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We have the best MommysGirl lesbian scene for you guys. The perfect scene to start things off around here. So instead of having one stepmother and one stepdaughter, we are having one stepmother and two really nasty stepdaughters. The MILF wanted to know her new daughters better and nothing beats some one on one action. It’s a good things that both of them are open and curious, wanting to learn as much as they can from their experienced stepmother.

House Arrest


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This is the thing with teens, they always get in trouble and sometimes you have to ground them to teach them a lesson. Well that’s what this stepmother did, but her stepdaughter surprised her the other day. If she couldn’t see her boyfriend, phone sex was the next best thing. That wouldn’t be a problem, but she did it in the middle of the day, on the living room couch. That was her way of showing her stepmom who was actually in charge in that house. You can imagine that her stepmom had to do something about it…

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In this MommysGirl porn scene we have a really eager teen. A hot teen eager to learn from her experienced stepmom and she is about to take familyxxx bonding to a whole new level. It’s a good thing that she’s in good hands and her step mommy’s hands have been in a lot of places…that’s for sure. So we have an eager teen and an experienced MILF…just the perfect mix for us. We know you are curious to see what happened next and we can’t blame you.

Wrecking The Homewrecker


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This teen wasn’t too happy about his dad dating a new woman and bringing her into her life, so she did some investigating of her own. But it’s not what you would expect. This teen wanted to see how good her step mommy actually was at pleasing. She’s young and wants to learn and also her new stepmom is really hot so that’s a plus too. As you can see from the preview above, she’s the one that made the first move and didn’t actually leave a lot of options for her stepmom…

Always On Your Phone


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What do you do when your step daughter is always on her phone? Well you try to distract her, the best you can. We gotta say from all the possible options, she picked the kinkiest one possible. Step mommy really wanted to try out her step daughter’s pussy and now she found an excuse to do so. Surprisingly that didn’t stop her from using her phone either…at least at first…but Mommys Girl has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and as you can see she isn’t shy to showing them off!

Prom Night Pointers


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This cute teen needed some pointers for her prom night and who better to help her out than her stepmom, her very horny stepmom that is. The blonde MILF couldn’t wait to get her hands on the cute teen and show her a really good time and prom was the perfect excuse. They had the house to themselves for a few days so this was her time to make a move and when the teen came asking for a favor she knew this was her time. So you better check out this MILF having her fun with the curious teen!

Growing Closer


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The thing with these little hookups is that you have to keep them secret. That’s the only way these horny MILFs and teens can have their fun, if their dad doesn’t find out about them. Surprisingly this time things happened the other way around. We have a nasty teen hitting on her hot new momxxx and all she can do is keep quiet and enjoy it. She snuck in her stepmom’s room while she was changing and …well the rest you can see in the scene below, but this preview can give you pretty good idea of what’s about to happen!

Hands-on Sex Ed


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We love a hands-on mom teaching her stepdaughter everything she needs to know. Those sex ed classes are a lot of words but no practice, this is where our MILF steps in and fills the blanks….and other things too. As you can see the “class” took place in the shower, after she came home and complained about her sex ed teacher. Our MILF knew she had to do something and getting her hands on that cute teen was also on her list. She loves teaching teens and especially pleasing teens…

Mommy Wants a Kiss


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Mommy wants a kiss from her favorite step daughter…but it’s the kiss you would expect. It’s not a kiss on the cheek, she wants a proper kiss, tongue and everything. Mommy JOI had a thing for her step daughter since the first day she was introduced to her and as you can see her new step daughter shares the same feeling. They aren’t related so why not have some fun while her dad’s at work or traveling. The teen could certainly learn a thing or two from the hot MILF…and we love seeing them in action. So everyone is winning!

Bad Vibes


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Oh no…our cute little teen is in hot water and her step mom isn’t having it. She got in some trouble at school and she had to teach her a lesson. She is almost done with high school and keeping a 18yo focused on school is a really hard job, so she got detention for not paying attention in class. Let’s just say that her new PervMom wasn’t too happy about and while her dad was out of town with business, she had to punish her. There are a few options, but only one of them is allowing her to touch her cute little ass…so guess what she picked…