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We promised you some more special Alektra Blue porn scenes and we deliver them for your viewing pleasure. It seems that this naughty and raunchy brunette was hungry for some more cock and as you know she has no trouble finishing a guy using either her mouth or her other holes. Well she was just going to suck this lucky dude dry and there was no way for him to escape her slutty little hands. This slutty chick just is very skilled in blowjobs and she intended to give him the cock sucking of a life time and he would be enjoying it quite allot as you can imagine!

Alektra makes quick work of the dude’s clothes and she starts her usual work routine on his big and rock hard cock. Watch her as she beings to suck and deep throat that bad boy, and as once before, you get to see this lovely woman do her superb blow job as she has the guy take a seat on the black leather couch. Watch him moaning in pleasure of the special and hot treatment that this superb woman delivers to him and enjoy the view guys. We want to also tell you to make sure to check out her past updates as well, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed one bit!


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We’re here and as promised this sexy woman delivers some more superb scenes for you. For this fine day she has some nice and hot videos to show off and as you can probably figure out she had company again. Remember her slutty blonde friend who is looking just like sexy Nikki Benz? Well she returned once more and this duo intended to drain a guy of all of jizz one way or the other. You may think of him as lucky, but the guy was in for some hard scenes with them for the afternoon. So let’s get started.

As the cameras start rolling, the two hotties do a nice and classy double blow job for him as they need him to be nice and hard for their pussies later. Watch as then the ladies take their turns presenting him with their pussies as he alternates fucking them. And it’s all over only after the dude gets to leave behind some nice and creamy surprises for both of them. Sit back and watch as even Alektra gets her pussy filled with jizz and enjoy the show.


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Well for this fine day, miss Alektra comes with some more scenes for you. And in this one the sexy and blue eyes brunette has a superb anal scene to show off as she got her tight little cock hungry ass filled with some stiff cock as she got her sexual needs attended to this time. The lucky guy that got to stick his cock in her ass, she met at a private party tonight and she was going to get his cock no matter what. She adores getting ass fucked, just like the chicks from the Mexican lust blog, so without further due, let’s sit back and enjoy the slutty brunette woman’s scene once more.

She was very eager to get him back to her place and have his big cock stuffed inside her. As always, you get to see the naughty and sexy brunette as she goes fast and hard on his cock as she sucks him off. So watch her working that pole, and then watch her spreading her long sexy legs for the guy to fuck her nice and hard in the ass. Watch her sliding up and down his cock with her tight butt hole and enjoy the view everyone. Just like Anette Keys in her latest update!


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We have a superb Alektra Blue lesbian scene update for you guys and your resident sexy brunette will be very upset if you don’t watch each and every image in this update. For this scene miss Blue seemed to fancy having some pussy and so she called in another slutty brunette just like her to have some fun and sex of course. So let’s just see what these two horny women have in store for you in this update.

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As the cameras start to roll, the two very hot and sexy women make their appearance wearing some nice and sexy black lingerie outfits that only serve to entice you even more. And you get to see these two beauties starting off their lesbian sex session with some nice and passionate kissing as the cameras capture their every little move. And they have no inhibitions what so ever as you can see. Watch closely as these two hotties go all out on one another’s eager pussies licking and rubbing each other. And so sit back and watch them fuck one another’s wet cunts, and watch them eating each other out. We’re sure that this superb scene is going to be to your liking and be sure that this superb brunette has some more fresh stuff for you to see next.

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Well turns out that we had more images than we could fit in one update, and so we bring you the other half of the nice Alektra Blue porn scene that we presented you with. In this other half of the update you get to see the blue eyed brunette as she gets to finish off the two lucky dudes after a nice and long session of them pleasing her every hole, and doing what ever she wanted. So as they were just about done with everything, let’s sit back and watch this lady go to work.

Of course we mean that we bring you the ending, but it’s a pretty long one and as you will see you will get to see this beauty as she gets around to suck these guys dry of jizz. So after they fucked her good and they were just about to blow, watch them as the sexy brunette takes their cocks out and kneels down as she starts to suck on them. Watch her working those two big and throbbing cocks until they blast their load all over her cute and sexy face and body!


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For this one the superb brunette seems to have engaged herself in a nice sexual fest with two other guys. This time she is the one that gets to be shared between two guys as they do their best job at filling up all of her eager and wet holes in a gangbang scene for the cameras. Oh and you can bet that this little lady was more than happy with the idea to be double fucked by these two strapping studs. Well like always let’s see what she was up to shall we?

