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Rod Daily – Threesome Video

In this Rod Daily video that we have prepared for you we have Rod in the middle of another threesome sex session with two of his best friends. He’s not taking the thorough dicking though as they recruited the help of one of the other two dudes. Well to be honest that guy always insists to be the one being fucked by one ore more cocks, depending on the case. Rod and the other guy have no comments regarding to this so they just do their stuff stuffing him full of cocks in this awesome video.

As any successful  RodDaily scene starts, this one also starts off with all the guys sucking cocks. They don’t want any of them to feel left out so this is the answer to that. Once the cocks are all nice and hard the guy that desperately wants to take the fucking bends over, and Rod doesn’t waste any time and so he plunges his cock balls deep in his ass. Without further due, sit back and watch this trio have their hardcore threesome in this update and enjoy. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you again soon. And if you can’t wait until the next update cum inside the website and find similar content.

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Rod Daily Video – Garage Fuck

Another fresh gallery and we have quite the update to show off. in this one we have a Rod Daily video that’s just waiting for you to watch it. Rod seems to have made a brand new friend as he got around to meet another guy as dirty minded as him at a car show earlier. The two park guys spent some time chit chatting but it was soon clear that the guy was always hungry for cocks just as Rod was so there was no better answer to all this than to go back to the dude’s place.

To be honest the pretext was for the guy to show off his impressive collection of motorized vehicles to RodDaily. but it didn’t take long for them to undress and remain nude since they arrived in his garage. And since they were naked Rob kneeled down and took the guy’s cock in his mouth sucking and slurping on it like a champ. After wards he bends over one of the quad bikes to present the lucky guys with his ass and awaiting a nice fucking. Be sure that his buddy delivered one thorough and balls deep anal fucking to the joy of Rod. If you liked this video and you wanna see other gorgeous gay guys fucking, check out the site! Have fun!


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Anal action and more in this gallery!

rod-daily-hot-69 rod-daily-rod-&-anthony-romero rod-daily-rod-&-campbell-stevens rod-daily-rod-&-james-huntsman rod-daily-rod-&-johnny-ryder rod-daily-rod-&-justin-chase rod-daily-rod-&-rylan-shaw rod-daily-rod-and-jasper-robinson rod-daily-tied-and-abused rod-daily-dildo-fucking

Watch the guys here hammering each other anally!


Anal Pounding

Rod Daily meets up with another old buddy that’s a bit down under the weather, but our guy knows just the trick to lifting up this hot stud’s spirits. Like hot gay Mason Wyler, he enjoys taking the lead in bed if he has the chance to and Rod intends to let him do just that with him tonight. They meet up at a bar at first where he tells Rod of his troubles and Rod does his best to perk him up and motivate him to go on. And once he’s feeling a little bit better they head back to Rod’s place to engage in some sexy fun.

You could call this an after party for the little meeting they had together downtown, as they sure as hell had allot of fun with the sex session. Rod takes time to take his buddy’s cock out and start sucking on it like the man slut that he is to his friend’s sheer joy. And you can bet that Rod knows how to suck a cock. Once he’s done with his mouth, he bends over and presented the other dude with his tight ass that’s just waiting for one deep and hard style anal pounding. Again enjoy and see you next with more content guys! Also if you wanna see some sexy twinks sucking and fucking check out the Teach Twinks site! Enjoy!


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Rod Daily – Hot Scene

Rod Daily is here with one more solo update. He’s been listening to your feedback until now guys and he’s having this special treat all for you. He knows that you’ve made requests for him to appear solo once more and show off his amazing body in all it’s glory since most of you seem to be madly infatuated with his devilishly good looks. So as we said he caters to your desires. You’ll see him having his naughty solo session on a white king size bed and we hope you’ll like it.

As the whole thing starts off RodDaily makes quick work of his clothes and remains all nude with nothing on. He then sits on the bed smiling smugly as he starts touching himself. He knows you enjoy that self confidence of his and he’s doing one amazing job of putting it to good use this time. Sit back, relax and enjoy seeing him do his solo routine again. Watch him as he masturbates fast and hard for the cameras this time. We hope you enjoyed it like always and again we’ll see you next with more. Cum inside and have fun watching other horny guys getting naked and jerking off their big cock! If you’re looking for more action, check out the MixItUpBoy site and see some gorgeous men riding cocks!

roddaily strokinghiscock

Watch here sexy Rod stroking his fat cock!


