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Phoenix Marie Videos Hot and Horny

For this Phoenix Marie videos update we decided to split the thing in two parts. We had alot of video footage of this hot woman like hot Lacey doing what she pleases and we wanted to share it. For this first scene the lusty blonde goes to a friend of hers place and once there she lays eyes on her boyfriend. Oh but she just had to get some of that cock for herself. Suffice to say the lady caught them but she did join them in the end to start a little fuck fest with the guy. Watch them taking turns fucking him.

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In the second part of these clips we have the horny blonde in one of her classy solo sessions. If you don’t know her name and nature by now you surely will after this video as well. The playful blonde got left home all by herself once again and she just had to to something about the boredom. So she takes out her trusty dildo to fuck herself. She only keeps her shoes and socks on and stays completely naked. And with that she sits on the bed as she starts to slowly fuck her pussy with her toy. Enjoy guys and see you next!

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Phoenix Marie Video Dildo Fun

It’s been a while that you’ve been following us now, and as a treat we have a Phoenix video just for you to see. She really wanted to reward you guys for your loyalty so she wanted to shoot a clip where she pleases her eager pussy for your viewing pleasure. And without further due let’s see what went down in it. The sexy blonde takes her spot on the bed and reveals her favorite toy from all the ones that she owns, while telling you why she just loves it so much. Don’t worry, talking isn’t the only thing she’ll do.

Then she starts to undress revealing a sexy and hot set of black lingerie that just makes you mind wander and think about her luscious curves that she hides beneath those clothes. She does reveal her hot body in it’s entirety and nude glory as she’s really proud to show it off. So without any more delays sit back and watch as this horny lady fucks her pussy with her favorite toy today for your enjoyment. This is it, but don’t worry, we’ll have another fresh video next for you guys! And if you can’t resist until the next update check out Busty Britain page and find similar videos. Enjoy!

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Phoenix’s Hardcore Threesome

Phoenix is known for throwing some very enticing sex parties every now and then and she’s doing another one. You see it’s one of her female friend’s birthday today so she has a special gift for her. In this afternoon she’ll get to spend some memorable times with her and one of her guy friends with benefits. So in the morning the slutty mature porn star makes the necessary calls to get the guy over and brief him for this afternoon. When her friend arrives as well all three go out for a bit to start off the whole thing.

And they spend some time talking and wishing happy birthday to the lady, but then they head back to Marie’s place so that her friend may take her gift. As soon as Marie locks the door the brown headed beauty knows what’s going to go down. At first both ladies get to sucking the guy’s big dick to get him all nice and hard for their pussies, and after that it’s all up to the dude to please them. Watch him take turns fucking them today and be sure to check out the rest of the PhoenixMarie updates as well everyone.


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Hot Nude Session

We have another hot Phoenix Marie gallery to present to you. The smoking hot blonde took a short trip to a local pool for her session. Well that was due to two reasons actually, one of them was that it was too damned hot and she might as well cool off a bit in the cold water. And the second was that well the setting was just perfect for her to show off her brand new bikini that she bought. So let’s sit back and watch her do her thing in front of the cameras for today guys.

Just like every one of her hot scenes start she starts off by taking off that wet swimsuit after she’s taken a quick dip in the pool. And when she removes her top she reveals those huge natural tits that everyone loves. Worry not though, as you know she’s not going to leave you hanging with just that. Watch PhoenixMarie as she gets completely nude and poses in all manners of sexy poses for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoyed and as always we’ll be coming with some more of her!


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Phoenix Marie Pics

Time for some more Phoenix Marie pics to be brought to you to enjoy. This time the super sexy porn star gets in the kitchen, but not for the same thing that you might be imagining. Actually it may be exactly what you’re imagining if you thought about posing nude. If you though she was going to cook? Well tough luck, this hotties doesn’t do that as she’s to busy looking sexy and pleasing her body every chance she gets. So let’s see her little kitchen visit for today.

