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Welcome! We have for you an amazing show where you’ll see this hot, naughty babe, Samm getting roughly fucked and creamed. Get ready for yet another great show. We promise you’ll have an amazing time, you’re in good hands, so let’s get started!


Once more she found herself another hot stud, who is ready to please her in each and every possible way. They met randomly and after a while, since they were feeling so attracted to each other, they decided it’s time to move the fun in the bedroom. So here is where the wild party will start. Watch how she will remove all her clothes, revealing her delicious body, getting him hard just by looking at her. Then she will get closer to him and after giving him a great head, and getting him all ready and stiffed for her slutty cunt, watch how she slides his large cock deep inside. He will start pounding her over and over, fucking and stretching out her pussy in every possible way, until he cums and gets her all covered with his spunk.

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Samm Rosee sharing a big cock

Get ready for an amazing threesome, so sit back and watch Samm sharing this hard cock! We guarantee you that this will be a night you will never forget! And that is exactly what Samm wants to offer to this hot stud, a unique experience and a fucking session like never before, and in order to succeed, she invited her hot friend.

Right from the beginning you will realize that this is an amazing production that will get you all incredibly excited. Watch how they all get their clothes off, and reveal their hot, sexy bodies. All anxious and ready for some hot, sexual encounter, take a look at how this guy will take turn in stuffing these girls’ slutty cunts. Watch how he will slide his large cock in, while one of them is on top of the other, getting her delicious breasts licked and her nipples pulled. The show will go on and on like this, until he’s close to cum, so here you’ll see them both getting in front of him, licking and sucking his large tool, waiting for his load to come out and spray them with some delicious,creamy spunk.



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Sexy stockings and pink toy

Another spectacular show, starring your favorite porn star, Samm Rosee. Here she is to rock your world over and over, and put all kinds of naughty thoughts in that dirty little mind of yours. Hope you will all enjoy it, so sit back and watch this hot babe playing with her pink toy!

Away from home from quite a while, on a business trip, she suddenly felt the need to fill up again that empty hole. So right after getting back in her room, she needed one hour just to herself. One hour when no one to bother her. So there she is, wearing those really hot black stockings and a pair of high heels. Take a look at how the busty babe will get on her back, lift her long, sexy legs, up in the air, and reaching out for her pink toy. Watch how she will slide it in, turning it on and starts enjoying the rotations and vibration, while moaning in pleasure. She’s stuffing her vagina deep and hard, going on and on, pounding rough, as she’s massaging her sexy, hot breasts.



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Pool fun with Karlie

Samm invited her good friend Karlie over to her house. It’s such a great day to hang out by the pool and have some fun. She agreed and here they both are, enjoying this beautiful afternoon. This day is all about having fun, drinking and getting tanned, and it’s a private party, no boys are allowed in, just girls. So get ready for a wild party, sit back and watch them making out in a very hot and sensual manner!

A couple of cocktails later, the music is load, the water is perfect and the sun is still up. So it’s time to spice things up a little bit and turn this party into want none of them will forget. Watch how they are starting to strip in front of each other, gently removing their clothes and moving their hot, sexy bodies. Soon you will see them completely naked, and starting to touch their honey golden skin, caressed by the sun. They get closer and closer, so soon you’ll see how they are starting to kiss and move their hands all over, touching and squeezing each other’s hot, beautiful breasts.


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Samm Rosee pics Naughty in the shower

We have for you a bunch of new hot pictures of Samm Rosee. She will show you her beautiful, sexy body getting it all exposed and hot. So without any further ado, let’s get started, cause we know how anxious you all are to see her in action. Watch her fingering her pussy in the shower.

After a long, hard day, what’s better that a hot, naughty shower. She will get inside, and pour the water all over her sexy, hot body. Watch the water touching her sexy skin, and getting all wet and delicious. She will get down and spread her legs, offering you a spectacular view, exposing her perky breasts and her pink, juicy vagina. Take a look at how she’s tease you with her superb figure and rub her hands all over her soaked wet body. Moments later you will see her turning around, spread her legs apart, lean forward a little bit and show off that sexy, round ass of hers. She will take her hand between her butt-cheeks and slide her fingers deep inside and starts pounding.



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Hungry for a big cock

This time we have a bunch of hot, new Samm Rosee videos just for you to watch and enjoy. She’s here to blow your mind, so don’t go anywhere, cause she’s ready for a killer show. So sit back and watch Samm sucking that large, fat cock!

She’s set straight to offer this hot stud an amazing experience. She wants to show off her great sucking skills and get him all hot and horny. Quickly you’ll see that she will turn him one within seconds, she’s that good. Watch how she will start grabbing his cock through his pants and rub her hands all over. Then she will get down on the floor, unzip his pants and reveal his large cock. She will start rub it between her hands and getting it ready for her hungry mouth. Take a look at the way she will work her mouth around that big dick, rolling her lips around it, and taking it all down her throat, to the balls. She will also take care of them, and gently pulling them, as she’s sticking her tongue out, sliding the cock’s head against it, from side to side, until his delicious load will come out and fill her mouth with it, swallowing all.


