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See this college guy getting properly hammered!

Fraternity X Frat Guys Fuck

Welcome to fraternity x. You know that this is the best place to visit if you want to see some horny college dudes fucking and this scene sure fits the bill quite well too. As you already know, the guys around here are not shy about fucking each other hard style on cameras and you as always, get front row seats to the whole shows they have going on. Let’s get this show on the road and see them in action once more with this hot video!

What you can see this week in the video is a threesome with just three guys while the rest were busy filming the whole thing. You see, one of them that’s more of an anal slut, bragged about being able to take two cocks in his ass at the same time and the others got curious. So cameras were busted out and the guy set out to prove himself. Sit back and watch as he gets two other studs to fuck him both in the ass at the same time and watch that naughty butt of his getting a nice and thorough stretching this fine afternoon everyone. Enjoy it and do take your time to check out the rest of the scenes that we have for some more kinky action too!


Watch here this college guy getting roughly hammered!

Fraternity Bathroom Orgy

We are sure you will be impressed with this fraternity x scene. Why you may ask? Well because today you get to see a nice and hot video with guys fucking instead of just pictures. We wanted to switch things around and see how it goes and this is what we came up with. Be sure that from this day onward, you can enjoy your hot gay content from both video and images alike. So let’s not delay today and see some more superb studs having some action going down in the bathroom with one another as they spend the whole afternoon having sex.


The video starts off with some guys enjoying the game on TV while some moans start coming out of the bathroom. Well it seems that two of the college jocks were getting busy with some sexual action and some of the others wanted in on the thing themselves. So of course, what ended up happening, was the guy who was getting his ass fucked, got to have all of the guys take turns to fuck him nice and hard this evening. See them taking turns to fuck him nice and hard in the ass. See you next and rest assured that that will be one more amazing video as well everyone!

Watch here these jocks fucking the new guy!

College Gangbang

Well we promised you more hot fraternity x scenes and here we are with more. And what a update it is too. You see, in this scene you get to see a superb gangbang scene with every guy in the frat house getting to take part as well. This is usually how they spend their Friday afternoons until it’s time to party through the weekend. Let’s get to see the action with them today as it’s just too amazing. If you want something a bit more tame, consider checking out some of our past scenes as well where you can see another cute guy fucked as well. But do try this one out for size as well as one might say too!

Anyway, let’s get back to the scene and hand and see more in detail what went down with our horny studs today. The group was formed from a total of no less than eight guys and you can bet your ass that all of them were super horny and eager to have some sexual fun too. Well one guy out of them had to be the guy getting fucked, and it seems to be the guy with the big muscles and the tattoos. He at times likes to take it in the ass too, so he was very happy to let his buddies fuck him nice and hard all day long from behind. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will be seeing you next with new and hot scenes!



Check out these college guys fucking the new guy!

Fraternity X – Hot New Guy

This isn’t quite the regular fraternity x scene that you are used to seeing here. Yes, you still get to watch some sexy studs have some steamy gay sex as well for today but things are a bit different. You see, this week, the frat house has a new face, so the green horn has to be taught the rules around here and his ass needs to be used to taking some nice and big cocks too. Well some of the best guys at the frat house are on the case and they make sure to take care of this new guy and teach him everything that he needs to know. Of course he’d also get compensation in the end too as he managed to blow his money all as soon as he got here.


The scene starts off with these studs lining up on the couch all naked as the new guy gets to try out his oral skills as well. And you just need to see him at work as he starts to suck and slurp on the nice and big cocks today. But as you can guess, that was just the start. Then you can see him getting his every hole filled with hard cock, and of course, he gets thoroughly fucked and pounded all afternoon long too. We know that you will love this one and rest assured that you will get to see some more superb scenes just like this one in the future as well.

Watch here this college guy getting roughly pounded!


The Broke Guy

Well here we are once more and like usual we have some more new and hot fraternity x scenes for you with more of what you guys love to see. Namely broke guys getting to do some kinky stuff for help from their buddies. Well like the title says this guy needed some help and the guys were happy to be of service in exchange for some services of their own from this guy today. They were quite in the mood to get their cocks sucked by some juicy lips and his would do nicely today too. So let’s get to watch them going to the kitchen and seeing how this frat college stud got to take care of these guys and their problem for this superb afternoon scene today!

The trio of guys in need of blowjobs, lined up nicely and you can bet that they were all eager to get to have their dicks sucked. See the guy starting off with the blue shirt guy and watch as he takes his time with each and every one of them making sure that they moan in pleasure as he sucks them off in turns. And be sure that he did that until he got each and every one to shoot his load all over his cute face too. So have fun watching this frat guy sucking some cocks for cold hard cash this day today and do make sure to not skip a single image in this update. It’s just soo good, just like the videos from the nextdoorbuddies page! Anyway, we’ll see you next as always with more!


See the new frat guy sucking off cocks for money!

