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Ava Devine Double penetration

Ava is one hot sexy babe who is not afraid to get down and dirty in order to get some deep sexual pleasure. And in this latest one from Ava Devine videos is all about the pleasure that she gets from having her tight halls stretched out to the limits by two hard large cocks.

These three crazy ones have known each other for quite some time and they have always had the best times together. And this time it was no different. They got together for a glass of wine, but pretty soon the action found it herself in the bedroom, where was all allowed and nothing was forbidden. Since they had history, they skipped all sorts of foreplay and they moved on straight to the nasty serious business. And for them that meant fucking hard and pushing those large hard cocks in her tight wet holes making her moan with pleasure, loosing her self and making her legs shake with pleasure. She loved to feel her halls stretched out, getting filled with their creamy cum, covering her all up and then starting all over again. Have a look and enjoy this awesome three some that will make you sweat and drawl all night long!


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Ava Fucking the plumber

Ava is one hot nasty chick who loves nothing more than to feel one large hard cock penetrating her tight wet halls. And in this latest one from Ava Devine video she sure gets plenty of that. She has had set her hungry eyes on that poor sexy plumber for a while now and she finally had the perfect opportunity to be all alone in the room with him.

She faked a problem with her pips while hubby was away, and she made the call that would ensure all night pleasure. As soon as he was inside, he grabbed him and took him to her bedroom and right there and then fucked him long and hard. Or better said, she got her tight sweet ass hammered by one large hard cock who showed no mercy in penetrating her long and hard, making sure she felt him each time she went in. She loved to feel him ripping her apart, making her moan with pleasure and feeling her tight nasty hall getting filled with his creamy cum. They were so horny they started all over again and went on like that all night long. Have a look and enjoy!


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Ava sucks and fucks a horny stud

Damn boy! Ava is one hot nasty babe who loves a good cock, and in this latest one from Ava Devine anal she gets plenty of that. She starts her nasty show with some sexy cock sucking, but not before she toys a little with her power tool. She grabs it, and starts to lick, touching it with her sexy wet tongue, circling and making sure she does not miss an inch. She then puts in between her sexy lips and starts sucking him ling and hard, filling her mouth as she pulls it all in. She is sucking it like a pro, just like the chicks from ghettogaggers galleries.

As she gets her toy all hard and stiff, she bends over, spreads her legs and crams that cock deep inside her tight ass hole, pushing ass deep as possible. She loves to feel it ravishing her hall, ripping her apart, making her moan with deep sexual pleasure. Have a look as she gets her tight wet hall filled with his creamy cum, making sure she will know he was there.



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Ava Devine Hardcore insertion

Ava likes to play and more than that she loves to experience and to try out new and fun things. Guess what this latest update from Ava Devine videos is all about? Is about two hot nasty chicks willing to do just about anything to get some fun and some screamed out orgasms.

So, what started out as a quite night in, with two sexy babes having a glass of wine and enjoying each other’s company pretty soon turned into some really wild one to one action. The girls started by feeling one another, touching their large sexy boobs, toying with their nipples, getting them all hard and pointy before putting them in the mouths and taking turns into sucking hard, making each other loose one sexy moan. As they were getting all horny and wet, Ava brought out her little hard nasty toy, one very large dildo ready to do some damage to their tight wet cunts. They took turns cramming that power tool deep inside their pussies, making sure they really felt it each time it went in and out. Have a look as these two keep on going all night long fucking one another!


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Naughty pj party

Everyone loves a good pj party, especially when the ones having the party are three hot sexy looking babes, who are more than willing to turn their innocent get together into the latest Ava Devine scene. Nothing easier for them, as they were all in the mood and also had the means to make it happen. They just had to move their fun into the bedroom. And once there all cloths started to fly off them and out come the little sexy nasty toys that would ensure their pleasure.

They took turns feeling one another, getting all wet and moisture, before moving on to the nasty serious business. They had their way using two large strap-ons, and while one was having her tight sexy ass ripped apart by that large power tool, her mouth was busy sucking hard on the other strap from her friend. They kept on going all night long, taking turn into having their tight et halls torn apart by their large nasty toys, and they loved every minute of it as it made them cum in screaming orgasm. Have a look and enjoy!