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Samm and Kiki Vidis

Here we have for you another special lesbian fun. Watch these two hotties, Samm and Kiki Vidis pleasing one another, and having an amazing fun. They will play with their naughty, sexy bodies and stuff their pussies with these toys. Get ready for an amazing adventure, so sit back and watch them pleasing their slutty cunts!

They were both feeling so naughty, and there was only one way to release that feeling. Together in Samm’s room, they started with some innocent touches, and soon this will turn into a hot, wild lesbian show. Watch them getting more and more turned on as they are gently helping one another removing their clothes. Both naked, in front in each other, they will start touching and licking their beautiful tits, and then going down to rub each other’s twats. Watch them taking turns in eating out one another’s juicy, wet pussy and slide their fingers inside, pounding hard. Later you’ll see Samm reaching out for her goodie drawer and getting her pink dildo and starts fucking Kiki’s vagina, stuffing it deep and pumping hard. To get her more turned out, check out how she will starts licking her clit while filling her pussy and dildo-fucking, getting her orgasmic and wild, full of excitement. If you liked this fresh scene, you can enter the Jayden James blog and watch some similar videos and pics!



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Bedroom tease

Get ready for some exciting new Samm Rosee pics. Here she will show you her delicious body and perform an amazing solo action. So sit back and watch her rubbing her wet pussy!


She couldn’t wait to invite you all inside her bedroom, for an amazing new show. So take a look at her delicious body and how she starts taking off her clothes one by one, revealing her beautiful breasts and her naughty pussy. She approaches the bed, and watch how she will lay on her back, spread her legs and starts rubbing and massaging that sexy body of hers. She is moving her hands all over, playing with her boobs and taking her hand down on her cunt. She will start rubbing her clit and getting hot and horny. All wet and juicy, she will slide her fingers inside and starts finger banging that pink pussy. Watch her every moves, cause she will drive you crazy with her awesome skills. She knows how to arouse you and had the right tools for that. Check her out as she’s rubbing and fingering back and forth, moaning in pleasure, until she orgasms.

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Samm Rosee and Holly Hanna

Our stars are two hot babes, that are going to rock your world. Here we bring you Samm Rosee and Holly Hanna. These two are going to turn this boring afternoon into a naughty and special one, just stick around watch them fucking each other.

This hot, sensual lesbian encounter will start gently with some hot touches and delicious caressed. Here you will see them making out, beginning with a little bit of foreplay, as the lever of excitement will quickly increase. So watch how they will start getting more closer and licking one another’s sexy, perky tits. Things are quickly moving forward, and moments later they will eat out one another’s juicy cunt, while moaning in pleasure, getting more and more wet. To spice up things a little more, take a look at how Samm will grab her big toy and get it all lubed up and ready for Holly’s twat. She will turn around, offering you all a hot, sexy view at her delicious pussy, as she’s getting stuffed with that hard toy, dildo-banging her juicy vagina. Watch Samm going harder and harder, as she’s increasing the rhythm, until Holly orgasms and cums. If you’re looking for similar content, you can watch some great lesbian vids at sapphic erotica! Have fun!


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Horny in the bathroom

New pics that we’re sure you’re all so anxious to watch. Check this hot scene where you’ll see Samm riding that big purple dildo. Hope you will enjoy it, so let’s get started, cause she’s feeling so incredibly turned on that she can not wait any longer, and she wants to invite you all to play her naughty little game.

Get ready for another one of her amazing shows, she will get you all as excited as she is. So watch her all alone in her bathroom, getting ready to take a hot bath and get all soaped up and ready wet. She adores playing with herself, just like slutty Andi Land, so she will take off her robe and get in the tub, so take a look at her delicious naked body, as she’s revealing her perky breasts and her juicy vagina. She starts massaging her body, rubbing, getting so horny, that soon you’ll see her starting to touch her wet cunt and slide her fingers deep inside, twisting them around, exploring every inch of that slutty twat. But she’s feeling so aroused, that fingering herself is not enough this time, so to spice things up a little more, watch her grabbing her purple toy. She will get it deep inside her vagina and she will start riding it senseless, going back and forth, up and down, getting her pussy, dildo fucked over and over, until she orgasms and her juice will come out of her slutty vagina.


Check out horny Samm riding her big dildo!

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Samm Rosee lesbians

Samm Rosee is going to rock your world. Together with her hot lesbian friend, they are going to perform an amazing show, that you surely don’t want to miss. So sit back and watch Samm getting her pussy eaten out.


Aloe in the countryside, these two found themselves really hot and horny, all this fresh air is making them feel more and more aroused, and ready for some awesome lesbian fun. Watch how they are getting their clothes off, so there they are, exposed and ready to have some fun. Here you will see them touching one another and rubbing their hot bodies one against the other, engaging in some hot lesbo pleasure. Check them out as they are kissing and licking their sexy tits. Moments later they will move down, so watch them taking turns in eating out one another’s delicious cunts. Here you will see Samm getting all hot and excited, with her legs wide open, as her friend is licking and twisting her tongue all over her juicy, delicious cunt, stimulating her clit and getting her over the moon.

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