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Visconti Triplets Video – Hardcore Visconti orgy

The hot brothers are preparing something big in this Visconti Triplets video so take a look inside and enjoy watching them having a hardcore gay orgy. The three horny brothers invited some friends so they can have some fun together. After the hot triplets take off their clothes everyone is hard and ready for some action, and soon all of them are wanking their hard big cocks. One of the guys invited to the party bends over on the couch ready to take a hard cock deep inside his butt. The triplets are taking turns on him, hammering his tight ass and the guy really loves getting fucked by these three hot muscled brothers. While one of them is pumping the guy’s ass,  the others are sitting on the floor jerking off their boners until the whole place gets covered in sticky cum! If you liked this update, take a look at the next viscontitriplets videos and enjoy seeing these horny brothers jerking off together! For similar videos visit the blog and have fun watching other horny guys fucking.


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Jerking off in the family room

Have you seen our latest visconti triplets videos? These guys are back with new material so better take a look at this next video gallery because these hot titan men are really horny and ready to play for the cam. Not only that the triplets are always horny and ready to play, but they also look damn hot and what could be more exciting then watching three horny gay brothers jerking off their big cocks together?! This is exactly what they are doing in this video. They get naked in the family room and start stroking their cock, moaning in pleasure until all three of them blow a huge load of cum! Even if they don’t jerk each other off, they get turned on by looking at each others cock and you can see their big cocks growing in their hands. Have fun watching this video!


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Visconti Triplets porn scene

In my opinion, this is the best porn scene and if you take a look at this update I’m sure that you will think the same. Beside that fact that the videos are fun to watch because the three brothers are always together, they also invite lots of hot guys to join their party and bang each other senseless, like in this scene, where one lucky bastard gets to shove his cock in their ass. They all get their asshole fucked, one by another and watching them lining up f or a big cock is mind blowing and such a turn on. Who could resist them when they look so good specially when they are all together naked and wanking their hard cocks.

For this update they all head down to the basement where no one can interrupt them because the triplets are ready to bend over for this guy and take some serious hardcore ass hammering session, just like in chaos men videos. One of them gets so turned on while watching his brother getting fucked, that he almost shoots his load of cum. The scene ends with them covering the whole place in their sticky cum! Have fun watching this mind blowing and exciting update and don’t forget to cum back for more hardcore gay action!


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Hardcore foursome in the men’s room

In this visconti triplets gallery the horny brothers are meeting up with one of their friends and they head to a pub to have some drinks and maybe, if they will be lucky, some gay sex. They all have a crush for this guy and they’ve been talking about sharing him and hopefully this will come true. After few drinks the triplets are starting to talk about their recent sex adventures and their friend starts growing hard in his pants. At this point it’s clear to them that this is the big moment and they decide to head to the mans room.

Once they are in, they are starting to undress their friend and once he is naked they all drop their pants and start wanking their hard big cocks. The guy can’t wait to bend over for them, and he even tells them that he wants to get fucked by all three of them. Pretty soon he starts moaning of pleasure as one of the brothers sticks his big cock deep in his asshole while the others are jerking off in front of him. The fuck him in all kind of positions and he loves every second of it! Have fun watching the horny triplets fucking this hot guy in the man’s room!


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Visconti triplets pictures

How can you not like these guys, they are fun, hot and always horny, and in this gallery they are ready to drop they pants and play! The triplets are spending the evening at home, playing pool while waiting for some friends to come around and have some drinks. They are talking about their last party, where a guy got on his knees and sucked their cocks, then the triplets lined up to shove their dicks in his ass and fucked him really hard. They are going to meet this guy again, and they can’t wait for him to arrive. Talking about how they fucked him makes them really horny, and the triplets are thinking about one thing now, to get naked and wank their hard big cocks.

The cam is set up and they now take their clothes off and show off their hot muscled bodies. Have fun watching the horny brothers jerking off their cocks together and touching each other, until they blow their loads! If you liked this video cum inside cmnm website and watch other hot naked guys jerking off for you!