As the photo cameras start rolling the fair blonde starts undressing from her sexy outfit to show off her big and round breasts at first. Then she takes off the rest of the clothes as well to reveal the rest of her amazing body to you guys. Watch her as she prances around the kitchen posing all sexy and sensual for your viewing pleasure. And when she gets bored she takes a seat on the counter to spread her long legs and show off that eager and wet pussy before she starts to please it. Enjoy guys and see you next with more PhoenixMarie updates! If you liked this cutie check out the Emma Starr page and enjoy watching another gorgeous blonde in action!

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Slutty Schoolgirl

Phoenix takes the role of one dirty minded and slutty student that simply does not want to obey her teachers. For this scene she’s really getting into her role, as you’ll see for yourselves. She gets in trouble when she talks back to the teacher and he’s not happy with her very naughty behavior. So he has no other choice but to give her detention and let her sit all alone to think about what she did for the whole afternoon. But the joke’s on him as this was just what the blonde wanted.

She just wanted the whole classroom to herself to please her eager pussy in private and away from prying eyes. So when the teacher leaves her alone and locks the door to the room, that’s her cue to start getting wild. She starts to take off her super sexy uniform to reveal those sizzling hot and sexy curves that make men go wild for her. And then she takes her spot on the teacher’s desk with her legs all spread out and ready to fuck herself. So watch Marie as she fingers her pussy fast and hard while she’s all alone! If you liked this cutie maybe you want take a look at another gorgeous babe like her, so check out the Veronika Raquel page. See you next!


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Lesbian Fuck Buddies

We bring you a Phoenix Marie lesbian session with your favorite blonde porn star and one of her best friends today. Her friend is named Anna and she’s just as sex crazy as our resident sex freak. Well today the two lusty women met up after not seeing each other for some time. And you can bet that the two women will enjoy this afternoon with some hot and kinky lesbian sex as well. They won’t just let the day go past them just like that. They simply must have their sex session.

So as the scene starts the hotties are already back to Phoenix‘s place. And not too long after they lock the door behind them they make quick work of one another’s tight clothes. And once they remove their tops you can see them massaging their big breasts for the camera, and also kissing passionately. Once they get turned on enough they take their spot on Marie’s bed where her buddy presents her with her pussy that needs to be pleased. Watch Marie and her friend have hot lesbian sex in this update and enjoy!


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Hardcore Action

Phoenix continues with another fresh gallery of her and her sexual adventures. For this one the lusty blonde felt the need to have her pussy pleased but it seems that she had no cock near her. So she had to call in one of her friends with benefits to take care of that problem. So she makes the call and the guy on the other side is incredibly happy to hear her voice. And he becomes even happier when he hears her proposition. He doesn’t wait, he just bolts to her place with his car.

And once there it’s clear just how desperate our slutty little blonde is. She wastes no time in undressing the horny dude and he already knows that he’ll be in for quite the awesome night with this fiery lady. She starts off by sucking his big cock to get him all nice and hard for her eager pussy and once that’s done the presents him with her cunt that’s waiting a good pounding. Watch him fuck our lusty blonde hard style today guys and enjoy. Like always we’ll be back again next with more of her. Until then you can check out sexy Brianna Jordan‘s page and find similar galleries!


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Phoenix Fucked Hard

The super sexy blonde Phoenix Marie has another sizzling hot update. For this one the super hot blonde engages in some hard style sex with a random lucky guy. Seems that the naughty blonde has hit the clubs for this evening and she got herself quite the catch for the night. Well when you look as hot as her it’s not really that hard to pick up any guy you’d want honestly.But we digress. Let’s watch her as she goes out of her way to take that lucky stud back home.

As she’s scoping out the place the guy catches her eye and she decides to make her move. Oh and you’d better believe that nothing stands between this horny blonde and her prize. So as she stroke a conversation with him, the guy couldn’t believe his luck as this beauty was actually interested in him. So they head back to her place where she could take full advantage of his cock. So watch as sexy Marie takes a good dicking tonight by the lucky guy. We hope you enjoyed and see you next with more and if you can’t wait check out Lexxxi Lockhart page and have a great time watching another gorgeous babe getting hard fucked!


