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Maskurbate – Two hot guys showering together

Welcome to Maskurbate and welcome to Max’s very first gay pounding! And who better to educate this dude the joy of hardcore gay sex than international pornstar Manuel Deboxer! If you liked this video check out men at play website and enjoy watching other great gay sex videos!


You got to see how these handsome twinks are going to start making out. They are both super eager to remove their clothes and to start fooling around with each other, shoving their hands into their pants, grabbing those enormous tools and starting to jerk them off, in a very naughty way. You got to see how these two are going to enjoy each other in such an impressive way and you got to see how they are going to make out into the shower.

You are going to see how they are going to switch places, cause both of them would like to fuck and be fucked. Enjoy watching the following scenes and get ready to be impressed by these two. They are going to do it in a very naughty way and you are going to have a fantastic time looking at them while they offer their tight holes to each other, in order to be pumped hard.

See Manuel Deboxer taking a hard cock in the shower!

Maskurbate – MANUEL DEBOXER and MAX

It wasn’t an easy job to convince this straight muscle builder Max to get ass shagged by Manuel Deboxer from Maskurbate. Max suspected that Manuel’s dick is so big that he anticipated his first gay shag will hurt as hell. yes it did, however Max informed me later on that he’ll certain would do it yet again any time with our true stud. Once more, Deboxer did it perfect ! If you liked this video check out the blog and enjoy watching other hot guys fucking each others tight asses! They will spin the bottle at first, to see who is the first one who is going to be in charge, but anyway they will switch places after that.


You are about to see probably the most amazing blow job ever. You have to see how are these two going to please each other, in such an impressive way. Stay tuned to see what other things are going to happen right next and get ready to see these two hot and horny guys enjoying each other. You are going to see how they will take those enormous tools right up into their wide opened mouths and how are they going to start pumping their tight ass holes. They will spread their legs wide open and get ready to either shove their tools or get ready to receive an enormous tool right into their ass.

Watch these two fucking and sucking all over the place!

Maskurbate – French Connexxxion


Manuel created a cool movie idea while neighbours were gathered outdoors for an mid-day cocktail. We excused ourselves and taped the maskurbate movie on the run. Several beers later, both of us let our basic impulse direct the duration of the filming. Enthusiasm soon took over this improvised theguysite gathering. You should see how these two will start making out, skipping the foreplay and all the other parts. They were damn too horny to wait any longer and they started the more hardcore action right away.

Enjoy the following scenes and get ready to see how one of the guys is going to get down on his knees and start enjoying the other one’s huge hard tool. He is going to grab it and shove it right into his wide opened mouth. You definitely have to see the following actions and make sure that you are ready to see a real hardcore ass pounding. Cause the moment this guy will make sure that his partner is hard enough, he is going to offer him a full access to his tight ass hole and this one here started to fuck him. And it’s going to be a whole lot more than that! Enjoy and get ready to see how eager are these two to enjoy each other!

See these horny gay guys going wild in a messy jizz-fest!


My BoyToy William from maskurbate loves to satisfy me in every way he can. The sensation of having a hunk which obeys your every single desire is indescribable. By his tough appear to the stiffest 8″ I have seen, William’s excellent body always impresses me every time I undress this dude. On this occasion, I have worshipped him with my fingers, my craving mouth and a sex toy. Then he rewarded me with his moist cum. Enjoy the entire free maskurbate video inside. If you enjoyed this fresh update, come inside and see other hot British gays sucking their massive tools!


You definitely have to see the following scenes, cause this mind blowing scene is going to make you all hard and horny. There’s no way you are allowed to miss the chance to see the next blow job scene. You got to see how this guy is going to end up having a huge amount of jizz load all over his face and into his mouth. He loves having his mouth full so he is going to enjoy each and every single inch of this incredible mouth fuck. Stay tuned to see what’s going to happen right next and don’t be afraid to stay here until the end cause what’s going to happen with these two is just incredible, I promise you! Have the best time and feel free to shove your hand into your pants, to do what you have to do while watching these two in action!

Observe these two real studs sucking each other off!

Blowin Adam

Adam from took a little break and met me on the upper level while his design buddies were working right under my bed room. This was the perfect setup for his very first gay suckjob. Will I be capable of deepthroat his enormous 9 inches long cock !? You totally need to see the complete scene and see what happened next! And if you liked it cum inside the blog and enjoy watching other great gay sex videos and picture galleries!

