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Check out this mean mistress torturing her submissive slave!


Window Girl Hardcore Torturing

We bring you more window girl video updates. But this time it’s special. You see we had more content than usual that we really wanted to show off and we simply couldn’t just let it slip. So we split the update in two to be able to bring you both of these amazing videos. The first one features a very stern mistress as she does one fine job of anally fucking her guy with a dildo as he moans in pleasure. It seems that the naughty little man slut enjoys his really harsh treatment. Enjoy it everyone!


Check out this mean mistress nailing her slave’s butthole!

The second part of this superb windowgirl update has another mistress delivering some hard style treatment to her sex slave. So without further due, sit back and watch her do her thing playing with his ass and cock. You just have to see this super hot woman stretching the other dude’s ass with her favorite toy. We said that we’d bring you some fine scenes in every update and we think that we delivered on that claim. All that you have to keep doing is to take it easy as you enjoy yourselves with the content that we’ll continue to provide.



See these mistresses torturing their submissive slave!


Huge Toys

We have a special update to show off everyone. This time we bring you a window girl video of the horny MILF that we had a few updates ago as she feels in a very playful mood. She has gone shopping for new sex toys and seems that she made a fine decision picking up one big dildo that she wants to show off. She went straight home afterwards and was very eager to ride that fake cock with her hungry pussy this afternoon. Well you get to see everything that she does with it so let’s not waste any more time and get on with the show.


This windowgirl knows how to have a good time and you just have to see her getting wild with her new toy. As the cameras start filming her she lays on the bed with the toy besides her and she explains what she intends to do. Then without any more delays she mounts it and starts to fuck that wet cunt of hers with it. Watch her as she tries to take as much as she can of the dildo in her pussy everyone. We hope you enjoyed like always! Don’t hesitate to visit if you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries.

Check out this horny mistress playing with her monster toys!


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Window Girl – Submissive Slave

This window girl porn update features another pair of horny women trying to have some fun for your viewing pleasure. They are horny, they are hot and they plan to show everything they have for your viewing pleasure. Both of them are blondes and both of them pack some perfect pairs of tits as well. When we talked to them prior to the shoot they said that there’s nothing that they love more in this world than to have hard core sex, abuse some male sex slaves in love or just play with some big toys. Well there’s no guys here so they have to play with each other.

As the windowgirl cameras start rolling the two lusty women waste no time in getting their little sex session started for your viewing pleasure. And they start off by taking out a big black rubber dildo that they brought along. Watch as they start to tease each other’s bodies and see them offering each other the dildo to suck on it and get it nice and lubes for their holes. Then you’ll get to watch them insert the big and hard toy in their holes fucking each other hard style with it. We hope you love it!

windowgirltorturingasubmissiveslave windowgirltorturingaslave

See this submissive slave receiving a rough treatment!


Tied and Abused

We know that you’ve been eagerly expecting this gallery and here we are with it all new and fresh. Again we have stumbled upon a pair of horny ladies that intend to give a guy a run for his money tonight as they eagerly want to take turns in fucking his ass with a big dildo for tonight. They snatched him at a bar as they seduced him with their devilish good looks and they were intending to not let him go for the entire night giving him a face sitting lesson. So let’s watch them.

windowgirltied windowgirltiedandabused
These two windowgirl sluts took him home to their place under the guise that the two will certainly show him a good time for the evening. Little did the dude know that these women are professional dominatrix’s and they have some different kinds of ass fucking in mind than he has. Once at their place the ladies throw him on the ground and bind his hands as they both climb on top of him. They tease him a bit and then they pull out the strap op to fuck him hard style. Watch them taking turns to ass fuck the unfortunate dude and enjoy!

See these babes torturing their slave with monster dildos!


Window Girl Black Monster

Well another update swung by guys, and as always we brought you more window girl pics for you to enjoy. This time however we have a special guest and there’s no way that you haven’t heard about this porn star. Her name is Lady Minka and in case you didn’t know it this sexy Asian with a mega bust loves herself some BDSM and hard core fucking. Well she was here to at one of her buddies’ requests and how could she turn her down when she heard that it was about getting fucked by big and hard toys like in chantasbitches videos.