Insane Threesome

Rod seems to be caught between two more horny guys with big cocks that intend to fuck every hole that he’s got. The two guys were fortunate enough to meet up with Rod in a club that is usually frequented by the porn star and they make it their job to double team any guy that they get their hands on. It seems to be Rod’s turn to be fucked by those two just like in boynapped videos and trust us when we say that the horny guy enjoyed every minute of the encounter.

They headed back the their place with Rob tagging along and on the way there they were telling him just how things are going to go down. And with that Rod learned that he’ll be their little man slut for the night, listening to their indications and munching on their big cocks for the evening. And straight off they present him with their cocks to suck on, and as he’s sucking one one of them the other plants him on a table with his ass all ready to be fucked. Watch Rod getting double fucked in this amazing update everyone. Also you can enter the NextDoorStudios blog and see other gorgeous gay guys fucking!


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Rod Daily – Cock Sucking

Rod Daily puts his mouth and body to work. The horny guy got his dirty hands on a fresh stud back at the club. The guy is new to all this gay scene so Rod intends to show him the ropes of the whole thing and instruct him in the intricacies of gay sex. He wants to be one of the Suck Off Guys, so he intends to dish out everything that he’s learnt throughout the years and you can bet that the teen stud was all ears to this master of having some great gay sex sessions.

Rod didn’t have trouble picking the guy up in the club as he’s a pretty easy target for the more dominant males, so you can say that he’s in luck now that he’s on Rod’s hands. In the beginning of the scene Roddemonstrates proper cock sucking etiquette as he wants to make sure that the guy can feel just how good it feel to have someone suck your cock that knows what he’s doing. And afterwards, RodDaily sets off to stretch this rookie’s ass nice and wide with his cock telling him that he should expect even bigger dicks to fuck him. For similar gay sex videos come inside website. See you next!


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Road Trip Fun

The two decided to take a road trip and enjoy the nice scenery in this relaxing afternoon. But as you probably figured out by now, Rod and any of his buddies from his entourage are some very horny dudes indeed and they never miss a chance to get naughty and wild. Even this one for example, as Rod’s friend proves to be quite the exhibitionist. So sit back and watch what he does guys.

After driving around for a while the guys asks Rod if he’d mind him jerking off in the back since he feels really turned on. Rod says he doesn’t mind but he also says that if he’s going to do that he might as well do it with style. So Rod stops the car and pulls out his camera to start shooting his friend as he strokes his cock in a public spot. So without further due, watch as the horny guy jerks off in front of Rob and his camera. You can say that this trip was quite a success though. Enjoy and see you soon everyone. For similar gay videos check out the website and have fun watching some hot bear guys jerking off their monster tools and getting their tight asses fucked! Also you can enter the XXL Cock site and see some big coked guys masturbating in front of the video camera! Have fun!


See horny Rod jerking off his monster tool in public!


Rod Daily & Jay Cloud

Jay here is one interesting individual. He is a masseur but he set up his shop in a gym and he seems to have no shortage of clients. And they’re all male. Oh and also they’re all getting happy endings from this expert masseur. Rod Daily did his usual routine working on his muscles but at the end he needed a relaxing massage so he went to see Jay.Oh you can safely assume that Jay here worked him nicely and hard to his enjoyment.

As Rod enters his salon, Jay is one happy camper to see this old buddy in need of his help. Rod takes off his clothes and takes his spot on the massage table awaiting for Jay to start working his magic. And so he did, taking care not to miss one spot on Rod’s boy…If you know what we mean. At the end he asks Rod if he’d like a happy end just like usual for his massage and you don’t have to ask our guy twice. Watch as Jay sues his cock to massage Rod’s ass balls deep as well. See you next guys and enjoy! Until then, check out the site and see some sweet guys sucking and fucking each other!


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Rod’s Monster Tool

Rod Daily enjoys a solo scene with just him and the cameras in this very lazy afternoon. This hot gay expressed his interest to bring to his fans a solo scene of him just having fun with his big cock and you get to see him do just that. Like we said it’s just him so if you wanted a more intimate view of this hot and horny guy and you get to see it and enjoy it. Without further due, let’s get this show on the road and see what he has to offer.