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Joey wanking outdoors

If you watched some visconti triplets porn lately, then you sure know Joey, he is the cutest and whenever he is alone without his gay brothers, he likes to play solo for the cam. Usually the triplets are spending a lot of time together, but sometimes they hang out with other guys too. In this update, Joey is out camping without his brothers, and it’s a good time for him to meet other guys who like camping outdoors just like him. The other night he met this cool guy, who spent the night with him in the tent. It was great being with other persons beside his brothers said Joey, specially when he gets to have hardcore gay sex with some hot twinks, just like in dirtytony videos.

After a crazy night of hot gay sex, Joey waked up alone with a big hard on. This is the perfect moment to shoot a solo gallery while the others are still sleeping. He gets naked and starts jerking off his hard cock, thinking about how he fucked a tight ass the last night. As he gets closer to shoot his load, he wanks his dick harder and harder until he explodes shooting a big load of creamy cum all over his belly and sexy abs! Enjoy watching this hot solo set, and don’t forget to check out the other scenes too!


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Visconti Triplets – Double penetration

Check out this visconti triplets gallery, because the brothers are here for more hardcore gay action! This time they are with this guy, who likes hanging out with them in his free time looking for some gay foursomes. He is a doctor and they are visiting his at his office to pick him up and go to have some drinks. He grabs the chance to show them the place, and the triplets are having fun talking about all those doctor patient gay videos they used to watch. This gives them an idea, i bet you can guess what am i talking about here. Why not shoot their own scene in the doctors office?! Only the thought of it makes them hard in the pants, and their friend in excited about making such a scene.

They all get naked in the hot doctor starts by sucking their cocks until they get rock hard and ready to hammer his ass, and this guy likes hit deep and rough. He takes not one, but two big cocks up in his ass at once, and the triplets dump their loads of cum one after another in his asshole! What an amazing hardcore double penetration scene!


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Triplets having a gay party

We do know that you can’t get enough of it and how can you stay away when these guys are having some really exciting gay sex videos, like this next one, where you are about to what them banging each other on this gay party. They invited over some friends who love getting fucked by the triplets and they never miss the chance of being with them.

After some drinks everyone is horny and ready to get naked and fuck! The guys start taking off their pants revealing their rock hard cocks, and they start jerking off and watching each other, until one of them gets on his knees and and starts sucking Joeys big cock. The other guy takes some lube and gets on his all fours for the other visconti brother. You are going to love this hardcore update, where they bang each other and fills the place with sticky cum!


Watch the horny triplets banging their friends!


ViscontiTriplets – Wanking together

So far you have seen them jerking off together, banging other guys and taking large big cocks in their ass, but this scene is different, because the brothers are all alone and bored, and when they have nothing to do they start playing and watching each other jerking his big cock. These muscle hunks sit down on the couch one next to the other and lift their legs in the air showing their assholes to the cam, then they start jerking off and sliding their fingers inside their assholes. I bet you haven’s seen this coming, and I’m telling you this is one hell of a visconti triplets gay video!

After they get rock hard and their ass is nice and wet, the triplets are taking out their toys to insert it in their ass, and this is driving everyone crazy, it’s not taking long until they shoot a big load of cum! Don’t go anywhere though, because they are not done, just keep watching them fucking each other’s ass with a big dildo until the viscontitriplets cum over and over again!


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Visconti Triplets – Jason doing a solo

Are you ready for more exciting visconti triplets porn? In this one Jason is going to do a solo shoot, and he is ready for a great jerking session in front of cam! Jason like to work out in the gym, he has a really hot body and a nice stiff cock.He is alone because his brothers went to watch a football game and he just wasn’t in the mood, plus he had to do this solo shoot and he wanted to spend some time alone. Jason is always horny, and whenever he is alone he likes to wank his cock without being interrupted.

He is giving an interview too for the exciting porn site, and he talks about the relation with his other two brothers, about how they used to play together and watch gay porn, until the decided to create their own gay porn by performing together. In the mean time he is rock hard and slowly wanks his cock, then he starts jerking off harder and faster. He sits down on he couch to get more comfortable, asking if you like what you see. He loves teasing with the cam and he has a great smile. The scene ends with Jason shooting a huge load, so have fun watching him playing solo for the cam!


