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Jayden Jaymes Threesome

There is a Jayden Jaymes video update for you, so I invite you to take a look cause it’s kind of naughty, just the way you like it. For this time, Jayden asked a couple of friends to come over at her place, to have some fun together and to please each other, just like the want and like to do best. At first, Jayden was the one who get fucked, cause, as she claimed, she was the most horny one and she needed to have her pussy stuffed as soon as possible, just to calm herself down and to stop that trembling she felt between her legs, during the whole day. You will see how she is going to spread her legs and let her friend stuff his tool there, but not before he licked her pussy for a little while, just to make it more wet and slippery, just perfect for the cock to slide in easily.

Meanwhile, her girlfriend started to kiss her all over the place, just to get her more horny and naughty. She kissed and softly pulled her erect nipples, making Jayden as hot as hell, all set to receive that proper hammering she was waiting for the entire day. You will love this unique update, cause it has a lot of special moments and uncut scenes. It’s probably the most interesting threesome ever so we are very glad we have this chance, to share it with you!


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Warm Up

Are you ready for the latest video update? I really hope you are, cause the following scenes will totally make you go insane, cause these three sluts will going to have a blast into the locker room. Probably they were both super eager for this, cause I can’t see other explanation, how they were so hungry to eat each other’s pussies. At first, Jayden will ride one of her friend’s face, offering her a full access to her tight pussy hole and her friend really did her job perfectly, cause she shoved her tongue into that hole, rubbing her clit, munching it and biting it. Meanwhile, of course that Jayden didn’t stay stil, she started to rub the other friend of hers big tits, pressing them and licking those nipples with a lot of passion.

Don’t worry, all of them will get totally finger fucked and pleased, cause they won’t stop this magnificent orgy until their pussies will get exactly what needed in the first place. You will see a lot of stuffing here and a lot of kisses all over the place, cause these three chicks couldn’t wait to spread their legs and receive that fingering session that were all waiting for since forever. No matter what, this update will make you hard, trust me, cause it’s super hot and you will have a huge erection after or while you are watching these sluts making out like this! If you’re looking for similar content check out Anna Polina and watch sexy Anna and her friends licking each other’s pussies!


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Lezbo Fun

I do hope you are ready for the next Jayden Jaymes lesbian action scene, cause things are going to get firing, at least! Jayden was super horny the entire day, so she had to do something about it. And since she found this number into her phonebook, she decided to call her old friend and to ask her to come over for a little wild action. They didn’t had the chance to hook up lately, cause they were both busy with some other stuff, but in fact they both misses that naughty action that they like to have in bed. As soon as they met, they started to make out, on the bed, removing their clothes right away. They look amazing, just like sexy Cierra Spice, another gorgeous internet model, I never seen such great looking models like this in my life.

Jayden didn’t even had the chance to take of her pink high heels, but that didn’t stop her spreading her legs and offering her girlfriend enough access between her legs. She had just enough space to take care of her wet pussy that she simply adores to kiss, lick, eat and munch. Other than that, she adores to stuff her tongue inside it and push it on and on, until Jayden couldn’t hold it any longer and had the most stunning orgasm ever! They are amazing, just watch them pleasing each other, aren’t they adorable? You will simply love these sexy chicks and their hot way of screwing with each other’s wet pussies! Have fun!


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Jayden Jaymes Solo Scene

Who knows what happened this weekend, but Jayden was all alone! No worries, the next Jayden Jaymes solo action scene will show you how she will manage to have a lot of fun, even though she was alone like that! She didn’t knew what to do, at first, but after she noticed that she is a little bit horny, she planned to have a little high quality time together with herself and her smoking hot body. She didn’t had the chance to think about it a lot, cause she started to remove some of her clothes, one after the other, she spread her legs and she started to go with her fingers all over her tight muffin!

She loves the way her clits is so erect like that, cause it makes her moan of such an immense pleasure. She will definitely stuff her fingers into her wet pussy, pumping them inside it with continuous movements. She adores when she is getting naughty like that and even though she doesn’t have a sex toy around, she will manage to get herself there, to the orgasm, only with the help of her hands! Have a nice day, guys, and enjoy our videos! And if you liked this scene visit Kira Eggers and watch another stunning brunette stripping for you!

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Ladies Night Out

Oh, my! These sluts, all together with Jayden are really going to have a great time! Just watch this naughty update and you will see exactly what am I talking about. No matter if you like blondes, redheads or brunettes we have them all. And these three chicks are super hot, as well, so you can imagine what hard will be this one! You will have to see it from the very beginning, till the end, cause a lot of things will happen here. But long story short, these three are going to please each other and their wet pussies, once and for all, and they planned this for such a long while now, that I was pretty convinced that they couldn’t hold it for such a long time.

You will get to see how these three are going to eat each other’s stretched pussies, stuffing their tongues deep inside there, where it’s nice and warm. You will also get to see how they will spread their legs and their firm butt cheeks, offering themselves a lot of pleasure and ending up with some super amazing sexual orgasms! Pleased to impress you!


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Sloppy Blowjob

Jayden was always a good babe, and if she had access to a cock, she always shares it, or most of the times, anyway. So now, when one of her best friends told her that she didn’t had a cock in a very long time, she was willing to let her friend come at her place, when her boyfriend was at home, to have some fun together, the three of them. She started to suck her boyfriend’s huge cock while she was making out with her gorgeous girlfriend, thing that made the poor guy more than horny. And who wouldn’t be, with such amazing babes, naughty and horny, all set to receive that hammering that were both waiting for!

