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In these CastingCouchHD XXX we have the hottest chicks getting fucked so they can be in a rap video. Everyone knew how to casting process went but now we actually get to see it first hand. There have been rumors about these rap videos and how they pick the chicks that are in it. In these next few scenes we are going to see some of the hottest chicks and we are starting with this curvy one that ended up getting fucked in the backyard.

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We got an ebony contender this time. We know you love seeing these gorgeous ebony chicks in videos but let’s see if she passes the test first. We gotta see how she is moving those hips before she sees the set of a rap video. We can’t have a chick that can’t move messing up the whole vibe of the video. So let’s see what she does riding this massive black dick first. If you wanna see it all, just click the link above and get ready to have the time of your life! If you want more like this, casting xxx is great, check it out!

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WE finally get to see a face in this CastingCouchHD porn video. We are getting another amazing POV scene this time focusing on the blowjob skills. How is thing going to help her in the rap video? It probably won’t, but it’s helping us right now, that’s for sure! The gorgeous brunette had a tough time deepthroating that massive black dick but she is a hard worker and you should see her working….you haven’t seen anything like it before! I saw a hottie doing the same on fuck the babysitter, check them out!

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This hot blonde is going really putting the work in to get a spot in the video. She even put her ass on the line, that shows you just how desperate she is to get the part. Taking a black dick up her ass…that’s the level of commitment we want from all our girls. But lets get back to our hot blonde that is taking all the meat like a champ and we have the best POV anal video prepared for you guys. This is just the preview, don’t worry…there’s more! On casting couch x also, so check them out!

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We know you like these Casting Couch HD full videos and we totally understand. Who wouldn’t want to see hot chicks getting roughly fucked just to be in a video? This one actually happened on the Backroom Casting Couch and as you can see we have another cute blonde ready to get those holes worked out for a spot in the next rap video. We have to give it to these girls…they are all such hard workers. They will say yes to anything for a few seconds in the spotlight! Similar with the latest update from fake agent uk!

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We have a first…finally. We finally have a chick that’s never had a black dick before. Let’s hope that she can handle it because this isn’t going to be a easy ride. So how bad does she really want to be in this video? As you can see she started things easy, wrapping those lips around that black monster dick and we gotta say she is struggling there too…We are a bit nervous about this one. Does she have what it takes to make it to the next level? For more reality porn, check also fakehub. It worth it!

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Big dicks and fat asses go hand in hand so this was a perfect match. He even took her in the backyard to fuck her. Don’t worry he still fucked her on his white couch. We swear this guy was white couches all over his place, you never know where you gotta fuck. There are so many great angles from this one, as you can see she was a camera too, so you know that’s gonna be fun to watch. To see her face when she’s taking all the meat up her holes! Check also fake taxi, love their content!

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She’s hot, blonde and a gymnast. What more could you ask for? Y’all know these blonde chicks are crazy after black dicks and her being a gymnast intrigued our guy so he called her over for an audition. Now sure if this is the type of audition she had in mind but she sure looks committed to it. She sure loves riding black dicks and all our guy had to do it stand still and let her do all the work while he recorded it all. She is a serious contender for the part and we are rooting for her!

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So many things go well with black dicks. So many chicks go well with black dicks, like this gorgeous thick girl and her fat ass. Oh he loves smashing big asses, seeing that thing giggle, nothing like it. He likes his girls curvy, he likes big tits and this chick has it all. Another serious contender for the video. But he might need to spend a bit more time with her…just to be sure she’s the right one. So we’re going to see just how bad she wants it!

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What do we have here? A sweet chick with a nasty side auditioning for the rap music video. As you can see we are having the usual audition, on that white couch and her taking that black dick. Gotta love these innocent looking chicks, some of them have the wildest sides and we love a wild chick in the sack. Let’s find out just how wild this one is in the gallery we have for you below. You already know the drill..this is just the preview, there is still so much to enjoy inside. You are going to love seeing these chicks in action!