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Lisa Sparks Video – Cum Bath

Well everyone we have a treat for you guys. This time we bring you a hot video that’s sure to make you happy. This slutty woman had to take a very big jizz bath today and we caught it all on film. As you may know this porn star loves her cock and jizz and she always goes out of her way to make sure she gets some. IF you don’t know her name by now you’ll surely remember her after this amazing video everyone. So without further due let’s sit back and get this fuck show started shall we?

The lovely and curvy woman arranged to try and break a record today for how many jizz loads she can take, and there were allot of guys lined up to try and cover her with their creamy loads. So watch her as she’s also doing her best to treat the guy’s cocks nicely to reward her with more cum. See her as she’s blasted with load after load of jizz. And see her smile from under all those loads that she took all over her body. Be sure to check out the rest of her updates as well guys. You won’t be disappointed. As for us, well we’ll see you next!


Check out slutty Lisa getting covered with creamy loads of cum!

Lisa Sparks Porn Scene

Yes, it’s time for this sizzling hot woman to star in another hard style fucking for your viewing pleasure. As you may remember we told you that she always will strive to bring you the best content that you’d hope to find on the web, and well we say that we and her delivered on that claim every week so far. And we’re continuing to do so even today. This time the short haired hottie finds herself between another pair of big black cocks in this great hardcore gangbang video update.

One can only wonder how this woman can be so cock hungry. Anyways, this time she may have bit a bit more than she could chew, as the guys don’t show signs of exhaust even after a good time spent fucking her holes. Usually it’s her that’s the one fucking guys until they can’t walk straight but for this time these two studs seem to be intend on pleasuring her until she can’t go on anymore. Watch them taking turns to fuck her holes guys and enjoy. As usual we’ll be back next with more content for you.


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World Record Gangbang

Lisa makes another comeback in her brand new porn scene. This time the lovely woman bends over to take a doggie style fucking from a very eager and horny guy. Again the slutty vixen hit the clubs and she seems to have stroke luck once again. Just like Amy Brooke she loves to party so she went down town to her favorite club and once there she got picked up by a guy that was interested in her. And they seemed to be so eager to fuck that they didn’t even leave the place to return to her apartment. They just went down to the VIP room.

And once in there the dude knew he’d be in for a good time as this slutty woman made her intentions very clear as soon as she took her panties off for him. So as she presented her pussy to him so he can fuck, the guy didn’t wait and grabbed what was his for the night. Watch them as they fuck all over the place in the VIP room for your viewing pleasure everyone. See her taking her balls deep doggie style fucking and enjoy. Like always, we’ll see you next with more of this superb woman.


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Tied Up and Abused

Lisa Sparks seems to find herself in a bind. And we mean that to the word. Seems that the little naughty slut scored herself a guy that’s into some light BDSM and she’s the one on the receiving end tonight, she loves bdsm just like hot Katie Kox. She met this black dude at a bar and they got into a conversation, her hoping to get him to her place for the night. But as they were talking the dude told her about his fetish, and our slutty porn star became more and more intrigued as she never tried this sort of thing before. And wouldn’t you know it the guy offered his help.

So the couple headed back to Lisa’s place as she always takes guys back home to fuck to her heart’s content. Once at her place the guy puts his stories into action and ties the slutty woman to a chair to have her way with. And you can safely assume that this curvy beauty didn’t mind one bit. Watch her sucking on his cock as she’s all bound and then see her as she’s getting a thorough and good balls deep dicking from the guy tonight. As always we hope you enjoyed guys, so stay tuned for the next LisaSparks update.


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Lisa Sparks Threesome

This fine day, Lisa got together with another one of her lady friends. The woman in question is a ebony beauty and she herself along with her boyfriend form a bisexual couple. Well bi in the regard that the ebony woman enjoys pussies as well, and every now and then she needs another cunt by her side while she fucks her man. That being one of their agreements to being together. Lisa was fortunate to get a call from her friend today asking her if she’d be down for a threesome with her and her man. And you can bet she accepted.

The trio headed for the park to have a picnic as well and well you’ll see the results in the end. So sit back and relax, while watching these two women as they get naughtier and naughtier with the man with every passing minute. Eventually the two vixens go all out on his big black cock in plain sight in the middle of the day, sucking and slurping on it like professionals. Watch Lisa and her buddy take turns to ride that monster cock today and enjoy everyone. Just like always we’ll return with more next. Until then come inside Ava Devine and see another slutty babe getting hard fucked by huge cocks!


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Jizz Fest

Lisa Sparks seems to always go out of her way to get the share of cock and jizz that she needs, and today was no different. So she decided that in order to get her next male target she’d go the night clubs in her search. So she dressed up slutty, since she wanted to show a clear message that she was looking for some hard cock tonight. As she entered the place, she scouted out the zone and she found a black dude that seemed to strike her fancy for tonight.

