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Watch this chick getting fucked on the massage table!

Another hottie gets fucked on the massage table in this spytug porn scene. This lucky guy got very lucky after his massage session. This cute amateur had a little crush on him so she took advantage of the dark room and the fact that he was already naked. She started jerking off his dick at first and then got to ride that massive dick too. One hell of a massage session…this is what full service should mean…every single time.

Masseuse Blowjob


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When you offer home massages everything can happen and this is the best example. This hot blonde wanted to make some extra cash so she began giving massages from her house and for some extra cash she is willing to do a bit more. This guy said the right amount and there she is sucking off his dick after his massage. I’m guessing this guy is going to become a regular around her place…why wouldn’t he? Just look at her, she’s hot as fuck and she’s ready to do anything to please her client.

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We got an amazing one on our hands. In these spytug videos sex scenes we get to see this masseuse getting fucked on the massage table by her client. This chick will do anything for some extra cash including fucking her client after their session. This guy was checking her out during the massage session and by checking out we mean drooling all over her. She noticed him and after their massage was over she told him that she’s open to do other things too for the right amount. Enough said…the man paid and here you have him fucking her!

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We know how much you wanted to see a spy tug lesbian massage so here you have it. You’ve been asking and asking and we finally found a proper scene for you guys. Two smoking hot chicks taking turns pleasing one another, sharing sex toys and eating each other out. We have a lot of surprises prepared for you and you wouldn’t want to miss them. These chicks experimented a lot and it was pretty amazing if you ask us.

Interracial Massage


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After that lesbian massage we have for you an interracial massage, well it was a lot more than that. This masseuse was desperately looking for a black guy to massage and see if all the rumors were real. About black guys and their dick size, everyone kept talking about it and she’s never seen one, until today. This guy appeared at her door step with no call ahead of time and asked politely for a massage. It was impossible for her to turn him down and just like that she finally got to milk a black cock…

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This guy is in Heaven during this spytugs threesome. Yes you are read that right…he has not one masseuse, but two smoking hot masseuses taking care of him and his big dick. From the looks of it the girls can’t get enough of his big dick and are taking turns pleasing him. The moment they saw him they knew what was about to happen. There wasn’t any way that this guy was leaving their place without both of them getting fucked….properly fucked.

Everything To Please


Watch this masseuse sucking off her client’s dick!

This chick will do anything to avoid a bad review. She wasn’t having the best day when the massage started, so she didn’t treat her client that well and he wasn’t having it. The sexy blonde was desperate to please him and avoid a bad review that would mess up her business. She offered free massage sessions and everything, but that wasn’t what he was looking for. After seeing how he was checking her out she knew what had to happen to keep him happy. Taking his hard dick in her mouth and sucking it clean!

Full Service


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Another day, another hot masseuse getting fucked by one of her clients. She just started working there and on her first day she managed to piss off one of her clients. A client that’s been going there for a while. She was so scared that she told the guy that she is willing to do anything to make it up to him. Well she didn’t have to tell him twice, the towel got on the floor and she got bend over the massage table and roughly pounded. At least the guy was hot, so she actually enjoyed it all…

Spy Tug Blowjob


See this masseuse sucking off her client!

In this spy tug blowjob scene we have this hot amateur masseuse taking really good care of her client. She’s new to the business so she doesn’t really know where to stop and this guy isn’t complaining at all. When you pay for a massage and get a blowjob too how can you complain? This guy is enjoying it to the fullest and he’s definitely coming back for more. He did pay a bit more, his tip was more than generous. She worked really hard for it too, you have to give it to her. She’s a really hardworking girl….

Fair Trade


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Now this is what we call a fair trade. She gave him a massage hand job while he was eating her out. This guy wanted a piece of that wet pussy and didn’t wait any longer to get it. He did such a good job that the poor masseuse could barely focus on her Strokies hand job and they ended up fucking on the massage table instead. She was nice and wet and ready for a proper pounding. You guys gotta see this chick screaming and moaning while getting her pussy smashed!