She didn’t hesitate to accept her friend’s proposal and the two sexy women went ahead to start off this windowgirl scene. You’ll be able to watch the beauties as they kiss one another and then you’ll see them try out those big toys on each other’s round asses and pussies. First up is Minka and she gladly puts on the strap dildo as her friend is eagerly waiting for the fucking to commence. Watch as Minka goes as deep as she can in he friend’s tight holes and enjoy guys. We’ll be bringing you even more superb content next!


See these slut fucking each other using a monster cock!


Basement Torture

Another fresh scene and time for one more porn update. This time we’d like to bring you a superbly and hot Mistress that just loves herself a guy with a tight ass that she can get to fuck to her heart’s content. You’ll surely enjoy her little scene as she gets her dirty little hands on a submissive male that’s going to allow himself to be abused by this sexy dominatrix. And does this woman pack a collection of torture tools. As soon as you enter her basement you can see that she’s prepared for any occasion.


So, this windowgirl invites her little man slut inside to start off this sex session and he seems to be really eager to be abused by this woman. So let’s see how she likes to treat him tonight. As he assumes the position the naughty blonde ties him up to some planks as she puts on her strap on to fuck his ass from behind. watch the dude getting a thorough doggie style fucking from the lady and enjoy. You will then be able to watch her stroke on his eager dick as he’s been a good little man slut and took his ass fucking without complaints.


See this hot mistress destroying her slave’s butthole!


Window Girl Porn Scene

Again we bring you one more window girl porn update. However is a special day as we have not one but two dominatrix’s playing with their naughty male slave. And they intend to make use of every thing that they have in their arsenal to play with the unfortunate dude’s asshole. So let’s not waste any more time and just sit back and enjoy the show that the two very horny ladies like Domkarin put on for you. You’ll surely enjoy seeing these two women acting all dominant with their male slave as they toy around with his ass tonight.

When the windowgirl cameras start rolling these vixens all dressed in latex start doing her number and they were really eager to make full use of their arsenal of sex toys. They waste no time in ordering the guy to get on all fours as they pull out one massive black dildo that will penetrate his butt. Then watch them lubing it a bit to have an easier time sliding inside that tight ass. And then watch them fuck the guy’s ass senseless with the huge sex toy. Enjoy guys! For similar videos and pics, check out the heels nylon page!

windowgirlporn windowgirlpornscene

See these naughty babes torturing their slave senseless!


Window Girl – Monster Dildo

This super update has another window girl acting in her very own scene for the day. Our crew went down to this lady’s place as she requested for the shoot to take place there. That and she also wanted to give a few words about her, so naturally you can imagine that she’d feel more at ease at home. So with that we got in our cars and headed down to her place. She’s really renown around town for her dirty little pleasures but amazingly she never starred in her very own scene. And with this windowgirl update we are fixing that!

As we reached her place, the lovely blonde opens the door and before us stands a tall and sexy mature that greets us. Right from the expression on her face you could tell that this sexy vixen just like the sluts from website is all about having hard core fun. She tells us that many guys passed by her place so far and they all enjoyed her rough treatment. She does have a little show and tell to do as well as she pulls out the big  strap on dildo that she aptly named ass stretcher. Well, you get to see her playing around and stroking that big rubber cock for your entertainment guys!

windowgirlmonsterdildo windowgirlmonsterdildoplay

See this mistress playing with her monster black dildo!


Tortured and Abused

The windowgirl crew brings you one more super sexy update all ready and prepared for your enjoyment. This scene has one super hot blonde enjoying some alone time with her sex slave and you get to see every dirty little thing that they do tonight, including some ball busting, of course. You’ll be pleasantly impressed by this woman’s performance and you’ll also get to see just how she likes to have sex with her man every time that they want to get it on. You will surely like her as she’s also the proud owner of one superb body as you will shortly see in the windowgirl gallery.

