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Rough Pounding

Jayden James will totally blow your mind, trust me. Jayden is now going to get laid and not just for a couple of hours, but she plans to get fucked for the entire weekend. You will finally get the chance to watch a total fuck marathon and Jayden is going to let you be there and watch her exactly while she is getting pumped. She will stay in, with her new lover, cause anyway she didn’t felt like going out or going in the club. The only thing she wanted to do was to get her pussy exactly what she was waiting for, the entire week.

She need that she had to have sex, to feed that starving pussy of hers, to supply it with a huge cock, cause she had like a trembling down there, between her legs, since a few days ago and the only thing she could do was to fill it entirely with that cock. You will see how she is going to lay down on her back and she is going to spread her legs wide open, allowing this guy to come closer and get a full access between her legs, to shove his colossal tool down there! She loves every single time she is getting pumped, cause she is always ending with a nice, or better said with an amazing orgasm. Of course that he will cum too, spreading his creamy jizz all over herself! Have a great time!


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Jayden James Lesbian Fun

I hope you are ready for a Jayden James video, cause for this time we have a super surprise for you. Jayden is going to hook up with her best friend, who wanted to have some fun too. They decided to stay in this weekend cause it was way much more fun, cause they both knew exactly what they need and that was a finger fucking session, just like they knew to perform. You should see how these two gorgeous sluts are taking turns in finger fucking their eager pussies and how they eat all their muffins, insisting with their tongues on their erect clit, cause there was all the awesomeness.

You will see how Jayden will spread her legs wide open and how she will start to shove her fingers into her tight wet muffin, rubbing her clit and making out with her girlfriend who needed so much attention now. After an impressive fingering session, they will both start to rub each other’s pussies and they will start to lick and to munch their cunts until they will both cum, moaning with pleasure. You definitely have to see this impressive video update, cause it has it all, a lot of passion, two sizzling hot babes that will get really naughty and a lot of interesting fingering sessions and of course many surprises. Take a seat cause this is going to be mind blowing, specially for you, just like the videos from POV This! These babes will really turn you on, trust me!


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Big Black Cock

Jayden is going to impress you with the today’s update, with a mesmerizing blow job session and not just an ordinary session, but with a black cock. Because she was very horny today she needed to have a huge cock, not just a regular one, cause she wanted to be sure that she will calm down her desire and her need for cocks. So she invited this friend of hers to come in and enjoy a nice pounding session, but at first, because she wanted to make him feel great and because she also wanted to make sure that he will be big and heavy, she got down on her knees and she started to suck his cock, offering him the best experience ever, cause as you know Jayden really knows how to perform a blow job.



You will see how she will eat all that huge cock, stuffing it deep down her throat. I don’t even know where was all this room, for such a huge cock to get in, cause her mouth looks so tiny! This guy couldn’t hold it any longer so he splashed his creamy cum all over her tits and her chest and finally got what he needed. After that, of course that this busty brunette wanted some action too, cause she had her pussy super wet and hungry for cock, so she laid back, spread her legs and allowed this guy to shove his enormous cock into her sweet cunt, getting the maximum pleasure ever!

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Jayden James Massage Parlor

OMG, that’s super hot! Just watch our nasty Jayden James and her friends in this movie update and come back with a feedback. I am definitely sure that you will love the way these three will make out and fuck for the entire night. Jayden is going to get all the attention, cause this guy is going to fuck her hard, stuffing his tool into her tight muffin, pushing it deep there with continuous moves! You will love how she will be fucked and meanwhile she will get to eat her girlfriend’s tight pussy and then how she will get the same treatment, in return!

Have a great one, guys with this amazing update and you will see one of the most interesting threesomes ever! You have no excuse if you won’t watch this scene until the end, cause they are going to do so many things together that it’s really going to be a lot of fun! Not to mention that you will get your cock so hard after this that you will have to jerk it off as soon as possible, cause you won’t be able to do anything else for the rest of the day!


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Lesbian Encounter

We have an outstanding video with Jayden James and one of her girlfriends who likes to have this kind of fun too, just like her. Jayden really thought that she could stay in for the entire night, cause she could have way much more fun just for themselves. And you will get to see that she was absolutely right, cause just look at them, they are both smoking hot and they have some impressive bodies and also they both like to try new things in bed, just what they will do in this naughty new update.