She went straight for him as she wanted to secure the prey. And mostly because women know just how big the cocks of black dudes can be, and you know her, she has to have big cocks at any cost. So she took him back home with her, and we hope you didn’t imagine that she had trouble picking him up. When you look as good as she does, you never really have trouble getting guys interested. So without further due, enjoy her as she fucks the guy hard style to his enjoyment and then see her covered in all of his jizz for the evening. If you liked this video update and you are looking for similar content, check out Lorena Aquino personal page!


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Lisa Sparks Gangbang Scene

The scene features a classy Lisa Sparks gangbang with the horny woman at the center. If it’s one thing that this lady can’t get enough of is big and hard cocks. As many as possible as much as she can. So for this evening she organized a little party where she seems to have only invited guys to attend. Well she didn’t want any other ladies taking over her precious cocks from her so that’s understandable. Let’s sit back and watch this horny little slut as she does her best to fuck four guys at once for today.

As the scene starts the cock hungry woman goes on her knees as she starts to service all of the big cocks that the mean re packing and she is not keen on leaving even one unsucked and stroked. So watch her as she sucks and slurps on those big meat poles that were there just for her this time. Then see her as she allows the group of guys to take turns as they fuck her pussy and ass thoroughly in every way possible. As always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll be seeing you next with some more of Lisa’s adventures. Enjoy guys!


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Lisa Sparks Foursome

This time Lisa Sparks seems to be attending a special party. A party meant just for four persons. She got together with an old buddy of hers, another sexy woman with long blonde hair that’s just as cock hungry as Lisa. The two women are very good friends and they usually spent time together talking about stuff. Well at least they used to. They are both rising stars in the porn industry and they haven’t had time to do much chatting as of late. So the blonde organized a little get together with her to catch up.

But what this slutty friend of hers had in mind was quite a pleasant surprise for Lisa, as she soon found out that the two of them will be engaging in some hard style sex with two black dudes that were packing quite some cock. And you just have to see these two horny sluts going to town on those big cocks tonight. In the beginning they both offered their tits to the guys to fuck as they please starting the show off with some tit jobs. And then, like the good little sluts that they are, they offered up their pussies to be fucked hard style. See you next everyone! If you wanna watch other group sex scenes, check out the website.


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Lisa’s Blowbang

Lisa Sparks is here with more awesome content for you to enjoy. This time the curvy beauty finds herself sandwiched between two big and black cocks and she has to do her best to please them both. The lusty woman was on her usual trip through the mall but it seems she attracted some attention when two black guys started calling for her, and being quite pleased at what they saw. They seemed to be quite infatuated with the sexy woman’s big and round ass as well as her juicy breasts. Just like her gorgeous friend Amy Brooke, Lisa loves to suck big black cocks, so have a great time watching this cock hungry whore in action!

It didn’t take long for this sexy vixen to answer their calls and to go have a chat with the dudes. She asked them if they truly liked what they saw, and straight out told them that if they’d want to they could have a piece of her ass for themselves for this afternoon. And with that the group of now three headed back to her apartment. And in this superb gallery you’ll get to see her as she does one amazing double blow job for the big cocks before she gets double fucked by the horny guys. Enjoy the view guys and continue reading for more updates!


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Black Dildo

Lisa has a treat for all of you guys. The busty woman seems to have gone shopping and brought back home a gift for herself. It’s a a big and black dildo that’s sure to service that eager pussy of hers for her next self pleasuring sessions. She thought that she grew rather bored of all her other toys, so it was about time to make a new addition to her collection of dildos. So she browsed the store and she came across this big and black rubber dildo that caught her naughty eyes. And how could she not want it.

When she made her way back home she kept thinking about it and how she’ll put it to use as soon as she reaches her residence. So when she arrived, she went straight for the bedroom locking the door behind her so that she won’t be disturbed by anyone. And boy was she proud of her new acquisition this time. She wasted no time in getting undressed and taking the thing out for a spin. So watch her as she fucks her pussy deep and hard with that giant toy. Enjoy the scene guys!


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Assault My Ass

Lisa is the new little kitty in town and she intends to take things by storm. This busty short haired woman aims to deliver to you guys awesome pictures of her sex adventures in every update that she’ll have for you and to start things off, today she’s aiming to demonstrate that she can take some serious cock in the ass. She did manage to pick up a guy with a sizable cock that seemed to be interested in banging this short hair beauty. So let’s not wait any longer and watch what she’ll do for you guys today.

As she brings the guy inside her place, she wastes no time in getting him undressed and ready to fuck her. As soon as she removes his pants she goes straight for his cock to suck on it. And you just have to see this curvy woman do her incredible blow job on that big cock. She even deep throats it like a true professional. Then you can see the busty beauty bend over to present the dude with her tight ass that’s waiting a thorough and hard pounding. Enjoy everyone and keep on watching for more hot porn scenes!


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