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TS Long Mint


Check out these tgirls fucking one another!

You’ve kept asking for TS Long Mint porn and here you have it. This page is dedicated to the hottest Asian tgirls and we have so many amazing scenes to share with you guys. But let’s start with these two horny tgirls and their special encounter. As you can see we wanted to start things right with a proper debut scene. So we are having two smoking hot babes sucking and fucking one another in this wild scene. There are some solo scenes waiting for you too, don’t worry. But until we get to those lets enjoy this amazing update!

Irresistible Jane


Take a look at gorgeous Jane jerking off!

We said that we have solo scenes too and here we are keeping our word. Sexy Jane is here to tease us all with her divine curves in her amazing solo scene. As you can see she has barely anything on. From what we can gather she had a pink bathing suit on, we can still see the panties, but that didn’t last too long on her and we are so happy about that. Now we can enjoy those big tits of her and see her playing around with her hard dick.

Long Mint Porn


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When we think of Long Mint Porn this is what we have in mind. Two smoking hot Asian t girls sucking and fucking one another in front of the camera. Not that we don’t enjoy the solo scenes, because we do, but some action from time to time is appreciated and we know you guys are going to love this one too. See these two hotties in action is going to make your day and we can’t wait to hear your opinions about this one too. Are you happy or do you want even more from them? Tell us everything!

Yaya & Ammi


See Yaya and Ammi sucking off one another!

Yaya and Ammi aren’t wasting any time, not our time and not their time either. So there isn’t a lot of teasing in this one and we get to the good stuff pretty fast. What are the good stuff you might ask. Well let us set the scene for you. Everything took place in Yaya bedroom, as you can see there is some sexy lingerie involved and a lot of skin too, not to mention hard dicks. So we get a bit of everything in this one and we are so happy that we can share it with you guys. Trust us you will want to see these two in action!



Watch sexy Meen posing naked!

Another amazing solo scene for you guys and this time we have gorgeous Meen and her maid outfit. We love a hot t girl that’s into role play, makes things so much fun. How can you get bored with so many characters to be played? Like we said Meen is wearing her sexy maid suit, a little bow tie, white stockings and white lace gloves and a top that just doesn’t want to stay on. Well we can’t say we are sad about that..because we can now see those big round tits and her big dick too!

Noey And Boy


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We finally have it guys! A scene where one of our hot t girls is getting fucked by a guy. We know how much you wanted to see one and here it is. We’ve got solo scenes with Hazel Tucker, t girls fucking other t girls and now a hot guy is pounding our t girl. Noey found herself a cute guy that was into guys so he didn’t have any problems taking care of that eager ass of hers and he did a hell of a job too. You should see this guy in action, pounding our gorgeous Asian tranny.

Parwa & Papki


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Parwa and Papki, you’ve seen them before but separately. Well now they are together and up to no good in this latest one. These two love being in front of the camera and we can’t blame them when you look this good why not. They love fucking in general, now they are just doing in front of the camera. Like we mentioned earlier, they’ve done this before and have been fans of each other for a while and here at long mint we love making dreams come true. So we finally have them both in the same scene!

Best And Mo


Take a look at this hot t girl getting fucked!

Another highly demanded duo: Best and Mo. These two were also highly asked for, same as the girls before, they’ve been around here but not together. Most of their scenes are solo scenes so it’s really nice to see them doing something more hardcore for a change. We know these chicks like fucking, it’s more about finding the right person to do it on camera with. We’re going to just go ahead and say that these two are the perfect couple and once you see it all, you will agree with us!

Soda & Yaya


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These scenes are getting hotter and hotter and we are so excited for you all to see them. This time we have Soda and Yaya. You’ve seen Yaya earlier and as you can see, she doesn’t sit still for too long. She’s always looking for the next dick and the next sex tape to send you guys. Always looking for a good time and that’s exactly what she got in this one too. A damn good time! Getting that fine ass of her fucked is always a delight for everyone!

Pooh And Jak


Watch Pooh getting fucked by Jack!

Now it’s Pooh’s turn to find herself a boy to fuck her. We’ve had a similar scene earlier and we thought it might be fun to bring another one. We love seeing our hot tranny getting fucked by guys and Jak has been around for a while now. He loves pounding these sexy DevilsTGirls and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So make sure you see these two in action, see sexy Pooh taking Jak’s big dick up that eager ass of hers!