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Ava Devine With Tranny Eve Lin

This hot babe has always enjoyed a good party, and since this time she was in a good mood she decided to give a call to her good old friends and make the latest one from Ava Devine videos. Their fun quickly found its way in the bedroom, where Ava and her friend took turns into sucking one hard nasty cock. They loved to play it, touching it with their hot tongue and then taking turns into sucking him really hard. Ava made sure she did not miss an inch of that large power tool, cramming it deep inside hr mouth and sucking him all the way. She loved to feel the sweet taste of his cum filling her dirty mouth.


But all too soon, they got bored with him, and they got rid of him. Now Ava could have all for herself her nasty wild tranny friend, was more than willing to let her do all sorts of kinky stuff . They started with some sexy rubbing, filling her friend’s cock getting all hard and stiff, before starting to really masturbate her, taking hold of her cock and going all the way. But she hungry for some more, so when her friend called it a close one, she crammed that large power tool deep inside her mouth and started to suck her long and hard, feeling her cock invading her mouth. Have a look as she is receiving a full face of creamy cum!


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Busty Ava sucking black cock

I have always been the first one to enjoy a good gang bang, but this latest one from Ava Devine gangbang is just beyond anything I could ever think of. Ava was with some friends at a party, and she looked her usual hot, all boobs and killer ass, when we see her eying this hot black stud. It wasn’t long before they started to dance together, him feeling her up, rubbing her ass, and pulling her closer and closer to him. From here to moving to the next room where everyone could know one another better was only one step.

As soon as they were in the room, he dropped his pants and went down on her knees and she started playing with his massive hard power tool. She started to lick him, rub him with her sexy hot lips, before putting him in her dirty little mouth and start sucking him long and hard. She loved to feel him in her mouth, sucking him like he was some lollipop on a very large hard stick. Have a look as she has no gag reflex when he is filling her mouth up with his creamy white cum and splashes some on her pretty face.


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Ava Devine anal scene

Ava has always been the type of hot sexy woman who had to have a young hot stud around the house to fulfill her hungry sexual desires. And in this latest one from Ava Devine anal you get to see how she does that. She loves to play games, so this time she pretended to be a sexy maid and he was the master of the house. Of course when the house is not clean enough, the maid has to be properly punished.

So as soon as he spots her in the kitchen, he goes to he, grabs her and tosses her on the kitchen table having his way with her. But she so loves his punishment, having her spread her legs wide open for his large hard cock to penetrate her tight wet pussy. And to make the punishment even more delicious, he flips her over, and has his way with her tight little ass, ravishing her from inside out as he crams his power tool deep inside her. Oh how she loves to feel him going in and out of her, stretching her to the limit, making her moan with both pleasure and pain before filling her hall with his cum. Next time she will know better and he will know how to make her legs tremble with pure sexual pleasure.


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Ava gets double teamed

What better way to make a lazy Sunday pass by than to call up two nasty friends and make the latest threesome scene. Little did Ava know when she called these two than she would end up in such positions and will two of her halls thoroughly fucked all night long. After the usual glass of wine and some little chit chat, they moved the action in the bedroom. And once there, all games were on. Her girlfriend pulled out one large black leather strap on, and with one move she was sitting on Ava’s face making sure she got the full taste of her new toy.

In the meantime her legs were spread wide open, and her toy boy was toying with her clit, rolling his finger inside her, making her all wet and moisture, just as she should be in order to receive the real treat of the night, one large hard toy. The two of them fucked Ava all night long, making sure she felt them both as they ravished her up, filling them going deep inside her, and in the end making her give it up in a screamed out orgasm. Have a look and enjoy this wild three some.


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Ava sharing cock with Sara Jay

Ava and her friend were in the mood for some Saturday night special. And what better place to get that, than from making the latest Ava Devine threesome. They called up their dear old toy boy and within minutes he was at their door, ready for action. As they all knew each other for quite some time, they skipped all the silly foreplay and moved the action right on in the bedroom, where they all knew all was allowed and the word no did not exist.