Fraternity X – The Pretty Boy

Time to see some more fraternity x action for this scene as well. It seems that the prettyboy on campus finally got around to visit the special frat house to ask for some help and the guys here, well you know what they’re all about. So naturally he’d get what he wants, but only if they got what they wanted first, which of course, was to sink their meat poles in his ass and have his lips working on their big hard cocks for the afternoon as well. Like always, let’s get the show going, we know that you guys are very very eager to see the scene too and this one is truly amazing and hot too, so let’s start off.


This broke guy is looking quite good and you can bet that the frat house guys were feeling the same way too. So they were very very happy to get to have fun with this guy and his nice ass for the afternoon. Watch the guy getting his ass licked and prepped for a nice and big cock as he continues to suck off the guy with the blue shirt making him moan in pleasure with his expertly made blowjob. He may just have found a new talent. Anyway, have fun seeing him double fucked from both ends today eventually and taking both huge loads all over him from the guys that were fucking him so good today. We’ll see you guys next with another new gallery!

Take a look at this frat guy sucking cocks for money!

Gay DP

This scene is truly a must see if you want to watch more frat x in some kinky action as well. Sit back and enjoy the scene with no less than three that had the afternoon off and since they were getting bored they decided to have a nice and hard fuck session in a passionate threesome for you and the cameras. They were just amazing to see in action and we know you will agree as there’s simply no better example of awesomeness with guys like them fucking hard. So let’s get those cameras rolling today and see how the trio here got to spend their afternoon in each other’s company without delay.

The scene starts off with the guys in the living room and on the couch as they were just about to start getting undressed for their sex session. Rest assured that there’s plenty of passionate kissing and caressing too as they get undressed and it’s just the best thing to see them engage in as well. Well one of the dudes had to be on the receiving end, so watch him spread his legs to get fucked missionary style by one dude, while he himself, continued to suck off the third guy. Take your time with this amazing and hot threesome fuck!


Take a look at this hot college guy receiving a rough fuck!

Frat X Face Fuck

It’s time to see more new and hot fraternity x scenes with broke studs from college that get to do some wild things with eager fuck buddies on cam for some cold hard cash. Today we have another eager one here to play as this gay stud is always down to party hard. Also you can check out some of our past scenes too and you can get to see some nice after class fucking with more college studs as well and you will get to enjoy quite the amazing gay fuck galleries with that too. Anyway let’s get this one on the road and see how the group of three ended up spending the day this fine afternoon today. We can guarantee you’ll love it too.


As the scene starts off, you can see the stud making his entry and of course, the buddies were waiting for him eagerly to start off his work on their cocks. Watch closely and see him whipping out their cocks to suck them. Then he gets to take his spot on top of one of the guys and as the latter starts to pound his nice and fine ass, the other still has his lips wrapped on his big cock. So watch this hot stud getting penetrated in every hole for money and have fun with the nice and hot scene.

Enjoy watching this college dude getting his holes stuffed!

Broke Guy Gets Fucked

You will recall that previously you got to see a hot exchange student stud visiting his buddies in the frat house and had some special fun with them all afternoon long. Well this scene is much like that as well, but there’s another guy in his situation this time. And rest assured that the other guys around made sure to catch all this on cameras as well, as the guy got to be the main focus of a nice gangbang today. So let’s take the time and see him taking his turn to be fucked nice and hard in the ass this afternoon shall we?

Well like we said, it’s pretty much the same deal as last time and it sure makes for some amazing scenes to see. Let’s check it out and watch the action as the guy also gets to drop down some pants and starts sucking cocks with a passion to get them nice and hard. After that, you get to see the other jocks eagerly taking turns to have some fun with his ass and they sure loved taking their time to fuck his naughty tight ass this afternoon too. Well, what more can we say, we hope that you enjoyed the stay and we’ll be here as per usual with more hot frat x scenes. Have fun!


Take a look at this guy getting roughly fucked!

Frat Exchange Student

We are here with some more new and fresh updates and you can bet that they are sizzling hot. This week you get to see one exchange student that was left with little money and he had to go around to ask for help. Well he came to this frat house and the studs there were more than happy to help out. For a price. Of course, that would be he ass, so the guy accepted anyway, since he’s kind of into that anyway, cause he is a really sex addicted, just like the guys from FraternityX site, so let’s sit back and enjoy a nice and classy fuck scene today as he gets to have his ass pleased by a nice and big meat pole for the afternoon.


The scene starts off with him undressing for this other muscled stud and of course, you also get to watch him sucking on the guy’s nice and big cock with a passion as well. So enjoy the simply amazing and superb oral that offers as then when he gets the cock nice and hard, he bends over a chair ready to take it in the ass. Have fun watching him moan in pleasure as the muscled jock fucks him doggie style today and have fun with it. We think that you may see this guy in future frat x updates too since he was so eager to get that tight ass of his fucked hard today too. Anyway, we’ll see you next with some more new and hot scenes everyone!

Check out this frat guy taking a big cock up his ass!

Frat Bro Gang Bang

This guy took it the hardest from all the fraternity x. The poor guy got tied up and fucked by the entire frat house. We told you that the guys don’t really stand the big mouths around their frat house, but this one took it to the next level. Beside trash talking to some of his brothers he also tried to steal some money from one of his brothers. Now that is a big mistake that no one should make! Besides being kicked out of the house the guy got a night that he won’t forget too soon.

