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This mighty mistress is breaking in a fresh girl and after removing her PVC dress she then spanks her asian slave’s pretty vagina. LesbianKinkdom Mistress is happy by her responses.


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LesbianKinkdom Lesbian slave

Trixie from LesbianKinkdom free videos is in a sexual mood. That’s really obvious to her nasty mistress, Natalie, who’s watching her from the distance. As Trixie is stroking her cunt it’s more than clear she’s in eager of a loving hand…


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Mistress Aradia & Slave Fiona

Mistress Aradia is taking her free lesbian domination videos slave into the wild for some outside training. In the end, she’s expected to act well? Leaning towards a tree she experiences some subtle boob torture and we need to say the LesbianKinkdom girl deals with it well. The young poor slave also likes the latex suit mistress Rubber Eva is wearing therefore she’s made to like it with her sweet tongue and as a prize her ass is colored vivid red…


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LesbianKinkdom Cindy Crawford & Victoria Sin

Once your body is coated in your preferred material – that being super tight latex – you will get pretty excited. The one thing you might wish for is a LesbianKinkdom mistress for you to set in front of and begin to lick her sexy stockings while she reveals your butt and slaps it. Nude aside from your thigh boots you caress your bodies and she rubs your pussy, maintaining you near orgasm using extra large strapon cum till you get the sensation you cannot keep it up any longer. Yet LesbianKinkdom mistress knows how long she can force you…


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Lesbian Kinkdom Mistress Aradia & Kina Kai

Kina Kai is a real slave: When she goes in the room of nasty Mistress Aradia it is down on her knees, her tight butt covered in spandex, which makes it more responsive to the beat. However when it comes to real obedience she really has a couple of true lessons to master. And nasty free lesbian domination videos Mistress Aradia from LesbianKinkdom is an extremely strict instructor who does not think twice to use her hands on her slave babe. Enjoy!


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Starring: Cindy Crawford & Omega

Mistress Omega from LesbianKinkdom likes to maintain her place tidy so her poor house slave, Cindy, spends lots of her time washing and clearing up. She also spends lots of time talking to her pals on the phone when her nasty Mistress is out… or when she Believes she’s away because when Cindy has stopped her work once again for another phone call, her naughty LesbianKinkdom Mistress enters the home and she isn’t thrilled at all – particularly when she notices poor Candy has also borrowed some of her outfits without requesting permission. Therefore Omega thinks it’s time to learn the lady a lesson, one which she will keep in mind for an extremely, long time!


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Sexy latex lesbians

A little babe who’s wearing black is lost in the forest. Just as soon as she gets a little anxious a strange lady with a lid on shows up. She offers to indicate the girl the right way… but she would like something in return. Carefully talking the lady up her fingers slide around her body when the sexy latex lesbians girl does not seem to mind the nasty rubber mistress will go a step ahead, bares her ass and slaps it a few times. As the poor girl seems to love this particular treatment the LesbianKinkdom mistress chooses to make the sweet girl come… ether she would like to or not!


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Slave Krissy & Mistress Natalie

Slave babe Krissy from Lesbian Kinkdom has her own spot in the studio room of nasty Mistress Natalie: A metallic cage, large enough to kneel in it. Mistress Natalie just lets her out only for her personal satisfaction, when she feels it’s time to give the poor girl a good ass firm LesbianKinkdom treatment. Using her hands she colors her skin of Krissy’s rear a vivid red, increasing the discomfort a bit by using a strong whip just a little later on. Simply if Krissy puts up with this pain with no complaining she’ll get her prize in the shape of a very large dildo… upright her cunt!


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LesbianKinkdom Natalie & Trixie

Trixie from LesbianKinkdom is in a naughty mood. That’s very clear to her mistress, Natalie, who’s watching her from the distance. As Trixie is having fun with herself it’s more than clear she’s in desperate desire of a warm hand… and fortunately Natalie does not mind offering her simply that. For sweet Trixie, her greatest pleasure cannot come pain free and her mistress is a professional in combining them both…


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Lesbian Kinkdom Aradia & Kayla Paige

It required a while to discover what Kaylas preferences are however in the end Mistress Aradia noticed the poor babe getting turned on when she was secured from head to toe. Actually she could not stop writhing around. Thus started, Kayla was all set for her first therapy in front of our video cameras and nasty Aradia certainly had a great gift in mind or this sexy poor slave, that is the largest sextoy you – or poor Kayla – have ever seen. Will our LesbianKinkdom poor slavegirl be ready to deal with that large dildo?


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Alexis Amore & Tyler Faith

Here is one for the rubber lovers around. You understand, those who can really appreciate a lady wrapped in black or red rubber having its very own certain feel, flavor, smell and look. Today, at LesbianKinkdom, we have a poor woman who is totally devoted to this video and her nasty mistress may let her have fun here… but at a cost. Only if this poor babe shows her completely obedience could she enjoy a climax at the sweet hands of her mistress…


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