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Visconti Triplets – Drilling Hard

Visconti Triplets are back in black. Or rather in the garage it seems, as the guys that get to play here get to do so in that place. They were trying to clean the place up and it seems that they forgot all about it when they started to get horny and desiring of one another’s fine asses. But that’s okay, since that directly results in them enjoying a superb threesome fucking session right in the garage there. So yeah, as per usual, strap in and get ready to see an amazing and superb scene with some eager guys getting to play dirty with one another and enjoy this superb show with them too. We bet you won’t regret it!


So anyway, as you know, the site is the best place to go to when you want to see some hot and horny gay guys getting kinky with each other. Every single gallery we have the most superb and juicy updates all lined up for you to check out without fail. And you can check out as well if you want to see trannies and shemales in action too. Either way, these three got to have the time of their lives again and you cannot pass up the chance to get to see them play. They get to take turns to fuck one another in the ass and suck cocks and you can bet that you will just adore this. And also check out the past galleries as well for more!

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The video collection is sizzling hot and ready for you!


Trained To Obey

Do you want to see more of the Triplets? well you came at the right place and time to do so. The tattooed trio as you know all have identical ink on the same part of their bodies and they look as stunning as always. By the looks of it, the guys seem to be getting to have a bit of a role play thing going on this time too. Seems like one of them gets to be the sergeant here and he gets to train his two soldiers to obey his every order and as you can see, those orders are quite naughty and kinky here this afternoon. Watch him having his fun as the two others suck him off passionately here and sit back to check them out doing even more before the end!


When the cameras roll, all of the guys are in a bunk bed and already mostly naked. sit back an relax as they get to do some nice foreplay with caressing and kissing one another and after all that watch the main cock sucking session that we told you about. The trio’s scene can be seen as well so head on over there for a part two of this amazing show. Coming back to this action scene, as soon as the two are done with sucking that cock, you see them taking turns to ride his hard meat nice and hard too. And you can bet that by the end of the gallery, you get to see them covered in one another’s jizz loads too!

See the horny triplets blowing one another’s dick!


Visconti Triplets – Jimmy in action

Jimmy, the visconti triplets brother always comes up with great ideas for their videos. For this scene he takes his brothers into the dungeon for some hardcore gay action. They are all excited to make a video in this place, and the viscontitriplets are ready to get naked and jerk off their big cocks together!

These guys are so hot when they are playing together, they get so turned on by looking at each other and can you blame them? The simply look irresistible and i cant watch these guys without getting a  huge bulge in my pants. In fact, whenever i watch them performing i get so hard that i must jerk off and release the tension.

You are going to love watching them performing in the dungeon, showing off their hot bodies and big cocks, getting on their all fours giving you a pretty nice view of their tight ass and jerking off each other until they fill the place with creamy cum. There’s a lot happening around here so get ready to get your mind blown away by it. If you like what you see, check out the other updates and galleries too, so see you soon! For similar gay sex videos check out the blog and have a great time inside it!


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BellBoys – Ring The Bell

In this Visconti Triplets update we have three horny bell boys fucking their boss at work. The Visconti brothers were kind of low on money, so they searched for a job for some extra cash. They wanted to work together and didn’t give up until they got they job they wanted. This spoiled guy had a big house and money to spare, so they all found something to do around the house. Two of them were working as bell boys, answering the door and the phone and the other one was a handy man around the house. It was a pretty easy job, and the ViscontiTriplets  where all together. But the other day they ended up working on the boss, well there was a bit of work under him too. The hot triplets did anything they could to please him and you are going to see it all below.

The reason why he hired them was that he had fantasy that involved three guys, so when he saw three of them and all hot he just couldn’t pass that offer. So the boss got what he paid for, three hunks taking turns on pounding his butthole. Don’t miss out this scene and also check it out for more horny guys banging each other. Enjoy it and stay close for more gay porn scenes!


Check out the horny triplets fucking their boss!