The guys took him, undressed him, tied his arms and legs with duct tape. They knew that he wasn’t going to enjoy this so they put a piece of duct tape over his mouth as well. After he couldn’t move or say a word the guys told him that they found out about the money. He couldn’t say anything but you could read on his face that he was surprised and understood what was going to happen next and it wasn’t going to be pretty. After this, they didn’t have any mercy on his sorry ass and the entire frat house got to bang him. The guys dumped their loads in his ass and made him pay for all the dumb shit that he did. Check him out in the scene below!


Watch here this guy getting tied up and banged!

Fraternity X Frat Porn

The frat guys found more guys to nail. These guys are so easily fooled and the guys can’t get enough of their fine asses and bang them. Most of the new guys are broke and they are always looking for some easy ways to get money. Everyone knows what’s the easiest way to get money but for these guys, it was a bit of a challenge. Most of them were straight so getting fucked by another guy was something that they had to think about. But with so many parties it was really hard to have a social life without some bucks in your pocket.

This is the case with this guy over here. He came to the frat house to talk with the guys and see how much he can get if he agrees to fuck with them. The guys had a standard price but for him, they offered a bit more but he had to seal the deal right there. He really needed the cash so there wasn’t too much to think about. But there was one thing that the guys didn’t tell him, there wasn’t just one guy there, he had an entire room filled with guys waiting in line for him and his ass. Now it was too late to back down and it didn’t matter to him if there was one guy or five if he was still getting paid. See him in action below or visit the site!


Click here and watch this straight guy getting fucked for cash!

Frat Bro Fucked

We just can’t get enough of the fraternity x and seeing them getting fucked. Every single day they do something stupid to piss off their older brothers and they don’t even know it. They were the only ones around the house and as a new brother, you are the help around the house. The older brother was playing a video game and asked the new guy to bring him a beer. The newest brother thought that this would be a good time to stand up for himself and to show him that he wasn’t there to be a waiter. That was a really really bad idea. After he finished his video game he took care of his sorry ass and there wasn’t anyone better than him at doing that.

He knew that the rookie would go to try to get out of it but he would either get fucked by him or by the entire frat house. It wasn’t too hard to pick as you can see it below. The poor guy kept his mouth shut and took his punishment. The older frat bro makes sure that he was going to keep his mouth shut from now. The broke frat bro got his ass hammered hard, getting a big dick shoved deeper and deeper up his tight ass. Take a look at this broke guy getting his ass pounded by one of his brothers!


Check out this guy getting his ass drilled!

Fraternity X – Fratboy Tied Up

The frat boys did it again! These fraternity x guys are filling their house and they aren’t doing any charity work with them so the guys had to pay for the roof over their head and what’s better then some ass fucking from time to time. This was the least these guys could do to thank their older brothers for taking so good care of them. Things went pretty smooth for them there but that changed the other day. While they were watching a football game on the TV one of the new guys kept on blocking their view. He was looking for his backpack and wasn’t too inspired because he kept on walking in front of the TV. The guys told him once, twice but he just didn’t listen.


The poor guy was surrounded by his brothers and they didn’t look too happy about it. The guys undressed him and tied him up ready to pound his ass. They weren’t going to him get away and for what he did he was going to pay. This time the guys didn’t have any mercy on him and his sorry ass as they all took turns on nailing his ass and stuffing their dicks in his mouth. He knew that screaming would only make things worst so he kept it for himself. See him getting hammered in this steamy update below.

Watch this frat college dude getting tied and hammered!

FratBoy Punishment

One of these fratguys is going to find out what a punishment really is and the guys couldn’t wait to get their turn and nail his ass. When you are the youngest member of a frat house you never talk back to the older guys. You just mind your own business and try to stay out of troubles. This guy tested his older brothers limits and he found out just how nasty things can get once you upset them. He lived a pretty good life around there, being broke, the guys took him in and treated him like one of their own. Well, he doesn’t seem too grateful at least in these last few days. Something is gotten in him because he was acting like a complete jerk to everyone and the older guys weren’t going to let that happen and set a bad example.

So he called the big mouth in the room and the other fraternity x as well, so they would see what happens if you talk too much. Once he got there, he had a bad feeling about this and he was right. The frat boy got to taste his own medicine and it wasn’t too much fun this time. The older guys had a blast stuffing his big mouth and his ass at the same time. They didn’t have any mercy on him and his ass got a lot more action that it was used too. The poor guy could barely walk after this. Check it out below! Don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pics inside the site!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass slammed!

Fraternity X – DP Frat Porn

Fraternity x surprises us each time with something new and interesting and for today we have a threesome. This poor guy was always sitting alone so the guys thought to do him a favor and invite him to join their frat house. The guy was so excited to hear their offer, he was broke and by joining a frat house he knew that he was going to have a roof over his head at least. But there was a catch, he had to pass some tests before he could become a fraternity member. Now the fun part starts, well at least for us, we aren’t that sure about him. His first night there the guys threw an insane party to celebrate him and after everyone got a bit buzzed the action actually started for our broke guy.