As the scene starts off he’s all dressed in his regular attire and he’s playing around and posing in all kinds of sexy poses. When he gets tired of it, he starts removing his clothes to show off one incredibly sexy and shredded body full of muscles that you’ll absolutely adore. And being completely nude he takes his seat on the black leather couch to start having his fun. Watch him as he gently starts to jerk off working up momentum and force until he blows his big load of jizz all over himself. Enjoy everyone! If you liked this scene and you are looking for more action, check out the TIMFuck website and see some ripped hunks banging each other’s fine ass!


Check out horny Rod jerking off his monster cock!


Rod Daily XXX Scene

Rod Daily xxx had a crazy sex session with another couple of horny studs. In this one we have two guys fucking on the pool table since one of them lost a bet and he needs to pay up front with his ass. You know, some people should learn not to make tricky bets as they’ll easily find themselves on the receiving end of something without fail. Well not that this guy was upset about it, he actually was looking forward for a hardcore gay sex session, so who knows, maybe he planned to lose.

When the guy winds and the other one loses the bet, he’s instructed to take his spot on the table and take his spot with his legs spread out so that his buddy may have easy access to his tight ass. So don’t wait any longer, head on in and watch these hot studs having sex on the pool table for your enjoyment. You won’t regret it. You’ll get to see the two drilling one another too, since the guy who won also wanted his ass stretched as well. Enjoy the gallery everyone and see you next with more. Also you might visit the WrestleHard blog and see some muscled wrestlers fucking each other’s butt-hole!


Watch here sexy Rod getting a proper hammering!


At Long Last

Rod finally got his hands on the hunk he wanted. It took him a bit to get him but now nothing is standing in his way to get a piece of that fine ass. This guy was playing hard to get and he wasn’t messing around, he really enjoyed seeing Rod trying to get him. He knew that Rod wasn’t going to quit so easily so he played him for as long as he could. But let’s face it Rod is pretty hard to turn down and seeing that pretty face of his really made it hard for him to resist. So after he finished playing his games Rod finally got his hands on that tight ass. We all know that this is his favorite part and he’s the best at it.

We know how much you horny guys enjoy seeing hard dicks in some backdoor action and that’s why we have some fresh free videos of shemales ready for you.  There are a few more things that happened around here and you will get to see them all in the exclusive picture gallery we have for you. As you can see everything took place on the black leather couch and the guys didn’t hold back at all. Rod had the first shot at the ass and he didn’t have any mercy on him, so get ready to see the cute guy getting his ass stretched to the limits. We have quite a show for you so be sure to check it all out now!

Rod Daily At-Long-Last-768x435

Watch here this guy getting his ass drilled!


Private Party

The stud is here with a simply incredible and hot little fuck session and you just cannot miss out on this one everyone since the guy he’s getting to bang in the ass is another one you most assuredly know. Well we’ll let you figure that out for yourselves, who the guys is we mean, but you can bet that since he got to play with Rod, you can watch him have some amazing fun with the guy her. The two get to do some amazing anal fucking, well mostly Rod, but it’s just too good not to sit back and enjoy checking out!

But yeah, as soon as the show gets started, you can see the two having their own private party as the title suggests, since they retreated from the main one downstairs. And because they were all alone, they could go as wild as they wanted. Check this one out and some scenes from too if you want to see more juicy stuff. But as soon as the guys were all alone, see Rod and his fuck buddy getting each other naked and then sucking one another’s cocks. Seems like the other guy get’s to be on the receiving end of Rod’s… Rod, and they get to moan in pleasure while it goes balls deep in that ass.

Rod Daily Private-Party-768x435

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No Sense In Wasting Time

It’s time for Mr Rod Daily to shine once more as he gets to have quite the superb and hot fuck this afternoon with one of his fuck buddies. So let’s just get the show started and check out the main man in more naughty and hot action with another horny guy as himself. And as the title spells it, the two of them weren’t here to waste time. They were horny as hell and very very much desiring to have a nice and good hard fuck with one another here. So yeah, let’s just get those cameras rolling and let’s see the two hot guys getting naked and then taking their time to fuck hard style on that bed as they make it creak!

Well let’s just take the time to get to see the amazing and hot show begin with the two entering the bedroom and starting their little fun session. Some kissing and caressing is done of course, but they generally want to get over the foreplay. And you have seen Rod playing with Marcus as well, so you know that he’s quite good at what he does. Anyway, the guys soon get into position as it were and you can see the main man taking his time to bend his buddy over and taking that ass to pound town with his big hard cock.

Rod Daily No-Sense-In-Wasting-Time-768x435

Watch here Rod stuffing this guy’s ass!


