College Frat Guy Getting Double Teamed

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Fraternity x surprises us each time with something new and interesting and for today we have a threesome. This poor guy was always sitting alone so the guys thought to do him a favor and invite him to join their frat house. The guy was so excited to hear their offer, he was broke and by joining a frat house he knew that he was going to have a roof over his head at least. But there was a catch, he had to pass some tests before he could become a fraternity member. Now the fun part starts, well at least for us, we aren’t that sure about him. His first night there the guys threw an insane party to celebrate him and after everyone got a bit buzzed the action actually started for our broke guy.


The guys started making their moves on him and soon after that, the guys was surrounded by all these weird guys making comments about how good he looks and about his ass. Only then he realized what he was getting into and what was going to happen next. The house had a rule, the frat bro that brought the guy was the first one to bang him. So his new friend took him away from all the horny guys into a room where there was only another dude. He told him if he wanted a roof over his head this was the price he had to pay. As you can see below, it wasn’t too hard for him to make his mind. See him in action!

See this frat college guy getting double teamed!