As the babes were hungry to get some, they took turns into having their tight wet halls stretched and ripped apart by one large hard cock, who was mire than eager to fulfill their hungry needs. So Ava was the first one up, and she sure felt him up her cunt. She rode him like a pony, feeling him really deep inside her as he penetrated her hard, going in and out of her, making her moan with pleasure . She loved to feel him, ripping her apart, making her legs shake with pleasure, as she found her release in a screamed out orgasm. Have a look and see how her friend got her pussy torn apart and loved it!

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Ava Devine Anal lesbians

There is really nothing I enjoy more than to sit back, relax and watch the latest one from Ava. I just love them, because each time they make me go hard all night long. This time around they brought in delicious Ava and her sexy nasty girlfriend. And since these sexy ladies were bored, they decided to have some little sexy one on one action. And what better way to make that happen, than to bring to surface her latest toy, one large hard strap on, that would ensure to satisfy their sexual hungry needs.

They girls may have started slow with sexy kissing and wild tits rubbing, but pretty soon they were both horny and wet, and so they took turns into having their tight wet cunts ripped apart by the hard power tool. Ava had her pussy really torn apart, as her friend showed no mercy into cramming that plastic cock deep inside her, making sure felt it each time it went it and out of her, going in deeper harder each time. She loved the feeling, and she started to moan in deep sexual pleasure, just before she found her release in a screamed out orgasm. She loves getting her tight cunt stretched by big fat toys!


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Ava Fucking Billy with Nikita

If you are a fan of this gorgeous busty asian porn star then you are going to love this Ava Devine video featuring sexy blonde Nikita Von James and their always horny friend Billy. Nikita and Ava love spending time together, and they have shot so many videos, in some of them these naughty babes are fucking each other, and in other videos they are sharing a nice big cock just like in this next scene.

Billy’s been away of town with business and when he returns Ava and Nikita are having arranged a welcome party for him. The naughty babes make sure to dress up in the sexiest outfits for him and just before his arrival they start warming up by kissing and licking each other’s boobs. When Billy gets there Ava and Nikita are really horny and they rush to give Billy their welcome present. Ava is the first who get’s to suck Billy’s cock. She tries to take his hard cock down her throat but it’s just to damn big. After Nikita get’s her share of that big man meat too, Ava gets on top of him to take that huge cock in her wet pussy and ride him hard. If you liked watching this kinky amazing AvaDevine.com hardcore threesome video, better keep on watching because there are lots of other hot updates waiting for you!


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Stuffed asshole

Have you enjoyed our previous Ava Devine videos? It’s time for Ava to perform her oral skills and man she is really good at this. Well how can she not be, she is one of the most popular porn stars and she gave us some of the most hardcore scenes. This one is no exception, she is really giving her best! Even though she prefers a black cock, busty Ava is going to be more then satisfied after this guy is going to be done with her. He may not have the biggest cock but he can fuck her really hard, making her cum over and over again.

But let’s get back talking about Ava’s oral skills, this goy is in heaven when she places those lips on his hard cock and starts sliding them up and down on it. She takes his balls deep in her mouth but she suddenly stops because she needs her asshole stuffed by his hard cock. He shoves his cock deep inside her tight ass and after few thrusts he starts moving faster and faster until he looses control and starts hammering Ava’s ass like there is no tomorrow. She is moaning in pleasure and rubs her clit until she starts cumming. He deserves another blowjob and this time she makes sure to finish him and swallow his hot cum! Enjoy this anal scene!


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Fuck my ass

It’s time for new Ava Devine pics and since this porn star is such an anal addict why not bringing one of her best anal scenes. She had a business trip to another town where she met this hot guy while she was having lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. If wasn’t hard for her to get him to fallow her to the hotel room because come one, who could possibly resist this beautiful busty Asian beauty?

Once inside the room, she was already taking off her clothes and after she remained in her sexy lingerie, Ava started unbuttoning the guy’s shirt and unzipping his pants. He was standing rock hard in front of her mesmerized of her beauty and couldn’t believe his eyes when she took off her bra and panties. She pushed him on the couch and got on her knees to suck this cock, then naughty Ava sat into his lap and took his big cock in her wet pussy. After she rode him hard and fast Ava was ready to take his big cock in her ass. Enjoy watching this guy sliding his big cock in and out of her ass until he cannot hold himself any longer and blasts his huge load on her sexy ass. Have fun watching this kinky AvaDevine anal scene guys!