The guys started making their moves on him and soon after that, the guys was surrounded by all these weird guys making comments about how good he looks and about his ass. Only then he realized what he was getting into and what was going to happen next. The house had a rule, the frat bro that brought the guy was the first one to bang him. So his new friend took him away from all the horny guys into a room where there was only another dude. He told him if he wanted a roof over his head this was the price he had to pay. As you can see below, it wasn’t too hard for him to make his mind. See him in action!

See this frat college guy getting double teamed!

Drunk, Lit and Gangbanged

We got more frat x gay sex in this latest update. Everyone says that during college you get to experience a lot of things, but we are sure that these guys weren’t expecting these kinds of experiences. Some freshmen were invited to a frat house party that was just for them, the new guys, to help them know one another. Being in your first year there, most of the time you are going to broke, so a party where there’s going to be a lot of free alcohol sounds pretty good. But, there was a catch to it all, because there always is, actually, the party was taking place at a gay frat house. We don’t need to tell you guys what happened after the guys got buzzed, but you can figure it out.

These guys are pros at convincing freshmen to fuck with them, they’ve done it for so long. So soon after the party started the guys started getting buzzed and after some games of beer pong, they were exactly where the guys wanted them to be. These guys are some really sex addicts, just like the hot trannies from the site, so everyone picked their freshman, but by the end of the night, the entire house was filled with guy hammering some freshmen asses. Nothing comes free especially in their fraternity house. But this is a lesson the new college guys will remember from now on! Enjoy it!


Check out these college guys slamming their asses!

Fraternity Ass Slammers

The ass slamming team is back and there are so many fraternity x hunks just waiting to get fucked. Like we said so many times, these broke college guys always find trouble or trouble finds them, either way, they always are in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time this poor guy got to meet the frat guys while he was in the shower. In their dorm, there is only a bathroom for the entire floor. So you gotta share the shower with a lot of guys and most of the time that place is packed with guys. After he finished his shower, he stopped in front of the mirror for a second and the next guy in line accidentally made him drop his towel. It wasn’t that well tied around his wrist and when he rubbed against him it just fell off.

That wouldn’t be such a big problem, but the next guys in line were some dudes from a gay frat house. Needless to say that once they got a good look at his dick he couldn’t get rid of them. They all knew that he was broke so they offered him so cash to make the deal more appealing to him. Either way, he was going to get slammed, at least he was getting something out of it. These poor guys will do anything for some extra cash. See this one in action in the scene below!


Watch here these guys banging a freshman’s ass!

Druken Frat Gangbang

The frat guys hit again. These fraternity x just keep on falling on their laps. What straight guy will agree to come to a gay frat house filled with drunk horny guys? Well, they found one and this college guy had to find out the hard way what these guys do while getting his tight ass nailed by all of them. The guys couldn’t wait to get their hands on a new guy and they found this one on their doorstep just begging to get banged. He was trying to sell some gym memberships to earn some extra money. Looking at him from head to toe he seemed a good asset to the fraternity house so the guys offered him a better job with them.


They told him that they were going to double the amount of money that he makes if he helps them around the house with some small chores. Yes, the poor guy fell for it! Once he entered the house there wasn’t any way out of there. They outnumbered him and they weren’t going to let him get away too easy. So this turned out to be a drunken frat gangbang and guess who was the center of attention? Yes, you’re right again, the broke college guy and he got it all during their little encounter.

Take a look at this frat college guy getting hammered!

Fraternity X – Ass Bashing

The fraternity x guys get in all kinds of troubles. This poor freshman borrowed money from the wrong guy and that’s why you are seeing him now getting fucked by the entire frat house. The freshman liked gambling and that wouldn’t be the worst thing, but he does it with other guy’s money. Everyone knows how games are, you some and you lose some but this guy was out of luck and after a pretty long losing streak he was short on cash. There was this guy on campus that everyone went to for cash but he was pretty strict about collecting his debts. The rookie continued his losing streak and now the senior had to get his money back one way or another.

Well, what the other guys in campus forgot to tell him was that this dude was into guys. That’s why he always got his money back on time because no one wanted to get his ass hammered especially is you are a straight guy. The cute freshman had to find that out the hard way when he was invited to the frat house to talk about his extension. There wasn’t too much talking, instead, the guys had a blast fucking his tight virgin ass just to teach him a lesson. A lesson he won’t forget too soon and this will probably make him pay more attention in the future. See it all below!


See this frat freshman getting fucked by the entire fraternity!

Horny Frat Boys Fuck

The horny frat guys did it again. In campus everywhere you turn you could see fraternity x so all they had to do is the pick the hottest one to take home and smash his ass. When someone brought a new guy in the house always meant fun for everyone. Because sharing is caring, at least from their point of view, we are pretty sure that the guys getting fucked aren’t seeing it the same way. This morning while they were going to some classes they saw this hot guy taking a tour of the place, newcomer. This turned out to be a good morning to go to school.