Rod Daily – Doctor FeelGood

Rod Daily had a really interesting day and everything started with his first patient. This hunk had a hell of a visit at Dr. FeelGood cabinet and he didn’t leave until the doctor jerked off his dick and then banged his ass. We told you that visiting the doctor gets more and more interesting especially when Dr. Rod is there. The guy waited for the doctor Rod butt naked on the table showing off his hard fat dick and those rock hard abs. Having guys waiting for him like that it’s no wonder Rod gets so much action. This hunk exactly how to turn him on and it worked like a charm because the moment Rod saw him you could tell that he was going to take good care of his patient.

The doctor started by jerking off his patient’s fat dick but right before that he took off all of the clothes and showed off his amazing body as well. You gotta love seeing these hunks completely naked, those amazing bodies, those rock hard abs. But that’s not why we are all here, we know that you guys want to see RodDaily fucking his hot patient and you are going to see that in the gallery below. Follow the link and enjoy. We’ll see you next with more hardcore gay porn scenes, you are going to love them!

Rod Daily DOCTOR-FEELGOOD-768x435

See horny Rod jerking off his patient’s fat dick!


The Deep End

There’s nothing that Rod wouldn’t try out and this is another proof of that. The ripped jock found himself a new boy and he loved taking his big dick up his fine ass. But first, let us tell you how these two got here. Rod wanted to change something around his kitchen and of course, you can’t do that without calling a plumber. This seemed to be his lucky day because the plumber they sent was one of the hottest guys he ever saw. Rod knew that he had to have him and he made sure that was clear for both of them. While the plumber was busy fixing his pipe, Rod was testing just how open he is and the moment he heard him say that he is into dudes he knew how that day was going to end, for both of them.

After the guy finished his job, Rod offered him a tour of the house but end up spending a lot of time in the bedroom. Both of them were horny as fuck so there was only one thing to do and that was to fuck one another’s ass. From the looks of it our hot plumber knew what to do in his uniform and out of it. You better see these two taking turns at blowing and riding one another’s dick in the hot pictures we have for you. The RodDaily gallery is waiting for you below so be sure to check it out. Enjoy it!

Rod Daily the-deep-end-768x435

Take a look at Rod getting his perfect ass hammered!


Rod Daily – Phone Bone

Rod Daily has another great scene to share with us and this time the ripped jock had some locker room fun. We told that you are not going to get enough of these gym updates and we know that you guys can’t wait to see Rod riding another hard dick like he always does. This time the parts have changed because instead of fucking, Rod is the one getting fucked. This guy just started working there as a trainer and he had his eyes on Rod since day one. So the other day when he went to take a shower he followed him and popped out of nowhere right when Rod was busy jerking off his dick. The horny trainer was in charge from now on and he gave Rod a hand by jerking off his dick. Rod was took by surprise because let’s face it, it’s not like happens on a daily basis.

He then moved in the fun in the locker room on the massage table he let Rod ride his dick. This is what we call a committed trainer that really cares about his guys. Maybe he took it a bit too far but luckily for him this was just what Rod needed, more sweating after an intense workout in the gym. the guys shared it all with us and you can all check them out blowing one another’s dick and riding their dicks in the pictures below.

Rod Daily phone-bone-768x435

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Nude Intruder

The guys had an intruder in the gym the other day, but no worries Rod Daily tested him out. He wasn’t going to miss the chance to bang a fresh new ass, that’s how he got to meet all the guys that got them. One by one until he managed to bang all the gay guys that go there. So no one was surprised to see Rod working his way around the new guy and trying to get into his pants and his job couldn’t be easier. This guy was so loose that anyone could’ve convince him, so Rod had the easiest job this time. After they talked for a bit, Rod noticed that all the guys left them alone. The new guy didn’t even need convincing, he immediately took off his clothes and there you have him, butt naked ready for some back door action.

Below you can see them both naked as Rod is getting ready to ride his fat dick. You gotta love these amazing gym updates, who doesn’t like seeing hot ripped jocks fucking their asses? We sure do and we know that you guys love them as well. Well the nude intruder had the best welcome party we could’ve hoped for and that’s all thanks to RodDaily. You guys get to see it all in the picture gallery below and don’t forget to tell us what you think about it. Stay tuned because we have so many more scenes to share with you guys!

Rod Daily nude-intruder-768x435

Click here to see Rod getting his ass pounded!


