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See these cuties playing with their huge juggs!

Mastasia – Vanessa and Rina Part 1

Welcome to our Mastasia website! You are were because you love watching all these cute babes hanging around with those large boobies ! Today you will be lucky and you will have the chance to watch these two stunning babes: they are sweet babe Vanessa and horny Rina as they are gonna play with each other with and without cream! Are you eager to see what happened at Rina’s place? In this case, you are invited to take a seat and watch cause we will present to you every single dirty detail! Let’s watch it together!


It’s been a while since these two asian babes had the chance to see each other! So they thought they might meet in this crazy day! They were both mommies now and they had extra large tits full of warm milk! As soon as they got the chance they met in the living room and they revealed to us those very big tits! Soon after that one of this chicks laid in the doggy style position after taking some of her clothes off and this other chick was creaming her tits and her ass with cream! If you liked what you saw today, you are also invited to have a look around on our Mastasia website where you can find more from where this came from!

See these asian cuties playing with their monster tits!

Mastasia – Vanessa and Rina part 2

Are you seeking more stunning Mastasia babes that are gonna play with each other? Here you will have the chance to watch Vanessa and Rina as they are going take their clothes off and rub those extra large tits!All that was left in the end after taking those big clothes off was their underwear and something that covered a part of their tits! They looked pretty sexy as you could see a slight part of what was hiding under that sexy underwear! Let’s see what happened outdoor!

These Mastasia ladies were seeking for some outdoor fun! It seems like the sun must have gotten them pretty heated up as these chicks went in the back yard where they started to take those clothes off! Then they started to rub those large tits and in the end they did lactate all that warm milk all over the place! Did you like what you saw today? In this case you are invited to have a look at our other hot babes on our website where you could also find a hot gallery! Also you can enter the xl girls site and watch some busty ladies flashing their big breasts!


Take a look at these hot babes playing with their boobs!

Vanessa and Monica

How about a new and refreshing session with these hot Mastasia ladies and their boobies ? In the following scene we will have the chance to watch two stunning ladies Vanessa and Monica! Have you had the chance to have a look at them today? Just watch this stunning brunette babe and her friend the red haired chick and their hot smoking bodies! These two cuties thought they came today to our studio to take some photos of themselves as they wanted to immortalize some pics with their huge tits!

As soon as these two ladies came at our place, they got a little too heated up as they took their shirts off and started to touch each other’s boobs! After getting more heated up they started to rub their tits to each other and these babes begin to lactate all over the place! If you are interested in seeing much more hot babes releasing milk out of their tits while playing with those enormous tits, you are invited to have a look around as on our Mastasia website you might find what you are searching for! If you wanna see another big titted chick exposing her huge melons, join the website & have fun!


Watch here these cuties milking their huge tits!

Mastasia Tiana and Janeen Part 2

Eager to get started once again? How about more Mastasia boobies ? In the following scene we ill have the pleasure to present to you Tiana and Janeen once again! For this time, these two ladies chose other sexy outfits and here we are taking more amazing photos! You know chicks like to take photos so we couldn’t blame them, as they are smoking hot with those extra large tits! How about watching them closer by? Take a seat and let’s watch them together!

In this cold morning these two babes were ready to have this crazy photo shooting so they chose to wear today some things that covered only their nipples! As time passed by they took they took their blouses off and started to tease each other by touching their big breasts and shoving their heads in between! Soon after that it was time to make those boobs touch each other and they started to milk! Do wanna see more action with big tits? Just have a look around and you might find what you are searching for!


Watch here these hotties massaging their huge melons!

Mastasia Vanessa

We will show you in this wonderful sunny day more large Mastasia breasts! Cause Vanessa and Rina are in the house and they are more fired up than ever! These two hotties were ready to be part of this crazy photo shoot and as the photographer kept doing his work they wanted much more than that so they took their blouses off and the fun was about to start! Let’s see what happened in that studio!

As these two ladies received the offer they accepted without hesitation cause they were willing to do this photo shoot together as they have been friends for quite a while! So they came to the studio and they started to take some sexy photos! Then they took those blouses off revealing those huge juggs and they started to play! As they started to touch each other taking turns and putting their big tits at work. Do you wanna see more from where this came from? In this case you are invited to have a look around and you might find more amazing stuff to have a look at! Enjoy!


Take a look at these hotties exposing their juggs!

Vanessa Milking Her Boobs

Did you had lots of fun earlier? We thought you might enjoy watching some new and funky fresh Mastasia material so we brought Vanessa over to shoot some photos! Have you had the chance to check her out? She’s a hot brown-haired babe that has a hot smoking body and a very fine ass and also, we couldn’t have forget her huge juggs full of milk! Do you wanna see what is she up to today? In this case, you are invited to have a seat and we will show you everything!