I bet that you are craving to see how this enormous black cock will go deep down his throat, sliding inside with such a great lust. You must watch the entire action, from the beginning until the end, just to be sure that you are going to see the entire action and you won’t miss a single scene. Have a fantastic time watching this exceptional blow job session that will make you hard like a rock in no time. Stay tuned to discover what else are these two planning to do next and see if they are about to have a little ass pounding session as well, or they are going to stop after this. I wonder what’s next!


Watch this sexy black stud experiencing his first gay sex!

Maskurbate – Max play

Time for you to play with our big male model Max from maskurbate videos. Striptease, Muscle mass Worship, Huge Cock suckjob, this video has everything ! Check out how our straight guy really enjoyed it ! If you wanna see another sexy naked guys playing with their massive cocks, come inside the CMNM. blog. Have fun until then with these two, cause it seems like they are going to have a blast together. Stay tuned to see how is Max going to be milked and how is his enormous tool going to be stroked and taken care of.

You got to see the whole action, to enjoy watching these two right away, having a total blast with each other. You are going to see them playing hard and of course that things are going to get a little bit out of control and the poor guy will end up having a huge creamy load spread all over his face and into his mouth. Enjoy the following scenes and get ready to see what other things are these two going to do right next. It seems like they are going to have a really long night and that means that you are going to have one too.


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Maskurbate – Dereck and William

Members have asked me for several weeks to get these two maskurbate together: Dereck and William! They are the perfect partners : An ideal combination of beauty, muscle tissue, tattoos, and of course of large cocks and unquestionable sexual tension… Wow, they have it all, but their most important skill is to fuck so you are going to have a blast watching them in action, fucking like they never did before in their lives.

You are about to see one of the most incredible fucking sessions ever so stay tuned to see what other things are they going to do. One of them will bend over, letting the other one come from behind and start stuffing his super large tool right into that tight ass. Enjoy each and every single scene and get ready to see how these two are going to do it now, pumping each other with such a great lust. You have to see the entire video, from the beginning until the end, cause there are some pretty nasty things going to happen right away and you have to see them all! Enjoy these two hot twinks that are going to have a blast with each other and get ready for some action.


See cute Dereck getting her ass shagged doggy-style!

Everything is bigger

Within just two years, young Bradley from free Maskurbate videos has grown into a sexy & hairy jock. Everything’s now bigger. Every little thing!!! If you liked this update and you are looking for similar videos featuring some sexy hunks like Bradley check out the next door male blog and enjoy watching other hot guys stroking their big cocks! Check out right away how is this horny twink going to impress you with his skills and see how he is going to start stroking that super large cock. You got to see how hot and naughty he is and how eager to press that super large tool of his and show it off.


This is probably his favorite hobby lately, to grab his own tool and to start playing with it. You are going to see how he is going to start enjoying it, going with his finger all over it, exploring it with such a great lust. Get ready to see how is this horny guy going to let you see how he likes to have fun with his own self and I promise that it’s going to make you hard and needy right away. You got to see the entire action, to enjoy watching how is he going to please himself, taking care of each part of it, starting with the balls and going all the way, up, until he is going to teach the top of. Stay tuned to see what other things is he going to do next and I promise that it’s totally worth watching!

Watch Bradley showing his big sized tool and stroking it!

Maskurbate – Best Cumshot

23 yrs old Mexican Carlos won the cumshot competition. Not just this newcomer revealed me a large load but he really was cute, ripped (jock type) together with a great personality. Not a doubt in my mind, you’ll love maskurbate Carlos as much as I did, you may watch his incredible cumshot over and over and over. If you liked this video update and you want to see another sexy guy jerking off his huge monster tool, check out Brent Everett blog. I promise that the following scenes are a total knock out and you are going to love the way is this guy going to stroke his enormous tool once and for all.


Enjoy each and every single scene and get ready to be impressed by his unique way of pleasuring himself. He is going to start rubbing his enormous tool and he is going to enjoy each and every single inch of his super large tool. Stay tuned to see what other things is he going to do next and get ready to be splashed by his large creamy cum load. He adores rubbing his cock, starting from the bottom until the top and he loves to stroke that super large tool and get the top of it into his palms. Enjoy the following scenes and I bet you are going to get fired up instantly, I promise. This handsome guy is willing to let you there, near him and see how he likes to grab his own tool and jerk it hard.