Visconti Triplets – Time for Action

There’s no time for rest with the Visconti Triplets. We know how much you enjoyed the last one and we know that you are going to love this one too. See the triplets in action below as they take turns on stuffing this guy’s ass. Guys keep on falling in their lap lately and this one is no exception. The horny triplets found this cute guy that moved right next door and they surely want to know more about their new neighbor. The guys invited him over for a beer to get to know each other. Once those beers started gathering the Visconti guys found out that they share a common interest with their neighbor, all four of them are into dudes.

Not a bad combination if you ask us! The triplets took turns on pleasing the cute new guy and after all of the guys got their dicks sucked off and fucked his ass, te started double teaming him. That’s something you really shouldn’t miss out! Wouldn’t you like to see the hot neighbors hammering their asses? We know that you would and we can’t blame you for it! The ViscontiTriplets always find different ways of surprising us and you see that in all the previous updates. There’s a lot to cover in these update so make sure you check them all out. You have this scene below so be sure you check it all out!


Watch here the horny triplets nailing this guy’s ass!


Triplets vs Twins

The triplets have a special surprise for us. When have you seen triplets and twins in the same scene? This is the first time for us and we doubt that you guys caught something like this before. Just imagine the triplets fucking these horny twins. It’s going to be so hot trust us. All five of the guys were sharing the same class and after the teacher left the guys decided to have a little private lesson all by themselves. As you can tell their French lesson just couldn’t have gone better than this. The hot triplets started it all as they started teasing the twins during their lesson and after the class was over they had to back it all up.

The Visconti brothers are well known that they are always horny and they weren’t going to miss the opportunity to bang twins. They always wanted to fuck someone in the classroom so with this one they are getting two things at once. Even if the guys weren’t twins, they are too hot to pass, they are a definite smash and smashing is what they did. We know that you want to see the triplets fucking some twins so we are going to let you see that. You got the entire picture gallery below so make sure you check it all out by following the link. Hope you like it!


Take a look at the triplets banging some hot twins!


Visconti Triplets – Some Muscle Ass

We know that in the last few updates we didn’t have all three guys in the scene but that is about to change in this one. The hot hunks went out camping and to fuck their asses too. They weren’t alone in their camping adventure, they had another couple with them and they made that work for them. Although the guys were one man short they made is work and one of the guys got two of the triplets taking care of him. Nothing compares to some fresh air and a nice ass pounding session.

They all came here to relax and we really don’t know a better was of relaxing than getting fucked and fucking other guys. It’s just that simple and the guys showed us just how much fun they can have in nature. The horny triplets got down to action really fast and in no time they were already butt naked ready to get those hard dicks to work. The couple was the star of the trip and the guys took really good care of their asses and dicks. The guys took turn on the Visconti brothers, everyone got fucked after this full afternoon no worries. Hope you like it as much as we did and that you are going to return to see even more from the ViscontiTriplets and their gay adventures!


Enjoy watching these triplets fucking this hot couple!


New and juicy image galleries with the triplets!

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Just check out this new and amazing image gallery!


Trained To Obey #02

The ViscontiTriplets learned the army life the hard way, specially their asses. The horny triplets found out just what the army life is really about and why you should never piss off any of the guards. Those guys really don’t like smart asses and for the guys that cross the line they have a really special treatment. One of the Visconti brothers got to try it out on himself and got that fine ass of his stuffed by the horny commander. It was obvious that all the guys around here are into dudes, spending so much time only with guys didn’t left too many options. The commander was the first one that started this and his guards helped him out.

Each time one of the triplets wasn’t acting right they were asked to report it to him so that he can take care of the problem. Needless to say that the kinky commander has his own ways of dealing with guys and most of the time it involves a lot of ass fucking and mouth fucking too, so get ready. The commander is ruthless and one way or another he is going to be respected by all of the guys there. The Visconti stud didn’t get away with it and he ended up being the next victim on the commander’s list. In the picture gallery below you can see him getting his fine ass drilled by the horny commander. See you next!


Watch here this guy getting his ass hammered!