Rod Daily – Rod Iron

Rod Daily got to try out another younger hunk and we got all the pictures from it. The ripped jock was the one getting slammed by the youngster in this one but soon the parts changed and he got his turn at that fine ass. Rod has something that literally draws all the guys around him especially the younger guys. The cute twink noticed his hot neighbor since the first day he moved in but never did anything about it until a few days ago when he finally had the gut to say something. He went to Rod with the lamest excuses but our hunk was bored so he gave him a try.

The moment the twink took off his clothes he knew that he made the right call, that hot body and that big dick were perfect for him. It’s going to be a really interesting afternoon after all! The hunks stayed in the garage and between all those boxes and Rod’s old stuff the hunk got the twink’s big dick up his ass. You gotta love the younger guys, they are always horny as fuck and they could literally fuck all day long. After the twink finished it was Rod’s turn to show him how he takes care of business and he didn’t have any mercy on that fine ass of his. You guys must check out Rod taking care of business and you get it all in the gallery below, so enjoy!



Take a look at Rod taking this twink’s dick up his ass!


Long Cock Of The Law

In his latest adventures Rod had some problems with the law, but no worries he found a way out of them. Everyone has their weaknesses and apparently these cops can’t say no to a fine ass and hot Rod has the perfect ass to hammer. He was hurrying home and he passed the speed limit and like it always happens there were a few cops right behind him when that happened. Rod pulled over and was taken to the police station by the two officers. There Rod was taken by surprise as the two officers started hitting on him. He was expecting a fine and nothing more, but these cops had a different agenda prepared for him and Rod is about to have one of his best nights.

They weren’t going to skip such a hottie so they tested Rod. The fine wasn’t a problem, so Rod didn’t have any reasons to go with it, but seeing these two made him a bit curious. Curious to see what the two young officers have in mind. Well, they didn’t need to much to get things started and here you have it. Our hunk, RodDaily, butt naked on the table while the officers took turns on banging his fine ass and dumping their loads. Only Rod could end up in these kind of situations! But at least we got a scene out of it so it was all worth it. See it for yourself below!

Rod Daily long-cock-of-the-law-768x435

Watch here Rod taking the long cock of the law up his ass!


Rod Daily – Paid in Full

Rod Daily has his own very special way of paying for the services other guys provide. As you can see from the preview below Rod loves fucking their asses as a thank you for all the hard work and help. He doesn’t have any complaints about it so the guys must’ve love his payment method as well. The hot hunk that’s in bed with him is one of the movers that helped him bring some of the last things from his former house. Rod loves thanking all the guys the same way and he starts by inviting the guy to stay over for a cold beer. No one can turn down a cold beer after lifting boxes all day long and once he said yes it’s a matter of time until Rod gets his hands on him.


He always has his way with these guys and this time we get to show you just how easy he gets them. The ripped hunk used his charms and in no time the hot mover was in his bed busy jerking off his hard dick. Now this is the proper way of finishing a hard day of work. Rod gave him a tip he won’t forget too soon. After the hunk finished jerking off his dick it was time to try out that perfect ass of his and you guys must see him taking Rod’s hard dick up his ass. We told you Rod had a special way of paying his employees. You can see it all below!

See these jocks jerking off one another’s dick!


Hitting Rod Bottom

Rod did it again and he’s back with another amazing gay update for us. This time he is the lucky one getting that fine ass of his nailed in the gym and the hunk in charge made sure he wasn’t going to forget about too soon. Like we said so many times, Rod loves guys that are in good shape and everyone knows that the gym is the best place to find them. Everything took place one Saturday morning when no one was there so they had the entire gym just for themselves. The hot hunks were the only ones in there so this could not get any better for them. Rod minded his own business when he saw the hot hunk coming his way and suddenly this turned out to be a way better day that both of them expected.

The ripped jock started sweet talking to RodDaily, working his charms, trying to get him without knowing that Rod was into him as well. It was fun for a bit but Rod couldn’t wait any longer. Soon after that, the two hot jocks got to test out the entire gym and by that, we, of course, mean fucking all over the place. You just can’t catch a break with these two and you are going to see that in the amazing update we got prepared for you guys.

Rod Daily hitting-rod-bottom-768x435

Click here to see this ripped jock banging Rod’s fine ass!