Look at this Mexican guy rubbing his hard boner!

Maskurbate Manuel Deboxer

Our study results demonstrated that our Maskurbate members wanted to see stud Max fucking Manuel Deboxer. Therefore here it is, Max’s very first gay bang ! And who better to educate him the joy of hardcore gay sex than international Maskurbate pornstar and hot older male Manuel Deboxer! These two are insanely hot and they are going to do it big time now! You have to see how is Max going to put Manuel stay doggy style, he is going to stretch his butt cheeks wide open and he is going to shove that super large tool of his right into that tight ass hole.

Enjoy the following scenes and get ready to see what are these two going to do next with each other, how are they going to deeply penetrate their tight ass holes. Stay here to see everything that’s going to happen here and make sure that you are going to see the entire action. Enjoy the next scenes and I promise that you are going to love these two having the best time ever with each other. Don’t miss watching how are they going to enjoy their tight holes and how are they going to stuff their enormous tools deep inside!


Watch Manuel Deboxer getting pummeled in every hole!

The Blue Fantasy

As always we have another hot and horny jock ready to jerk off his fat dick in front of the camera while wearing a mask. The guys actually enjoy having the masks on more than we do. The jock started it off in his bedroom where he started teasing us by slowly taking off his clothes one by one. We know that you guys were at least as curious as we were to see him butt naked. All the guys around here are hot but we were still curious to see what he’s working. If you want to see more action then you must check out these free shemale pics to see more jerking off and blowjobs.

But don’t hurry anywhere because our guy is just getting started and he has something really nice prepared for us. He took his time and didn’t hurry at all when it came to jerking off his dick and we have all these pictures to prove it. So get ready to see a lot of close up pictures of the hunk wanking off his fat dick on his bed.


See this hot jock jerking off his dick!

Maskurbate – Cumshot Winner Carlos

Adult porn can be a real dangerous business, particularly if you have to take a scene with maskurbate Cumshot Winner Carlos. He shots his endless jizz in my poor mouth, nose, eye, hair, ear, back, shirt, on the couch, everywhere… Hey, here at maskurbate we are not complaining!


Check out these hot studs blowing each other dick!

Maskurbate – Carlos & Manuel DeBoxer

It’s that time again and you know what that means. Another maskurbate update all ready and primed for your enjoyment. Today we had Manuel again but we put him together with Carlos this time. As you know we always want to deliver the best and hottest gay sex videos that you can find and we say that for today we really did it. The scene that these two shared today is simply amazing to put it simply. So sit back and watch the guys have some sexual fun today with each other just for you. Like always we hope you enjoyed.


Watch this muscled gay giving an amazing blowjob!

Max and Manuel in the shower

Maskurbate has a treat for you guys this time as we put together two of our hottest guys in a scene and we expected magic to happen. And it did, you just have to see the pair as they get into the shower and start fucking. Like any other successful sex session this one starts with the two kissing passionately before getting on to the serious stuff. Watch as Max bends over so that Manuel can fuck his tight ass hard style today.


Check out these hung gays fucking the other’s tight ass!

Maskurbate – My straight Valentine

Maskurbate has a straight guy that seems to have some gay inclinations but never really came forward with them, so we wanted to surprise him with our thing today. We had one of our guys give him the best blow job that he’d ever get, and see what he feels about it. Surprisingly he enjoyed it allot, he even said it’s better than his girlfriend’s , and he did seem to be eager to do this sort of thing again soon enough. Well let’s hope we’ll be having him here again.


Watch this guy taking that hard cock down his throat!

The audition

For this maskurbate update we have a video that’s surely going to stay embedded in your mind for quite a while form now. You see we wanted to add more studs to our ever growing pool of studs and we had an audition for more dudes to come in and try their hand out at this sort of thing. Well one thing can be said, namely that we were surprised to find one guy that stood out and when his time on camera came up, he impressed everyone. Watch him jerking off and blowing his jizz in this video gallery that we have for today.


Enjoy watching him playing solo and blowing his load!

Maskurbate – Hot black stripper

In this maskurbate update we have another treat for you. And also for one of our guys. You see it was his birthday and we hired a black stripper, for our guy to enjoy today. As the guy starts his routine the dude is all smiles and laughter and the stripper even lets him feel his ripe body. So without any more delays sit back and enjoy the two as they spend some quality times together, the stripper giving our guy the lap dance of a lifetime today. Let’s just say that our dude had the best party ever today. Enjoy everyone!