As the cameras start rolling her male slave is lying on hi back in bed and she makes her entrance all dressed in a sexy and hot latex outfit paired with a mask as well. She then takes off her clothes and climbs on top of the guy as he sits on the bed. For a while se continues to talk dirty to him while she’s playing with his cock. But this blonde with her perfectly round tits doesn’t intend to let him fuck her. On no, to night he’d be the one offering up his ass for a fucking delivered by her and her big strap on dildo. Watch them have their fuck session tonight everyone!

windowgirlmantorturedandfucked windowgirlmantortured

Watch here this mistress nailing her slave’s butthole!


Window Girl Extreme Torturing

This fine day we bring you a smoking hot window girl MILF that wants to test out her giant strap on dildo on some unfortunate ass. The ass that was to be penetrated tonight is that of her boyfriend’s and she intends to punish her little sex ShadowSlaves with that toy since he’s been very naughty tonight. He dared to not do the thins that she told him to do and then she talked back to her. But too late did he realize that that meant he’d be punished. So let’s see what treatment he was in for tonight.

windowgirlextremetorture windowgirlextremetorturing
As the superb windowgirl scene starts, the blonde woman who is looking just like Nicki Blue signals the man to enter her room as she’s all ready to lay down some hard punishment on his tight ass tonight. He has no other choice but to be submissive and bend over as this lady prepares the toy for some deep anal penetrations. Watch her as she takes her time to fuck that ass as deeply as she can with her sex toy. In the end the male sex slave enjoyed himself as well and hopefully he learnt his lesson for now!

See this mistress torturing a slave using a monster dildo!


Club Torturing

Window girl is here and we want to bring you updates featuring some hard style porn everytime. We have the pleasure to present to you the ins and outs of a club that lavishes with servicing it’s clients with all of their Femdom Empire dominatrix and BDSM fetishes for our debuting gallery. For this first scene we are bringing you a superb little scene with a tranny that gets tortured by his/her mistress. And she’s really ruthless as well. We are certain that you won’t regret your time spent here with these two.

So without further due, let’s sit back and watch the two have fun in this windowgirl update. As the cameras start rolling you can already see the naughty tranny meeting the mistress, and the dominatrix has a full course torture session prepared for her little sex slave. Watch as the woman fingers her slave’s ass and then watch as the dominatrix straps on her giant black dildo offering it to the tranny to suck on. We sincerely hope that this was to your liking and we hope you enjoyed your time here with this update. See you next with even more scenes guys!

windowgirlclubtorture windowgirlclubtorturing

Check out this mean mistress torturing her slave!


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Window Girl Ultimate Strap-On

Have a look at the next window girl video update, to see this hot mistress messing around with her lover. She’s got a huge strap on that she is about to use, even though at the very beginning he was kind of skeptical when he noticed it. But, after a long and kinky foreplay, they both got fired up and they started to play with each other, mostly she played with his body. She wanted to be in charge so she got that huge toy and she started to play with it, rubbing his body with that giant toy.

The truth is, this was only the beginning. She got really fired up so she stretched his legs so she could get between them, to push that giant toy right between his butt cheeks. Have a look at the following actions and get ready to see some fisting action and some ass hammering sessions, just like in the fisting scene from You will get really turned on after seeing how this hot blonde is going to penetrate his tight ass hole with her giant tool. Have a look at the whole windowgirl video, to see exactly how she is going to pump his tight ass with that huge strap on that she has. You will have a huge surprise in the end, so have a look and see her being really hard!


See this hot mistress playing with her servant!


Fetish Castle

We have more amazing scenes for you guys so stay tuned! This time we have this old guy that wanted to try out some new things and ends up getting tied and teased by two sexy mistresses. He was having his midlife crises and needed to try out new things. Although he was married, his wife didn’t offered him what he wanted to he started looking for it in different places. The old guy found out about our girls and thought to make them a visit. They had this castle rented for all kind of sexual pleasures.

When you first heard about it, it seems to interesting to try out and that’s how it seemed to our guy as well. He told his wife that he had a business conference this and booked his place at the castle. He was hoping to have a threesome with a hot lesbian couple, well he didn’t received that. When he got there they told him that it’s going to be rough and he still went for it. So don’t miss him out getting undressed, tied and them teased by the curvy two MILFs in this insane windowgirl update. Enjoy!


Check out these kinky MILFs playing with this guy!