Rod Daily – Flip Flopping

Rod Daily got a more experienced hunk is the sack. Most of you guys don’t know that Rod actually likes flip flop fucking, he doesn’t like doing all the work. That’s why he picked the right guy for the job and you can see just how much he enjoyed fucking one another’s ass. It’s been a great scene to watch and we are sure that you are going to love it as much as we did. As you got used to, guys keep on falling in Rod’s lap and we literally mean his lap. Without even trying he somehow manages to have some of the hottest hunks in his sheets. This guy was working around the house when he saw how Rod butt naked swimming in his pool. He didn’t need too much time to make his first move on the ripped hunk and that lucky move got him in the bedroom shortly after.

From there on all the guys did was take turns on pleasing one another and they nailed it. Sucking off those fat dicks and then taking them up their tight asses over and over again. It wasn’t a bad way to spend the afternoon and Rod finally had someone to test out new things with and he learned a few new moves from this as well. Be sure to tune in to see the jocks fucking in this crazy update and also stay close for more gay updates!


Take a look at this guy riding Rod’s hard dick!


Fucking 101

This is one of Rod’s first scenes and we know that you guys are going to love this one as well. We get to see how it all started and see Rod in action fucking this guy in one of his first videos. We know that you guys love seeing the latest scenes but you shouldn’t ignore this one either. You guys know how muchRod loves stretching asses and this is another proof of that. He is joined by a twink and he’s a cute one too. Around here you are going to find a lot of scene from gay threesomes to twink gay porn. Rod offered the youngster a fucking 101 lesson that he won’t forget too soon.

The cute twink did everything Rod asked him to do and this worked out great for both of them. The hot hunk explained the twink how to blow dicks, how to eat ass and, his favorite, how to fuck asses. No one loves banging guys as much as RodDaily and everyone saw that in all of his updates. It was a hell of a lesson and the cute twink had the best lesson he could ever receive and he can thank our jock Rod for that. Make sure that you all take a look at it and tell what you think about young Rod in action and let us know if you want to see more of this.

Rod Daily fucking-101-768x435

Enjoy watching horny Rod banging a twink’s ass!


Rod Daily – Fan Fuck

Another great thing about Rod Daily is his vast fan club. Everyone knows him and everyone wants to get fucked by him, so he doesn’t have to worry about that for a really long time. This is the case as this hot fan made everything he could to get fucked by his favorite pornstar. This is the first fan fuck we have around here but we know that you guys are going to love seeing normal guys getting fucked by Rod. This is one of the lucky guys that got to mean him and as you can see Rod gave him just what he wanted and fucked his and it was just like he expected it to be. Rod picked him after seeing how pushy he was but this might be just the beginning of it.


The twink did a hell of a job blowing his dick and he really liked stretching this fine little ass so who knows might he will do this again. Rod even surprised this guy at his house and right there in his room, the twink got his ass fucked hard by his favorite pornstar. But the fun didn’t stop there for these two so don’t worry there is still a lot that you got to see and Rod always does a great job. We all know that. Hope you guys are going to love this as much as we did. See it all in the gallery below and stay close for more steamy updates!

See this lucky guy getting his ass drilled by Rod!


Daily Parlay

There’s nothing better that see two hot hunks sucking dicks and fucking their asses, especially is if one of those ripped hunks is Rod! Yes, your favorite jock is back and he’s got another great one ready for you guys. The horny hunk found this one at the gym he’s going to and after checking him out for a few days he finally made his move. You all know how guys are in the gym, it’s really easy to find something to talk about. Rod asked the guy about some exercises and that started it all. Rod then found this lame excuse to invite him to his place, to help him out with some equipment that he has and doesn’t know how to use.

Both of them knew that was a lame excuse but they all knew where this is going to take them. So the new guy went to his place to help him out and the moment they walked through that door all that sexual tensionbetween them was put to good use. The guys barely made it to the living room sofa, with their clothes on them, where they got to blow one another’s dick and stuff their fine asses. RodDaily did it again and you guys can see it all in the picture gallery below, there’s a lot more that the preview you have below, trust us! See you guys next with another update!

Rod Daily daily-parlay-768x435

Click here to see Rod sucking off this guy’s dick!


Rod Daily – Cock Tale

This time Rod tried out a younger guy and he loved riding his big dick. In case you guys didn’t know Rod loves messing around with guys that are a bit younger than him and this guy just finished college so he was perfect for him. The guy was actually one of his friend’s son and while his dad was missing Rod had to take care of him. He nailed that job as you can see. The young jock was minding his own business when he saw Rod joining him in his room. He didn’t thought that things are going to be this easy so he was a bit surprised when he saw the youngster make the first move on him and so our cock tale begins.

