because of her looks. Flashing her tits for a little help seems like a fair trade to us and they guys sure enjoyed it. I mean look at those massive juggs, that top was barely covering them and the guys can’t stop starring at them now…these poor geeks!

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When the policy is to please every customer things can get a bit tricky. This busty redhead didn’t want to get a bad review from a homeless guy, so she accepted to suck his dick and help his forget about the bad review he was planing to leave. Now this is what we call five-star client services. Taking that whole dick up her mouth and between those massive tits, stroking and jerking and sucking it…she did it all. This old guy was packing a massive dick so there was a lot of work to do! More into cosmic cartoons? Check fallout porn, its great!

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Professor Pinkus just can’t catch a break. Remember the hot redhead from earlier, his married student, well it looks like she lives next door and enjoys having really loud sex with her man every night. Pinkus on the other hand has to work to convince his wife to sleep with him. No matter how had he tried and he tries, he can’t focus on anything else than his wife’s hot body in that sheer black lingerie. Those tits, those nipples, beautiful long legs and no chance of getting in between them…Looking for shemale futanari cartoons? Check futa hentai!

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REmmeber the professor for earlier, the one struggling with his wife, well he needed some relief. The other night wasn’t enough and now that he’s at work, he know the perfect person that can help him out…his busty blonde assistant. This isn’t her first rodeo with the professor, but she’s never seen him so eager and careless. The poor thing barely had time to pull the curtains, he was all over her and those pink panties of hers. She barely got to the window and he was hard and ready to fill up that pussy!

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Earlier we gave you a little preview of this hot blonde and her geeky friends, now we get to see her properly work for that help. She invited one of them over to hep her out with her homework and while her mom was busy making them some food, she decided to help the cute little nerd to relax a bit. And what better way that a little blowjob before dinner! This poor guy didn’t know what to do when there was only one thing left to do…sit back and relax while that hot blonde was working on his dick!

Dreams of Alexa Part 1


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Alexa is this spoiled little brat that loves treating people like trash, especially the ones that work for her. She is generally mean, but it gets worse when it comes to her chauffeur Melvin. Poor Melvin goes thru hell every single day at work, trying to please her and no matter what he does, he just can’t keep her happy. The bossy redhead has a reason why she keeps playing with Melvin, the horny teen just wants a piece of that hard dick and one way or another she’s gonna get it!

Dreams of Alexa Part 2


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The saga continues with Alexa and her driver Melvin, except once she fires Melvin, the roles are reversed. Melvin doesn’t have to take this anymore and he decided to have some fun now with the hot teen and that big round ass. There is nothing saving her from that hard fat dick and soon the teen got her clothes ripped off and that pussy…well that pussy got a proper beating….

The Jungle


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What do you do when you are on vacation and you get kidnapped by a tribe of hot and horny women? Well you sit back and enjoy the ride that’s ahead of you. All these chicks want is dick and they will treat their men as FilthyKings just to get it. These guys are in heaven, blowjobs around the clock, fucking around the clock, they can have as much pussy as they want. Heck they got more pussy than they’ve possible dreamed off! Now let’s see if they manage to keep them all pleased…