Click here and watch these guys jerking off each other!

Bradley playing solo

Maskurbate brings you something a bit different. This time we don’t have any pairs of guys engaging in any sort of crazy stuff, just one dude that really wants to show off on camera. This guy’s name is Bradley and he intends to show you his self pleasing skills today all solo. So let’s just sit back and enjoy the show he’ll be putting on for everyone. Watch him as he slowly starts to massage his cock and strokes it. Eventually building up speed and force jerking off with a passion. So enjoy him guys and see you next.


Watch this horny guy with mask jerking off his big cock!

Maskurbate – Blowing Adam

In this awesome maskurbate video we have more horny guys having fun on camera for your entertainment. Today our guy was about to teach another fresh recruit the ropes but the situation was soon turned around as the black guy named Adam turned the tables on him and showed off his face fucking skills. Our guy didn’t really expect that but he was sure happy and smiling at the end of it. So watch Adam as he face fucks the other guy like a champ in this amazing scene for today. We hope you enjoy!


Check out this hot guy deepthroating that big black cock!

Manuel and Pascal measuring up

Maskurbate is here with more of the usual stuff. Today we have a rather special update again as Manuel and Pascal set on to measure the sizes of some cocks. You see Manuel set forth to prove that he has a big cock and Pascal didn’t believe him so Manuel told him to grab a measuring tape to show him. And he was right his cock was big enough to impress Pascal today. Watch as Manuel’s giant cock gets measured today and enjoy the fun that the pair has in front of the cameras.


See these guys wanking and measuring their hard cocks!

Maskurbate – Mathieu the shy guy

This maskurbate video features one more stud that seems to be new to all of this. So we had one of our won guys break him in to the whole gay scene and give him a ride he’ll never forget. Mathieu is the name of the new recruit and he seems to be the green horn for this update. No matter our guy has experience handling fresh guys and cocks and you can bet he did one amazing job of it too. Watch as Mathieu gets his hard dick sucked by our expert dude in this scene and enjoy the whole thing with the two guys.


Enjoy watching as this stud gets his hard cock sucked!

Maskurbate – Deboxer on top

Maskurbate here with hot guys in every update that aim to have some sexual fun for your entertainment. Today we bring you a awesome video with two hunks getting to have some hard style sex together. The guys are named Manuel and Max and these two guys will turn your world upside down with their passion for sex. So let’s get this thing started and see what the two like to do in their encounters. So watch Manuel as he fucks Max balls deep in the ass in this update everyone. We hope you enjoy!


Click here and watch Manuel fucking Max’s tight ass!

Horny Alexander and Fook

Let’s continue here at maskurbate, the place where hot guys suck and fuck each other wearing masks. We are happy to have a new guy here, his name is Fook and this is his first scene. We thought that Alexander might like to give him a warm welcome, so we called him on the sets. Alexander was more then happy to fool around with the new guy. He quickly stripped out of his clothes exposing his big hard cock. Fook got on his knees to play with Alexander’s cock, then Alexander told him to take his cock in his mouth.

When Fook took Alexander’s cock in his mouth, Alexander places his hands on Fook’s head and then he started mouth fucking him. Fook was doing his best, but he was gasping for air while Alexander was sliding his cock in and out of Fook’s mouth. We never seen Alexander being so dominant with a guy. But Fook loved every minute of it. Have fun watching this scene and check out fraternity x to see horny guys getting sucked and fucked at house parties!


Watch this guy with mask getting his hard cock sucked!

Pascal and horny Mam Steel

Pascal heard a lot about this new guy in town who is doing porn and according to the rumors this hot tattooed guy also has the biggest cock in town. One day Pascal gets called up by Steel’s agent who asks him if he would like to meet Steen and shoot a scene with his, Pascal is happy to accept the invitation because he is very curious about this new guy.

When he shows up to the interview he is surprised to se that Steel is a very good looking, well built muscular guy and his tattoos are amazing. Pascal is asked to have an audition and his task is seduce hot Steel and make him blow his load. Pascal starts jerking his big cock and Steel starts moaning as Pascal works his hands on his big cock harder and faster. Steel can’t help it and shoots a nice big load of cum. Looks like Pascal is the perfect guy for the job and they are going to shoot a series of gay porn scenes.


