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Lela Star is here for you guys. This time she ended up sharing the same room with her friend’s brother. She got a call the other day to sleep at friend’s place, but once she got there she ended up in her brother’s room because her boyfriend appeared and she didn’t want to share a bed with a couple. She thought her brother wouldn’t mind to sleep on the floor, but he had different plans.


In the middle of the night when she was asleep he started touching her and massaging her impressive knockers. At first she didn’t knew what to do but then she ended up fucking with him all the night. the next morning her friend left for some shopping and let her alone with her brother. Of course they took advantage and started fucking and sucking all over the place. Enjoy it and if you liked this brand new update and you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries, visit Lily Carter. See you next!

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Submissive Slave

We are here with a hot video for you guys. She finally got her hand on an older movie of hers and she wanted to share with you guys. She had this shy friend from childhood and never share her experiences like the other gals do it. So she tried to find out why by talking with her and sharing her vast experience in the area and kind of forcing her to share too. After their little chat she found out that her friend never got fucked using toys.

Lela being such a good friend wanted to help her out and she invited her over to her place to show her toy collection. But things went much better than she expected and she finally got what she wanted. She started kissing her friend and slowly undressing her. Then she slipped her fingers in her juicy pussy and slipped them in her pussy going deeper and deeper, while massaging her juggs. Then when she got hornier, Lela brought her strap on and started hammering her eager pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss this out! Check out Jenaveve Jolie and enjoy watching other kinky lesbians in action!


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Hardcore Fucking

We are here with more Lela Star pics as promised. The other day she hot a call from her ex boyfriend, he wanted to talk with her in private. So they meet at a coffee shop next to Lela’s place. At first she didn’t knew what to think, but when she got there she found out that it wasn’t nothing serious just an unfulfilled sexual desire of his. He always wanted to try out a threesome, but never found the perfect people for it. So after talking to his actual girlfriend and convincing her he needed another babe and how’s better then Lela?

So after he told her what he wants she thought a moment about it and finally agreed. She ended up things with him quite well so she wasn’t bothered to sleep with him again. So he set up the place and the hour and he finally got what he wanted. The chicks started taking turns on sucking his fat monster tool and after they got all covered with cum they took turns on riding his huge tool. Lela went first, spread her legs wide open and stuffed his tool in her juicy pussy, just like old times. Enjoy it!


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Lela Star Porn Madness

We are here with the latest Lela Star porn scene for you guys. She was invited to her friend’s place the other day to talk, but unfortunately they were disturbed by her friend’s boyfriend that came home from work. So they ended up talking and remembering all the funny things that happened to the them since they’ve met. But one thing stayed in everyone’s mind, they wanted a few years ago to try out a threesome but for some reasons they didn’t got it thru.


So Lela told them she was up to it if they still wanted to. So before you know it they moved into the living room and started sucking and fucking all over the place. The gals took turns on stuffing his monster cock in their filthy mouth and didn’t want to stop until they got all covered with creamy loads of cum. Then they took turns on getting their pussy stuffed by the monster tool. So don’t miss out this insane gallery and see what LelaStar does next. Enjoy it!

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Strap-On Fuck

We are still here with more pics for you guys. This time we have her in this hot gal on gal scene in public. These two hot chicks who are looking just like the babes from littlemutt pics were enjoying their holidays visiting places all around the world. Unfortunately they ended up all alone in this trip, although at first this was planed as a couple vacation. but in the last minute their dates were called back to work. So they ended up going together, why waste those tickets? So they made a few changes made their luggage and went to the airport.

After spending so much time away from their men they started to get horny. but they just could cheat on them so they founded a better solution. They had reservation in this fancy hotel room near the sea and they only got one room available so they took it. This was perfect for their little plan. So they brought a strap on from the store and took matters in their own hands. They started taking turns on fucking each other, stuffing their eager pussies and stretching them to the limits. So don’t miss out the entire LelaStar gallery. Enjoy it!

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Lesbian Threesome

You are in for a treat with this lesbian scene. She had such a great time in her latest scenes so she wanted to repeat the experience. She was quite sad the other day and this sure was what she needed to get back on her feet. She was supposed to got in a vacation with her boyfriend, but he canceled in the last minute. He had a meeting at his office and just couldn’t miss it, his job depended on it. So out gal Lela thought to call some sexy friends over for a drink.

Once her two smoking hot friends arrived things went a little over board. They ended up in her bedroom, so Lela could show them that changes she did with the furniture and they ended up staying there for a few hours. One of them had a crazy idea, once she saw her strap on around her bed. So they undressed each other and started taking turns on fucking each other. They just couldn’t get enough of it! So don’t miss this insane update with the sluttiest babes in the business. I’ll see you next with more hardcore galleries, until then cum inside Laura Angel page and enjoy watching some similar content!


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Lela Star Lesbian Fun

We are here as promised with a Lela Star lesbian scene just for you. She was extremely sad these last few days, because she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. She went the other day to visit him at his place and didn’t thought to call him first so when she got there she had a surprise. She found his roughly pounding his secretary, she just didn’t knew how to react.

So once she got home she called her best friend to talk and tell her what an ass is her ex boyfriend. Once her friend got there and she started telling her what she’s been thru she calmed down. Then her best friend made her an idea and she agreed with it, of course. Before you know it they were in the shower completely naked kissing each other passionately and massaging their huge juggs. This wasn’t their first time so everything went quite smooth. They started taking turns on licking each other’s pussy and then they started finger fucking each other’s juicy pussy. Check out the entire gallery to see what happened next with these two smoking hot babes. Enjoy it!