He didn’t have enough time to hear about their frat house and that was great, for them. They invited the guy over to the house to get to know the rest of the guys and that turned out pretty good for everyone. The guys got him a bit buzzed just to relax him a bit for what was going to happen next. The horny frat guys eased him into it and this was their lucky day because the guys were actually into other dudes. This turned out to wait better that either of them expected and the hot college hunk sure enjoyed getting his ass smashed by the hot frat guys. You can see it all in the gallery below and keep watching for more gay frat x updates below!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass smashed!

Fraternity X – Muscle Butt Bro

The cockier the guy, the more fun it is to bang his ass. All these fraternity x are basically the same in so many ways. They all need cash and all end up in their house getting hammered but some of them just ask for it. Most of the guys are chill and treat everyone right but from time to time they get their hands on a guy that’s just full of himself. Well, once they get one of them, the guys can’t wait to get their hands on his ass. There was this guy on campus that they kept on checking out and they knew just how to push him to get to their house for a loan. He wasn’t interested in getting free money especially when it involved fucking with other guys but things didn’t quite work the way he wanted them to.

Once he got in the house, the guy broke the rules because they just had to shut him up and they only knew one way to do that. The guys gave him the money but right when he turned to leave, they pinned him down to the floor and took off his clothes. He had his mouth busy with one of the guys dick while the rest were waiting in line to get their turn at his ass. The horny frat guys straighten him up and showed him that no one messes with them. See it for yourself below!


Watch here this frat guy getting fucked for cash!

Grab Him By The Mussy

More fraternity x porn here. This time the broke jock got a ride he won’t forget too soon as the poor guy pinned him down the floor and nailed his ass by all the guys there. He was one of the frat guys but besides a roof over the head, he needed some walking around cash. After talking to the guys he agreed to be in charge of cleaning up the house for some cash. No one wanted to clean up so they would rather pay him to take care of everything. The other day while he was trying to clean out the living room he upset the guys. He wanted to clean the table that was filled with food and empty beer cans from last night, but he didn’t realize that he was blocking everyone’s view to the TV while doing that.


The guys weren’t in the mood to explain to him what he did wrong so instead, they thought that he would learn more from a rough ass pounding session. Before he realized what was going to happen the guys already pinned him down to the floor, two of his bros were keeping him still while the other guys took turns on fucking his ass in the middle of the living room. You just can’t bother the guys and not pay for it. See them go wild on his sorry ass in the gallery below!

See this guy getting his ass slammed!

Fraternity X – Hazed Hard and Raw

The fraternity x guys love getting easy money, but they have to be open to new things and by new things, we mean getting their asses hammered by other guys. Everyone in their campus knows how you can get easy money, you just have to visit the right fraternity house and everything can be solved. These guys can’t wait to get their hands on some fresh meat to fuck around with. These guys don’t mess around and once we are in their house you can only play by their rules. The college jocks use them as a last resort but one thing is for sure they always pay off what they owe, but you gotta work for it. This was our guy’s first time and he was a bit nervous but that was normal.

The broke guy went there and the guys got in charge of everything. The college guy got to suck off their dicks before he got bent over the couch and get his tight virgin ass nailed for the very first time. Stretching another tight ass is always amazing and these guys are masters at it. But you got it all in the picture gallery below and as usual, you have one of the best seats in the house to see it all. These guys didn’t hold back on too many things and you get to see that below!


Check out this straight guy getting his ass hammered!

Gang Bang Bitch Bro

Another of these fraternity x guys is here for a rough scene. When they need money they would do anything to get even get fucked by another guy. College life isn’t for anyone, everyone parties but there are some guys that push it too hard. When you party so big you need money to do it and he didn’t seem the type of guy to work for cash. He knew there was another way to get the money he needed thanks to some of his friends. He overheard them speaking about these gay guys paying big bucks for straight guys. If everything was going to happen at their frat house no one was going to find out and that was great for him.

The broke guy went to their house to find out more about their deal. The frat guys weren’t going to let him leave without testing him out and seeing with what they are dealing. Don’t get it wrong he had to work for that cash! The guy got his ass stretched for the first time and it was amazing. You gotta see him getting a dick up his virgin ass while everything was getting recorded. The guys had a blast nailing his ass but after his face, the frat guy didn’t really enjoy it as much. You must see this guy getting nailed! See it all below!


Take a look at this straight guy getting fucked for cash!

Fraternity X – Gang Bangers

Nobody likes banging fraternity x like these guys over here. But they are all about sharing so the guys love playing with these college freshmen. The gang bangers found their new victim around the campus and he is perfect for them. He’s athletic, he’s clearly straight so he was going to be a challenge. But he had a flaw, he was broke and by broke we mean that he never has money on him, never ever. This is going to work perfectly for them because they are loaded and like everyone knows with money you can almost everything you want and this guy wasn’t going to be the exception. But you can already see that!

