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AfricanFuckTour Tania


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The africanfucktour starts with Tania. The gorgeous 21 years old African Zim girl. I met her when I went out on a Saturday night. She knows how to show off her beautiful body, she dressed sexy and modern without looking slutty. She;s just hot and attractive. I could easily tell that she was into me too so convincing her to film our sex session. Big natural tits, slim body and a round ass, she has it all. After that crazy night I sadly lost her info…she was visiting when we met…I tried calling her afterwards but her phone was dead…Just like the latest update from dogfart network, check it out!

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Jordan from africanfucktour looks barely legal with that cute face of hers. But don’t get it twisted she is definitely not new to the game. Blowjobs on command and balls deep pussy pounding are one the menu for tonight. This chicks knows what she’s doing. Sucking my dick, fucking and more dick sucking. That how our night went….she didn’t even blink when I shoved my huge white cock up her tight African ass. She was so tight that I had to pull out and jizz on her face. Gotta love Africa!

African Fuck Tour hoochie Alina


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When I got home I found Alina taking african fuck tour photos of herself in the mirror. There’s no way she was taking all those sexy pics for herself, she’s probably going to send them to her other boyfriends. I’m ok with that, we never said we were exclusive. I’m just here to do what I love to do and fuck as many African chicks as I can. Before she left my place I did make sure I got some of those nude selfies…for the lonely nights.



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My African fucking tours continues with Shantell. This gorgeous straight model is all I needed for tonight. The best of it all? Well this chick is a nympho, she loves fucking and is very playful. I never realized how young she was (she’s 18) until I saw her ID. Crazy huh? She is still unspoiled..somewhat…but it wont take her long to get there. All that matters is that I got a great fuck out of it all and she ended up with my cum all over her big tits.



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Brandy is your next-door neighbor type of chick, African chick. I invited her over to watch some movies and that’s what we actually did. We didn’t get to fuck until the next morning when she woke me up. I enjoy fucking during the day anyway. She is curvier than the chicks I usually bang. But I really enjoyed her thick legs and her hair when she’s sucking my cock… If you prefer an interracial porn video, you should check blacksonblondes!

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Aisha’s name means ‘life’ in Swahili and this cute teen is about to give more life to my dick. I enjoy this africanfucktour porn chicks with huge tits, but Aisha has the best small tits I’ve seen in a very long time. Her tight body is so tiny and everything is shaped perfectly. You should see her..her little hands around my nuts, my cock in her small mouth and her small body riding my huge white dick. If you are looking for some interracial porn check filthfreaks!



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We get to see Jane sucking off on my white huge dick in this one. As my tour of Africa continues, I keep finding hot chicks everywhere. You can’t walk without finding hot girls on every corner. That’s where I found Jane too, she was at the store next to my place. She was into me and I knew that by her starring at me while I bought my things. Soon enough she was naked with my white dick up her wet mouth, testing out her throat and then did a bit more testing on her holes!



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Jennifer is my latest conquest. I found this hottie at the club. She was by far the hottest one there and she really wanted to try out a white dick, which worked out great for me. I love black chicks and she loves white dicks. Match made in Heaven! So I took her to my place to seal the deal as soon as possible. This chick is a nympho...I couldn’t take her off my dick. You should her riding my dick…oh man…she’s a pro! And I thanked her with an amazing facial…covering that pretty little face! For extra fun, check these cuckold sessions, they are awesome!

AfricanFuckTour Bina


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Bina was the next africanfucktour hottie that landed on my dick and she was treat man. We were both taking a walk on the same path so I made sure we took our break on the same bench. A bit of talking and a lot of curiosity on her behalf…and here we are at my place. Bina wanted to try out a white dick, apparently I’m a rarity around these places and that works out great for me. I’m getting all the African hottie that I want and they are all eager to get fucked by a white dude.

African Fuck Tour Sanaa


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Sanaa is the latest one on my african fuck tour list and you should see her milking my white dick. This chick, like most of them around here, knows her way with big dicks. But this is Sanaa’s first white dick. I’m guessing that’s why she came up to my place in the first place. She wanted to compare sizes and see where I stand on her list. She was surprised when I took off my underwear, she wasn’t expecting a white guy with a big white dick. What can I say I’m full of surprises and I like sharing them with you guys!