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Stuff my ass

Are you ready for another amazing Ava Devine video? The better don’t go anywhere at check out this next mind-blowing scene, and you probably might want to get your pats off because she is going to make you blow your load. This is another scene taken from Stuff my ass series and in this one Ava is going to get one of the most powerful anal pounding’s that you’ve ever seen so far. This is the biggest anal slut and in this next scene she is really giving her best.

This kinky Asian mature porn star loves doing it like a pro and her scenes must always be perfect. She makes sure to wear a sexy lingerie and tease that guy before letting him touch her. If he want’s a piece of her then first he must watch her stripping for him. After she gets permission to touch her he starts playing with her huge boobs and goes down on her to lick her wet pussy. This is such a turn on for her, and she suddenly feels the urge to have his big cock up in her ass, so she gets on top of him and lowers herself on his big cock making him slide it deep in her asshole. Enjoy watching this kinky anal scene!


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Sharing a big cock with naughty Tara

Tara, one of Ava s best friends is back in town after being away for a very long time. This calls for a celebration and Ava knows exactly how to surprise her sexy friend. She invites this guy because she knows how much Tara loves sharing a cock with her best friend, and while they are waiting for Tara’s arrival Ava warms him up by taking his cock in her mouth making him grow rock hard. If you want to see what happens next in this hardcore threesome scene, better take a look inside and watch the video.

You are going to love watching naughty Ava sucking his big cock and licking Tara’s pussy. She has so much fun taking that big cock down her throat then sticking her tongue in Tara’s wet pussy. After she is done pleasing Tara, Ava lets her sexy friend to get on top of that guy and ride his hard cock, then it’s Ava’s turn to fuck him and she gets him to stuff her ass with his big cock. Enjoy watching these hot pics! If you liked this update come inside Axelle Parker and enjoy watching another stunning model performing for you!


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Ava Devine Fucking Nikita Von James

This is a very special scene, so you better drop your pants and sit back comfortable getting ready for what’s about to cum. We have many hardcore Ava Devine videos but this is one of the most kinky lesbian scenes that you’ve ever seen. Ava has prepared a big surprise for her sexy friend, Nikita Von James. She is on her way to pick up sexy Nikita and bring her to this dungeon to fuck her good because Ava owes her one and now is the time to shoot a scene with Nikita. This time Ava is going to play the mean mistress and Nikita is just her poor victim who has no idea why is happening all this to her. But this is not just some another role play scene, Nikita actually has no idea that Ava is planning to fuck her ass with no mercy.

When Ava shows up at her door and asks Nikita to go and make shopping’s with her Nikita gets really happy and fallows her without knowing what is going to happen to her once they get to that dungeon. Shed is very surprised when Ava Rips her clothes off and ties her in chains. Then AvaDevine puts on her leather outfit and a huge strap on and starts fucking Nikita’s tight ass making her scream in pleasure and pain. At the end, Nikita loved every minute of it! Have fun watching this great update!


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Sucking off Tiffany

Meet Tiffany, she is AvaDevine s new best friend and you might already know why Ava likes being with this hot babe. Beside the fact that she is really sexy, Tiffany also has a cock. This is what Ava loves the most about her, having sex with a lesbian tranny and still getting to feel a cock inside her. Maybe you already know that Ava love two things two things, huge cocks in her asshole and horny trannys. Tiffany is one of Ava’s favorite trannys but you will also have the chance to see kinky Ava fucking and sucking other naughty shemales.

Nikita has a really pretty face and she looks so hot in sexy black underwear and fishnets. Ava takes off her purple underwear and starts playing with Tiffany’s tits, then Tiffany starts sucking Ava’s big nipples making hear moan in pleasure. Tiffanyt is already rock hard and Ava takes out her cock to play with it, then she takes it in her mouth and gives Tiffany a hot sloppy blowjob before getting on top to ride her cock. Enjoy watching kinky Ava fucking this sexy shemale!


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Ava Devine Hardcore anal

Like we promised, you are going to see Ava in many anal scenes but you really need to see this one because she is going to get a huge black cock up in her tight asshole. She loves playing with black cocks and this guy has the biggest cock she ever had so she can’t wait to get her holes stuffed and stretched to limits by this hung black guy.