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Lela Exposed

We brought you another hot gallery with Lela Star. She woke up the other day and after she finished her work around the house she thought to enjoy the sunny day. So she put on her swim suit and went outside to tan. While she was enjoying her free time she noticed someone was checking her out for the next house. At first she didn’t give it too much importance but after a while he was still staring at her, so she gave him something to stare at.


She started taking off her sexy red swim suit, showing off all of hers delicious curves, big tits and finally her eager pussy. Her stoker got more and more interested so she spiced things up a bit. She jumped on her backyard bar and started touching herself, massaging her juggs and rubbing her pussy. Then she slowly slipped her fingers in her juicy pussy and went deeper and deeper. The poor guy got so horny that she ran into his house. Check out the entire gallery to see what LelaStar did next. Enjoy it and see you next with more updates! If you liked this cutie check out Gigi Rivera and have fun watching another cutie getting naked in front of the camera and finger fucking her juicy pussy.

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Lela Star Pussy Pleasing

Check out the hottest Lela Star pussy pleasing scene! A few days ago she was invited by a friend to dinner. She dressed up and prepared but the dinner didn’t went as expected. Let me tell you a little secret she always had a crush for her friend, but she never did anything about it. So she thought if he invited her for dinner he finally figure it out and wanted to do something about it.

When she arrived at his place she saw all of their friends there. He actually wanted a friend’s night out not to confuse his love for here. So after she drank a few glasses she went home alone and angry. So once she entered her place she started taking off her cloths and went to take a shower. But when she entered the room she sat a moment on the floor and ended up finger-fucking her pussy instead of the shower. This is what I call a wasted night she dressed up for nothing she didn’t even had the chance to talk with him, instead she made this hot gallery for you guys. So check it out and we’ll see you next with more updates. Enjoy it and if you liked her visit Jayme Langford and have fun watching another beauty revealing her perfectly shaped body in front of the cam.


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Lela Finger Fucking

Guess who’s here with her hot gallery? Yes you’re right, I was talking about our smoking hot Lela that’s here to share with you guys her hot update. She got an invite the other day for a weeding and she found out later that she was maid of honor in that weeding also. So she went the next day to try out her dress and take some pictures for the weeding album. But as you can notice that dress didn’t stayed to much on her hot body.

After taking a few pics she started taking it slowly, revealing her amazing body, delicious curves, big tits and of course her pussy. The photographer didn’t know how to react, but he continued taking her pictures. Once she was left only with her panties on she started rubbing her pussy. Then she jumped on a table, bent over and started finger-fucking her juicy pussy. You’ll find out the rest if you check out the entire gallery. So enjoy it and see you next.


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Lela Star Nude

It’s time to see another juicy and simply stunning Lela Star scene with the dark haired beauty and that simply exquisite body of hers here today. She knows how to be a tease and so far you have seen her do that time and time again. Well get ready to watch the busty babe with jet black hair in another show full of her self indulging herself, making sure that her pussy is nice and pleased. So let’s get miss Lela’s show on the road as you just have to see this woman masturbate furiously on camera for you all once more. We can promise that there will be quite a lot of amazing images to see in her kinky gallery.

Well it seems that she was relaxing and reading a book but she started to get a tad horny, so you know what she needed to do yourselves. Yeah, she just had to go for fucking herself without delay. She remembered her last time where she got to play with Katie and that just turned her on so much as she remembered in vivid detail every single naughty thing that they got to do to one another until they orgasmed repeatedly. Well you will see her having quite the powerful climax with her little self finger fucking today and it makes for quite the great show. See you guys next with another one of her galleries and even more of her getting nasty for you!


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Lela And Catalina Cruz

We are here with our smoking hot babe Lela and her latest gallery. She was alone at her place so she thought she wouldn’t mind some company. So she grabbed her phone and called her good old friend Catalina Cruz. After chatting over a coffee they wanted something sweet and went to the kitchen. The fridge was empty so they had to bake it themselves. They got all the ingredients on the table but in the end they didn’t even open the floor bag.

They started making out and undressing each other, showing off all of their delicious curves, huge tits and those eager pussies. Catalina found a wooden spoon and started punishing Lela for being such a bad gal for not having any sweets. So the bent her over the table and started spanking her with the spoon. but that made her hornier so they started kissing and fingering their juicy pussies in the end. So don’t miss this hot LelaStar gallery. Enjoy it!


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Naughty Lela And Holly Morgan

Sexy Lela is visiting her naughty friend Holly Morgan and they are going to spend a whole weekend together. Holly just moved into a new house and she has a sexy neighbor. When Lela saw him from the window she wanted to know who this guy is because she felt attracted to him immediately. Holly told her that the guy loves next door and she can invite him over for dinner. Lela couldn’t wait for the guy to cum over so she can have some fun with him.

What she didn’t knew was that Holly is also attracted to the guy, but the sexy babes decided to share him. Have fun watching them seducing the neighbor and taking turns at sucking his big hard cock. Next he took turns at fucking their wet pussy and he covered their sexy faces in cum. Go and see a naughty blonde craving for cock like these two babes.


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