Visconti Triplets – Office Four Way

We love these office sex scenes and as you can see the Visconti Triplets had a bit of work to do. Remember that a few updates ago we introduced to you guys their new assistant? Well, he’s the forth in this scene and his poor little ass in the one taking all the heat in this scene. The assistant forgot to send some paper work and triplets had to punish him for his mistake. He was way too good as an assistant, so he weren’t going to fire him. No, this was just an excuse to get into his pants. He kind of knew what was about to happen because this wasn’t the first time when he got his ass slammed because of work.

It was part of the job and he accept that once he started working there. the guys were up front and told him that they have their own way of punishing in case you didn’t do something right. After they found out about his little error the horny triplets finally got a piece of his ass and end up banging him in the middle of the office. The guys were so eager to get their hands on his ass that they would make up any excuse just to get him. Below you have the entire gay ViscontiTriplets picture gallery and you can see the horny hunk in some backdoor action with the triplets!


See these horny triplets banging this guy’s ass!


The BenderBoy Collection

The triplets are here and this time they have another great update for you guys. The horny triplets are the ones getting their fine asses drilled in this one. The guys were checking one of their construction sites and they found one of their workers wanking off his dick instead of working. This isn’t what he should be doing during work and besides, there’s no such type of action without the guys getting involved. So they were more upset about the fact that he was jerking off his dick and didn’t invite them than doing something else during working hours. The Visconti brothers surprised him while he was wanking off and out of a sudden, the guy felt a hand all over him. You can only imagine how scared he was, knowing that he was the only one in there and not hearing anyone came in.

When he turned and saw his boss he didn’t really know how to react seeing him butt naked and his brothers as well. Once he saw that everyone was naked too he calmed down a bit ’cause he knew that he was alright. He was indeed right because the horny triplets took charge and started wanking off this guy’s dick and then stuffing his asshole too. You can see it all in the gallery below to see the jock getting roughly fucked by all three of the guys. Enjoy it and we hope we’ll see you soon with more steamy gay ViscontiTriplets sex updates!


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Visconti Triplets – Mensmut

This time we have the Visconti Triplets all by themselves jerking off in a boat. It’s been a while since the last time we saw only them in a scene with no other guys around them. The guys went for a spin with the new boat and midway through they got a bit horny so they took matters into their own hands, literally. The jocks weren’t expecting something like this but no one is complaining. It’s always great to see the ViscontiTriplets in action even if they are the only three guys in that scene. The triplets always have a great time and nothing and nobody is going to stop that. The guys went a bit further than the rest of the boat, picking a quiet place so they can mind their own business without anyone bothering them.

The camera was ready and so were they! The horny triplets took off their clothes and then pulled out their fat dicks and started jerking them off. From time to time they even lend one another a hand with that. Nothing nicer than a family afternoon out! The thing is that you never know what to expect from these guys and somehow they always manage to surprise us in the best way possible. As you already know below you got the entire picture gallery from their little boat trip so be sure you check it all out!


Take a look at the horny triplets jerking off their dicks!


Ring The Bell 3 Times

This is a different kind of affair and not all the Visconti Triplets are involved in it. We know you got used to see all the brothers in action but right now we have just one of them fucking his hot neighbor. These two have been on and off for a minute now and knowing that they have to hide from the rest they found their own password. Yes, ringing the bell three times is that password. He really didn’t want to share the hot neighbor with his brothers so they kept it under the radar and met only when he was home alone. Once he heard the doorbell ring three time he knew that it was time for some backdoor fun.

We don’t know what made things so hot, maybe the fact that they were hiding from everyone else or that they were horny all the time, but it was fire. Once you put two horny hunks in the same room it’s pretty hard to keep them away from each other. All the Visconti brothers know what they are doing in the sack so this one was in charge also. You get to see him in action in the gallery below, so be sure you check it all out and tell us what you think about it. There are a few more updates that you can check out. Enjoy it and stay close for more!


Check out these jocks sucking and fucking one another!


Visconti Triplets – Hot Dream Boys

The Visconti Triplets, the hot dreamy boys, are here. The three horny jocks want more and are going to get more with this latest update. The jocks found more guys to hammer and decided to share it all with you guys. The Visconti brothers were looking for a new assistant and this isn’t your ordinary interview. The guys have their own little way of getting to know the people around them. They couldn’t just hire a guy just by looking at his resume, no no. The new assistant had to do a lot of other things too and when they wrote in the ad that they had to take of them, the triplets weren’t joking around.