Rod saw the guy take off his clothes and before he could say a thing the youngster started taking off his clothes as well. In no time they were both butt naked and Rod was ready to try out his youngster. But before he can do that the twink had a different plan in mind and Rod was the one getting his ass hammered first. It was all a roller coaster ride and you guys are going to love seeing these two in action in one of the nastiest scenes we’ve seen lately. Be sure to check it all out in the gallery below and stay tuned!


Check out horny Rod riding a big dick!


Daily Lesson

Rod Daily has a really special lesson for all of us and he’s going to show it with the help of his new assistant. Horny Rod loves trying out his new employees and of course he hires only guys so get ready to see a lot of ass fucking scenes. Rod was looking for a new guy to be his assistant and he couldn’t hire a new guy without testing out his ass. The guy knew what to expect. When you enter in a office and you see only guys it’s pretty clear what is going to happen next. He wasn’t expecting his boss to be this hot and that helped him make a decision. Rod knows that guys need a minute to think about his offer but this guy answered it the fastest.

As you can see in the preview below everything took place in his office on his desk to be more precise. There is where he got to pound his new assistant’s ass and there is where he knew he was going to be great at the job. It doesn’t happen too often that RodDaily gives a new guy a job so easily so this guy did something right. We know that you guys want to see more and you don’t need to worry because we got the entire thing prepared for you guys in the update below.

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Rod Daily – Best Medicine

You weren’t actually expecting Rod Daily to have a normal doctor visit, did you? Everything has to end with a fuck when it’s about him. The ripped jock has a really special relationship with his doctor and by relationship we mean that they really enjoy banging their asses each time they meet. So Rod made sure he has at least one monthly doctor visit, so his doctor can check out his ass and make sure that everything is ok. Visiting the doctor got a lot more interesting, but you all know Rod isn’t like all of us. The ripped hunk made sure that he found a young hot doctor and the fact that he was already into dudes made things a lot easier for him. Who doesn’t want a doctor that loves stretching asses?


Our hot hunk waited for him butt naked on the table, no robe or anything and as you can see his doctor lost his clothes really fast and joined him. The door was closed and they were busy blowing and jerking off one another’s dick. But Rod’s favorite part got to be fucking his hot doctor’s ass in the middle of his office. This really is the best medicine you can find and with these kind of services is no surprise that the doctor is always busy and his hallways are filled with hot hunks patiently waiting their turn to get fucked by the hot doctor. Enjoy it!

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Pleasure is the name of the game with this free gallery!

rod-daily-pics-1 rod-daily-pics-2 rod-daily-pics-3 rod-daily-pics-4 rod-daily-pics-5 rod-daily-pics-6 rod-daily-pics-7 rod-daily-pics-8 rod-daily-pics-9 rod-daily-pics-10 rod-daily-pics-11 rod-daily-pics-12 rod-daily-pics-13 rod-daily-pics-14

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Barrels of Pleasure

Nothing is going to slow down our hunk when we are talking about ass fucking. This time he is the one getting pleased and by pleased we mean getting that fine ass drilled by another hot hunk. The great thing about these guys is that they need very little to get things started and once you got them in the right mood you know it’s going to be a hell of a show. This is also the case because both of the guys are horny as fuck so they don’t waste too much time and jump right to fucking one another’s ass. Rod is the first to get his ass hammered as you can see in the preview below and the guy fucking him is doing an amazing job. Just look at him shoving his big fat dick up Rod’s fine little ass!

We told you that Rod always has the best gay porn scenes in the business and there’s a reason why we all love him so much. In case you weren’t sure about it, this scene is going to help you. He never stops surprising us and we can’t wait to see what he prepared next for us. The ripped jocks didn’t stop here with the fun but if you want to see the rest you gotta check out the entire gallery below. See you guys next with more gay porn scenes from your favorite ripped jock RodDaily. Enjoy it!

Rod Daily barrels-of-pleasure-768x435

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Rod Daily – A Wonderland

You didn’t actually think that Rod Daily was done surprising us because here he is, back as promised. The horny hunk found a new hunk to hammer in his latest update and we’re going to see it all in the gallery we have prepared for you guys below. The Wonderland experience started with this new guy moving right next door to him and as you can see below their first encounter was great for both of them. Don’t you love it when your new neighbor shares the same interests as you? Rod is a really lucky guy, what were the chances that a hot gay guy moved right next door from him? The guys didn’t need too much to get things started and as soon as they had a room for themselves the real knowing started.