Have fun watching these two sizzling hot babes how they make out and please their tight pussies, licking their erect clit and touching with so much passion. They adore to stuff their fingers into their cunts and shove them there on and on, with continuous moves! You will see how they will end up having the most impressive multiple orgasms ever! Trust me, the following scenes are going to blow your mind and your pants, cause these two cougars will have a great time together!


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Locker Room Fun



Jayden really adores her friends cause they are just as naughty as she is! You will see how these slutty babes will have a great time in the locker room, after their practice, cause they will be just as fired up as you wish they were. These three babes look absolutely stunning, so you can imagine what kind of naughty things they will do there, with each other and their sizzling hot bodies. At first, they will slowly remove their clothes, kissing all over the place, insisting specially on the boobies and on their erect nipples.

After that, these sexy chicks will go way more down, until they will reach their eager pussies with their mouths and with their lips and they are going to please each other like that, making you hard and heavy in just a blink of an eye. They are going to mess around with your mind and with your thoughts, making you want them all, right away. Have a great time watching this outstanding video and you will see all the other surprises that are coming right up next. Have a great one, guys and don’t forget the napkins, cause it’s going to be messy!

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Lesbian Fun Time

Jayden James is the kind of babe that always attracts the other people around, not only with her looks, cause she really is hot, but also with her way of being, naughty and kinky all the time! You have to see how she managed to gather two other smoking hot babes at her place and she made them offer her the best pleasure ever. She spread her legs wide open and let these two gorgeous bitches do whatever they can just to pleasure her eager pussy better.

At first, they started to make out because they were bored, but in just a short while, they started to stuff their fingers into Jayden’s tight pussy, going deep inside it with on and on moves, shoving those fingers deep into her tight muffin. You will get to be fired up as hell, trust me, after watching these three sluts and their unique way of making out big time, fucking each other’s stretched pussies with their fingers and rubbing their erect clits with their tongues! I really think that you will have your mind blown after watching this impressive update so have a great one!


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Hot Interracial Threesome

There is a fresh new Jayden James interracial video here, that you will simply adore, so turn off your phone and get ready to be impressed by these three horny guys! They managed to put up for a date, just like Jayden wanted, cause this black guy has a huge dark cock so these two sluts couldn’t wait to arrive at home, get naked and start this incredible orgy! The three of them waited for such a long time to meet in this formula that as soon as they arrived at home, they started to remove their clothes and make out right away. Jayden started to finger fuck her pussy, just to make it wet and slippery, cause it really needed to be like that, to receive such a colossal tool inside.

At first, she jumped on that cock and she started to rub it and jerk it, just to make it hard and heavy and then she started to ride it on and on, while her friend was stuffing her fingers into her tight ass, just to make sure that the pleasure will be the highest. It really looks like these two babes needed this immense black cock, cause both of them were fighting for it, who should eat it and who should ride it. That lucky bastard only laid down waiting for these two sluts to handle him properly. That’s what I call being a boss, staying and doing nothing and the babes fucking him big time!



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Jayden’s Sloppy Blowjob

Jayden likes cocks more than anything in the whole world, mostly if they are big. So her best friend, who happened to be a cock amateur just like her decided to make her a surprise, asking a black guy who has a really huge cock to come at their place and have some fun together. Of course that he accepted right away, cause these smoking hot babes really look amazing, so who could be that stupid to refuse such wonderful babes? And not to mention horny, cause these two chicks both wanted to have sex and get dirty. So, that will be a win situation for everybody, cause the three of them could feed their famished desires in such a lovely way.


You will definitely adore how Jayden will get down on her knees and how she will start to munch that cock and blow it with such a colossal pleasure. She simply loves the fact that this enormous black cock is so hard and heavy, just fit enough to enter into her eager mouth and she will suck it just like a lollipop. Of course that these two sluts will go down at this guy, blowing his tool with so much passion that he will end up spreading his load all over them, into their opened up mouths. Jayden loves the way his spunk tastes so she is going to wait for that jizz load to get entirely into her mouth! Have an awesome time with these three!