The guy had to be there for them all day long, waiting to take care of their needs. It was pretty clear that the ad was only for gay guys. So right after they saw most of their list, they saw this cute guy entering the office with a resume in his hand. Right there they knew that they are going to get along just fine. The Visconti brothers took this one the distance and test him out and his tight hole as well. If only all job interviews were like this one. Until something like this is going to happen to us you can enjoy the scene below. It’s going to be just like you were there for the entire thing. So another steamy ViscontiTriplets updates awaits for you!


The guy had to be there for them all day long, waiting to take care of their needs. It was pretty clear that the ad was only for gay guys. So right after they saw most of their list, they saw this cute guy entering the office with a resume in his hand. Right there they knew that they are going to get along just fine. The Visconti brothers took this one the distance and test him out and his tight hole as well. If only all job interviews were like this one. Until something like this is going to happen to us you can enjoy the scene below. It’s going to be just like you were there for the entire thing. So another steamy ViscontiTriplets updates awaits for you!

Watch here this new guy sucking off everyone’s dick!


Joey Visconti and Jason Visconti

Yeah, you are right! The Visconti Triplets have returned and this gotta be one of their hottest scenes to date. There were only two of the triplets here with us, Joey and Jason, and each of them found a hot hunk to hammer. There’s nothing better than sharing it all with the family and that’s exactly how the triplets do it. So they couldn’t fuck a hot guy without sharing him with his brother. Luckily for them, Joey and Jason were both in the same room so passing the guys between them wasn’t just a hard job. It was a bit weird not seeing all three of them in action, but it still a really nice ass fuck. An ass fuck you guys shouldn’t miss out.

There’s a lot of dirty things happening below so be sure you check it all out. The guys did literally everything they wanted out of these guys and their asses went through a lot during this scene, let’s leave it there. We know you guys want to find out more and that’s why we have the entire scene for you guys ready. Nothing is slowing down the ViscontiTriplets and once they get something into their head, one way or another they are going to get it. Most of the time it’s not even that hard, everyone what’s a piece of them. Tell us what you think about it!


Enjoy watching the horny triplets pounding strangers!


Visconti Triplets – Hot Bangin’

There’s never enough hot banging especially when the Visconti triplets are involved in it. These guys are horny all the time so don’t be surprised to see them fucking another guy in this update. The good thing about it all is that they don’t have to look too hard for them because most of the time the guys are the ones chasing them. Not a bad thing to be one of the ViscontiTriplets that’s for sure. The guys took their new friend to their place to get to know him a bit better and they don’t know a better way of doing that except hammering his ass. After them, that’s all that matters so they cut straight to the chase with the new guy.

That fresh ass needed some special examination and the triplets are here to offer that to him. The hot banging marathon begun with the triplets getting their dicks sucked off and jerked off by the new guy. Once they were all nice and hard their fine asses were next in line. Don’t you just love having ripped hunks taking turns on fucking their asses in front of the camera? We love it and we can watch it all the day. The great part is that you have a lot of other updates to check out after you finish this one. So don’t be upset, there still is a lot of gay porn waiting for you guys!


Watch here this hunk getting his hole stuffed!


Jimmy Visconti and Albert Diaz

Nothing is slowing down the Triplets and it is Jimmy’s turn to prove himself. The jocks had some after classes fun with one of his friends and although his brothers were there, he was the one getting all the action. Below you can see the hunks sucking off one another’s fat dick and getting jizzed too. The triplets never let us down, so no matter who’s in the scene you already know it’s going to be a great one. The triplets love testing their partners to find out just how much they can take. You are going to be surprised to find out just how hot things got between these hunks in the classroom.

Although it’s not such a huge surprise Jimmy started it all and got things on the move. After jerking off his friend’s dick during the entire class something had to happen after the teacher left the room. Jimmy had his brothers over as well but this one is more about him and you can see that in the scene. Jimmy and Albert took turns on blowing dicks and stuffing their asses and after that, the magic ViscontiTriplets gang reunited and got in charge of it all. In case you missed your school days or if you had an unfulfilled fantasy about school, this is just for you. So be sure you check it all out and tell us what you think about it, but let’s be honest, we already know that you are going to love it!