Rod believes that you can’t know your neighbor until you tried his fine ass first and that’s pretty much why he always bangs all of his neighbors. But this was a cutie and this got to be the hottest encounter he’s had lately. We know it’s not a threesome but trust us, you are going to love this one as much as you like some of the older updates. See horny Rod pounding his cute neighbor’s ass gotta be the best thing you are going to see all day long!


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A Morning To Remember

This is a morning we are all going to remember thanks to Rod Daily. As you can see Rod keeps surprising us in the best way possible and if last time he had a threesome for us, this time we got four hot hunks eager to blow and ride one another’s dick and we have the best seat in the house. Like we said earlier no one is going to forget this morning the guys sure wont. After a night of heavy partying the guys continued it at Rod’s place and there as you can see they didn’t stop until they got to bang one another’s ass after a game of pool. That was the bet, the losers had to do whatever the winners wanted them to do.

They were all horny as fuck so it wasn’t to hard to figure out what was going to happen. Luckly for all of us that pool game didn’t last too long and soon after that we got to see what we were all waiting for. The horny hunks butt naked getting their big dicks sucked off and then fucking the losers’ asses on the pool table. If only all pool games would be this much fun. So yeah it was a pretty good night and they ended it the best way possible with an intense ass fucking session. As usual you got the best place in the house so make sure you are going to check this all out, you are going to love it. Enjoy it and we’ll see you soon with more RodDaily updates!

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Rod Daily – A Triple Play

Things get hotter and hotter around here especially when Rod Daily is involved, so get ready because it’s going to be an amazing ride and you all get to see your favorite hot hunk getting his mouth and ass fucked. The triple play involves Rod and two of his hot next door neighbors. Let’s put it this way, some neighbors like barbecuing together, well they like taking turns on riding one another’s dick during their Sunday afternoons. Even if he tried Rod just couldn’t find two hotter guys and buckle up because it’s going to be a crazy ride. The ripped jock got things moving really fast so before you know it they were already butt naked and ready for some one on one action, well it was more two on one action.

The hot ripped guys took turns on sucking off those hard dicks, eating out their fine asses and then dumping their loads in them as well. We told you that Rod has the best party and you never know what to expect from him and that’s a great thing. When you thought he couldn’t get hotter, this scene happens. It’s not a bad way to start your day, what can be better than seeing three hunks taking turns on each other and bareback fucking their asses. Not bad, not bad at all. See them getting down with each other in the hot gallery below!


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A Glorious Discovery

Rod is getting his hot ass hammered. Rod finally trying out the famous glory hole and he had a blast trying it out. Maybe it was because he end up getting fucked by a really hot hunk. The ripped jock heard left and right about this glory hole thing and he knew that he had to give it a try to see what all the fuss was about, so he went to the only place in the city that had one. It literally was a hole in the wall so when he first saw it, he wasn’t too impressed by it, but everything changed once he heard the door.

The curiosity to see who was on the other side made things a lot more interesting and once he saw his dick coming through the hole he knew that he made the right choice. After she sucking off the guy’s dick and got it nice and hard it was his ass’s turn to test it out and as you can see he enjoyed every second. Why wouldn’t he enjoy getting that fine ass hammered? We sure enjoyed seeing him in action and we are pretty sure that you guys are going to enjoy it as much as we did. We don’t get to see Rod trying out things like this too often so this was a great update. You can see it all by following the link below!

Rod Daily a-glorious-discovery-768x435

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Rod Daily – Ass Fuck

Rod is a very sexy stud. The ripped stud engages in a hard style anal fucking with one of his buddies that knows how to hit the right spots in his ass with his big dick. And Rod also aims to become your number one go-to source when you’re in dire need of some hot gay porn. He never disappoints with his sex adventures and you can bet he wants to start off strongly with this first gallery of him tanking a ass pounding.

So he met up with this hot schoolboy of his at the local gym and the pair of studs set out to work out together. Soon enough the couple was talking about how they liked to have sex more recently and sure enough the spirits heated. The two sexy and now horny guys, waited for the gym to get to it’s closing time when everyone would go home to have the spot all to themselves. And once the coast is clear they engage in some hard style action. Watch as the horny rod takes a balls deep anal fucking in this gallery. If you wanna see other sexy jocks hammering each other’s ass, enter the blog! Have fun friends!


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