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Femdom Brutal Facesitting


Check out this mistress punishing her slave!

We are starting things off with a proper femdom brutal facesitting. You love seeing these poor slaves in love pleasing their horny mistresses and we do too. There is something about seeing all these powerless guys in doesn’t get any better. As you can see this obedient slave went thru it all, his mistress didn’t hold back at all and we are going to see him eating her pussy and then dildo fucking her too. Of course the dildo is in his mouth…

Wild Russian Bitches


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You gotta love these crazy Russian babes. They are up for anything and will do anything to please themselves. Luckily for them, most of them are hot as fuck and have a lot of guys willing to do anything to please them. As you can see in this preview, in this scene we have a gorgeous blonde in action and her submissive slave that is busy eating out that pussy. It takes a lot of work to please her, so what do you guys think…has he done a good job? Not your fetish? Maybe you want to check the latest update of four finger club!

Brutal Facesitting XXX


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More hot Russian chicks in this Brutal Facesitting XXX scene as you can see. We have this gorgeous brunette wearing her all black leather outfit, ready to do some damage. She has on a black leather dress, stockings and her high heels too. She couldn’t forget about her slave, so she made him wear his leather harness and a leash too. Such a good obedient boy…just look at him eating her pussy out. It’s such a great scene, make sure you check it out!

Only Facesitting


Check out this submissive slave eating his mistress’ pussy!

All this chick wanted was to sit on someone’s face and luckily for her and for us that wasn’t hard at all. The sexy brunette found herself a nice guy that was willing to do just about anything to get a piece of her and that wet pussy. As you can see this one is a more relaxed scene, there isn’t any leather, chains, leashes…anything of that nature involved. Just a horny submissive guy trying to please his eager female mistress.

XXX Threesome


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We know you are going to be excited for this. Instead of one hot chick, we have two smoking hot chicks teasing this poor submissive guy. We said poor because he had a really long day ahead of him, but it was worth it. Just look at them…they are perfect. Both of them hot and fit, long legs, fine asses. Anyone would’ve done it too, he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Lucky motherfucker! Anyway make sure you check out the entire thing to see him pleasing both of them!

Hardcore Facesitting


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We continue with our hot mistresses and their facesitting fun. We can’t really judge these poor guys, they are too hot to turn down. Just look at her, in her black and gold top, high heels, cute face, big tits..who can turn that down? Besides this guy actually likes eating pussy, so it was so bad for him. You can actually tell by looking at her face that he knows what he’s doing and he is doing one hell of a job. Oh yeah..she’s having a great time!

Pussy Licking


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What do you do when you find a burglar in your house? Well he has to be punished. That’s why she has a baseball bat in her hand. She heard some noise from the office, while being home alone, so she grabbed the bat and went down to check things out. There she found this guy trying to steal from her. Once he saw her in that sexy lingerie he immediately changed his mind and found a different activity for the both of them to try out….one that would keep her happy, happy enough to not call the police…

Pussy Dominatrix


See this slave pleasing his mistress!

You’ll find all kind of pussies around here and this time we bring you a hairy one. This gorgeous brunette mistress found a submissive slave that can take care of her eager pussy and you can tell she’s not playing around just by looking at the cane in her hand. The leash also helps because she can keep him nice and focused on the job, either he wants it or not. But who wouldn’t want it when we are talking about a chick this hot?

Over The Edge


Check out this mistress getting pleased!

This chick isn’t playing around. This poor guy is all tied up and either he wants it or not, he is going to eat that pussy out and her ass too. She is extremely horny and someone better take care of her holes and fast. She even brought out the whip in case he needed a reminder of who is in charge. This poor guy didn’t have any way out, except pleasing her and doing a hell of a job at it too. The nasty brunette is not easily pleased either so this poor guy has a really long day ahead of him and we have it all for in the gallery!

Fine Fetish


Take a look at this poor guy in a leash!

Don’t you just love going on walks? We’re guessing we all thought of the same kind of walk. Well so did this guy but to his surprise that was not the type of walk his mistress had in mind. She has a more grounding walk in mind and by grounding we mean walking on all fours while having a leash around your neck….so yeah a bit different from your normal walks. But look at his beeing a good boy and being walked around that living room!