Enjoy watching this hot guy blowing his nice big load!

JP and Frank – The Best Buddies

We have JP and Frank getting down and nasty on each other and ending up sucking off each other’s cock. These two just couldn’t get enough of each other and finally got in the room all by their selves.

The ripped hunk, Frank was in charge of the day and he did such a great job doing it. She got his lover on his knees and with his hard dick in his mouth in no time. He just couldn’t get enough of it and ended up all sprayed with nasty jizz all over his leather mask. But things are getting even hotter once they start fucking each other’s butthole.


Check out this horny hunk getting sprayed with nasty jizz!

Manuel’s Birthday Gift

We have a birthday boy receiving an amazing gift, two black cocks shoved in his mouth. His friends knew that his birthday was coming up, so they prepared something special for him. He was expecting a surprise party like every year, but this time his friends took the surprise to the next level. They hired two masked black hunks to make sure he has the time of his life in his special day. They personally hand picked them. They choose two big black guys with two big dicks ready to pound his white butthole. So when the day finally come, his friend texted him only the address and told him that a surprise was waiting for him there. Once he got there he expected his regular party, instead he found the two hunks wearing only their masks. The inked hunk was invited between them and after they finished undressing him, he got both of them cocks in his filthy mouth.


Check out the birthday boy sucking off two black cocks!

Hot Male – Stripper Service

We know how much you guys love our masked hunks, so we brought you another ripped hunk to fulfill your every desire. He’s a striper that loves to get his cock sucked and to fuck his customers. In today’s scene he was hired for a birthday party. He takes his job really serious and after doing his routine, he started taking off his clothes, everyone was drooling over his amazing body, his hot abs and of course they couldn’t wait to see his cock. The lucky birthday boy got a special session in a different room and got to taste his big hard cock and he didn’t stop until he got all covered with spunk all over his cute face. The sexy striper then continued with his favorite part of the job and started banging the birthday boy.


Watch here this ripped stripper fucking the birthday boy!

Straight To Business

We have another hunk getting his cock sucked. Our hunk needed a place for a party and after seeing many places, he finally decided over one. Unfortunately the owner didn’t really want to rent his place, because he knows how these parties end and he always has to pay for all the repairs. But our hunk had his own way of convincing people. He knew for the start that the owner was gay and took advantage of it. He paid him a visit a few nights ago to sign the paper work and things got a bit spiced. He started playing with his cock and before you know it he got his filthy mouth filled with his hard cock and let me tell he really likes sucking cocks. The ripped hunk got his hard cock and after spraying him with nasty jizz he got to the club for his party as well.


Take a look at this jock getting sucked off!

Masked Men Enrike

We have another masked hunk getting sucked in this scene. He have another hunk that wanted to spice his sex life a bit. He was in a doll relationship and needed something to spice things. His daddy was out of town with some business and he let with his credit card. He was a bit upset because he didn’t want to try out a threesome so he tried the masked experience all by himself using his credit card of course. He ordered himself a ripped hunk for that night. He waited patiently in the hotel room and once he appeared he was exactly as he dreamed about. They didn’t waste more time on sweet talk and in no time he was on his knees sucking the young hunk that was wearing only his black mask. It was an amazing scene and things didn’t end here because he got his hard cock shoved in this tight butthole as well. To show his boyfriend had much fun he had our horny guy made sure to record everything and to send it to his man, next to the bill that he paid with his credit card.


Watch here this masked guy getting his cock sucked!

Horny Men – Devon and Fook

Devon and Fook are here to show you guys their latest scene. We know you want to see this ripped hunk getting his hard cock sucked so stay tuned. Devon wanted to surprise his man for Valentine’s day and went to a sex shop to find something fun to do. He checked out all of these costumes but none of them was good for him. But he did found something there, in a corner there were some masks that caught his attention. So he bought two masks and all kind of oils and sex toys to have the perfect night.

So he waited for Fook to get home from work and left him a note with a mask next to it. When he got in the bedroom, he found Devon wearing nothing but the mask and jerking his cock. Fook went and helped him out and offered him an amazing blowjob. They spent all the night trying out all of their sex toys and they had the best time doing it.


Watch here this inked jock getting his cock sucked!

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