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We have more Tory Lane videos for you today. So Tory is getting a habit of getting “bored” recently. We think that’s just a cover for her lust to keep having sex as much as she can. Anyway, today she got one of her friends over again to help her unwind…Or rather her pussy. Anyway don’t wait any longer, take a peek right now at this video of Tory having her pussy eaten and fingered until she climaxes. And we bet that you will just love seeing your sexy little babe with a passion for sex getting into another sweet and sexy lesbian encounter for today.

The blonde was all up for a long fuck with sexy Tory as well and when our babe heard this she couldn’t be more happy. Sit back and watch her spreading her sexy legs once more as she wants the other babe to have easy access to her lovely cunt. Just enjoy watching Tory moaning and screaming in pleasure while her pussy gets one superb and hot treatment today with the blonde’s expert tongue. And after our babe cums, she takes the blond and gives her the exact same treatment as she eats out her pussy as well today. Have fun with the video!


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Tory’s Solo Time

Yet another awesome video is ready for you guys since you’re developing quite a thirst for this hot brunette. And we have some fresh new Tory Lane vids to quench that thirst. For this one Tory is by herself yet again, but she shows that being solo doesn’t mean that you can’t make your own fun. So just for you se decides to take out one of her dildos and fuck her pussy like mad. Enjoy this video and see her thoroughly fuck her wet cunt with a pink dildo. Man, another girl or solo Tory knows how to have a good time with her pussy and satisfy herself.

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You know that Tory just can’t help herself from being naughty and since she had some more free time all to herself, she decided to please herself. As you can see her pink and black outfit was pretty sexy as well, and you get to watch her pulling down the shorts of the said outfit as she bends over and shows off her superb ass to you along with her eager pussy. See her sliding her nice and big pink dildo in her pussy, and see her fucking herself nice and hard with it just for your viewing pleasure. You know that you are in for a good time with her and rest assured that she got to fuck her ass as well!

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Tory Lane Anal

So continuing, Tory and another girl friend of hers got their hands on yet another guy to abuse for a night. And you can bet there’s some Tory Lane anal involved too. Watch the girls take turns riding his cock and taking a deep anal pounding. Well you may remember the sexy brunette with long hair from one of Tory’s past scenes where the babes got to have fun all by themselves for the night in a superb and hot little lesbian fuck fest. Tonight however they had their hands full with this lucky guy and his nice and big cock. So let’s watch them have sex with him for this superb update.

Of course the main way of having sex with these two hot babes is anal, as they just love feeling nice and big things stuck in their nice and tight butts any day. They actually really really love anal sex, and by now you must have figured that for Tory at least is a necessity to fuck her ass if you get it on with her or she’s just not happy with it. Sit back and enjoy Tory being the first to ride the big cock with her ass, and then see her lovely friend taking the turn to have her butt stretched nicely by a hard and big cock. What a lucky stud, he got both of them all to himself.


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Tory Lane Facial

So Tory and her friend Alexa went clubbing tonight. And the two got their slutty little paws on a stud at the club, to have some wild fun this night. And what resulted is a awesome Tory facial extravaganza. The two girls took turns sucking the dude’s huge cock until they drained every bit of cum out of him. Well this week, our lovely and hot brunette was on the prowl once more and as you can pretty much bet, with a body like hers she doesn’t really need to be lucky to score a dude. And to boot her sexy friend Alexa was there to help as well. 


Well the babes decided to try their picking up guys skills at the beach, and as one might imagine, they didn’t need to work too hard to find a lucky stud. In no time they managed to get a stud and brought him back to Tory’s place where they would give him a hard fucking for the whole afternoon. See them sucking and deep throating his cock and then see the stud taking turns to fuck them nice and hard all over the place. The trick is that the babes wanted to enjoys this as much as they could so they kept denying him his ejaculation for as long as possible. And for a nice end he blows his load on them after which they suck his cock clean.

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Playing in the kitchen

For this awesome photo shoot we had Tory go wild in the kitchen. Man she looks hot and sexy no matter what she wears or where she is. Not long into the shoot Troy grabbed a knife and started to fuck her pussy with a knife’s hilt. Don’t worry no harm was done, and the knife wasn’t sharp(It was a prop anyway), but you can see that this smoking hot brunette just has to have something stuck up her pussy when she’s having fun or she wouldn’t otherwise. And by now you know just how naughty this sexy brunette babe can get every time that she gets that naughty mood of hers. So let’s watch her in action.

Well we imagine that no guy or woman in his right mind would refuse this babe’s advances when she wants to fuck. Sadly there was no one at her place today except her and the camera. And since she was in the mood to feel some sexual pleasures, this babe just goes for it. The thing is that she was in the kitchen and she didn’t feel like going back to the bedroom to grab her nice and big toys. And so, she decided to grab whatever she had nearby to please her eager cunt today. Watch her fucking herself with all kinds of kitchen appliances that she had around and see her cumming at the end of the scene in a nice and loud and wet orgasm!


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Naked outdoors

This time Tory appeared for the shoot in a very sexy laced top and a very short mini skirt. The best part is she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it. Well just take a look at this gallery and you’ll se for yourself just how hot she looks. So enjoy this sexy brunette fingering her pussy hard style in the courtyard. Until next time take the time to enjoy your favorite porn star as she has her solo and hot fun outdoors in her very own back yard for today. We’re sure that this gallery will suit your tastes regarding the babe and let’s get it started without delay.


As another fresh week started, your babe here wanted to do something a little special for you guys, and as you can see, this was quite nice indeed. She came out wearing just her sexy white top, a sexy red mini skirt and her high heels. And yes you read that correctly, she had nothing underneath as she was feeling rather naughty and kinky yet again. Sit back and see this babe spreading her long sexy legs to let you see her pink pussy, and in addition to that, the cute babe also starts to finger fuck herself nicely just for your enjoyment. 