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Jayden James Anal Madness

Jayden loves all kinds of fucks, cause sometimes she is such a whore! There is this Jayden James anal video that we would like to share with you and I really think that you will love it. She is willing to let you admire her while she is being fucked by her fuck buddy, right into her tight asshole. She is willing to let him penetrate her butt hole, with his enormous tool, but don’t worry, she will allow him to bang her but only after he applied a lot of lubricant on his cock cause trust me, he couldn’t stuff that giant thing into such a tight hole, otherwise.


This tattooed guy really has a huge cock and he is going to shove it entirely into that tight asshole, pumping it hard and heavy, until she will start to moan with so much pleasure that probably all the neighbors have heard the noise! You have to see this impressive video, cause these two are going to fuck big time and they will allow you to watch them meanwhile. I bet you will get fired up instantly, cause who wouldn’t ? With so much action and so much pleasure on the same sides? Jayden will finally get what she needed for such a long time, and that is a huge hammering session and all her holes will be stuffed so good that she won’t need sex for at least a couple of days! Have a great time!

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Jayden James Lesbian

Check out miss Jayden James and her fuck buddy Katie. The mature hottie likes to have sex of all kinds as you know and she isn’t one to say no even to other ladies if it means having a good time for her of course. Well, today she had the cute babe Katie over and the two of them were super horny. They got to do all sorts of stuff, bu the best part by far in their scene today is taking their time to use a strap on on each other. So let’s take the time to sit back and see the hot brunette Jayden as she gets her pussy plowed by Katie with a strap on dildo today shall we?

The whole action takes place in miss Jayden’s living room on that nice and big brown leather couch and as soon as the cameras get rolling, the hot women are all over one another. Clothes come off quick and you can see them sixty nine-ing in the start of this Katie Banks lesbian scene to set the mood even better for one another. Well as we mentioned, Katie gets to be the one to fuck her cunt today mostly so as she puts on the strap on, Jayden has the biggest grin you can see. Sit back and watch the two babes fucking all over the place and after Katie makes her cum, Jayden eats her out until she has an orgasm in this show too. Enjoy it!


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Jayden James Threesome


Jayden likes to have fun and she always has the right people around, to offer her the kind of fun that she needs. Just like today, when she thought that it’s going to be just another ordinary day. But she was called by a very old friend of hers, that she was back in town for the entire weekend and they thought that it’s time for them to share a cock together, just like during the good old days. You will see how these two babes will share a gorgeous cock, blowing it and sucking it and ending up riding it, one after the other one.

These three guys are definitely going to have a great and long night that they will remember for a while. And you will, too, cause they will have a blast and they are willing to offer you the chance to see everything. At first, Jayden will blow this guy’s huge cock and her buddy will stuff her tongue into this guy’s mouth, while she is fingering her pussy. This lucky son of a bitch, just look at him how happy he is with these nasty babes! But don’t worry, you will get to see all of it!

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Jayden’s Best Scenes

Hardcore Interracial Sex

You are going to see a great Jayden James video and if you check out her next galleries and video collections you are going to be thrilled because she is an awesome porn star just like hot Barbi Sinclair and she has given us so many great scenes. In the next video she meets a black guy and she can’t wait to go home with him and have it her way.

Once they are in the bedroom, it is all set and she is not wasting the time at all. After getting on her knees to play with his huge black cock, she sits up and he bends her over, showing his massive dick deep inside her wet pussy. He gives it to her hard, and she is begging for more. She can’t remember the last time she had a big black cock but this feels great and so, he starts fucking her faster and deeper making her explode in an amazing orgasm! Have fun watching this hardcore JaydenJames interracial scene!


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Jayden James Wild Lesbian Sex

Now that you have seen Jayden James in a hardcore interracial video scene, it’s time for this naughty porn star to have some really wild lesbian sex so better stay here and watch this following video. No question that there is a chemistry between Jayden and that sexy hot blonde who is looking just like hot Cindy Hope, another stunning model, and they are not doing it just for the cam, they really enjoy exploring each other’s body and kissing. As the horny babes are undressing each other, Jayden starts playing with her big boobs and sucking her hard nipples, and this is making her really wet.

The more they touch aach other’s hot body, the hornier they get, and things are getting out of control now. If you wouldn’t know her better, you would say that JaydenJames is clearly a lesbian, but she loves fucking pussies just as much she loves fucking hard cocks. In this scene she is going down on her sexy blonde friend to eat out her wet pussy, and the naughty blonde is going to fuck Jayden hard with a toy. Enjoy!