It was quite fun for this stunning lady as she came for a photo shooting and she couldn’t help taking her provocative blouse off! Cause she wanted to reveals to us her extra large tits ! As she was posing she lighted up a cigarette and she continued her work! As soon as she got fired up enough she took her blouse off and she began to rub and touch her tittes and milk began to flow all over the place! If you liked this Mastasia scene and you wanna see more from where this come from you are invited to join us! We also invite you to watch this stunning babe together with hot babe Rina as they are going to play with each other! Enjoy it fellas!


Watch here this nasty babe milking her juggs!

Sexy Tiana Tankers

In this beautiful sunny day we thought we might bring to you one fine beauty! Her name is Tiana and she will be joining Mastasia today! have you had the chance to look around on our website? We have a lot of hot stuff and a gallery with all these fine ladies willing to show their huge boobs to you! This stunning brunette babe came around to immortalize some pictures with her as a milking momma cause it was the first time in her life when she had very large tits! She really enjoyed her new life as a mommy so she thought it was about time to show to her hubby how sexy she was like a mommy! Let’s see what happened there!

A new day brought to us a new hot babe to our place! First things first we took some photos into our studio and then we asked this babe to lay on the bed! Things got a little bit too wild as this cutie ended up with her tits out, yep, we got the chance to see them and with a very large strapon ! I dunno about you guys but we are more than curious to see this entire thing so we will be watching this entire scene! You are also invited to join our Mastasia community and you will have access to this entire sexy scene! Don’t forget to enjoy!


Check out this sexy brunette exposing her huge boobs!

Mastasia Janeen

Have you had the chance of meeting this stunning Mastasia lady? Janeen will be playing today the role of a sexy kitten! Today she took her outfit and as she felt pretty heated up we started to pose her! At first she start taking her clothes off and we did some pretty sexy pictures of herself in lingerie! Soon after that is was time that we did some other types of pics that would evidentiate her extra large breasts full of milk! Are you eager to see some amazing action today? Stay around and you will have the chance to watch this entire thing!

It was Friday morning and she thought she might come by to our place to have a little bit of fun! Things changed and meanwhile she got pretty heated up so she took her clothes off! In this way we had the chance of seeing this stunning babe and those enormous tits! Then she started to milk herself on a plate! He have caught every single moment! Do you wanna see the entire scene? Join us and you will have access to watch much more amazing stuff! You could also have a look around meanwhile and enjoy! Also you can visit the plumperpass blog and watch other busty babes revealing their hot curves!


Take a look at this sexy kitten milking her big tits!

Rina and Janeen

How about watching these two sexy mommies in some Mastasia action? These crazy babes couldn’t be stopped so today we will gonna see Rina and the red haired Janeen in some hot moments! These crazy ladies wanted to take a break so they thought they might cum to our place to participate at the costume party so right before leaving they took some photos! How about watching these two sexy babes? Let’s not waste any more of you valuable time and show these pictures to you!

These Mastasia chicks couldn’t have spent more time around the house doing all those hard stuff so they thought of taking a break and going to a party! They took their costumes on and right before leaving they took some provocative pictures! They did not hesitate to show to us those extra large tits full of milk! So these two cuties took their clothes off leaving us to see their hot bodies in underwear and teasing each other!


Watch these nasty witches flashing their huge melons!

Mastasia Rachel and Bianca

How about some more extra large tits and more heated babes in some Mastasia action? In the following session we had the pleasure to have around Rachel and Bianca! As these two hot honyes were pretty eager to put their big tits at work! Just take some time and how about checking them out? These two hot chick, the hot blonde and the sexy brunette came to have some fun cause all that crazy time spent around their houses got them pretty heated up! How about watching what are these two gorgeous ladies going to do?

These two mommies came here cause they wanted to have some fun! So first of all they thought they might do some photos! All they wanted to show to us how sexy they are with those huge juggs full of milk! So, after taking their clothes off they started to show us those big titties and then they started to play with each other! As this blondie was pretty eager to get some pleasure this brunette babe started to touch and lick her tits! Then, the brunette chick bended over showing to us her wet and tight pussy that was waiting to be stuffed!


Check out these hot babes playing with their big boobs!

Janeen and Stefani

How about watching some Mastasia babes showing their boobies? In the following scene we will have the chance and the pleasure of watching Janeen and Stefani as they are gonna play with their huge tits! First of all, they thought they might tease us with their sexy outfits! Then they bought an ice cream and they began to eat it together, licking it very slowly! Are you eager to see what they prepared today for us? Let’s take a seat and just watch these two ladies!

It was a very crazy day and as they were in mood of playing, nothing else mattered to them! So they took their extra large lactating breasts and as they were getting more heated up they started to strip! All that they wanted to reveal to us were those big boobies full of milk! Then, Stefani started to touch her sexy boobs and thought she might play a little bit with each other! If you enjoyed these two ladies and their today’s play with each other you might find more hot Mastasia content by having a look around! Just watch sexy Janeen milking her boobs!


Watch here these busty chicks playing with their juggs!

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