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Phoenix Marie Exposed

Phoenix Marie continues and she’s doing it in force. Once again she’s all naked and ready to toy with her body on camera while you guys are watching her every move, since that’s just how this dirty little blonde wants it, and that’s how she gets turned on. Well today as she’s putting on her nude show she’s also going to be masturbating under your careful gazes. You will learn very rapidly that this busty blonde doesn’t care about anything else than pleasing her cunt when she feels like it.

So let’s watch her as she starts to do her sexual routine. She makes quick work of all of her clothes and takes her spot on that black chair to start having her fun. And she does start her session hard style. You just have to see this blonde beauty going to town on her cunt right from the beginning of the shoot. She masturbates fast and hard until she cums and orgasms in front of the camera. She does love to put on a good show doesn’t she. We’ll bring you more of her next guys. Enjoy!


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Phoenix’s Favorite Dildo

Phoenix Marie is the super hot and sexy blonde that’s making a ruckus in the porn industry as of late. This foxy blonde aims to impress you with her superb body in this gallery. She aims to launch this site and so she set of to show off her sexy body in the very first update. Seems like she wants to make a lasting impression if you ask us. But whatever, the point is that in this gallery this smoking hot blonde will put her body on display for you to enjoy.

As the scene starts the superb woman is all dressed in one amazingly sexy outfit that doesn’t leave too much for the imagination. It was composed of a very sexy and revealing dress and the trick was that she was wearing nothing underneath. So let’s not waste any more time and see her undress from it. And after she’s naked, the dirty minded blonde pulls out her trusty big dildo that she then uses to fuck her tight pussy. Be sure to continue reading cause we’ll have more of her ready for you. Enjoy!


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Phoenix’s Best Scenes

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Check out slutty Phoenix getting properly hammered!


Phoenix Marie Lesbian Video

We promised you some videos and this time we’re here to deliver this Phoenix Marie lesbian scene. Marie here contacted one of her lady friends to see if she’d be up for some girl on girl action tonight. For this evening she fancied mucking on another pussy, and you know her, she just has to have it her way every time. As you know we said that we’d bring you the best content featuring this hot blonde who’s looking just like hot Jessica Drake and we’ve kept true to our claim. And we want to continue to do so in the future. Let’s watch the two hotties have their fun.

As her friend enters the door, the two buddies greet each other since they haven’t met for quite a while now. And they just had to get to talk a bit before anything else. But as they’re both really horny, they soon start to undress and get the lesbian sex show on the road. See them as they start to massage and caress one another’s hot bodies for you guys. Then watch them as they lick on each other’s pussies until they both climax. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this and stay tuned for more next everyone!

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Blowjob Collection

Phoenix decided to show off a collection of her doing her best job while sucking cocks, but it seems that the little slut ahs allot of content in that regard. So she asked for it to be split into two. The first part has her working on a bi dick of a random dude she picked up and you can see the guy is enjoying himself allot. It’s not every day that a blonde as horny and as good looking as her goes down to suck on your dick with a incredible lust.

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For the second part of this blow job extravaganza, the blonde brings you another scene of which she’s really proud of. For this one she managed to pick another guy up and while you’re asking yourself why is she so proud of it, well let’s just say that this was by far the best blow job she ever did so far. So if you don’t know her name by now you’ll surely remember it after you’ll see her doing her work. We’ll see you with more next.

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The new videos are here!

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Miss Phoenix is a monster when it comes to getting kinky!


Fucked by a Stranger

Phoenix Marie continues to show off her cock hunger for your viewing pleasure. This time the sexy blonde woman finds herself taking another serious cock in her pussy as she’s gone to a biker bar in search for a dude to fuck her hard style tonight, just like Lacey DuValle this stunning blonde is a really sex addicted. Be sure that this lusty lady always has her sex on the hard core part as you’ll get to see. So she dressed herself in a very revealing outfit and took her place at the bar waiting for a guy to approach her. Sure enough one does so and talks to her.