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Visconti Triplets – Doing Hard Time

Life in prison isn’t for everyone but somehow the Visconti Triplets found a way of getting away from problems. They found out that if they are willing to get their asses fucked by this guy, he can keep them away from all the bad guys around there. He was the boss in there and we all know that he is the guy that you want around you. There are a lot of bad guys in there and you can’t get rid of all of them all by yourself. Besides the triplets love getting their asses fucked and fucking other asses. The old hunk still has a a lot of energy left in him and he showed that to the guys in the shower this morning.

They were the last ones to leave the showers and that’s because the guys were a bit busy. While the guys were busy washing up the older hunk surprised them with a little handjob. That was only the beginning because the old hunk still had a few tricks hidden in his sleeve. No one loves sucking dicks as much as him and the ViscontiTriplets got to test that out this morning. But they had to show how appreciative they are so slamming his dick instead seemed a nice way of saying thank you. There are few more surprises in the exclusive gay porn gallery and you can discover it all in the gallery below. Enjoy it!


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Jimmy, Joey, and Jason

The Triplets are here and the guys are horny as fuck. Jimmy, Joey, and Jason had a little guest to have fun with and they had to have a piece of his fine ass. The triplets didn’t have to work too hard for it and you can see that in the gallery below. The horny guy heard so many things about the Visconti brothers that he had to test them out for himself to find out what all that fuss was about. Well, after what the triplets had prepared for him don’t be surprised to see him so excited to do it again. The guys brought him the best Visconti treatment and he enjoyed every second of it.

It doesn’t happen too often to have three horny guys fighting over your ass so he had to feel special about it. The horny studs did their best to please their new friend and sucking his dick was just the first step. Jimmy, Joey, and Jason then took turns on slamming this guy’s ass and by the end of it, all the ViscontiTriplets fucked this poor guy’s ass. But don’t feel sad for him because he is in Heaven right now. Having three hot hunks fighting over you gotta be pretty nice especially these three hunks. So yeah, life is pretty good for him right now. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more gay porn scene so stay tuned for the triplets in action!


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Visconti Triplets – Boat Love

The Visconti Triplets had a little boat affair and you have the best seat in the house for it. The triplets had a little private party and had one special guest and that’s it. So this really was a little party, only the four of them and they spend most of the time fucking one another. No one parties as much as the Visconti brothers and you can see that in the scene below. These guys like keeping it on the low key, the fewer people the better. They wouldn’t want anyone to leave their party without getting their full attention. So that’s why they have only one guy on the boat at the time. This was this guy’s lucky day because he got all three brothers all for himself.

The jocks went on the sea and after they were far enough from the shore and from everyone else, they stopped the boat and got down to business. The horny hunk started blowing and jerking off the ViscontiTriplets dicks and didn’t stop until he didn’t get drenched in cum. And that’s a view no one should miss out. Things didn’t stop there because the guy got his ass fucked by each and every one of the hunks during this trip. The boat love episode is one that you don’t want to miss and we know that you guys are as curious as we were and that you are going to check it out. Enjoy it!


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Jason Visconti and The Boys

One of the Visconti Triplets, Jason Visconti is the one that is in charge of everything. The other triplets are too as well but they let their brother get his this time and he had two horny hunks to play around with. As you can see the triplets are in the mood for some action and they end up hammering this guy’s fine ass. It’s just him and the brothers in this one and the guys can’t wait to get their hands on his fine little ass. You gotta know what yo expect when you are in the same room with the triplets. Everyone knows that they are always horny and in a hood for some backdoor pounding. This guy is really lucky because all three of the brothers are there to please him.

Like we said earlier Jason is the one in charge of it all and as you can see he loves messing around with this guy. He couldn’t let his brothers out of it so he decided to share the hunk with them too. The guys took turns on fucking his ass and stuffing his filthy mouth. Jason and the boys had a blast and we know that you guys want to see them stuffing asses and we can’t blame you. We were just as eager as you guys and it was completely worth it. You are going to love it we can assure you of that. See you guys next with more gay updates!


