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Kat Young Fucking Part 4

We are here with another fucking scene. As know Kat had a crush for one her college colleagues and she did every thing to get in his pants. They got invited to a fraternity party and although she wasn’t in the mood at all, she still went to see if she could found him there. She took her friend with her, dressed up and went in the campus to meet with the rest. When she arrived there she started looking for him, but he has nowhere to found. So she started drinking so time would pass faster and so she had the gut to go talk with him.


When he arrived she was wasted and ready to talk with him. So she went over and one thing led to another and she ended up having shots with him. Then she told him that she had a crush from him since the first day she saw him and she would like if they could go out one of these days. Then he took another look at her and then agreed to a date with her.


She didn’t knew what to talk with him so she brought her friend with her as well. These hot thai cuties went to this nice place that recently opened. When Kat’s friend went to the bathroom, he invited her over in his dorm to get to know each other better. But she suggested to invited her friend as well, Kat was surprised, but she didn’t want to loose him. So she convinced her friend to go and that’s how they ended up sharing his hard cock. Have fun watching the entire update and don’t forget that you can find some similar content inside the G Queen blog, so check it out and watch some sexy Japanese babes in action!


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Kat Young at KungPaoPussy Part 3

Another hot scene is here and it’s brought by our sexy Asian Kat and her slutty friend. Our hot Asian babes aren’t up to nothing good, as usual. This time these hot Japanese babes wanted to piss off one of their friends and they thought to make a move at her boyfriend. Our gals had some unresolved business with this lady, because she tried to stole their ex boyfriends. Kat broke up with her boyfriend eventually, but that didn’t matter because she didn’t forget about their little incident.


So the next time she met with her boyfriend she convince him to come over to help her out with her computer. But actually there, her friend was waiting for him completely naked and ready to get back to that whore. At first he thought a bit but then he made his mid quickly. Let’s face it who is going to refuse two hot naked babes? When he took a better look at them he made up his mind in that second. So the gals started to take turns on sucking his fat tool, the gals just couldn’t get enough of it. Then they started taking turns once again, but this time on riding his hard cock. It was insane and we have the complete gallery for you guys, so check it out. If you want to see other slutty Thai chicks riding cocks, enter the creampie thais site! Have fun!


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Kat at KungPaoPussy Part 2

Guess who’s here? Yes you’re right we’re talking about Kat! She’s here and brought with her this insane scene.  She’s up to no good once again, as you know and she has a partner, her hot friend. These slutty Japanese chicks were so bored the other day so they decided to go out. A new club opened next to their place so they went see what’s it about. When they entered they were surprised, the club was full of hot single guys. It was hard to pick one but after talking to a few they finally ended up chatting with a good looking guy. Kat wanted to know if he had what was need for her threesome fantasy. So she went dancing with him and while they where on the dance floor she offered him a lap dance. After she saw him move, she didn’t think twice and asked him to come over to their place.

On their way home she told him about her threesome fantasy and he was more than please to help the gals out. Once they got in the room, the babes started stripping and revealing their amazing curves, their perfectly round tits and their sexy asses. Then they started undressing him and than took turns on sucking his fat cock, but that only after he finished licking their juicy pussies. Enjoy it and see you next with more updates! Until then, you can enter the site and watch some slutty Japanese chicks revealing their shaved pussies! Have fun & see you soon!


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Kat Young at KungPaoPussy Part 1

We brought you another scene for all you lucky guys and it’s sure is a crazy one. Our two Asian babes who are looking just like the slutty Asian chicks from manila exposed videos got another hunk to keep them company the other night. This one they found lost in the campus looking for directions. So our good gals helped him out and showed him here the information offices are and waited for him to see if everything is ok. Actually they waited for him to give him their phone numbers in case he needed more information. When he came out of the office he has pretty mad because he couldn’t check in in his dorm until tomorrow and he had no place to sleep.

Our gals didn’t think it twice and they offered their place to the poor, but smoking hot, guy. They went to get a bite and then went home. After he finished carrying his stuff he went straight to the shower, but when he came out he got a surprise. The gals were waiting for him completely naked on the bed. Kat took his towel, revealing his big cock. Before you know it they were on their knees fight for his tool. Just imagine two hottie fighting who’s gonna suck his cock first. Watch here the entire gallery to see how it all ended. Enjoy it!


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