You will simply adore this update, cause these two gorgeous chicks will suck this guy’s cock and not just like that, they will do it both in the same time and they will also watch him right in the eyes while they were down there, on their knees, munching that colossal tool! You will simply have your mind and your pants blown by this amazing update, trust me! Have a great one!


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Jayden Jaymes Lesbian Finger Banging

Oh, just check out this nasty Jayden Jaymes lesbian naughty video update! These two bitches are going to have a blast fingering their wet pussies, one after the other. At first, Jayden will take her blonde friend and she will start to spread her legs, just to have more access there, between her legs. She started to lick that gorgeous pussy, stuffing her tongue inside it and also rubbing her clit with a lot of passion, cause she really likes munching a nice clit just like her friend’s. You will see how these two sluts will start to make out right there, offering their tight muffins to be finger banged totally, just like they will do today, for you, in this amazing update. Have a great one, guys, watching these two babes in the following video.

You will get to see how Jayden will stuff two of her fingers into her friend’s vagina and how she is going to push those fingers deep inside there, pushing them with so much pleasure. Of course that you will get horny and hard, and who wouldn’t? They are way to hot for any guy to resist, so that’s not a problem if you are going to jerk off thinking about them, cause it’s so natural! They really deserve everything, cause they really are going to blow minds and not only, with this awesome video! You will find out that there will be a lot of other surprises so stay tuned for more!


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Jayden Jaymes Interracial Fun

What do you think is better to cheer you up more than a Jayden Jaymes interracial video update? She definitely loves cocks and that is no secret for any of you, but when she sees a black guy, of course that she is getting all wet down there, between her legs, cause she already anticipates him to have a huge hard cock. In fact, that’s the whole truth, cause her new fuck buddy happens to be black and he also happens to have one of the most impressive cocks ever. And she knows quite a few.

So, for that, I suggest you to take a seat and enjoy watching this nasty update, to see how she is going to take that huge cock into her mouth, sucking it and slurping it with all the passion. She likes it mostly because it’s so huge that it takes all the space into her mouth! She adores having that cock into her mouth and also she loves it when it’s being stuffed into her tight pussy, as well. You will simply adore the way she will bang with this black guy and how they are both going to have a really happy ending!



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Jayden Jaymes Fucked and Creamed

There is something about Jayden Jaymes that won’t let us dream quietly, she will make us have a wet dream most certain. She looks so hot, just like sexy Leony Aprill, and she has an amazing body and an incredible appetite, so who wouldn’t love just the way she is? She has this fuck buddy that always likes to fuck with so as soon as they both felt like it’s about fucking time for a hammering session, they met at his place, to have some fun together. They didn’t spend a lot of time on crap, they started right away the real action, cause that’s why they met in the first place. She climbed that couch, with her face on the wall, she spread her butt cheeks and she offered him a full access to her holes, that were both eager to get a deep penetration.



She knew that he is going to pump her big time so she had to be wet enough. For that, she started to rub her clit on and on and to shove her fingers into her wet muffing, to be more horny and wet for that immense tool to get in. You will see how gorgeous Jayden will start to ride that colossal tool and how she will let this guy pump her hard and heavy, ending up having a huge creamy jizz all over her butt cheeks. She really is a sex addict, but that’s why everybody loves her, for her unique way of having fun!

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Dildo Fun

Jayden knows how to have fun when she is all alone, too. She doesn’t actually need a guy or a babe to get her pussy pleased, mainly because now she has a new sex toy that she brags about so much. This marine blue dildo will get deeply stuffed into that moist pussy hole, just the way she likes to be stuffed, taking Jayden right to the most impressive orgasm ever. She will also rub her clit for a while, with her skilled, fingers, cause she needed to be more wet, just perfect for this sex toy to get in. There is no way you won’t love this video of Jayden’s, cause she is definitely going to be super horny today, and she will spread her legs for you.

She is going to climb that table, lay down and offer her pussy the most incredible hammering sessions in the last time, thanks to this amazing sex toy of hers! You will see that after she will cum, a white fluid will show up right at the entrance of her sweet juicy vagina. She looks lovely, just like Katie Fey, all naughty, with her massive boobs pressed under her palms and that nice dildo into her hands, all wet because of her tight pussy. Relax, lay down and have fun watching this movie update and you will see a lot more of Jayden’s adventures, but I won’t be a spoiler cause I want to let you discover everything. Enjoy!


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Hotel Room Fuck

OMG, that’s amazing! Jayden always brings the best of her and she amazes us with her moves every single time she comes with a new update! Today she will impress you with her latest experience, with this new guy she met in a bar last night. They stopped in the first hotel met on the road cause they couldn’t wait any longer, to arrive at home. They really needed to fuck right away, cause they were both super eager and needy!

You will see how they will have an all night long fucking marathon, and she will get fucked a lot of times, just the way she wanted, cause in fact she was waiting for a hammering like this for a long time. Luckily, this guy had a huge cock, so her pussy was totally stuffed with it. She had the chance to spread her legs widely and to allow him there, between her legs, to pump his colossal tool and to take her right to the most amazing sexual orgasm ever! Have a great one, fellows, with this nasty update that will turn you on instantly!


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