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Check out these horny college students fucking all over the place!

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We are here with more dare dorm videos for you guys. As usual everything happens at a college party. But these aren’t your ordinary college party, these horny students party like no one does. The other days the gals invited some friends over for a beer and some games and things got a little over board. After they got drunk, the guys got extremely horny and ended up playing other kind of games. So they ripped off their cloths and started kissing, licking, sucking and fucking all over the place. So check this out. Enjoy it!


Check out these horny students fucking all over the place!

Another daredorm video is here as promised with another hot college party. This was kind of a private party with only three guest. One of the gals had her boyfriend over the other day while her room mate was out. So they took advantage of the situation and started fucking without closing the door.While they were minding their own business she came in. But that wasn’t a problem because she joined them and ended up sucking and fucking all over the place!

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Dare Dorm Free Video

We are here with another dare dorm free video for all of you lucky guys. This time you are in for a treat with these smoking hot babes. They were all bored in their room so they thought to invited the hot guys on their dorm floor over for some games. They guys brought the booze and the gals brought the games. So after they got a little dizzy they wanted to play strip poker. The guys just couldn’t wait to get them naked, because let’s face it the chick didn’t know how to play poker at all.

So after loosing some hands, they ended up completely naked while the guys were still fully dressed. But after the game finished the gals took care that they got naked as well. Then they moved the party to the couch and that’s were everything happened. The babes started taking turns on sucking their cocks and they did such a great job and didn’t stop until they got all covered with creamy loads of cum. But that isn’t all, they then continued with fucking all over the place and stretching their holes to the limits. So check out this daredorm gallery, it’s worth it!


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Pants off Dance off

In this latest dare dorm submission it’s all about dancing your pants off. These hot babes were searching on the internet for some party idea that they didn’t tried until now. I’m telling you every swingers parties should be like this one. Everything started with the babes dancing in the room, until they guys made an appearance to see what’s going on and what’s with that loud music. That was all the gals needed so they invited to boys to their room to dance with them.

After a while some of the guys disappeared and returned with lots and lots of beer. So every one started drinking until they got drunk and started undressing each other. So before you know it they were doing body shots of tequila. From there to fucking it didn’t took them long. The gals started sucking their hard cocks on by one and after they got all covered with creamy loads of cum they took the hard cock up their tight holes as well. First their juicy pussies and continued with their tight buttholes. So don’t miss this hardcore daredorm gallery with these extremely horny college students! Enjoy it!


See these babes sucking and fucking all over the place!

DareDorm Fucked For Money

Sometimes chicks act or do things without thinking at the consequences, but not our babes. They knew exactly what they want and make sure they get it. So the other day at a sex party they were invited by some of the guys they shared the same floor, they got what they wanted. One of them had a crush for this ripped hunk she was sharing her history class with.

After she got drunk she finally had the gut to talk with him. So she went over and while they were talking the rest of the guys had in mind a game they wanted to try out. So before you know it every guys had a scarf tied up on his eyes so he couldn’t see anything. The rules of the game are simple you have to guys who you are fucking. So the gals undressed and got their pussies stuffed with hard monster cocks, stretching them to the limits.


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Three is a Crowd

Some parties don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, but not this crazy dare dorm party. A group of smoking hot babes were just hanging out in their dorm and wasting their time. After the finished with their talking one of them thought to call some guys over. So they ended up having a little party just for some close friends and hot guys.

Once the guys made it to the party, they started wondering what to do to break the ice. People were drinking but no one was having to much fun, so one of them got the great idea to play a game of strip tease. Ivette was the one that started it and with lots of work she convinced her friends as well. So before you know it everyone was naked and started licking, kissing, sucking and fucking all over the place. Ivette was the happiest of them all, because she finally got what she wanted for such a long time, a hardcore threesome.


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Dorm Fuck

Another hardcore dare dorm gallery is here for you lucky guys. This time we have pics from a hot new year party. These hot babes were stuck in the dorms for the holidays so they thought to invited some people over for a party. But everyone was kind of busy, so they ended up with only three or four friend over because everyone had already plans. But that was ok for them, because they made the of the situation. So after they finished cleaning and preparing their room, they got lots of booze and some whipped cream.

