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Watch this submissive slave getting punished and fucked!

Slaves In Love Morning in office


See this slave getting tied and fucked!

This morning in the office was a bit different than the usual, but is what happens to all our slaves in love. You fall for the wrong guy and he has the craziest fetishes and whats to try them all with you. Being so into him all the slaves say yes and here we are. The hot secretary ended up being tied up and fucked by her boss on the desk and he recorded it all too. Its just a crazy ass scene and we’ll leave it there. You can see the entire gallery by yourself.

Pain and Pleasure


Click here to see Pain and Pleasure!

Thats what its all about, pain and pleasure. You have to get though some pain to get some pleasure and there’s no way around it with these guys. We can’t really blame them when you have a beautiful woman in front of you that’s willing to do just about anything, why not test her limits and see just how far she will actually go? This hot brunette went through it all, from gagging to elite spanking to flogging and finishing with hardcore fucking.

Slave Ko


Take a look at this slave getting fucked!

Oh man…this slave sure enjoys her fucking and everything that came with it. There are chicks that are submissive and then there are chicks that are begging for it. Ko was begging for it, for that pain before the pleasure. The curvy redhead went through hell and back in this one and her tits got the worst of it all. Wearing that restrictive leather bra that squeeze them and squeeze them while she was cuffed and couldn’t do anything about it.

Slave Og


See this old guy fucking his slave!

When you start taking care of an older guy, fucking isn’t really on the list. Og was hired by his family to be by his side all the time and take of him. I guess taking care of his dick is doing the job properly. Og was curious to try out all the toys she’s found around the house and wanted to see just how far the old guy was going to take things. He kept it simple and effective, a fishnet top and a lot of leather. A choker and some cuffs, of course. See this old guy fucking his submissive slave.

Slave Re


See slave Re getting tied and punished!

Slave Re is the latest one to join our family of slaves in love. She will literally do anything that her man asks her to without asking a question. Love, just blind and submissive love. Re got tied up, her legs got tied up, so she couldn’t move and her man started testing her limits with all kinds of toys and gadgets. And her being such a good girl took it all like a champ and didn’t complain even once. But you could see her struggling from time to time. It was hard to tell if she was moaning out of pain or out of pleasure!

Slave Oo


Watch here Oo receiving her hard training!

Slave Oo is ready to receive her hard The Training Of O from her master and from the looks of it, she’s begging for more. You are going to see Oo getting her limits tested over and over again. Butt naked in this guy’s dungeon filled with the kinkiest shit you’ve ever seen. She gets undressed and right away the guy started whipping her and covering her body with hot wax. You might think that she called it quits after that, but these slaves have the highest pain tolerance.

Slave Bo


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Bo just won’t take no as an answer. She keeps on following her master everywhere he goes, even to his house. Following butt naked from room to room, just teasing and teasing. How can you say no to someone that looks that way? The guy finally caved in and gave her what she wanted. The roughest treatment you could possible think off but that isn’t going to keep her pleased for too long. Bo loves her mix of pain and pleasure.

Slave Sut


Watch this slave pouring hot wax on herself!

Slave Sut took matters in her own hands. Instead of looking for a master, she started punishing herself, doing the nastiest things. The scene opens up with her, completely naked on the floor,showing off her curvy body and big tits. In the background you can also spot some of the toys she’s about to use in this one. But she warms things up, literally, with some hot wax all over those impressive tits of her. Hot wax dripping down her body, making her scream out of pain…

Slave Ve


See this slave deepthroating her master’s dick!

Slave Ve is here to show how you please your master. So consider this your 101 introduction course. Ve gets undressed like the good girl that she is. She gets cuffed and chained and she’s ready to receive her punishment. You could literally do anything to this submissive slave and she would just ask for more. Some chicks just love being treated like slaves…getting orders and respecting those orders to the T. Ve is such a good girl and you are going to love seeing her sucking off that dick.

Slave Oo and Ela


See these slaves punishing one another!

I know you got distracted by the two hotties flogging in the front, but if you look closer you can actually see their master sitting behind and enjoying this show, a show that he put on. He was the one that cuffed them to a chain that is attached to the ceiling and undressed them too. The girls were given two leather whips and ordered to fight one another until the master got a clear winner and that winner got to enjoy the rest of the night with him.