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ClubDom Femdom Worship


See this slave worshiping his mistress’ boots!

You gotta see this poor guy licking his mistress’ boots in this clubdom femdom scene. You wanted to be hand dominated well that what you got. Megan got this to her torture cave, got him all in leather, from his pants to his vest and finishing with that restrictive mask and the fun begun. She started things nice and easy with some feet worshiping, those boots need some love too. In thr preview above you can see this poor submissive guy licking those boots clean, but we all know that’s just beginning. He ain’t getting away with just that…

Aleana & Rainey 101 Caning


Click here to see 101 Caning!

If you wanna learn everything about caning, then you go to the experts: Rainey and Aleana. These two kinky MILF mistresses are going to teach everything there is about it and even better….they are actually going to show you everything you are going to get. It all starts with the setup and in their sex dungeon you are going to find everything you need. Different types of canes and all the leather you can think off. This poor guys was tied up and got his ass caned until there was red everywhere. Safe to say he will have a hard time sitting for the next month or so…

ClubDom Video – Raven Eve’s Fucking Machine


Watch this guy getting his ass destroyed!

You gotta see this clubdom video fucking machine. Raven Eve found a new guy to fuck and she had to bring out her favorite sex toy, her fucking machine. Why break a sweat with a dildo when you can push a button and have a machine do all the work? This poor guy didn’t know what hit him, he thought this was going to be some softcore bdsm, instead here he is…all tied up to a bed taking a huge dildo up his ass. You should hear this poor guy screaming and then moaning and then screaming again!

FemDom Clubdom


See these mistresses toying with their slave!

The FemDom clubdom has a new guest over and he is going to have the time of his life. The two mistresses took him downstairs to their sex dungeon and the guy was ready to enjoy all the pain that was coming his way. Their latex outfits turns him on and got him eager for what was about to happen. He was undressed and chained while the mistresses began caning his ass to warm him up. If you enjoy seeing red asses, then this is for you.

ClubDom FemDom Paddling


Click here to see these guys getting their asses smacked!

We got some old fashioned clubdom femdom empire paddling taking place in this one. Enough with the dungeons and the creepy settings, for this one we are outdoors and the guys are enjoying some nice publish humiliation. This was bold, not gonna lie, have two guys butt naked in the middle of the backyard getting their asses spanked. A neighbor could pop up any moment and see everything that was going on. You wanted kinky mistresses, well these two ladies don’t hold back and their slaves are enjoying every moment of it.

Michelle & Isobel


See this guy getting whipped!

Michelle and Isobel showed this guy the time of his life and its an experience he won’t soon forget. This isn’t your usual caged experience, he is suspended up in the air in this leather net and he’s whipped. We forgot to mention that he is completely naked and is wearing a mask. All that whipping made him hard and you can all see that and our mistresses made sure they took really good care of his hard dick.

Club Dom Raven Eve


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It isn’t a club dom scene until we have the one and only club dom Raven Eve. She is one of the OGs around here and she enjoying nothing more than playing with her submissive slaves in love. And the guys can’t manage to stay away from her, there is something that keeps them coming back for more. Look at this poor bastard gazing at her while she smoking. He was no idea that she is actually thinking of way to inflict pain.

Megan Jones in Stockings


Watch this slave worshiping his mistress’ feet!

Even fully dressed Megan Jones has her way with her ShadowSlaves. You don’t always need leather and whips and canes to get things done. Sometimes a leash and a willing guy is all you need for a good time. Our sexy mistress is wear her street clothes, a nice blouse, a short skirt and some stockings. Apparently those stockings really did the trick because this guy can’t keep his mouth away from those beautiful long legs. The leash might have something to do with that too…They need to pay a visit to that famous english mansion!

Club Dom Whipping


Click here to see this slave getting whipped!

There is nothing like some club dom whipping to start your day. Being out and about, surrounded by woods, gets the blood moving and our mistress had to do something about it. You know Raven she can’t stand still. She found a punk to fool around with and found the perfect place to do. In the middle of a field between two wood poles, tied up by his wrists and with the usual mask on. Raven loves her whip and all the pain it inflicts….

Destroy Your Ass


See this guy getting DP’d by his mistresses!

Michelle lacy and Isobel are back at it again. This time they are busy destroying this poor guy’s ass. They are both wearing strap-ons and they intend on using them both at the same time. There is no fun in using them one at a time. Not enough pain..and their slave deserves all the pain they can inflict. One takes the mouth while the other takes care of the ass…and vice versa. Its gonna be a long day…