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Tory Lane Hardcore Sex

Tory is here with a brand new hardcore lesbian sex gallery. Enjoy her and her friend fucking each other’s eager pussies with all kinds of toys. Tory just loves playing with her friends hot ass drilling it thoroughly with one of her her red dildos. The two went at it and made each other come for the whole night. You can say that they partied hard and pulled an all-nighter as they played around with their pink and eager pussies today. And we bet that you guys are eager to see your favorite short haired brunette as she gets to have some more fun with her friend here today, and so let’s get this show started.

As the scene starts off, the babes make their entry wearing their super sexy and hot outfits, and as you can see by the way they are touching each other and starting to kiss passionately, you know that they are eager to get in each other’s panties and pussies today as well. And rest assured that miss Tory had every basis covered as she pulled out some of her favorite and big sex toys today and started to use them on this fuck buddy of hers’s pussy. Enjoy as miss Lane slides a nice and big dildo as deep as it can go in her buddy’s ass as the latter moans in pleasure at the special treatment!


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Hardcore Threesome

Tory was getting bored so she decided to pass the time by having one of her girl friends over and a guy for a nice and hot threesome fuck session. Enjoy these hot girls ride the guy’s cock like there’s no tomorrow in this great update. Tory was in need of some help to fuck this guy and his big cock and so she got to call on her good female friend here to help her out for the afternoon. She managed to go out with her female friend, and the duo got to catch this guy all for themselves and their naughty little pussies today. So let’s not delay any longer and see the duo of babes as they have sex with the guy shall we?


And by no means should you miss seeing this superb threesome fuck session unfold today. You will be missing out on a amazing show with the one and only Tory as she rides some nice and hard cock along with her blonde friend today. Sit back and watch the babes getting to whip out the guy’s cock out of his pants, and see them starting to suck and slurp on it as they get him harder and bigger as they lick and suck him off today. Then you get to see Tory being the first to take his cock for a ride as she climbs on top of him. Of course her friend got a dicking as well as she was cock hungry too.

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Tory’s Glass Dildo

For this one Tory gets to play by herself. We had her over for a photo shoot and she was really sad when she was told that this time there’s no guy involved, just her and the camera. Well she still did the shoot as you can see, but she didn’t feel like doing just a nude shoot this time. So she grabbed a dildo and started to play around with it. Watch Tory Lane fuck her pussy with that glass dildo with a naughty expression on her face. Just tempting you to fuck her. And that’s why we and we’re sure that you too love her. So nothing more to add. Just enjoy this gallery of her for now and expect more updates soon.

In this scene, your favorite sexy babe comes with one superb update as we said. She was naughty and kinky and wearing a superbly sexy outfit, and she was also ready to have some fun today. You get to see the sexy and hot Tory as she makes her entry wearing her sexy and hot red corset and just her small red panties today, and as you can imagine she made quick work of her underwear to let you see her sweet and pink pussy in some nice close ups today. See her pulling out her favorite big glass dildo, and watch her making her way inside her cunt with it. So just sit back and enjoy as she fucks herself fast and hard just for you with it!


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Tory Lane Deepthroat

Our favorite queen of sex is here with a very sweet Tory Lane deepthroat session for your enjoyment. Tory proves again her ultimate blowjob skills on this lucky subject. She went all out using every trick in the book going down on the guy, deepthroating his cock like a blowjob champ. You can bet one gets her slutty little hands on you you’ll be in for one wild ride. Good luck walking straight the next day though after this babe is done with you. She had lots of guys on her hands until now and you can rest assured that she put their stamina to the test with her body each and every time that she got to fuck them.


Well you can say that this guy was rather lucky to have the babe all to himself for today, but like we said, after she’d be done with him he’s surely have trouble walking. Anyway, do take the time to watch this whole gallery and enjoy as the slutty and sexy Tory takes off his clothes rather fast, and then see her starting to suck on his nice and big cock with her juicy lips today. And of course she then took her spot on top of his dick to give it a good ride as well. Watch the brunette fucking this guy hard style and do come back for more of her simply superb and sexy scenes everyone. We’ll be waiting for you! Until then, enter the dixies trailer park site and see other beauties sucking cocks!

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Tory’s Sex Videos

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Tory’s Hot Scenes

Tory Lane Lesbian

For this update we have some Tory lesbian action for you to enjoy. Tory isn’t shy to show off her skills in front of guys or girls. So for this shoot we had over another porn star, namely Alana. The two of them worked together in the past and they went perfectly together for this particular lesbian scene. So do not wait one second longer and check these two sexy ladies get down for some hot lesbian sex scenes.

This nice and sexy afternoon our lovely porn star fancied having herself a nice and sexy serving of sweet pussy. And helping her out, she had her fuck buddy named Alana there. Sit back and watch as the dirty garden girls undress one another from their sexy outfits, and then see as they start to lick one another’s sweet cunts for the whole duration of this hot scene today. Have fun guys!


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Tory Lane Blowjob

Tory is a true professional when it comes to sex. She tried about everything there is to try out there and for this update she brings you a very nice blowjob pictures gallery. The lucky guy that had his cocked sucked by this true queen of sex won’t forget her name too soon. Don’t believe Tory is a pro at everything remotely related to fucking? Check out this gallery and see for yourself, either way you won’t be disappointed.


Well either way, for today, the sexy and hot short haired brunette has a amazing gallery to show off and we as well bet that you won’t want to pass the opportunity to see the naughty and kinky babe sucking and slurping on some cock. Just take the time to enjoy and see her sucking some nice and hard cock, and enjoy it. We will be seeing you guys as usual next with more scenes of her!

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