You might also want to take your pants off if you don’t want to make a mess inside there because sexy AvaDevine is going to make you blow your load in this scene. After she struggles to take that big cock down her throat, and she manages to take him balls deep in her mouth. Now is time for Ava to get repaid and as soon as this horny black guy shoves his cock in her ass he starts thrusting harder and harder in and out of her until she starts cumming and he dumps his load in her asshole!


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Joanna Jet fucking Ava

You are about to watch another amazing Ava Devine hardcore anal scene and this time Joanna Jet is the one who’s going to stuff her cock in Ava’s asshole. Ava loves fucking sexy shemales, just like kinky Savanna Samson, and Joanna looks amazing in sexy lingerie and fishnets. She can turn Ava on really bed and Joanna also knows how to please Ava’s wet pussy with her tongue. But what Ava likes the most about Joanna is the way she can fuck her asshole.

Take a look inside these pics and watch these naughty chicks fucking each other senseless in this kinky video scene. After Joanna licks out Ava’s wet cunt, Ava takes Joanna’s cock in her mouth and starts sucking it until Joanna’s cock gets rock hard and ready to penetrate Ava’s ass. Joanna knows that Ava likes it hard so she piston fucks her ass until AvaDavine starts cumming and her pussy juices start flowing. Have Fun watching naughty Joanna hammering Ava’s asshole with her shemale cock!


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Ava Sharing a cock with Sara Jay

Ava Devine has one of the naughtiest porn stars who is here to share a big black cock with her. If you still don’t recognize her, then let me tell you, this is no one else but big titted Sara Jay. Ava and Sara have many things in common, so they are pretty close friends. First of all, they both like black cocks, and both naughty babes love getting big black cocks up in their ass.

Watch them playing with each other’s big tits and licking off each other’s pussy till that hung guy arrives and the babes start taking care of his big hard cock by jerking him off and taking turns on sucking his cock. Naughty Ava then gets on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and starts riding him hard while Sara is rubbing and licking Ava’s sensitive clit. When Ava is done with the guy, Sara bends over to get her tight ass penetrated and hammered hard. Have fun watching this hardcore threesome AvaDevine.com anal video scene!


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Invaded By a Burglar

Ava gets fucked one more time, this time a burglar was involved. Ava had one of the nicest surprises the other day when instead of getting robbed she got fucked by her burglar. The guy wasn’t looking to steal anything he just wanted to pay her a visit and wore a mask so no one will recognize him. He was stalking the hot Asian MILF for a while and finally found out where she lives, so he wanted to surprise her and what better than fucking and jizzing all over her? If you want to see more Asian chicks getting jizzed you must see these asian bukkake scenes. Ava was scared a bit, although it was a bit weird that someone would come to steal in the middle of the day, as soon as she found out this guy’s intention she was thrilled with her guest’s visit. The poor guy really worked to find out where she lives and to go so far, she had to do something for him.

She couldn’t see his face but he had a big dick and that’s all that mattered for the sexy Asian babe. Ava was already almost naked, that tiny dress came off really fast and after she deep throated his guy’s fat dick it turned to get that big dick up her holes, starting with her wet pussy. The nasty Asian babe, Ava, got her pussy fucked hard and creamed and there’s a video waiting for you below to check it all out. Enjoy it!


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Ava Sucking Me Lou

Once again the amazing Ava is here with another hardcore scene and she is one kinky babe in this one so you better sit back and relax while you watch naughty Ava in action. Me Lou is visiting Ava in this scene and she can’t wait body. She makes sure to look very sexy for him, so she puts on a sexy yellow lingerie and a short yellow dress. When her guest arrives she invites him inside and both sit down on the couch. Before he even get’s the chance to say something Ava is already running her hands on his legs and starts unzipping his pants.

After she gives him one amazing sloppy blowjob, Lou is ready to stuff his cock in Ava’s pussy and ass, and fucks her tight holes stretching them to limits with his big cock. Ava is moaning and screaming in pleasure and as her ass is being pumped hard she starts rubbing her clit until she starts cumming and soaks that cock in her pussy juices. Have fun watching amazing Ava taking his big load in her mouth at the end of this scene.


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