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Aiden Starr Whipped Ass


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We’ve got an amazing Aiden Starr Whipped Ass scene. The sexy pornstar is here and she found a new slave to torture. The great about all these hot students is that they are broke as fuck and will do anything for some extra cash. And that’s music to Aiden’s ears. She loves having new girls over and testing their limits with all her toys…and she has quite the collection as you are about to see in the gallery we have for you!

Dee Williams and Kira Noir


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Dee Williams and Kira Noir are here to show us just how far they can take things and we are all here for it. These two don’t play around so get ready to see things getting wild right from the jump. As you can see there a lot of girl on girl action. And just let say that she doesn’t get untied until the dominatrix is fully pleased. We know you guys are curious so we’ll let you enjoy the entire picture gallery because it’s amazing!

Lesbian Whipped Ass


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We are getting some high quality lesbian whipped ass action in this one. It’s been a while since we’ve had a MILF around here and let’s just say they always deliver. With so much experience under the belt it’s rare that they are surprised by anything or overwhelmed about some roughness. As you can see in the preview the MILF is busy enjoying the dildo fucking she’s receiving and let’s just say that both of her holes had a really good time in this one!

Servicing Sinn


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We’ve got two more hotties pleasing and teasing and punishing in this latest one. These chicks sure love their bondage gangbangs and the rougher it is the better it is for them….and for us too. We love seeing hot chicks dominating one another with little to no clothes involved and lots and lots of toys. We love seeing their toy collections and what they are willing to do with them. Well this is no different, these two are here to test their limits…at least one of them is!

Lesbian Latex Blasphemy


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Lesbians and latex…the perfect match. There is nothing better than seeing hot chicks in latex punishing other hot chicks. This ebony dominatrix has no room for mercy so get ready for a very rough ride. But it’s going to be really rough for our submissive slave. She has no idea what’s next for her and that’s a pretty terrifying idea. You never know with these kinky mistresses. We know you wanna find out that happened next and we got you all covered with this amazing gallery!

Give and Take


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Another submissive slave in love, another amazing scene. This time we actually have two blondes, a blonde dominatrix and a blonde submissive slave. As you can tell from the preview, the mistress isn’t wasting any time and she jumped right to action and by action we mean pounding that pussy. Luckily for her, her slave is being a good girl and she doesn’t even need to be tied up. She is just obeying every command and doing everything she is being told to!

Secret Submissive


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We’ve had one on one around here but it is time to share with you guys a lesbian threesome too. We have two mistresses and one submissive slave for you in this one. The sexy dominatrixes are both ready, with their strapons on and waiting their turn to pound that pussy. This poor chick has a long day ahead of her but it could’ve been a lot worse and who know maybe it’s gonna get rougher. If you wanna know how it all ended there is a gallery waiting for you inside!

Body Double


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More horny dominatrixes from FemdomEmpire and more submissive slaves. We love to see it. Well this slave didn’t have it as easy as the rest of them. Before the mistress started fucking her, she made sure she punished her properly, especially those boobs. Look at them, that must be so rough and to avoid hearing her scream a ball gag was much needed. Now she’s ready to get fucked and trust us…she got a proper fuck. This mistress isn’t playing around!

First Time Submission


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We have a first timer on our hands. It’s been a while since the last time we’ve had someone new around here and we love to see it. We love seeing hot chicks ready to test their limits. This hot blonde is in great hands and her mistress showed her a really good time. She undressed her and then tied her to the bed, she has the leather harness and everything. Now it’s time to take care of those holes with that massive strap on!

Service Slut Training


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You might wonder what is a service slut training. Well there is a process to get on this page and everyone needs some training. You know the do’s and dont’s. Well this slave had a little lesson to teach her everything, but it didn’t went as expected. She was expecting to see one mistress and when she got there she was two hot chicks waiting for her. Not knowing any better she agreed to go on and you can see above the final result. She got all tied up and then both of the mistresses started fucking her in the same time. One took care of her pussy and the other one of her asshole. Now this is a lesson she will definitely remember. If you wanna see everything that went down you know what you gotta do. Just follow the link and enjoy it all!