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Visconti Triplets – Billiard Hard

This billiard game went on a completely different way, but this is what happens when you are playing the Visconti Triplets. These guys play dirty, way dirtier that most of the guys and they have their way of celebrating the victories that usually includes some intense action and fucking some asses. These guys didn’t know what to expect from the triplets and their game but their surprised them all in the best way possible. The guys played a game to warm up and they the ViscontiTriplets told them about the bet and the new guys accepted it, bad for them, great for us. They were actually expecting to win in this one so this took them a bit by surprise.

They literally weren’t expecting to lose but the bet made that lost a bit sweeter. You gotta love getting your ass hammered by the triplets and this is exactly how they felt about it. The Visconti brothers had they way with the losers and their holes became theirs for that afternoon. This game of billiard is one that they won’t forget too soon and you guys get to see it all in the scene below. This is also a good idea if you want to try something new. There are a lot of games you can try out but this gotta be the most interesting one. See you guys next with another scene so stay tuned!


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Drilling Hard Part 2

This visit to the mechanic went a lot better than we all expected and the triplets got theirs one more time. What to do when you are waiting for your car to get fixed? Well the guys had a few ideas and as you can see all of them involved fucking in the car shop. So let the drilling can now begin! The Visconti brothers made a quick visit to the shop to get a look at their car and while they were there the brothers saw a few cute mechanics so they decided to do something about it. They had to be there for a bit so they made the best out of it. It wasn’t too hard to convince the guys to get on board with it.

The guys convinced these two hot guys that worked there to join them and soon after that things got really hot between them. The drilling action has begun and as you can see the guys are butt naked and ready for some backdoor action. The guys started taking turns on sucking one another’s dick and then stuffing their asses too. You can see it all in the picture gallery below and tell us what you think about it. We loved it and we’re sure that you are going to enjoy it as well. See you guys with the latest ViscontiTriplets gay updates.


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Visconti Triplets – A Lucky Guy

This guy is something special and you gotta see him in action in the gallery below. We never saw a dude this tattooed before and neither did the guys. Well this guy is full of surprises and he took really good care of the triplets. As you can see there are some toys involved in this one and some ass getting stuffed. The tattooed jock was in charge of it all and he did everything he wanted with the Visconti brothers. He undressed them, showing off those amazing bodies and those hard dicks. There are a few pics for you guys to check out and you have access to them in the gallery below so make sure you are going to enjoy them.


You are going to see these horny jocks sucking off one another’s dick and then getting their fine asses stuffed using a pretty big dildo. Oh, you are going to love this one! Seeing this hot tattooed jock sucking off one of the triplets’ dick while dildo fucking the other two’s asses is definitely going to be the best thing you are going to see. So yeah this is a really lucky guy because he got the best of the Visconti brothers in this scene. You can see it all in the gallery below and don’t forget to continue watching for more gay porn ViscontiTriplets!

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Cock and Tail Time

The Visconti Triplets didn’t return empty handed. They have this amazing scene and you are going to see them sucking and fucking one another. The Visconti brothers found another guy to play around with and as you can see he’s up to trying out everything the brothers want. Everything took place in the classroom and the hunk got taken care off by his mean teachers. But this isn’t your ordinary punishment because these aren’t your ordinary teachers. The horny triplets undressed their mean student and then made sure that his filthy mouth got stuffed and they did that using their huge dicks. Someone had to shut his mouth and no one does it better than the horny triplets brothers, trust us.

Below you got a little preview but there is a lot more happening that you can check out. The triplets took turns on the horny hunk and after they were done with his mouth they continued with his tight little ass. Seeing the horny Visconti brothers hammering this guy’s ass is surely going to make your day a lot better. There’s nothing slowing these jocks down and you guys get to see it all in the gallery below. Hope you like it as much as we did and please stay tuned because we got a lot more things ready for you guys. See you soon with more gay porn featuring the horny ViscontiTriplets in some hardcore action!


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