After everyone was there and the booze was finished they started playing with the whipped cream and things got really sweet and kinky. And before you know it they moved all the action on the beds. Licking tits, licking asses, there was whipped cream everywhere you turned your head. But that was only the beginning because they continued with crazy blowjobs and doggy style fucking. So don’t miss out this hardcore gallery and check out the rest of the daredorm updates.


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Dare Dorm Valentines Dick

As promised we are here with another hot dare dorm gallery, submitted last week. Everyone should have girlfriends like the babes in this update. This group of hotties were planning a party in their dorm room. After they prepared with booze and called every one, Farrah told the gals she had a date and she needed the room. She didn’t have anything with the party, but wanted everyone to leave when she was coming back. But the gals had other plans!

Everyone hide in the closet and started filming everything. After a while Farrah started hearing some noise and caught, but that didn’t stop her from getting her pussy eaten. After everyone got out, the party really took off. Farrah’s date begun stuffing her pussy with his monster hard tool while two of her friends were filming them. But after a while they got horny too and ended up eating each other out. This is what I called a good party! So don’t miss this insane gallery and check out the entire gallery to see how this daredorm scene ended!


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DareDorm Dirty Dice

Our next daredorm gallery took place in Colorado. Colorado is the home of great beer and broke party schools. One day the gals heard about a beer pong party in the guys dorm so they had to get in that party. They weren’t so interested in the theme of the party as much as they wanted to get alone with the guys. Who doesn’t like jocks? Smoking hot, ripped jocks! So once they arrived there and started playing beer they lose game after game and before you know it they got drunk. So the guys took advantage of their situation and started playing strip beer pong and of course they went for it.

Meanwhile the game moved for the table to the couch. At first for some make out session and after for a threesome. Who wouldn’t bang hot college babe that are so drunk they will almost everything? So they guys started taking turns on stuffing their cocks in their filthy mouths. And continued with banging them one by one hole by hole. Starting with their pussies and continuing with their buttholes. Check them out in this insane update!


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Singles Only

Some people might hate being single but not these college students! After they got their fair share of failed relationships, bad break ups and that constant drama they thought to start living their life in a different way. So they started trying out as many guys as they could and avoiding relations as much as possible. So they went from party to party to hardcore fucking all over the place. And, I forgot to mention, they both leave in the college dorm sharing the same room.

One night they went to a fraternity party in their dorm and on of the guys were checking them out. So they went to him as asking him to their room without even know how he was. Once they entered the room the madness begun. The gals started undressing him and taking turns on his monster cock and they didn’t stop until they got covered with creamy loads of cum all over their pretty face. And continued with riding his hard tool and stretching their tight holes as well. So don’t miss out this hardcore daredorm update with the sluttiest college students you will find.


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Rainbow Party

Nothing beats an insane party and the babes know that better. They had a crush for the football team of their college so they invited these chicks to one of their parties. When the guys heard about a chick party they didn’t know what to do, but once their heard that’s a rainbow party they quickly changed their mind. Let me tell you a rainbow party goes. Every gal in putting colorful lipstick and started blowing guys leaving their with a rainbow cock.

All they needed for a party like this is to find two participants and that’ isn’t a hard thing to find in a dorm. After Francesca and her beautiful friend found their hunks they jumped right to business. So the gals started sucking and marking tools back and forth. Just blowing guys wasn’t enough for them. Before you know it the most colorful threesome started and this lucky guys got the rainbow treatment of a lifetime! Don’t miss this hardcore gallery with our sluttiest babes and their crazy party ideas.


Check out this horny students fucking all over the place!

Dare Dorm Threesome

We are here with another dare dorm gallery for you guys. This was the first submission we heard about. These babes wanted to have a party in their room and started to search for fun games to play. They founded one called Ice Cube that seemed more interesting . So after all their friends gathered they told them about the game. So they got lots of ice cube and stared melting them on their sexy opponent’s body. This quickly lead to the gals getting all wet.

of course one of them couldn’t take it anymore and jumped on one of the guys. She desperately wanted to have her first threesome. Nobody expected the party will go that way, but everyone loved it and ended up fucking all over the place. They started making out and ripping off each other’s cloths and the things got more serious. Everywhere you turned your head all you see is some chicks sucking a guy’s big cock or some slutty babes getting their holes stretched to the limits. Enjoy this daredorm update!


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