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Jayden Fucking Prince With Lisa Ann

In this update she is going to have some fun with her sexy friend Lisa Ann and Prince. Lisa is a hot porn star and if you already seen her porn movies that you can already imagine that this is going to be a really wild and intense threesome. Lisa is in town with some business, and she calls Jayden to meet with her at a coffee. Lisa tells Jayden that she would love to shoot a cuckold captions video with her, if Jayden could find a hot guy to share it with her. Jayden knows just the perfect guy, and she is sure that Lisa is going to love fucking his big black cock.

So here they are, all three in one bed and Lisa can’t wait to play with his big black dick. The horny babes are taking turns on sucking his hard cock, and Prince can’t wait to slide his cock in these hot pussies. While he is busy pumping Jayden’s wet cunt, Lisa is playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy, then they are swapping places and Prince shoves his hard cock deep inside Lisa’s pussy fucking her fast and hard. Have fun watching this hot threesome scene featuring sexy Lisa Ann!


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Jayden, London and Rebecca

Previously you’ve seen Jayden fucking Prince together with Lisa An, so this time she has brought two hot chicks to shoot a hardcore lesbian threesome scene. London and Rebecca are Jayden’s best friends, and as you can imagine, this is not the first time when these hotties are getting together for some lesbian loving. After having some drinks, the babes are ready to party and while Jayden Jaymes turns on the music, the naughty babes are already undressing each other.

JaydenJames is not wasting any more time and hops between them. At first the hot babes are posing sexy for the cam, showing off their goodies and touching each other’s body, kissing and sucking one another’s nipples, but then they forget that the camera is there and start focusing only on one thing, to make each other cum. Watch them caressing one another’s wet pussy, licking and fingering one another until each of them explodes in a massive orgasm. Have fun watching these naughty babes banging each other!


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Jayden James Interracial Threesome

Jayden James is sharing a huge black cock with her sexy blonde friend. At first the two babes are sitting alone in the room, having coffee, when Jayden’s friend decides to pay her a visit and join them. Since none of them are in the mood to go out, they decide to stay at home and have some fun together. The guy really wants to see them playing with each other, so the babes decide to pleasure him by getting naked and kissing each other’s big boobs. He grows hard in his pants and takes his big cock out to stroke it while the babes are busy fingering each other’s pussy.

When Jayden sees his huge cock, she gets on her knees to take it in her mouth, and the naughty blonde fallows her, because she wants her share of that big black meat. He is in heaven now, as the babes are taking turns on sucking his massive tool, and he can’t wait to fuck them. After sliding his big dick into Jayden’s wet pussy and fucking her hard, the naughty blonde gets on her knees and he fucks her doggy stile. At the end of this JaydenJames scene, he is going to shoot his big load covering the hot babes in his creamy cum!


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Hardcore Threesome With Brandy Aniston

Jayden James is sharing a cock with sexy Brandy Aniston, who is always happy to bang a guy with Jayden. Like sexy Isabella Sporano, she likes sharing cocks with her best friends. Brandy visits Jayden every time she is in town, and Jayden always makes sure to invite a hot guy to join them. When Brandy knocks at Jayden’s door, the guy is already standing naked on the couch with a hard cock, ready to fuck sexy Brandy. Jayden made sure to suck his big cock before Brandy’s arrival.

Brandy quickly strips naked and after she kisses Jayden and plays with her tits, she goes to the guy to check out his cock. She likes what she sees and get’s on her knees to take it in her mouth. Then it’s Jayden’s turn to suck his dick, and while Jayden is busy to take his cock down her throat, Brandy sits on his face and he starts to lick out her wet pussy. At the end of this scene, the guy shoots his massive load after fucking the hot babes, and sexy Jayden is licking his cum from Brandies big boobs.


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JaydenJames Blowing Sean Michaels

JaydenJames is going to prove her oral skills and she is damn good at sucking a cock. Sean Michaels is quite a hot guy, and he has a huge black cock for Jayden. After he arrives, she starts teasing him by playing with her big boons, and the she starts stroking his cock through his pants. She can’t wait to feel his hard cock in her hands and she unzips his pants revealing a huge cock. You can see him growing harder and bigger in her hands, and she gives his a great hand job, stroking his harder and faster.