Not too long after they started talking this blonde is getting bored of his courtship so she straight out tells him that if he wants he can fuck her. The guy is all smiles since he’s spare the trouble of trying to impress her. So the two take his bike and ride off in the night. But the blonde is horny so she asks him to stop and they start having their sex in a alley tonight. Watch him fuck Marie on his bike in this fine evening and enjoy guys. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates as well, you’ll enjoy them, and we’re sure of that.


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Phoenix Marie Pics – Nude Session

This time we have some more Phoenix Marie pics for you and we’re sure that you guys will enjoy them to the fullest. The super hot blonde takes the time to star in this superb photo shoot featuring her and her sexy shoot in a cabin with a cozy fire. She wants to show off how she has fun when she’s all alone once again and she’s not satisfied unless this comes out perfectly. She loves playing with herself, just like sexy Lacie Heart. Honestly, there’s little chance that it would fail as every gallery that this blonde stars in turns to pure gold. Let’s see what she has for you shall we?

For this one she seems to have taken a short vacation for a weekend and since she was feeling naughty yet again she just had to do another photo shoot. In this image set you’ll get to see the sensual blonde spreading her legs to please her eager pussy just for you. So sit back and enjoy her as she undresses and starts fingering her pussy fast and hard. As always we’ll see you next with more content of her guys. We also want to say that we’ll bring you some nice videos soon as well.



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Naughty Naughty Gal

As a bonus to our last gallery when Phoenix and her female friend took turns to fuck one lucky dude, Marie wanted to do a little after session as well. She really liked the role she had and she wanted to continue with another small shoot afterwards. She was really eager to do it too since she wanted you guys to see her extra stuff. So we allowed her to do as she wanted posing around and acting naughty while we shot her from every angle, capturing those alluring curves and that cute face for you guys.

Sit back and enjoy seeing her as she takes off her sexy dance teacher outfit once again to parade those sizzling hot body curves. Watch her as she prances around and poses sexy and sensual while the cameras are all focused on her. And she seems to be enjoying her solo shoot quite allot for this one, going out of her way to look as dirty minded and hot as she can look. We’ll see you next with some more content featuring her. So be sure to stay tuned. You know she doesn’t disappoint! If you liked this sexy blonde check out the page and have fun watching another slutty babe like her getting naked in front of the camera for you!


See naughty Phoenix revealing her amazing curves!


Phoenix’s Insane Threesome

Once more Phoenix proves that she’s the cock hungriest woman out there in this incredible gallery. She teams up with another of her lady buddies and for this scene the two women are all set to fuck a lucky guy until he won’t be walking straight. They take the roles of some very dirty minded dance teachersthat regularly take advantage of their students. And this guy here isn’t going to be walking away from the two little sluts. Let’s watch how the two women take advantage of this horny guy for today.

In the beginning of the whole thing the two women kneel down and start sucking his cock with a passion performing one amazing and wet blowjob on his big and hard cock. And when he was all lubed and ready for his pussies they presented their eager holes for him to penetrate. So without due, sit back and watch them taking turns being fucked by the eager stud. You won’t regret it. Be sure to stay tuned for the next galleries guys as you won’t want to miss those and what we have in store for you next! Find a similar video inside the Kendra Lust page. See you next.


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Phoenix Marie – Hardcore Action

Phoenix Marie seems to be up to her dirty deeds once again for this gallery update. You can pretty much guess that this horny blonde does every thing she can to get herself some hard cock when she desperately wants it. And let’s just say that she was desperate enough. So she dresses up as sexy and slutty as she can and bolts off to scout her regular clubs that she uses to pick up horny guys when she’s looking for a good fucking. As hot Phoenix arrived she didn’t take long to watch the scene and to find a guy to her liking.

