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In this Manuel Ferrara video update, the male porn star got his hands on a very slutty and sexy brunette. And he intended to spend all of his afternoon taking care of her sexual needs. They met up at a local bar won the street when Manuel was looking to pass the time. But the woman seemed interested in him so this cum slurping slut gave him some discreet looks to let him know that he has a green light to hit on her. That he did actually, and the conversation didn’t have to last too long until she agreed to go home with him to spend some private time in this superb afternoon.

As they entered the door, the brunette showed her true colors as she was really eager to take his clothes off and get naked herself. She took his cock and sucked on it hard style to Manuel’s delight, and not wanting to be a jerk it was now time to treat her pussy to some great times too. So without further due, enjoy seeing him take her pussy for a thorough and hard style pounding to her joy!


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We have some videos all ready for you to enjoy. Seems like Manuel went back to his old habits of screwing two hot women at the same time,just like in ass fixation pics, so you know this one will be good. He was spending a hot afternoon at the pool side, and it seems that the only ones there was him and two other very sexy and alluring ladies. Since he had nothing better to do, he decided to hit on them, maybe he’d strike lucky again and get to fuck both of them.

Sure enough he made his way to them and engaged in conversation with them. Right from the start the women guessed what Manuel had in mind, and they quickly shifted the discussion towards sex, in the end plainly asking him if he has the stuff to please them both. it’s clear that the two vixens don’t know who they’re dealing with. So Manuel decided to show them that he can. Watch him as he allows them to suck his cock getting it hard, and then watch him taking turns fucking their tight pussies in the pool. Enjoy guys!


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Manuel Ferrara continues with another sweet update for you guys. If you were curious what this guy has been doing, here’s the answer. He was busy doing shoots with this superb lady here that gave him a ride for his money. This brown haired hottie got to have Manuel’s cock all to herself for the whole duration of the shoot and you can bet she took full advantage of that fact because just like the girls from 21sextury videos she knows how to handle a big dick. So watch her in this scene as she gets to sucking on his big rock hard cock to Manuel‘s pure delight, as her tongue and mouth work their magic on his dick.

But the slutty little woman wasn’t about to be satisfied with just giving a blowjob, after all she expects the favor back with interest. So after Manuel performs some oral sex for her too she presents her ass and pussy up for some nice and hard dicking. Watch her as she gets all of her holes stuffed in this awesome update just for your enjoyment. So sit back, and enjoy the show guys.


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Again we bring you some Manuel Ferrara pornstar updates. In this update he got to shoot a scene with a smoking hot red head that impressed him with her twisted little ideas. Well not that he didn’t enjoy her to the fullest, as this lady sure knows her stuff and what she expects from a nice and hard fucking. As the scene started she just kept her thigh high black lycra socks on and straight out told him to fuck her hard and deep. A offer to which Manuel agreed on the spot without hesitation, and looking forward to getting to have his way with her.

So after some short foreplay, the red head started sucking and slurping on his big cock with a passion getting it hard and nice and wet for the penetration that was about to follow. At first he fucked her pussy hard style, but the lady also asked for some anal too, and promptly Manuel chanced the hole of penetration. And he did just as she asked him, going balls deep in her ass fucking her faster and harder. It was a great day for both of them as they got what they wanted.


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Another Manuel Ferrara porno update. This time the male porn star brings you a porn scene from one of the latest movies he starred in. He was playing the role of a dirty masseur that’s about to be taken advantage of by a really hot and cock hungry woman. And it’s one excellent scene trust us, you just have to see it with your own eyes. So as he arrives with his car , he takes the parcel out of the back and proceeds to the lady’s front door. But the unsuspecting Manuel didn’t know that this woman needs cock right now, and he was the only target around for her.

As soon as she gets her package she grabs him and pulls him inside locking the door behind them. She just ask for his name while she keeps pushing him towards the couch, at which point she takes off her robe to reveal one smoking hot body and a big pair of perfectly round tits. Watch her take his cock for a nice ride, taking a balls deep fucking in her pussy making her afternoon a very great afternoon!


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Manuel’s update, features the male porn star engaging in some rough pounding of an eager and tight pussy. The lady in this one is a pure Latina so you know that she’s really cock hungry, and knows her stuff. So you’ll be able to enjoy this beauty riding on Manuel’s cock for the whole afternoon. They got hooked up at a bar and seems that an evening rain caught them both unprepared, so our stud offered her a proposition to come by his place to take a shower if she wants and to dry off. Eagerly the brown haired woman accepted his offer and soon they were in his apartment.

The little Latina slut was feeling rather horny after her shower and she came into Manuel‘s room completely nude and with dirty thoughts in mind. She just mounted his cock and with that the fuck session started. So watch her take a balls deep anal and pussy pounding in this super awesome gallery, as even Manuel himself goes to town on this little slut. Like always we hope you enjoyed it.