This guy wasn’t going to ask his friends for money so this might actually be a good deal for him. The guys went to talk to him and offered him a really good deal. Well, our guy wasn’t that straight after all and he went to the frat house to get his money. The gang bangers were there waiting for him and once they saw his cute face all they could think about was covering it with jizz. The guys took turns on nailing his ass and stuffing his mouth. It wasn’t an easy night but at least the guy got his money. You gotta to see him getting double teamed by these horny frat guys. Enjoy it!


Watch here this frat guy getting double teamed!

Gagged and Banged

Well from all of the fraternity x, this one got it the hardest. The poor guy got tied, gagged and banged by the guys. He was so full of himself and that pissed off the guys and that just had to do something about it. The guys saw him around the campus and the day he pissed off one of their guys, they knew that they had to do something about it. He was always surrounded by chicks so they knew he was only interested in girls, but they were going to change that either he liked it or not. The college guy was invited to their fraternity house to talk about some business. Everyone needs money and this was the perfect bait for him.


The guys asked him to come alone and that was one big mistake, for him. Once the guy was in the house it was a matter of time until they jumped over him. They had to find a reason so they forced him to make one of his rude comments and then made their move. The frat college dude got surrounded by the frat guys and without saying a word he woke up with a huge dick stuffed in his mouth. The guys hold him down while everyone took their time to nail his fresh ass. This sure taught him to mind his own business and keep his mouth shut. Enjoy it!

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Fraternity X – Fuck That Ass

Don’t you just love these fraternity x? Every day there’s at least one that does something dumb. This one right here had a hell of a day as he got his tight ass fucked for the very first time. This is what happens when you are new and drink way too much. The frat college guy was at a party where he drank way over his limit and ended up crashing in one of the bedrooms, but he didn’t pick the right one. The poor guy ended up in the frat house’s leader’s room and he isn’t that big on sharing. So when he saw this punk in his bed he called some of his boys to have some fun with him. The poor guy woke up while he was getting undressed by the guys.

There were three dudes on him so he didn’t stand a chance. The guys took turns on nailing his ass while the other two were pinning him down on the bed. He tried fighting it and screaming but that didn’t really help him a lot. The guys went even harder on his sorry ass and now he had his mouth covered as well. We think this is the last time when he is going to randomly sleep in another’s guy room. Check him out in action in the scene below.


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Fresh College Meat

In this one you get more fraternity x, so yeah more fresh college meat. New guys come around every year and that means more fresh ass to bang for the seniors. The frat guys threw a party for them at their fraternity house but they were in for a big surprise. After they all got dizzy the older frat guys started making their moves on them and it wasn’t too hard to take them upstairs. Most of these guys into guys so no surprise there. But there were also a lot of straight guys and with them, it was so much fun. Nothing is like hammering a tight ass and convincing the guy to try it out. But let’s face it these guys are pros and they have their own ways of convincing them.

The guy you see in the preview is straight, well he was straight because after this one we aren’t that sure about that. For a straight guy he really seemed to enjoy having all those guys around him taking turns on stuffing his ass. Like we said all year long, you can always find some fresh meat to bang. These guys are young, broke and curious, just the perfect combination. Check them out in action in the video below and we’ll see you next with more college guys.


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Fraternity X – Fucked Up

These fraternity x are the best you can find. They are so desperate that they would literally do anything to get some extra money. This guy is the same and he ended up fucking for some extra cash. The poor guy didn’t know where to get the cash so he ended up boring cash from left and right. But there was a catch because the guy that was in charge of recovering the cash had his way of recovering the cash. The frat college guy found out on his own skin that this guy loves hammering guys. He couldn’t care less if the guys were straight or gay he still got his. When he paid him a visit to recover the cash he tried getting out of it but with no luck.

The senior guy did give him a chance and once he heard that the guy still didn’t have his cash he started unbuttoning his pants. Soon after that, the frat dude was busy sucking off his hard dick doing his best to please him and get an extension for his loan. But the frat dude didn’t get out of it so easily and he had to get his ass hammered too. But at the end of the day, it was worth it, he would rather get fucked and beaten. Check them out in action in the video below!


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After Class Fuck

Fraternity X is the site that you get to enjoy from this day forward and you can bet that you will be in for some amazing and hot scenes with these guys. This first scene sets the scene quite nicely as you get to watch some superb college studs in action and one of which did this for the cash too. So let’s check them out without delay and see the action. Either way you can be sure that you will be in for some pretty amazing and hot galleries today with these three studs and their simply amazing sex scene as well. So let’s get their show started and see them in action as they get to play for your entertainment today shall we?

Like we said, there was this broke stud that was willing to do just about anything so for a nice sum of cash he got to have some fun with our guys today. Sit back and watch him getting down on his knees as the other two naked studs offer up their cocks for some nice and long oral sessions. You can see him working those two cocks with a passion and he makes sure to please them both as best he can. So enjoy this amazing blow job scene with the guys and do watch it all today.


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Frat X Gay Guys

Fraternity X Back It Up

It’s time for you to see another Fraternity X video full of new and sexy scenes specially for you. We have something new for you and we can’t wait to show it. In this special update we prepared for you some eager hot student that are in the mood to have some nasty fun for the afternoon on camera and of course you get to check it all out, because these boys really want to make you feel as good as they felt. The decided to have a hot sex session in one of their break so they must be quick and it’s better if they fuck in silence, because they don’t want to get caught.