The guys this time are the ones to get straight to work, as they spread this sexy woman’s long legs to get access to her pussy. And you just have to see these two hot studs giving her some nice oral pleasures. And this hot chick thought she’d go insane right then and there as the two dudes were licking her pink pussy. Well just sit back and watch as you get to see both of them as they double fuck this beauty hard style for the whole afternoon. As usual we hope that you liked it and we’ll be seeing you next with more of her images! Meanwhile you should check also Amber Sym and her naughty videos!


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Sexy Alektra Blue with some fresh and new content. For this scene she’s not alone once more. But this time she managed to score herself quite some nice cock, and she didn’t want to share it with anyone no matter what. She wanted this dude’s dick all to herself and no one was going to take it form her. She met this nice dude on her little walk on the beach this afternoon and since he caught her eye she just had to see if he had an adventurous spirit. And so she got into a conversation with him, eventually heading back home with the dude. So let’s see what went down at her place between the two.

As they entered her apartment this sexy woman made sure to lock the door after they entered her house as she didn’t want anyone disturbing her little cock riding session for the afternoon. And she started off with her trademark master level blowjobs as the guy got hard right in her mouth. And she just adored the sensation of his cock getting bigger and bigger between her juicy lips. Watch as she then pushes him on the couch, as she takes her truly rightful spot on his big cock, starting to ride it for your and his pleasure. We hope you enjoyed it.


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Miss Alektra with some more of her superb scenes. Again for this one nice and sweet update she wants to show off a blowjob scene. Some of you guys said that this busty brunette sucks cock generically and well, the brunette took offense to that. So she comes here to show off that she can vary her cock sucking routine quite allot. And by that of course she intends to give you a full gallery of her just sucking cocks and having a great time. And while she’s sucking it in different positions as well. She seems to know the best ways that guys like to have their man hoods in a woman’s mouth, and she wants to show them! Just like Carmel Moore in her latest update, have you seen it?


As the scene starts, off, this brunette beauty makes her entry to the scene wearing absolutely nothing, and just presenting the cameras and you guys with her superbly hot and perky naked body. The guy soon joins her afterwards and he takes his spot on the black leather couch. Watch as this hot woman gets straight to work on that cock and see her sucking on it nice and deep. You get to see her suck his cock all over the place, as she keeps making him sit in some awkward positions.


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We have another superb porn scene to show off to you and you will be in for more nice treatments from this superb brunette woman. Again she got together with her blonde friend that you saw two updates ago, and she wants to do some more cock sharing with her. The two of them made a nice trip to a local bar where they managed to snag themselves a nice dude that they will use to have their sexual fun with for the whole evening for this one!

As the scene starts, the two sexy hotties have already brought the lucky dude back home with them and they were eager to start having fun with him. Watch as the hot duo starts to take off the dude’s clothes this fine day and watch them as they go down on his dick. The two women sure know their job well, and after he’s all nice and hard they start taking turns to fuck him. Watch them riding his dick like good little sluts in turns for this evening and enjoy the view everyone.


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Miss Alektra is here with some more fresh content for you to see. And in this one the sexy and hot brunette with long hair plans to show off her cock sucking skills as she wants to do a nice Alektra Blue pov cock sucking scene just for you guys. So let’s just sit back and watch this slutty brunette who is looking just like hot Jade Laroche, another gorgeous internet model, go at it as she starts doing her thing. Suffice to say that the dude getting this special treatment was in for the ride of his life as this superb hottie sure knows how to work a cock properly.


She begins the said session by taking off his pants, and slowly starting to lick up and down the meat pole as the guy moans in pleasure. She takes great care to also play with and lick his balls as well as she simply must make him feel nice. Watch as she then takes the whole cock in her mouth deep throating it like a true pro to the pure delight of the lucky guy. Oh you can bet that she did this until the guy couldn’t go on anymore and gave her a nice facial with his jizz.

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Alektra is a very sexy and hot woman with long brunette hair, and she has quite a hunger for big cocks that she wants to show off. But in this porn update she’s not alone, as she’s joined by a very good female buddy of hers as they will plan on getting naughty and wild with one lucky guy for the afternoon. So let’s watch this superb brunette’s gallery this fine day and enjoy her content.

As this scene starts off with these two hotties you get to see the pair as they go right for the dude’s cock to get him ready for the next part. And you just have to see these two hotties as they start to suck on that big cock with a passion. And you can bet that the dude got the best double blow job that he ever hopes to get from both of them. So sit back and just watch miss Blue and her friend as they then take turns to ride his big dick all throughout the afternoon.


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