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Manuel’s Threeway

In this update we bring you a compilation of the stud’s sex adventures. Well let’s just say that he was overzealous over the last time and instead of one celebrityf shoot she did two. And well the guy didn’t just want to show off one of his encounters and just forget about the other, postponing it for some time. So he told us to compile them into one bigger update. Well we listened to him and here we are, bringing you a mega update pack with the horny stud fucking two pairs of hot women on two different occasions.

For the first one he hooked up with two super hot blondes for his photo shoot and you can pretty much bet that the two women gave him a run for his money as they rode him for a whole afternoon. We think they were pleasantly surprised by his stamina though as he was able to fuck both of them good. For the second encounter a pair of slutty brunettes got their dirty little hands on him and they weren’t about to just let him go. So watch him as he pounds tight eager pussies in this update. Enjoy!



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Manuel and The Queen Of Anal

To switch it up a bit Manuel decided to break his streak and just fuck a single lady tonight. And he came across Sandra here when he was strolling by the beach side earlier. This sizzling hot Latina caught his eye with her luscious curves and perfect round ass. So he made his way to her sunbathing spot and got into a conversation with her. Some small talking later it was clear that this brunette Latino woman was actually really eager to fuck someone. And the cumshot king Manuel Ferrara was there to help.

So he took her back to his hotel room where the sex session started out slowly like any session would. With some passionate kissing and nice foreplay. But Sandra told him that mad him very happy right then, that she absolutely loves anal, and the feel of a big and solid cock penetrating her ass and fucking her balls deep. You know our guy was very happy to deliver to her wishes and gave her the roughest and hardest anal session she’d ever get!


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It’s pretty much a staple now that every Manuel Ferrara porn gallery will have a couple of hot women going wild on Manuel ‘s cock. And the stud did it again this time as he got himself a very slutty blonde and a blowjob expert brunette for the night. The two hot pornstars will take care of him properly tonight so at least that’s a known fact. Taking off their clothes the women kiss Manuel all over and take his cock out to suck on it getting it nice and hard for what’s to come. So sit back and enjoy the show.

See them take turns in sucking his big meat pole with all their skill. They take turns doing that since they both want to slurp on his big cock, and Manuel is very happy to share with them both. And just like the good ladies that they are they take turns riding his cock too. Watch them bouncing up and down on his cock in this awesome update!


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Continuing his hard core partying streak from last time, we present a Manuel Ferrara anal session for your viewing pleasure. Like always this guy knows how to party hard with sexy women and he wanted to keep up his latest streak of fucking two women every night. So for this update Manuel hit the clubs in hopes of finding another sexy duo to have his way with. And he found what he was looking for when two super hot women gave him the opportunity to pick them up. And that he did as this stud is a really smooth talker, so you can pretty much bet he got their undivided attention.

And when they reached the house, it was clear that Manuel wasn’t dealing with your average ladies looking for a simple sex session. Oh no, these two hotties are very much into having anal sex too. And when it was time for the fucking to start they presented their perfect round asses for him to pound. Watch as eager Manuel takes turns fucking the tight and eager asses of these two hotties. Enjoy!


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Manuel and Two Hotties

Manuel is a very hot stud and he likes to have fun with as many ladies as possible. So his site makes its debut on the internet with the first ever gallery. And the lucky ManuelFerrara sure lucked out for this one, as he got to get along with two super hot and sexy hotties that were extremely eager to have his cock pound their pussies. Well to be honest he does have a way with women and it wasn’t hard for this stud to get his hands on these two little sluts. So soon he was on his way home with both of them.

So watch the horny guy as he takes the women back to his place for a all night after party. And the ladies themselves knew exactly what to to right from the start, sucking on his cock in turns to get him nice and hard for the following sex session. So watch him fuck the living daylights out of the two women in this update!


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Manuel having sex with naughty Kylie

Manuel needed to hire a new secretary and when sexy Kylie showed up for a job interview, he knew that she would be perfect for the job. Not only that she’s smart and talkative, this his red haired babe is damn sexy too. He hired her right away hoping that he would get the chance to fuck her sweet pussy.

She was doing her job alright without answering to his flirts but one day when he left earlier and forgot his wallet in his office, Manuel returned and caught Kylie watching porn. She tried to hide the screen but he started teasing her saying that she could show him what she was watching. She decided to put in practice what she was watching and gave him a deep throat blowjob. When he lifted up her skirt, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was dripping wet, so he gave her a hardcore pussy fuck.


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Candy Mason and Manuel

Watch horny Manuel fucking Candy’s wet pussy! She just moved across the street from Manuel and she organized a pool party inviting her neighbors to get to know them better. During the party she had a moment with him while he was playing billiard and promised to invite him for a game in the next days. His face was so familiar but she couldn’t tell from where. The next day she realized who he is because she seen him in porn movies and she called him up to invite him over.

When he came she was waiting him in the billiard room wearing a sexy outfit which was accentuating her huge round tits. He got so horny seeing her dressed like that and she started stripping for him. After sucking his big cock she bent over the table and he started hammering her wet pussy.



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