She went straight for him but it seems that there were other women fighting for his attention tonight. But not to worry as our woman always has a fail proof plan to take a guy home with her. She just leans over and straight out asks him if he’d like to fuck her tonight. Well since they went back to her place you can imagine his answer. So just sit back and watch the lucky dude as he plows Marie’s pussy this fine evening for your entertainment. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you once more next as usual. Until then, watch some Brianna Jordan nude galleries and see another beauty getting naked!


See slutty Phoenix receiving a proper pussy pounding!


Hot and Naughty

Phoenix is here with another solo shoot. This fine day, your favorite blonde porn star takes to the living room to please her pussy. For this one she’s putting quite the show and she wants you to see it all. See, she’s been feeling extra naughty and she just needs to finger that pussy of hers no matter what. So she decides that she also wants to leave the door open to the room so that some onlookers may get some enticing views of her. Without due, let’s start this off.

As usual she starts her routine by posing around all hot, sexy and sensual while she’s also taking off her tight clothes that she just can’t keep on her right now. So she takes her spot on the floor when she’s completely nude spreading her long legs wide open to let you see that eager cunt in all it’s glory for this once. Watch her as she starts to finger her tight cunt for your viewing pleasure. Be sure that we’ll continue with more next guys! If you wanna see another gorgeous blonde finger fucking her pussy in front of the video camera come inside the blog. Enjoy!


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Phoenix Marie Porn Scene

In this Phoenix Marie porn update we bring you the smoking hot blonde along with her hot solo session shot for your viewing pleasure. The blonde wanted to do a solo photo shoot and put her amazing body on display for everyone to see. Like hot Melissa Lauren, another stunning internet model, Phoenix loves to get naked in front of the camera and to do that just right she took to a local pool that she booked all for herself to be away from prying eyes while she’s pleasing herself. So without further due, let’s see just what this crazy little blonde has in store for you guys. She loves getting kinky for the video camera, just like the chicks from the screw my wife blog, so let the show begin everyone!

As she starts off her photo shoot, she’s all dressed in a very sexy and revealing bikini that doesn’t leave much for the imagination. And she starts walking around posing and touching her luscious curves just for you. When she’s horny enough, she takes all the bikini off and pulls out her trusty glass dildo that she’ll sue to fuck her pussy for you. See her drilling that eager cunt of hers hard style and enjoy. We’ll bring you more of this woman next. Enjoy it!


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The hot and sexy Phoenix is back with more pictures!

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Phoenix is just as hot and horny as always!


Hardcore Threesome

Phoenix continues with another one of her buddies ganging up on a stranger. Seems that the lusty blonde never has a shortage of lady friends to team up with in order to bang some lucky guys. Well tonight the two decided to hit the clubs and try to scope out the place for interested dudes. Sure enough the two dirty little sluts get their hands on one dude that seemed to be extremely happy to get into a conversation with these two hotties. Well let’s just see how lucky he actually is in this scene.

You may not know, but Marie herself and as well as her lady friend have records showing that they regularly fuck guys senseless, often times the poor dudes having trouble walking straight the second day. He walked home to their place and once there the women just threw him on the couch and started to have their way with him. So watch as the two very horny vixens take turns riding his cock with their pussies for this awesome scene. See you next everyone, we have more for you. Until the next update, enjoy watching another great threesome scene inside the blog. See you!


See Phoenix sucking and fucking all over the place!


Phoenix Marie – Blowjob Session

Phoenix Marie is here with a new one and she intends to make her entry with a bang. Why? well it’s her style. She’s always doing these kind of things. For this first gallery here, Marie and a buddy of hers thought that it would be a great idea to get their slutty little hands on one lucky dude and fuck him senseless for tonight. Suffice to say that the two little sluts went ahead and scouted out the bars is search of some eager guys.

Well as you can imagine the two lusty women were successful in their pickup and they ended up heading back to Marie’s place with one hot stud. And once there they take off his pants to reveal one big and eager cock. Both of them go for one amazing double blow job on this lucky guy and you can be sure they didn’t let him leave until they’ve had their way with him tonight. Watch as the horny women take turns fucking his brains out in this amazing update. We’ll see you again next with more.


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