See the guy being on the receiving end take off his pants and only keeping his shirt on for this one and we are telling you that this is driving the other boys crazy and it’s making them even horny, if that it is possible. He starts to suck the cock that’s in front of him, while jerking off the one that’s in his right part, because he wants to make sure that their cocks are really hard and ready for the next move. You will see him how he bends over and you get to enjoy something really naughty and sexy. Watch these horny college boys fucking each other and have fun with it!


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Hangover Gangbang

We have prepared for you a new sexy Fraternity X video that you can get to enjoy. You’ve come to the right spot if you want to see some tasty sex scenes with hot guys that loves to fuck hard. Watch as this group of sexy and hot guys gets to engage in an all our gay orgy with one another and you can walk away having see some amazing images today in their scene. Some alcohol was involved for all of them to get so uninhibited, but we promise that they we not totally drunk.

So take your time and watch these college guys fucking a freshman and how much he enjoy it.This sexy gang bang will all these guys starts with some games of them teasing each other, because they love to make things a little hotter and their companions to be aroused. And after that the guys are taking off their pants and the freshman can be seen starting to give them a really good blowjob. The guys were so turned on that this little game turned into anal sex and a very pleasant evening. Watch them fucking hard all over the place, and this freshman bouncing up and down as he takes one cock deep in his ass and at the same time sucking another dude off. It’s a really nice scene so make sure you check it all out today and if you like it feel free to scroll down for some more videos.


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Gay Freshman Fuck

This Fraternity X porn scene is one that you just have to see. In this video you will get to enjoy a common practice among students, so prepared to be amazed. Namely initiation of the new student to the norm in terms of fucking around the base. And today we have for you a group of hot college studs who just want to initiate their new friend, happily showing him how they run business around there and that inhibitions are not something that are agreed there. Let’s let that camera roll and let’s just enjoy the juicy and hot scene full of hot guys. We are sure that you all are very eager to check out the whole thing so let’s get started!

As the cameras start to roll, the group of guys take their new colleague to the dorm because they wanted to have a little talk with him. Of course, what they really wanted is to have a quickie and some fun with him, but he doesn’t know about that. They are experts so they decided to take turns in teaching the new guy what to do and how to do it. Soon this scene is going to be a gay orgy so be sure to check it out. Let’s watch these guys getting fucked hard. We are sure that you will adore the whole scene and be rest assured because we have some more of these kind of scenes prepared for you next.


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Gag And Tag

This video it something that you can’t miss if you want to see some sensual and sexy sessions with some hot college guys playing with each other in front of the cameras just for our entertainment. This time we bring in front of you a pair that it’s here to teach and to show you how to properly have a good time and once again these guys are really hot and sexy. This guy and his buddy are back just for you so be sure to check this video until the end and to really enjoy it because if you do so maybe they will be back with some more hot action for you to see.

As the scene begins you can see that the guys were already starting to get busy with it and they were quite enjoying themselves. They really wanted to make you feel as good as they and because of that they will show off all of their skills today so be sure to take you time for this one. See the new guy getting fucked in the ass by his companion, moaning in pleasure and begging for some more. The best part comes next when his companion get to erupt all over his ass and back, making this scene really hot and dirty. Take your time to see these two fucking each other in the ass all over the place.


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That Dick Deep

Time to see another Fraternity X scene where some of these hot studs get down and dirty with one another. They just can’t get enough of each other and you can get to enjoy this is you will make time to relax and enjoy what we had prepared for you. Around this place we only get to bring you the best of the best gay fuck scenes every week too. Today’s guys are getting together again and having some kinky and naughty session together in private for the better part of the afternoon. You will get to see tons of gay action going down with the trio in this scene. So let’s watch these two guys fucking each other all afternoon and making each other moan all afternoon.

They drop their pants and gets straight into action. They start to fuck hard while one of their companions are filming all the action. The guy that got to fuck his ass today, didn’t stop until his companion jazzed in his ass and all over him, making this scene quite great and hot so be sure to watch this video until the and are we guarantee that you won’t regret it. You just have to take a seat, to take your time, be comfortable and enjoy these two guys fucking each other and feeling really good by doing so.


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Fraternity X Orgy

We are here with a new and fresh Fraternity X video that you can check out as always and just as always, they are simple incredible and will make your imagination run wild. This video it’s another group fuck fest that awaits you and we are sure that you’ll be all over it once you click on the video. Take your time to relax and see some more hot college guys as they get around to show off what they do on their free time especially when the don’t have to leave home and just want to fuck hard. You will get to see some glorious sex session today so let’s just not waste any more time and get those cameras rolling and this show on the road, because the boys are very eager to show off their skills in front on you.