After a while, she starts massaging his balls while she takes his cock in her mouth, and finally, the most awaited moment is here, she is trying to deepthroat him, taking his cock in her mouth inch by inch. When he is balls deep in her mouth, Sean starts places his hands on her head and starts mouth fucking naughty Jayden. She chokes and gags on his huge cock until he is ready to blow his load, and she makes sure to swallow every drop, but he shoots stream after stream of hot cum, covering her face and tits in it. Have fun watching these pics!


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Jayden James Anal Sex With Phoenix Marie

There are new pics awaiting for you! In this scene, she meets up with Phoenix Marie, and when these two meet up, you can expect for some really wild things to happen, because the babes are not here to chit chat, they are here to fuck each other senseless! Both of them are really horny for each other, Jayden missed fucking sexy Phoenix Marie and there are so many things to catch up.

After they strip out of their clothes, Phoenix Marie goes to Jayden’s bedroom because she knows where Jayden Keeps her toys, and after she takes what she needs, she comes back to Jayden and starts going down on her. Phoenix Marie licks Jayden’s wet pussy and then she slides a vibrating toy deep inside, making Jayden’s pussy tingle. Next, she bends Jayden over the couch and slowly slides the vibrator in her tight ass. Jayden can’t take it anymore and explodes in a loud orgasm! Have fun watching horny JaydenJames screaming in pleasure!


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Hotel Room Fuck With Bruce

In this fresh new scene naughty Jayden is meeting an old friend of hers. They met up accidentally in town and she found out that he is back in town for short with business. They agreed to meet up the next day and hang out to catch up. Next day sexy Jayden was ready to go out and meet him at a coffee shop, but once they got there he proposed her to go back to his hotel room where they can be more intimate.

It has been so long since they have last been together, no wonder that busty Jayden was all horny and excited about being with him again. As you can imagine, they haven’t talked too much, because they have been busy with something else. Take a look at these pics and see all that’s been going on between them. As soon as they got in his hotel room, Bruce was all over her, taking off her clothes and kissing her sexy big boobs, while she was taking off his pants to play with his hard cock. Bruce then shoved his dick all the way up and deep in her wet pussy and gave her a popper fuck, because he knows that Jayden likes to get her pussy pounded hard. Have fun!


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Jayden James Blowjob

Well this guy must be very lucky don’t you think? He has two sexy and naughty babes sharing his big cock. If you enjoyed watching our previous Jayden James videos you will surely love this one, because sexy Jayden in proving once again her wonderful oral skills. But as you can see, she is not alone with that guy, there is another hungry mouth who can’t wait to get it’s turn to suck on that cock.

Watch the naughty babes taking turns on sucking this guy’s dick and playing with his balls, until he is nice and ready to fuck them. Jayden bends over the bed and he shoves his hard cock deep inside her pussy and starts pumping her, while she plays with her friend’s huge juggs and sucks her nipples. Then as he starts hammering her wet pussy, Jayden starts moaning load and explodes in a powerful orgasm. The guy starts fucking the other babe who loves having that cock buried in her wet cunt, and Jayden keeps playing with those big boobs and rubs the babe’s clit. At the end of the scene, the babes are lining up in front of him to get their faces covered in his cum! Check out Christy Mack and enjoy watching another gorgeous babe getting her pussy stuffed.


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Fun With Rebecca Blue

Rebecca Blue is a hell of a babe. With long blonde hair, a pretty face and a sexy fit body, no wonder that naughty and horny Jayden likes to play with her so much. In this amazing video scene these naughty babes met up to spend some quality time together. Rebecca is an old friend of Jayden’s, and she loves getting down and dirty whenever they are together. Luckily for us, Jayden made sure to record this encounter and share it with us.

Rebecca loves playing with Jayden’s big runt boobs, she likes licking and sucking on Jayden’s nipples and slowly moving down between her legs. Take a look inside this video gallery to see kinky Rebecca licking and fingering Jayden’s wet pussy. After she is done with JaydenJames, it’s her turn to get her wet pussy pleasured, and sexy Jayden slides her fingers inside that pussy and fucks naughty Rebecca to orgasm! Have fun watching them fucking and licking each other!


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