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In this playdaddy porn scene, this chick is going to take care of these two horny older guys. As you can see these two are both busy, one is taking care of that wet pussy while she is busy sucking off the other dick. Hard to believe that these older guys could land such a hottie, but here we are. For some reason these chicks have a soft spot for older guys, that or they are extremely curious to see what they are working with and how long can they actually last at their age.

Celebrating My Divorce


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There’s no better way to celebrate a divorce that hooking up with the hottest chick you can find. If she’s younger than your ex-wife that makes it even better. That’s how our guy is thinking and we have to agree with him on this one. Who in their right mind would turn this gorgeous brunette down? If you like seeing her suck dick, you are going to love seeing her riding that dick too…those massive juggs bouncing…now that the perfect view!

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Playdaddy Kittie whose bag has just been stolen knows she needs the help of an honorable man in uniform. However it is a cop with his own evil backpacking plan who informs the short-lived Caesar of the crime. He will not get his goods in exchange. But its almost a crime. For the food he gets. That’s the thing, all these hotoldermale are in charge of a lot of people and some of those people happen to be really hot and young. What can they do? How can you resist? Luckily for them, these chicks are open minded and are ready to bend the rules for a raise and also keep their mouth shut. Safe to say this chick wasn’t expecting her old boss to be packing and to fuck her so good in this Grandpas Fuck Teens episode..look at her!

The TPS Report


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Again with these powerful older guys! This horny daddy couldn’t wait to get his hands on his hot assistant and those massive tits of hers and she was waiting for that too. So she found an excuse to go to his place and bring him some random report. She knew that she was doing and made sure to wear the sluttiest clothes, the poor guy didn’t stood a chance in front of those massive tits. But you guys should seehimfuck her…now that’s the real show!

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Glamorous Playdaddy Victoria realizes that hot daddy Adan needs to calm down every time he meets a cutie in the park. This guy got the massage everyone dreams off. Our daddy got lucky and somehow got to nail his sexy fresh babe after their session. All it took was for her hand to touch his pants and his hand to go underneath her shirt, he had to return the favor…

Love Making


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We got another lucky old guy banging a hottie in this playdaddy porn scene! These old guys somehow end up with the hottest chick in the room and that got us a bit curious. How are they doing it? And we are sure the chicks are even more curious to see how the perform. Maybe that’s why they keep saying yes to them…out of curiosity to see what they are working with and how long can they actually last. Lets say that this chick had a really pleasant surprise!

Play Daddy Porn Scene: Deep Inside


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She looks a bit familiar doesn’t she? Well she’s the chick from the previous Play Daddy porn scene and from the looks of it she found herself a new sugar daddy4k to try out. At least now we know she has a thing for older dudes and wants to test them all out. The sexy blonde got really lucky this time because she has a stud taking care of that wet pussy of hers and she send us all the photos from that encounter and they are ready for you!

The Competition


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There’s a little bit of competition going on between these two older daddies. They wanna see who can fuck this hot chick better. You know everyone brags about sex, but now there is someone that can actually pick a winner between these two. The hot brunette is extremely curious to see how these two are going to do. She took off their pants first to see what she’s working with and as you can see in the preview she picked the bigger dick and started working on it…

Daddy’s Dick


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Lola is a really ambitious girl and when she wants something that means that she’s gonna get it. Especially when we are talking about men. Who in their right mind would turn her down? Exactly! She was checking out her neighbor for a while now and this weekend everything aligned for her. His wife was out of town and the coast was clear for her to make her move. You might think it took her a lot to convince the old guy..but no…he caved fast and now we get to see her sucking off his dick..

Play Daddy Porn Episode: Big Little Lies


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The latest Play Daddy porn episode is something like this: No matter the age you still have to pay for you lies. A big little lie got our girl in some hot water with her boss and there was only one way to save the entire thing, including her job, yes you guessed it right….sleep with him! It might seem like this happens all the time, but it works. No one hires a young secretary for her skills, they hire her for her looks and because they wanna bang her. So all they have to do is wait for her to screw up something, then it’s gonna be their idea and you are innocent…well almost innocent!