As you can see these three guys are going to have some fun in their dorm and we assure you that they really had quite a lot of it. The designated guy to receive a dicking starts by sitting on his knees while sucking hard his companion big dick, making him moan in pleasure. The other guy starts jerking off while watching them and we must tell you that very soon the atmosphere will be really hot and the nastiness will be filling the air in the room. Take your time watching these three fine guys banging one another and taking their time to fuck one another anally. Enjoy this one.


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Tight Hole

It’s time another brand new Fraternity X video full nastiness and hot guys that loves to fuck each other hard in the ass. This update it’s quite special and we guarantee that you’ll love it, because we have prepared something new for you. If you want to see what’s about it, first you must watch it until the end and we are sure that you won’t regret it. These guys are having a threesome fuck right in the dorm as another two of them all filming with a camera everything that’s happening. The only challenge for them is to fuck in silence, because they don’t want to be interrupted from their work. Once they decided on who’s getting the cock the cameras start rolling and you will get to enjoy a long and simply incredible and sexy gay fuck session today. We hope that you are prepared for what it is about to come.

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this guy getting fucked in the ass by his colleague. His moaning will really turn you on and we are sure that you will want to see even more of them very soon. This guy likes to suck cocks so you will get to see a lot of cock sucking and hard core sex. They will alternate between having their cocks sucked by him and also fucking him balls deep in that tight and eager ass today. Have fun with it.


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Fraternity X – Fuck My Ass Dude

We are glad to see you and for this we had prepared for you a new Fraternity X video that we hope to please you. As always, this video is brand new and be sure to check it out until the end. Let’s take our time to enjoy how this hot guy gets to really take his time with another guy. You will get him riding his companion big and hard cock and getting pleasured by doing so. We invite you to it back and to take a very good look and this guy getting fucked because this video is going to be really hot and naughty.

This guy and his buddy are all alone in the dorm and they decided make the best of the situation and to get right into the action. In this video we have something unique for you and be sure to watch it until the end. Take your time to see them getting down to business and we are sure you won’t regret it. These guys are very horny so they jump right into the action. Watch this guy moan in pleasure while getting fucked hard in the ass while getting his ass slapped and really enjoying it. The air in the room is getting all hot and their moaning it’s going to please your ears. Watch here how this guy is getting his ass pounded.

Let’s take our time with these two delicious hot hunks.


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Freshman Hole

Time to see another new and hot Frat X video with some more hot studs getting naughty with each other for your pleasure. We bring you another trio for this brand new gay porn video and we are sure that their scenes is going to be exactly what you want to see in this fine evening. These guys decided to have some fun in the shower after a very hard work out in the gym and we are glad that the cameras were on, because you will get to see some hot and kinky scenes, so be sure to watch until the ends. Let’s take our time to enjoy another amazing video prepared specially for you guys.

These guys are in need of release and be sure that they are going to do something about it. Their muscle are all flexed and hot from working hard and what better way to get some release than some naughty and hardcore sex. Watch them getting turned on very quickly after one of them is getting naked in front of them. This nice guy just want to help his companions and to make them feel really good. You just have to see the expert and juicy blowjobs that they give each other without fail in this one. Enjoy how they take turns fucking their companion and take your time to be sure to really enjoy it and watch it until the end because you will have a very nice surprise.


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Fraternity X Back It Up

It’s time to see some more hot and new Fraternity X scenes today with some more hot studs getting all naughty and kinky in front of the cameras for your viewing pleasure. We are sure that you enjoy watching trios getting naughty, but today we have a special video for you. Four sexy and masculine guys decided to have a quickie, because they wanted to show their friend just how good it is to be fucked hard in the ass. Do not worry, because they didn’t get in trouble at all for it. So let’s sit back and get another hard sex scene going, as we get to see some more guys partying hard and kinky for your viewing pleasure.

The cameras start to roll and the guys are very eager to start playing. They really want to teach their friend how it is to feel really good and hot. As the scene begins, you can see that the guys are starting to get busy with it and they are quite enjoying themselves. In this video you get to see the new guys getting fucked hard and even sucking some dicks because he really want to show you how good he is and how much he likes being fucked. Take your time to enjoy this college guy getting his virgin ass pounded and we are sure that you will want to see some more of these naughty college boys. If you like it be sure to check some more amazing videos prepared just for you.


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Ass To Mouth

We are here with some more new and hot Fraternity X scenes for you to check out without delay. We have for you a group of studs showing off some oral sessions and today let’s watch what these guys right here are up to. The trio that you get to watch today it’s a very special one and we are sure that you will love them after seeing these scenes. They just got back from college and all of them are eager to have some fun because they have some free time. Let’s take the time to check them out as they get to have a quickie and you can enjoy watching some hot studs getting to enjoy some anal pleasures and oral stimulation at the same time.

One of the guys get to lay on their couch and he get to be on the receiving end, and the other two get to fuck him nice and hard for your enjoyment. One of the guys is making his companion to suck his big and hard dick, while the other one is fucking him hard and deep, while another one is filming with his phone everything. Take your time to enjoy this college guys fucking one another and we guarantee that you won’t forget about these scenes very soon. Take a seat and enjoy this fuck session because the guys love to play around in the front of the cameras for you all to see.


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